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Apr 24, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, April 24, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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I'm going to say, "Do you know who Reese Witherspoon is?" It's worth a shot.

Depends how quickly you want to get arrested.

Wowser - inmates getting their share of lovin' in the Baltimore jail. Is that considered contraband?

Wow, this story. It's like the lost sixth season of "The Wire." Everything you need to know to understand how bad things got are in these two sentences in the third paragraph: "Four corrections officers became pregnant by one inmate. Two of them got tattoos of the inmate’s first name, Tavon — one on her neck, the other on a wrist."

I'm sure my fellow chatters have opinions - let hear them!

Really? Isn't this just a "Shallow Hal" replay?

The statues of Barney & Miss Beasley. Thanks for asking. It brings back memories of all those holiday videos with Barney chasing things around the White House.

Mine, too! United we arf.

That item made me tear up. Back in when I wasn't depressing old and uncool, they were the ideal all the kids hoped for. The way too cool, but yet seemingly normal couple who carved out a nice, bucolic life after their grand new york years. Only to not make the distance. (Interesting thing about the quotes, at least the ones that you pulled, she doesn't clearly say that he was the one involved with the woman... Although maybe there is more context in the article.)

Oh, sorry that wasn't clear. Yes, she makes it eminently clear in the story that it was HIS midlife crisis, HIS starstruck woman, his affair.

I'm trying to get ahead of the curve here -- should I get a likeness of Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, or Jeb Bush? Or do I plan really really far ahead and go with George P. Bush?

You referring to the Obama family tattoo story? Honestly, I think the Bushes are more likely to have a family tattoo.

I sort of love that Reese Witherspoon had a little public tantrum. It surprises me that people didn't know she had it in her. I am also from Nashville (her grandfather was my dermatologist! That's my big celebrity connection ...) and Reese attended Harpeth Hall, a rather tony private girls' school. (Also attended by Amy Grant and Olympian Tracy Caulkins.) Anywhoo, Harpeth Hall girls tend to be -- tend to be -- extremely confident, shall we say. Reese has probably never had a problem expressing herself in any situation.

I feel the same way. I mean, knowing nothing about her and having never met her, I nonetheless assumed that there were probably deep reserves of anger behind that Type  A personality -- still, to see it is just. . . fascinating. It makes her seem so much more complex.

Still no known reason why MC Hammer is in town?

Unclear but just got word that he showed up at the Caps game last night.

When are her and Ben Affleck going to get back together? Oh the late 1990s... I miss you.

We were younger then, weren't we?

Isn't that what the Columbus Zoo does, travels around with animals to educate people? Does PETA protest every time Jack Hanna shows up on the Tonight Show with a wallaby?

Unclear if PETA protests every time the animals appear on TV. But yes, the animals are part of a Columbus Zoo project that hand-raises the exotic animals and them use them for education and conservation projects. The cheetah at Kimsey's party was attacked by his mother as an eight-week-old cub and raised by his handlers; the wallaby kicked out of her pouch by her mother.  It's obviously not the wild life they might have had, but the handlers are very careful about how the animals are treated. No one except Kimsey was allowed to touch the cheetah (who purred the entire time he was out), and the wallaby was a total snuggler. By the way, she's going to be returned to a natural habitat when she's older.

The larger question of zoos and wild animals is an interesting question -- the life of the animals vs. the conservation of endangered cats, etc. But it needs to be addressed thoughtfully,  and I think appearances like these are really just a tiny question in a much larger debate about animal welfare.

DC is eternally unlucky. How is it that Reese's "do you know who I am?"  incident with the police didn't happen when she was in DC filming How Do You Know? She would have loved the DC jail.

I think that was before this husband. But can I ask a question: Why don't movie stars hire a driver or call a cab when they drink? Seriously.

Which reporters will be allowed in the suite at the White House Correspondents Dinner festivities? Just the fake ones, like Katie Couric, Luke Russert and Bill O’Reilly – or the actual ones that cover the actual, you know, White House?

This gifting suite thing! What a kooky story. First, the organizers told us, "no, it's for stars only" and then the co-sponsors, in some kind of damage-control mode, said that 150 reporters will be invited, and then yesterday, the organizers were again reitering to me that, of course, reporters are prohibited from accepting gifts. What do you think the odds are of this thing actually happening?

I kind of liked the old way when it was just the federal legislative branch. I mean if you open it up to the executive branch, should you also up it to the judicial branch (there are some fit-looking clerk over there too)?

I was thinking the same thing. Still, I agree that The Hill needed to shake up its rules a bit, and either expand the pool or allow Hill folks to repeat. Otherwise, they were having to scramble too hard for new faces.

I always knew the Caps were 2 Legit 2 Quit.

Easy for you to say...NOW.

I like seeing him in your column. It keeps me from wondering if he is sitting alone and depressed in some squalid apartment.

I think he's rebounded. He lost all his money, but it seems like he's out at enough fancy events, presumably riding the nostalgia wave, that he might have built back the bank book. Just my guess.


By the way if you're wondering how someone can have $100 million and lose it all, you need to read this amazing story about Allen Iverson.

The most surprising part of the story is that they were riding around in a Ford Focus. Don't celebrities usually get a driver when they are not in their home turf?

I think I need to put together a book proposal about Reese Witherspoon on the night of Friday, April 19. So many mysteries contained in that one evening.

Any chance I could crash the WHCD?

It's been done before. Give it a shot and let us know how it works for you.

Now that the list is opening itself up to the executive branch, I'm hoping next year we can open it up to K Street public affairs executives. Then I'll have a chance. If including Pennsylvania Ave on the Capitol Hill list, it would seem only fair.

You know, they already have a lot of lobbyists and media types on that list. Why not?

To the question about the Columbus Zoo animals! Looks like the foundation of a fantastic op-ed.

I'm afraid I don't have anything new to add to a difficult subject. I do think zoos have vastly improved over the past few decades to give the animals as good as possible life in captivity -- and do research to save them in the wild from...well, mostly man. It's amazing to see them up close with professionals who deeply care about them, and if that helps save thousands in the wild I think I'm on board with what the Columbus Zoo is trying to do.

I've been asking the same question about professional athletes for years: dude, you're making 10 million a year; DUIs hurt your endorsement income

Penny wise; pound foolish. Plus they like to flash those fancy wheels.

What does he do now--besides scarf down veggie chips at his wife's PR event?

He's working for Fox News. No, really!

How excited are you for the return to Twitter of one Anthony Weiner

Meh. Pretty sure he's learned his lesson. This will be a very cautious Twitter account.

She was a little tipsy herself, this could be the reason for her outburst.

Totally the reason for her outburst. But revealing, too. In vino veritas.

Has changed a whole lot since I was a Greek. That chick from the Un of MD has quite a mouth on her (speaking as a former Vice President in Charge of Chapter Standards). Although I admit not everyone in my house was keen on an exchange with the Sigma Nus, we didn't resort to such hostile tactics to achieve compliance.

Now, what's the back story of the dynamic between Delta Gamma and Sigma Nu?: Were the women being snobby and dismissive of a lesser house, or were they not upping their social game to keep pace with a cooler house? With all the [expletives] it was a little hard to keep track of the narrative. All I know is: Quentin Tarantino needs to hire her. Or maybe marry her.

Any idea if that will be coming back next year?

If I were a betting person, I would say no. (Hank's review of "1600 Penn.")

What is the recommended time to show up to see arrivals?

Hmmm, probably around 4 p.m. to get a space. I guess. I don't know. Haven't done the red carpet stalking thing myself, really. The receptions start at 5:30, I think.

You really missed a treat last night if you didn't see Shirley Temple Black, who just turned 85, doing an amazing job with the jive. Who knew she still had those moves? And Sir Anthony Hopkins and Cher, battling it out in the waltz. The biggest surprise of course is David Bowie. No one expected him to have so little musicality. "Let's Dance," hah. Kay Bailey Hutchison for the win!

Thank you so much for the recap. How did Tony Geary do last night?

I saw that the chef (Todd Schneider) has made a list of all the stuff the Governor's family took from the mansion - trays of eggs, crates of energy drinks, etc. - back to their own residences (including college). The biggest thing, though, was the accusation that a daughter was living at the Camp Pendleton residence for several months, and another took liquor for a party. These are adults, supposedly self-supporting. Wow.

The logic is a little lost on me, so please patient. Retailers will pay somebody money so they can bring their products into a room where celebrities (or journalists of course) are allowed to pick and choose what they want -- for free. And I assume they hope the celebrity will be photographed in Us Weekly using one of those products? And this is considered a legitimate business practice?

More and more. I get press releases EVERY DAY with the subject line "So-and-so Celebrity is wearing so-and-so designer!" And the tabloids have running features of  "Get S0-and-So's earrings!" So the thinking is that it's valuable for a vendor to donate their product and get it in front of a celebrity in hopes they'll pick it up and the (angels singing) wear it, recommend it, or feature it at their next party. And these business charge the vendors to get the stuff in front of the celebrities.

reminded me of that tv interview with Princess Diana, where she commented that three people is a little crowded for a marriage. An oft-repeated story, but also strange that it sounds like Thurston Moore wanted both the wife and the girlfriend.

Reading between the lines, yeah, it does seem like he had that kind of illogic going. At least in Kim's telling, that is. He was willing to go to counseling, which one assumes was to save the marriage, but he kept the other lady on the side. More from the story: " 'Thurston was carrying on this whole double life with her. He was really like a lost soul.' Moore moved out. Gordon stayed home and listened to a lot of hip-hop. 'Rap music is really good when you’re traumatized,' she says."

Duh, take the bike share home. Better for the environment.

It's okay to drink and ride a bike?

I saw a photo of Scott Foley and Jennifer Garner back when they were married. Personally, I would choose Scott over Ben. What about you?

Scott Who? Oh, yeah, him. Life on the C list.

Better the low level fountain than the Tidal Basin like a congressman of old.

Yes. Wow, what a scene. It's always the parties you don't go to.

Have you read the book about the Emanuel brothers? Definitely a high testosterone level in that group.

Have not. Read an excerpt and that was enough until I want to rip some unsuspecting sod to shreds.

Princess Diana had a driver. It did not help.

A driver only works if the driver isn't drinking, too.

Should I even want to? You make it sound like an overcrowded college-town bar on a Saturday night, just with fancier dress. In other words, an awful crush.

Good point. I'm so jaded I don't know what to tell normal people about it anymore. Maybe it's more thrilling to see these celebrities in person than I realize; maybe it's more tedious to hang out with these journalist and listen to these speeches than I realize. I don't know. It's not good, it's not bad, it's just this thing, you know?

Any chance Hollywood will have a big fancy dinner to seemingly honor themselves and then only invite reporters to attend?


Most beautiful Washington athlete is Tyler Moore. Period.

Hello there fangirl. I was thinking about you last night when I went to the Nats game (versus the Cardinals, who won). Am I alone here in thinking that Jayson Werth, even with that nasty nasty beard, is the hottest thing since Vincent Cassel?

Seems a little beneath her to be named most beautiful. dontcha think? After all, only mere mortals read people while at the non-organic supermarket. Ugh. Just what she needed for her ego. And does anyone else get annoyed by her voice? It always sounds like she's speaking from where her nasal cavity meets her throat. It's most noticeable when she does her British accent (see "Emma"). And no I won't watch that "Shakespeare in Love" tripe. Cate Blanchett was robbed!

I think Emily Watson was the one robbed that year. She was great in "Hilary and Jackie."

This is why DC will never really be a celebrity-friendly town. And I'm quite pleased about that.

Exactly. Gifting suite people are like, "So, we get little vendors to pay us money so that they can have the right to give their tchotchkes away to celebrities for free -- what's weird about that?" And in Washington -- or anywhere else, really -- the reaction is, "wait, WHAT?"

Amy sounds like she is suffering from existential ennui; buck up, woman!

On the other hand, my new dress is GREAT.

Who is the most fun player we could get? And by "fun" I mean "would generate the most news for this column and chat."

Someone else want to answer this?

Have you all watched the show on Netflix? Does Kate Mara represent your lives correctly?

Haven't see a minute of it -- but I've been told it's wildly unrealistic when it comes to the reporter.

Clearly this guy is totally too immature for pet responsibilities. He is just abandoning his monkey to an unclear fate through neglect. I hope NOBODY ever adopts another animal to him, or a child. Doofus.

"Justin Bieber is handing his monkey over to the Germans" is about as crazy a story as "Mentally ill- Elvis impersonator blames aspiring politician/rival for framing him in ricin scare."

Amy, it used to be much nastier during spring training! You know his nickname is Werewolf?

Seemed pretty obvious when he used "Werewolves in London" as his at-bat music. Later, he used the theme from "The Walking Dead."

But Tyler Moore should use Joan Jett's rendition of the MTM Show theme as his walk-up music when the Twins come to town in June. It's just too perfect.

NOT IN EUGENE, OREGON!!! $250 ticket! Which as a college student in the early 90s was a small fortune!

Oh, I'm sorry about that. Well, live and learn.

No, you are not alone in thinking that. One of my friends is over the moon for her "caveman," but I really don't get it. He's scruffy, lazy, and standoffish. Give me Bryce Harper any day. (I know I'm twice his age, but you can see that he's still going to be smoking in a couple of decades. And he's got personality and charisma beyond his years.)

You say "lazy and standoffish" like that's a bad thing.

Gwyneth the most beautiful? Clearly personality doesn't count at all on this one. Even the outside, eh, there are far more beautiful women in the entertainment business. Starting with her own mother. And, just think, she just happens to have a book coming out -- no, no connection there, I'm sure. <eyes rolling madly>

She's never been in my personal Top Ten list, but live and let live. Just not my idea of a great beauty.

I must say that I am liking Ovie's minimalist facial hair. It definitely improves the look. That said, he has been much less egotistical lately, saying less annoying things. Could that be the engagement/relationship?

I am still fond of the story about the time he trashed the locker room because he thought Maria skipped his game. Turned out she was just sitting in different seats. So passionate, those Russians!

Just got back in from lunch outside -- couldn't find you guys anywhere! Seriously, after this chat, go take a walk outside if you can. It is amazing out!

One day in the near future I'm sure there will be an iphone app that allows us to do that.

I can't even accept a coffee mug, much less bling and swag.

Maybe you can watch a celebrity haul away free stuff?

Manti T'eo will bring all sorts of nonsense, but more of the annoying (is he? isn't he? how? why?) rather than fun kind. Unless he comes out of the closet and marries a (male) ND cheerleader (not entirely unlike a former Texas Tech linebacker who is now on the Real World). THAT would be amazing.

Oh, I just think it's going to be so sad to watch his career going forward. No more mirth to be had in that story. What a head case.

Does the POst pick up the cost, since you're buying it for a work assignment?

Er, no.

You must not watch Scandal. He's the best-looking creep I've seen lately. Hopefully, he'll move up to the B- list after this season.

You know Hollywood: One big hit and he's the sexist man alive. Just needs a big hit.

You are not alone. I *heart* him. His beard has a Twitter account and it's hilarious (JWerthsBeard).

Thank you. Meanwhile, no one took the bait when I namedropped Vincent Cassel. Did no one else see "Trance"? (Hmmm, $1.8 million at the box office. I guess not.) He is so mesmerizing. His eyes are as wideset as a minotaur's. Same for his gorgeous co-star Rosario Dawson.

... and bring him to the WHCD. It would fit with what the event has become.

Shhhh, don't ruin my surprise!

You CAN definitely get a DUI if you're on a bike and drunk. In most jurisdictions, a bike is considered a vehicle, so riding one while intoxicated would put you in the slammer... although it would be an impressive feat to balance yourself while drunk.

You sound way too informed on this subject.

For tomorrow's draft, the most fun player the Skins can draft is Tyrann Mathieu. A spectacular athlete and fills a need in the secondary, but UBER off-the-field issues... Plus, he has an awesome nickname: The Honey Badger.

Okay, I'm sold.

Reminds me of Mark Sanford wanting ex-wife Jenny to be his campaign manager again this time -- then parading his mistress on-stage at his primary victory party in front of his young son, who'd never seen her before. Poor kid! (Is he the same one who had to watch the Super Bowl with dear ol' dad at Jenny's house?)

Oh, I think that was more strategy than sentiment. You want Jenny Sanford on your side so that she's not against you.

What is the over/under on whether any of the "ladies" associated with the Petreus situation are a stunt guest?

Eewwwww. None that we've heard about so far.

I'm not so sure that Weiner's return to the public eye has been as cautious you think. Check this out.

Ah hahahaha.

Is Amy's dress the meat dress inspired by Lady Gaga?

Shhhh! You guys! You're going to ruin everything.

While her American Idol reject-to-Oscar winner was a good story, do her albums actually sell? I have known she is a celebrity for awhile, I don't know if I could tell you a single song she has performed -- aside from the standing offer to do God Bless America at the Super Bowl, as well as her watershed debacle of a performance of One Shining Moment after the NCAA championship a couple years ago.

Her album sales have not set the world on fire, no. That's one of the ironic things about her career -- she's known as the girl with the tremendous voice, but she has not conquered the world as a recording artist. I think part of that is because she hasn't had a big hit signature song that you can associate with her, other than the old "Dreamgirls" tunes. I asked her about this, though,  -- whether she's a recording artist or an actress or a spokesmodel or personality or what -- and I kind of loved her answer: "Singing has been underlying it all. If I’m in a film, it’s like, ‘Jennifer, sing!’ and I’m like, ‘Is that really in a script, guys?’ If I’m in a commercial, it’s ‘Jennifer, sing!’ On an album, it’s ‘Jennifer, sing!’ Music is the basis of it all, and I’m blessed to be able to use it in whatever I do.” She's a good sport, and that can take you a long way. If people like working with you, they will want to work with you.

I believe that nowadays you can even get a DUI for riding a horse while you're under the influence (even if the horse is sober).

Now, that doesn't seem fair. I assume horses are considered designated drivers in many communities.

Any relation to WWDTM's Karl Cassel?


In Virginia you're allowed anything under $5 in value.

Peanuts! Actual Virginia peanuts.

is obviously too young to remember Michael Jackson. Otherwise he'd have steered clear of the monkey. Too many negative associations.

Or he wants to BE Michael Jackson. Never know.

My niece is obsessed with One Direction, who are coming to town June 23 to play at the Verizon Center. Any guess where they will stay and what they will do - any touristy type things where she could "bump" into them at any monuments?

They strike me as the types who might go straight from the private jet landing pad to the Verizon Center and then back again. Or just hole up in their Ritz-Carlton/Four Seasons suites. Sorry.

to Neil Diamond. What a thoughtful and enthusiastic way to help Boston recover!

Okay, it's not. But it should be. Maybe if Mumford & Sons did it--and used an old Earl Scruggs riff as the driver. They could hologram Scruggs for live performances. Y'know, like Tupac. Only not.

You've put a lot of thought into this. Slightly unnerving, if you ask me.

I'd never have known about "The Honey Badger" otherwise! Thanks!

We are all learning from each other.

Since we are talking about hot Nats players, I have to ask what's going on with Bryce Harper's hair? Don't get me wrong, he still hot - his hair is just odd. Also - hopefully, the Nats crappy hitting streak ends soon.

He's 20. That's all.

I wonder where the WMD's section of the library is at

Next to the pastry shop?

Finally I have something Reese Witherspoon does not have! A clean record :)

Hooray for small victories!

Chatters, much to do, never enough time to do it. We'll bring you everything from this weekend's circus -- in the meanwhile, send your sightings and tips to And enjoy this gorgeous day!


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