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Apr 03, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, April 3, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello and welcome back to the Reliable Source Web chat. Some topics on our radar lately. . .

This was the week we bid a sad adieu to Ashley Judd’s Senate campaign-that-never-was.

And learned that Frank Sinatra maybe possibly wanted to take out a hit on Kitty Kelley.

And that Jim Morrison loved being fat.

That Michelle Obama may have a secret calling as a movie critic.

That Shia LaBeouf is a good sport, damn it, he’ll show you what a good sport he is.

And that Ted Lerner is the anti-Snyder when it comes to his low profile ways on Opening Day.

Also: Jenna Bush’s pregnancy just got upstaged on her own “Today” show by Jenna Wolfe — pregnant, lesbian and engaged to a fellow correspondent. Are you in the Green Book? Well, if you have to ask, the answer is no. Surprise! It’s Kate Hudson! And Mamie Gummer and Ben Walker — what the heck went wrong there?

Oh, and look who resurfaced: Hillary Clinton, looking rested and ready. . . . Also: Mark Sanford's girlfriend!

And please share your Final Four picks for our annual Reliable Source Tournament.

Looking forward to your questions. . . .



Could someone please tell her that she is so much more beautiful without the black eyeliner? She either looks fresh faced and natural in magazine photos, or, made up with black eyeliner. She is one of the few people I've seen who can truly pull off the "no makeup" look and she is so much more beautiful without it (or at least without the hard line of black eyeliner).

Will pass that on the next time she's in DC-- although I have to say she's never been in my Top Ten of Hollywood beauties.

Mamie Gummer seems a bit more her own thing then just 'Meryl Streep's daughter' these days. Still Mamie is an awful name and really does belong on those list of BS celebrity kids names.

Oh, true. Absolutely. We wouldn't be writing about her otherwise. And yet -- we also probably wouldn't be paying much attention to her if she were not "Meryl Streep's daughter." Not to say she isn't talented and worthy of attention in her own right, just that her career hasn't fully gotten there yet. Plus, she looks just like Meryl Streep. . . Meanwhile -- Ben Walker! I spoke with him briefly at the Kennedy Center Honors, and, swoon. Photos do not do him justice.

Thanks for the information on this - I thought it didn't exist any more. It's one of those throwbacks to another era when "good society" mattered to some people. A history in social circles, you might say.

Good Society still matters. It always matters, although the definitions evolves. Some folks are still obsessed with pedigree, but money has a way of smoothing rough edges over time. Always has, always will. 

Ambassador for Japan? At least that is a real job, unlike those Russert/Bush/Clinton kids who got their make-work jobs at NBC.

Indeed, looks like it's going to happen, and here's why.  And there is history for it: In the Loop has a great piece about how Nixon tried to recruit FDR's sons into ambassador jobs.

I'd ask a question,but I can't think of one. Um, will Valerie Bertinelli be conducting the NSO soon?

"Will Valerie Bertinelli be conducting the NSO soon?" This sounds like coded spy talk -- is it? Or if I google "Valerie Bertinelli conducting the NSO" will I find something marvelous?

I figured this was definitely the case when she and her husband split.

Funny. Because plenty of people thought the spilt was a sign she was planning to run.

Maybe Mamie should have gone to Princeton and married a classmate.

Yes, obviously! (BTW, if this Internet storm blew past you, and I can't blame you if it did, here's the letter from a Princeton mom that started this thing, and here's some of the typical reaction.)

(Though already I'm getting this controversy about something a woman wrote about marriage on the Internet confused with the other controversy about something a woman wrote about marriage on the Internet. And I am fully aware that it will be something different next week.)

I'm a reluctant fan of hers - she's gotten hammered over the years for being herself, and I disagreed with her on many occasions as one of her NY constituents. That said, I think she did a fantastic job as Secretary of State, and I love that she hasn't gone in for plastic surgery.

I'm very curious to see where she lands. 2016 will be her last real shot at the White House, and she's gained plenty of fans because of her work in the past four years. Plus, the historic appeal of the first woman president can't be discounted. That being said, three years is a lifetime in politics. 

Not to derail this into a "what's fat or not" fight, but I honestly never thought a man who weighs 185 lbs could be considered fat ... well, unless he's four and a half feet tall.

Thanks for reminding me to do what I forgot to do yesterday, which is Google "Jim Morrison height." Apparently, he was 5-11. Does that sound right? Is 185 heavy for a 5-11 guy? Or was that heavy for a 20-year-old 5-11 guy in, say, 1963? I have no idea. I just need you to go check out this amazing Jim Morrison interview from 1969. You'll just want to bathe in his voice. I neve r had a thing for Morrison, but I could listen to him talk about mashed potatoes all day long.

If you read your own Entertainment Section, you'll find that during the years her career seemed to be dormant here, Valerie Bertinelli apparently developed something of a reputation in Europe as a fine conductor of classical music, and is doing a special for one of the cable networks.

Er, April Fool's? Sorry I missed this.

while what she did was nice, I call a bit of [ ] on this story. Did you actually witness a room of girls recognize her on sight when she walked in the room? I just don't buy it. Either those girls were prepped ahead of time, or whom ever may have overstated her recognition. No way a bunch of tweens have any idea who she is.

I was in the room and they all seemed to know who she was and her movies. (Not tweens: they're 16 and 17-year-olds.) One told her she loved "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." And they all knew "Brides Wars." Don't think they were prepped, just savvy to young movie stars.

Michael Douglas on a flight from Westchester, NY into DCA. Tiny plane that doesn't even go to the gate so he had to ride the little bus with the rest of us. Very nice to the crazy dude asking him about his uncle. The voice is very recognizable. And I guess he looks pretty good for all of the health problems he had. My seatmate wanted to know where Catherine was.

Well, thanks for sharing. When was this? And who is Michael Douglas's uncle?

She needs a better alarm clock, I'm thinking.

Hey! I'm been here the whole time.

Apparently actor Dan Stevens has gone a bit goth post-Downton Abbey. The comment section really aren't fans of the new look and I think I'm on their side. Sorry Mr. Stevens.

Oh, you know, actors gotta do their thing, and I can't blame one for wanting to escape the velvet handcuffs of fangirl love and demonstrate his ability for transformation.

In DC: Power. Joe Biden was the poorest person most of the time he was in the Senate, but who would ever turn down an offer to have dinner with him or have him at your party?

Joe rocks. And you're right: D.C. is especially interesting when it comes to social power and background. There's a lot of reverse snobbery.

Taft the Running President; Beyonce lip-syncing; the Fenty split ; Scalia's hat. These are all very Washington and made us ask more questions! (mostly, "Why?")

Gotta root for Pete Domenici's secret son now.

Ha! Doesn't look as good in a too-tight dress, though.

So who are you rooting for the sit on the Iron Throne? Me, and I'm very alone on this, is Gendry, the King's bastard blacksmith son. He is the son of a king and he did escape that weird Moses story where all his fellow bastard brothers and sisters got killed (they were easy to find since they all live in the same weird cliff dwellings and all wear Gendry wigs).

I haven't watched the Game of Thrones season premiere yet. I have to admit this question is making me a little anxious, like I have to refresh my memory on Wikipedia before diving in. (Though Hank Stuever assures us that it's best to just let it all wash over you.) You raise a good point, though: Is "who ascends to the Iron Throne" the end game for this show? I thought it was "winter is coming!"

I'm still not convinced that Caroline Kennedy (does she not use her married name anymore?) will be the next ambassador to Japan. She doesn't speak a word of Japanese, has no knowledge of the country, its culture and people, and is not conversant with trade issues involving Japan. Even more damning is that Japan's close neighbor is North Korea, the regional bully. And remember how poorly Caroline did in her brief quasi-campaign for the NY senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton? She made Ashley Judd sound like a deep scholar. I'm sure that Obama wants to reward Caroline's generous campaign donations, but I'm betting that cooler heads at the State and in the diplomatic service win out.

I'm curious about that, too. Which is not to say every ambassador we send aboard is a genius, but different countries have different needs. Your criticisms of Kennedy are exactly what I heard this morning on the news. I keep wondering if this is a done deal or a trial balloon.

So, I see that the German authorities have given him one month to produce the required paperwork and retrieve his monkey. Is this kid going Lohan? Or just Bynes?

I intend to get into this later today. I think everyone's Bieber fears are overstated. Why, Michael Jackson had a long happy ownership of a primate ("Bubbles"), and see how well he turned out.

Quick -- what was the last movie she was in that anybody actually saw her in in a theater? I think I'm still guessing Almost Famous.

Oh, I'm sure some of you saw one of those bridal-related comedies on a plane somewhere. Does that count?


Okay, I just cheated and looked at IMDB. The last Kate Hudson movie I saw was "Skeleton Key," but that was at home on a DVD I got from the office giveaway table. How could that have been 2005 already? It's a surprisingly good movie. The Hudson-Saarsgaard pairing you've been waiting for.

The normal weight range for a person 5'11" is between 133-179. So, yes, 185 is slightly overweight. But not obese.

Ah, but does the BMI at least put him into the "large mammal" category?

The only thing wrong with what she said was that it was sexist; of course, Princeton women should be looking to marry Princeton men, just as Princeton men should be looking to marry Princeton women (or men/men women/women if that's the way your pendulum swings). Once you get past the romantic nonsense (your jeans/genes talking), you want to partner up with someone who is smart, hard-working, and emotionally and mentally stable, since this will lead to financial stability. After all, it's no shame being poor, but it is no great honor, either. And you want someone in your league, because any kind of inequality (mental, financial, social) is a huge strain on a relationship. Think long-term, not short-term.

There's a lively debate to be had about marriage and selecting the right partner for long-term success -- but this wasn't a great way to have it, because it smacks of elitism and desperation. God knows who I would have married if I felt I had to find a husband when I was 17-21.

Your reference to Jim Morrison made me nostalgic for the 1960s, so I read the Post's obit. Yikes!!! Morrison would have been 70 years old this year!

Yes. We are now further in time from the movie "The Doors" than that movie was from Jim Morrison's death (which seemed like ancient history to me when I drove to AMC Skyline Mall to see the film in 1990).

I really want to see the new movie, but have not seen the 2009 GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. You think I will be able to keep up, or would I have likely missed out on some key plot points?

Who here can give us a GI Joe cheat sheet? Personally, I'm waiting for the sequel to "Fast Five" in another month or so. What are they calling that, "Fast Six"?

He's not poor. Those Congressional disclosure rules are really odd. They let you exclude a bunch of things including your primary residence. The Bidens' house in Delaware is worth over a million dollars. If you put his assets and liabilities on a normal balance sheet, no one would call him poor.

I think that's only in relation to the other members of the Senate.

It's Dan Stevens. It gets a lot of tweets, but the REAL "fangirls" of Downton Abbey are like 45+

Sorry, "fanladies," I meant.

Reading in the Post today about the corporate naming rights of the Nationals Stadium, wouldn't the Washington Post be the perfect sponsor? Could you guys spare $10-$20 million a year?

Oh, probably. Let me check around in the seat cushions here.

Tweeted that he was at the White House screening of 42 last night. Do we know who else was there? Later in the night, he was asking where to find good donuts. LOL. I love that guy.

Donuts. Why did you have to mention donuts? Now I want a big, crusty cake donut for lunch.

Just thinking of it, how many on-screen children has Meryl Streep had. I'm starting to think it might be in the triple digits. There are always some kids in her movies, sometimes big names in major part and sometimes lesser-known actors in one-line or background parts. Still, I think even she would be taken aback if somebody actually added up all the kids she's been played a mother to from Kramer v. Kramer to now.

Why don't you start a single-topic Tumblr devoted to this topic -- seriously, it's a niche that needs to be filled -- and get back to us next week?

Was the theater inside the Target?

There was no Target then. Do they still have a movie theater there? I'm guessing not. I spent a lot of time at that theater back in the day. I remember getting kicked out of "Moscow on the Hudson" because it was an R movie and we were too young.

How long until we see the Justin Bieber: Behind the Music?

Hmmm, let's see, what time is it now?

ambassadorships go to friends and donors all the time. it's not really something that matters all that much in the end. seriously - the best ones go to the people who gave favors of some kind (that french one who passed away while serving for clinton - there were all sorts of rumors about HER). so doesn't matter in the end.

You're think of Pamela Harriman. And she spoke French. But yes, you're right: Even the worst ambassadors can't do too much damage because they've got a staff of career professionals keeping the embassy on course.

You guys didn't listen -- the interviewer comments that JM had gained weight and he said yes and then started with "I remember when I weighed 185...

Not sure what we're disagreeing about. He was 150 pounds at the time of the interview -- that's what he said, anyway -- and happily recalled being 185.

I see he has announced a return of his cancer and a "leave of presence" to undergo treatment. Any more information? Poor guy - he must be totally tired of this routine.

You've got the story right there. Poor guy, I wouldn't wish his health problems on anyone. But what a fantastic writer.

I'm going to guess that she does get an ambassadorship, but one more traditional for the big campaign donor, such as Belgium, Luxembourg, or Costa Rica. Japan will be given to a long-time member of the Foreign Service or the Far East desk at State who speaks Japanese and can handle soothing Japanese concerns over being within range of North Korea missiles. DNA can only get you so far.

I don't know -- this has been so widely reported now without any denials from the administration that it would be a huge embarrassment for her NOT to go to Japan.

I hope you will do something to honor this talented woman with such close ties to Washington. She was the glue that held it together as Henson became a big name in an interesting industry. I can't imagine tv without Henson muppets.

Here is Jane Henson's obituary. She was Jim Henson's widow and just died at 78.

I must agree with Amy on this one, including the part that he doesn't photograph well. Too bad that limits him to the stage. On the other hand, it's always sad when marriages end.

It doesn't limit him to the stage. He's had a number of movie roles and was the star of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," though that failed to become a hit.

The reality is that years ago - women couldn't be 'anything' so many of them were secretaries, and while that maybe wasn't 'on par' with a man's career...she would probably have been his intellectual equal. Now that women are getting more degrees than men, it's 'easier' to find the women who have the 'better' education, and presumably that means you are also smart, etc. However, with so many more women than men getting highly educated, at some point, there aren't enough men for women to 'marry up.' But isn't Julia Roberts happy? Isn't that what matters? We have a cultural bias towards women marrying someone 'below' them...even if that person is a fine person.

All fair questions -- which is why this current flap is so silly and dated. Women have been asking these questions for the past 40 years, and everyone is acting like this is suddenly a new problem.

I can't wait for Anne Hathaway to write her eventual cook book to I can talk about how much I hate her too.

Has everyone read Monica Hesse's review of the Gwyneth Paltrow cookbook? I would start quoting you the best lines except that there are too many.

Got any left? I have two caramel pecan turtles and that's it.

Too much. My being-so-healthy son has barely touched his basket, so I'm nibbling on the pastel Junior Mints.

Our boys of summer are back. Several are newly married; some have been married for a while and have kids, and there are a few eligible bachelors (don't count Bryce, he's too young). But they're playing well. I miss The Beast (aka Michael Morse), however.

Yes. Maybe he'll come back some day.

His book: good for him for telling funny stories, or bad for him for dishing about the guy who single-handedly made him wealthy by performing My Way?

Oh, both, I suppose. No, I go with the former. Anka made tons of money with other hit songs well before "My Way." I say, if you're going to write a memoir, just go for it. Who wants a whitewashed take on Frank Sinatra anyway? Who'd even believe that?

Gwynnie and I are close in age and I've found that eyeliner makes me look older now. Mascara only or mascara with just a bit of light eye shadow looks much better, and forget about that smoky look. Just in case you wanted to pass that message along.

Thanks for sharing. Maybe a bit of liner on the top lids, just not on the bottom?

I knew it was going to annoy me. I could make so many comments. The underlying point: I graduated from an Ivy in 1992. Everyone I know who got married to their college sweetheart. DIVORCED! And, you know how you know that she doesn't have a daughter? Any mother of a late teen/early twenties daughter would know she would be mortified and not speak to her for months!

Divorcing a college sweetheart is probably not an Ivy thing. It's a "I married too young" thing, and probably applies to many, many other people. 

OOPS! The juxtaposition of these two headlines at the top of the chat makes it sound as though Kate Hudson was the "other woman" in a marital triangle.

Pure coincidence. Funny, but still just a coincidence.

Would you want that control freak for a Mother In Law?!

Control freak is the wrong word. Snob, maybe.

I'm bored with the next election already? Anybody colorful on the horizon? Aside from the former South Carolina governor with his South American soulmate?

I know, such a letdown. I was really looking forward to the Ashley Judd campaign. The pre-campaign was pretty great on its own. But I think we can look forward to seeing more of Maria Belen Chapur. Everyone gone to see the new photo yet? I mean, wow -- she is totally soulmate material.

As I often imagine an Oscar-like Reliable Source death montage where we honor the RS types who passed over the last year, I assumed William Ginsburg, the inventor for the Full Ginsburg for going on four talk shows on a single Sunday, would have either led off or closed the Montage. May he rest in peace.

Yes, I think William Ginsburg would lead our Reliable Source Death Reel this week. We're talking about Monica Lewinsky's plucky lawyer, for those who forget the '90s (and thus are doomed to repeat them).

I think one contributing factor to the reason she wrote the letter is that her own marriage (27 years; husband from a "no-name" school) ended recently.

Sigh. Another reason she should have refrained from over-sharing. Why don't prople learn?

If he were a 55 year old Princeton grad, then I'd say he was svelte, at the prime of the (re-)marriage market. 185 is pretty porky for a 27 year old drug-addicted rocker in the 60s.

I see what you did there, and I appreciate it.

Sad to say, but I probably should've married one of the guys I dated when I was 17. I think that was a Sex and the City episode. Carrie said she broke up with her high school boyfriend because she thought there was someone better out there. Turns out - there wasn't! Ah well, I hope their wives appreciate them.

I think you're the exception to the rule.

The way your lead-in appears, it looks like we should be surprised that it was Kate Hudson was "what went wrong" with Mamie Gummer and Ben Walker's marriage. Guess not...

Yikes. I needed a linebreak there. You're right. Accidental. Sorry. But hey, made ya click!

Any way they want? This is what bothered me about the Princeton mom letter. If it's been okay for men to marry women who are fun, attractive and make them happy, why can women look for those qualities, too? (If that's what they want) Personally, I married my husband because I like him, not because I deemed him "worthy" of me (ack-barf).

We can. We do. Which is why giving this one essay so much credit is stupid. But it wouldn't have gained any traction if it didn't touch a nerve. 

I just checked her IMDB page too. For some reason, I thought she had made some better movies. I know "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days" cannot really be her best movie.

The rom-com market dried up unexpectedly quickly a few years ago, which was bad news for Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, etc.

I think your knowledge of genealogy will help out in "Game of Thrones." Plus if you know a bit about history, War of the Roses-type stuff, then you're game. I hadn't read the book series or any Wikipedia entries about it. I was hyped up for it too be super complex, but really wasn't that bad at all. Maybe because I was primed for it to super hard to fellow. Although I didn't actually know any character's name (mean one and fat one and brooding one).

I was deep into the second season before I even began to tell the Stark brothers apart or realize how many of them there were. Now, of course, I've forgotten again.

What if you are a lesbian?

Guess you have to find a partner in college, too. Cuts down your dating pool, though.

I was fascinated watching the original Jackie Robinson Story, starring Jackie Robinson. I was always curious how he explained to his wife that they wanted him to play himself, but for her to be played by Ruby Dee. Would that go over well? Someone should have asked her when she was in town.

You know, I was thinking about that as we were writing about the White House screening of the new movie "42." I wonder if that episode is a scene in the movie.

Was Kate Hudson in that?

I don't know since I never saw it, of course. But she should demand a role in the inevitable "Miracle on the Hudson" movie. Plus the inevitable "Hudson Hawk" sequel.

I married my high school sweetheart and 52 1/2 years later we're still together. My daughter married at 22 and is still married to her college sweetheart after 28 years. Another daughter married at 25 and is still married after 20 years.

Congrats to you all. You've obviously got some good spouse-picking genes in your family.

On NPR, I heard some expert say that Japan expects to get an ambassador with some political prestige (e.g., former VP Mondale), so that a career diplomat would actually be a letdown. They won't care that Kennedy doesn't speak Japanese.

That's why it is interesting to see how it plays out. At this point, I'll be surprised if she doesn't end up in Toyko.

That lady's poor daughter in law. Must be mortified. And, that poor son still at school. Do you think he went home for Easter. Mom made him undatable to a large portion of the female student body, I imagine, knowing you could eventually have THAT for a mother in law.

I tend to get a little weary of stories that are all about people reacting to other stories on the Internet -- it's like, can't we all go outside and get some fresh air? And yet I couldn't resist Slate's take on this topic:

"Patton's sons deserve the benefit of the doubt here. . . .They probably did not instigate conversations about how their female classmates are too busy studying and partying to get serious about finding someone to marry. If I know anything about meddlesome older people, I'd guess that the description of Princeton women as unhurried on the subject of romantic commitment was proffered to end a series of tiresome questions about when parents can expect to see serious girlfriends brought around. 

Both are dead, I do believe.

Oh, good point.

I think it's an anti-"Dave" movie where you don't want the president to replaced by somebody who looks just like him. Haven't seen it, but it seems like an anti-Obama fantasy. (Pretty funny read)

"Escapist filmmaking for the paranoid wingnut."  Ha. Come on, Mother Jones, don't hold back, tell us what you really thought of the movie.

On NPR "Morning Edition" yesterday morning, one of the hosts interviewed a career foreign service person who convincingly debunked the myth that the Ambassador's qualifications don't matter because the career underlings at the Embassy do all the heavy lifting anyhow. Considering what a vital nation Japan is to world peace, unless Caroline Kennedy is e.g. a veteran asset of the CIA, she'd be better deployed to a small, peaceful nation, and am Japanese-speaking career diplomatic appointed US Ambassador to Japan. And I say this as someone who admires Caroline, because I believe it would serve HER best interests as well.

Intereting. Of course, the argument everyone else keeps making is that the Japanese really like having a fancy name in the job.

who married a jerk who went to the ivy league. he is all condescending to anyone without one (and I ask: so what have you done for the last 20 years except tell people you went to an ivy?). Now he lives alone in a ridiculously large house he paid too much for, but won't sell because it's under water, while my sister lives with the kids elsewhere. Yeah, real winner that one.

There are jerks and lovely people everywhere. I can't blame the Ivys for the jerks, although I do think a sense of entitlement is a shortcut to jerkdom. The best people understand that and work hard to avoid slipping into that mindset.

I know close to nothing about her, but somehow am amazed she is alive, It is just that Jackie Robinson was a guy from the history books, like Nathan Hale and Omar Bradley, and the idea that his wife is still around -- 40 years after his death -- just seems mind-blowing. But hey, good for her. Here's to many more.

Well, she's 90. So not that many more. But it is shocking to realize that an entire different era in civil rights was not that long ago.

Saw her on the news, and was astounded. She's in her 90s and does NOT look it. Still beautiful inside and out!

Agreed. Lovely.

What has he been in that I may have seen or heard of? Is he like a big star, or one of those Skeet Ulrich-type stars of tomorrow? Any relation to Paul Walker, who was in Takers and Fast Five - two of the best movies of the past decade?

He also played the young Liam Neeson -- or rather, the young Dr. Kinsey -- in "Kinsey." And, er, some other stuff. (Also was in "Flags of Our Father," co-starring. . . hey, look, Paul Walker!)  On Broadway, I think he originated the lead role in "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson," which is great, you should see it.

I didn't see what the big deal was, actually. Fortunately, most people I know marry for love/compatiability/the long haul than do for "excellent match on paper." But for those who care about these things, it is much more accepted to see a very highly educated man married to a less highly/traditionally educated woman than it is for a highly educated woman to be married to a less highly/traditionally educated man. I'm sure you could come up with many more cases of a male doctor married to a high school educated (fill in the blank) than a female doctor married to a high school educated (fill in the blank). And of course, I'm not saying that less formally educated people are less smart, or interesting or whatever, but for those who care about appearances, it would matter.

See? We could talk about this all day. Which is why that original essay, while silly, was brilliant.

This was yesterday. And it was the dude's uncle, not Michael Douglas'.


That's what she looks like? Wow. I mean, good for him. Much prettier than the Appalachian Trail.

That's her.

When I was in my early 20s, I used it to look up my friends' (okay, the cute girls) telephone numbers and addresses for handwritten invitations (this is true!) Now, I roll my eyes at it. It's offensive, and if I really want to contact them, I use the almost-as-antiquated email. My kids, thankfully, have no concept of the Green Book and almost as little use for email. They will eventually have the Green Book of Text Addresses or something. Yuk.

I don't see why it's offensive. It's just one of many tools for connections. No one of forcing anyone to be in it or use it.

Any VIPs there? I was stuck at work, but just curious who is able to sneak out for a few innings -- aside from Martin O'Malley, straight to/from The Dubliner it seems.

Not a whole lot. You know, the usual. George Will, etc. Rox says she didn't look that deeply into the stands, she was focused on the Lerners.

With all the heat from MAD MEN I'm surprised Jon Hamm hasn't extrapolated his success more broadly. Is that by choice or circumstance?

I don't know. He had a supporting role in something, what was it -- "The Town"? It's not unusual: Some actors somehow just fit better on TV.

Hey, I DID get married while in college (he a grad student, I an undergrad) and we've been together 47 years. Sure, we started out in a studio apartment, with practically no many (none from the 'rents), but part of our marriage has been the sharing life's adult journey. So please don't knock it! Guess I was a good judge of character, plus he was (and still is) hot and handsome.

I'm not knocking it -- I just think you're lucky to find the right partner when you were both so young. And I guess that's my point: Nothing wrong with marrying young, but a whole lot of issues if you feel you HAVE to find your life partner in college or you'll miss the marriage boat.

I saw Moscow on the Hudsun there. I was totally old enough. I even caught a couple midnight showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show there. Good times. The theaters are long gone but the target is great!

No kidding, small world. We should have tried to sneak in with you. Instead, we bought tickets to whatever the PG movie was and just walked into the other theater. They saw us, though.

I kind of like Geraldine Chaplin (Tonya the wife in "Doctor Zhivago" is probably her most famous role) for her honesty. She was doing an interview and said that she was young and that being an actress was easy since she was Charlie Chaplin's daughter, people were willing to represent her and she landed roles without much fuss. I don't think it take away from her talent, but being a "name" or the kid of "name" helps FAR more then it hurts.


Wow - a kindred spirit. I thought Takers and Fast Five were two of the best movies of the past decade too.

I keep waiting in vain for "Takers 2." WHERE IS IT???

The thing about him is: I don't particularly care if he fell in love with another woman and had an affair (could you imagine how boring your two lives would be if these guys could control themselves in the first place) but he was derilict in his duties. He had a responsibilty as governor to be available and even though everyone deserves a vacation, his aids need to be able to contact him. What if a tornado had hit SCarolina while he was AWOL and no one could activate the national guard or request disaster relief. THAT is what he did that rises above transgressions of the heart (amongst other places) into being a bad public servant unfit for office.

And yet -- the people of his old congressional district, anyway, seem ready to forgive.

I actually remember the 2008 campaign (whoa I know) and then Sen. Obama promising to not just appoint donors, but qualified professional diplomats to ambassadorships. Yeah, that ship sunk pretty quick. I'm not an anti-Obama person and I feel Hillary Rodham Clinton deserve blame here too since a lot of big Clinton donors got ambassadorships, but still it was disappointment. It feels like ambassadorship haven't been important since the 18th century (reading a biography of Catherine the Great and the British ambassador himself was a factor in her early rise to power) yet we kept them around.

Anyone want to argue with any of this?

That Ike and Tina Turner movie was on TV this weekends so that on my mind, I'm going to have to dissent on that statement.


He is young, so I call dibs on him as my future second husband.

You don't mind that he didn't go to Princeton?

It's nice to see that Jackie Robinson's widow is alive and was at the White House screening for the movie. She looked very pretty in that pink - it's hard to believe she is 90 years old.

Wow, is she really 90? You're right, she is. Does look great, doesn't she.

Glad that the LiLo tweet was an April Fool's joke and not the truth. Trying to think of a current young woman celebrity with fewer parenting skills and it's hard? (though I have my doubts about the Kardashian girls as moms)

I am just sad that she can no longer afford better social-media handlers who could have assisted her in crafting a better April Fool's joke. Lame.

but did any of you land any princeton grads?

My ex is a super-smart, highly accomplished Harvard grad. I dropped out of college (twice!) to write. So my son has two models of professional and personal success to take from. Labels are fine in theory; silly in the long run.

All this discussion about what is a proper weight, under or over, is bad for America. The point was that he had weighed 150, and then weighed 185. Not obese, but obviously much bigger than he had been. So by comparison, he was fat. But for us to judge and decide what is considered fat -- in this vacuum or 2013 over the world wide web -- is setting arbitrary lines that kids (assuming they read your chat) don't need as they strive for a healthy body image. Just my thoughts.

Kids? Get out of this chat! It's bad for you!

I can maybe see a little truth to her letter especially if you are a minority (Jewish, Asian, black). A woman may indeed meet the most eligible men (who she has the most in common with) during her college years. However, I would not have broadcasted it in a letter to the editor.

Too bad the chat is almost over -- you might have been able to spin off an entirely new debate.

If Mark Sanford returns to Congress, will he and Maria Belen Chapur be eligible for the Green Book, or would the taint of scandal preclude their being listed?

If he's elected to Congress again, he'll automatically be listed in the Green Book --all members are.

It can be reasonably argued that former VP Fritz Mondale, and former House Speakers Mike Mansfield and Tom Foley brought a bit more than just fancy names and titles to the US Ambassadorship to Japan.

One view...

Is a party thrower. It's a schmoozing role. There are other political, economic, strategic roles filled by careerists. The ambassador is a schmmoozer, always has been.

And another.

When I clicked on the link I expected him to be sending her Ireland, which would make some sense, not Japan where she probably doesn't have the name recognition or family reputation. Asia needs professional diplomats.

And yet another.

Did she use her binoculars?

Nope ---they were hanging out in the dugout and home plate before the game with us regular Joes. I even got a compliment for wearing red.

That would be the one with the wolves, then, right? :-)

THAT's what we need to get "Takers 2" off the ground. Liam Neeson teams up with Idris Elba and Paul to avenge the deaths of (sorry, spoiler alert) T.I. and Hayden Christiansen. Will Neeson agree to wear a slimcut suit though?

But that leaves out the rest of the Ivy League schools (if you like that sort of thing), not to mention all the smart people who chose their school because it had the best program for their chosen profession rather than the most elite reputations. Geniuses who want to write go to the University of Iowa, or maybe the New School. The smart money for foreign service is on Georgetown, and so forth. And how many of our 40 or so billionaires actually graduated from Ivy League schools?

Oh, probably a lot. Then again, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerman both dropped out, so there you go.

And Jimmy Fallon's in. Maybe I'll watch the Tonight Show now.

Indeed, it's official.

Not only Jim Morrison, but also Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. All three died of drugs at 27. (As did Amy Winehouse more recently). Guess by that age the drugs have taken too much of a toll on the body.

There's some thinking that maybe 27 is the age at which your body stops rebounding post-overdose the way it used to.

So there's an interview with her about her surprise pregnancy in US Magazine where she says "It was all very old-fashioned and proper and we went on lovely dates, but two months later I was pregnant." Hmmm...if it was old-fashioned and proper, how did she get pregnant?

Not THAT old-fashioned, apparently. Maybe he opened the door to the bedroom. 

because SOMETHING happens to cause it. Or some things. Like abuse, infidelity, change, growth...some of these are bad, bad, bad things. Some are just life. People get married with a lot of hope and love, so it's sad when it turns out wrong. This does not mean the ending is not the best thing for all involved.

We're starting to get way too philosophical and thoughtful. Surely it must be time for lunch.

Control freak because she's trying to pick her son's wife. Snob becasue of her requirements.

Fair enough.

OK FWIW, I (a woman) have a BA from a state univ and a JD from an ivy law school, while my hubby of almost 20 years has a two year technical degree. Jes sayin.

But how much does he weigh?!?!?

As a matter of fact, two of my sorority sisters in college became a lot more than just sisterly, and remained a devoted couple till the older one died (only in her early 50s, sadly).

Just change the language to "find your spouse in college" and Princeton mom's got all the bases covered.

Er, Japan IS a small peaceful nation.

Yes, pretty much.

You Kate Hudson haters. How could you miss on Bridal Wars with Anne Hathaway? One Oscar winner and another nominee in the same movie. A classic. And that was only three or four years ago.

See? Where's the love, chatters?

You forgot his signature role... he was Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Back in the day, co-ed colleges generally had a lot more male than female students, so many girls (and their parents) considered college a "happy hunting ground" for a husband for their daughter.

That's changed. These days women easily outnumber men in higher education.

Classy, Roxanne. Really classy. Maybe you could've learned some tact in college, instead of dropping out.

No offense intended, so apologies to anyone who took that the wrong way. And chatter, thank you personally for such a nuanced, thoughtful rebuke.    

According to the BMI calculator, it's just slightly into the "overweight" range. But fitter people are often "overweight" according to BMI because of the weight of their muscle mass. I consider 185 about normal for a large-framed 5'11", but others are more comfortable in the 165-175 range.

Really, the most important thing here is that you go listen to the interview. It made my entire week. . . . Apparently this is part of a new series PBS Digital is doing, and you also won't want to miss the old Larry King interview they animated. That one is also great.

Um, I think that was her mother, Goldie Hawn (who grew up in Takoma Park). But I'm terrible about dates and when things happened.

No, Goldie Hawn wasn't in it. That was a chatter making a -- is it a joke? Not really. A pun? Perhaps. A reference, at best. Hudson/Hudson.

The voters of SC are not noted for their nuanced judgements. See: Thurmond, Strom.

Oh, they forgave Strom a LOT, didn't they?

I don't know about "proper," but there were quite a few (ahem) 7-month post-wedding pregnancies back in the good old days too, you know.

But they probably dating for more than two months.

My mother used to note that certain of our PhD acquaintances were "educated beyond their intelligence," a phrase I frequently find spot-on. Don't these women know about "legacy" admissions?

Ha! Love that! Yet another reason never to get too wrapped up in titles, degrees and labels.

Folks, many thanks for such a lively chat. Nothing like class, marriage and women's roles to get the juices flowing. Send your tips, sightings and thoughts to Next week, all!

And thanks to all 419 of you who crammed in here. Much appreciated!

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