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Mar 27, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, March 27, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello, and welcome back to the weekly chat! Some topics on our radar lately:

So what if Adrian Dantley is a crossing guard now; if you never had to work again in your life, what would you do? (Torrey Smith, congressional intern, is clearly taking notes.)

The RNC does some office redecorating (is there a metaphor here?).

Jewel, you know you’re not supposed to use that word!

It is a sheer coincidence that the KenCen chief is planning a wedding to a man named John Roberts this week.

Maybe this is the point where we just stop paying attention to Michelle Shocked and whatever she is going through.

Also: Glad Buzz Bissinger is working through his issues, anyway. We celebrate 25 years of Wendy Rieger — here’s to 25 more! If you’ve wanted a mansion on Dupont Circle, now’s your chance. A baby for Monaco, an engagement for “Mad Men,” some nice dinners out for the first lady, plus Tilda sleeps better than you do. Chris Hemsworth, Larry David — don’t think you can just sneak into town, we see you. R.I.P. Harry Reems. And everyone just stop asking famous people to prom, okay?

And just breaking now: Two more national news personalities come out of the closet -- together.


Looking forward to your questions!

Now, when a receiver drops a ball, he can say, "An elephant could have caught that!" Gives him the high ground, so to speak.

And good work by Dan Steinberg staying on top of this story. He just posted his third item this week about RG3 tossing balls to an elephant.

So who needs celebrities when you've got all this drama going on in front of the SCOTUS?

And yet, they have  Rob Reiner there, yesterday's first-in-line, just to put the icing on the cake.

Well, that's interesting. Why did this run so far under the radar? Remember when everything Princess Stephanie did was splashed everywhere? Have we just gotten used to the weird goings-on in this family?

No---it's more that Grace's kid's grew up and stopped doing dumb things in public. Well, that, and the fact the Americans aren't as interested in the third generation -- although they're gorgeous and rich. They're big in the European tabloids if you really care.

Remember a few years back, when Ann Hathaway had everybody's sympathy after being left to twist in the wind by James Franco's weirdness at the Oscars, and admiration for soldiering on despite it? And now it's all unraveled.

There is one theory that James Franco is to blame for everyone turning on Anne Hathaway -- that since he was so inert at the Oscars, she had to ham it up in compensation, thus unfairly sealing her reputation as a trying-too-hard goody-goody. I can't remember whose theory this was, otherwise I'd give you a link. It's a good theory.

I would organize the boxes in my basement.

Oh, Adrian Dantley probably tackled that one already. Question is, what would you do next.

Now I'm not being lazy and unproductive, but producing art when I nap! What a service she has provided!

Really contemporary art baffles me most of the time. I always admire the collectors who can figure out what will endure and what is bogus.

I hope that kid has a better life than that picture of his parents would suggest. They look MISERABLE. Also, today I learned much more about Buzz Bissinger than I ever wanted to know. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

You'd think being beautiful and rich would lighten them up, yes? It's not like they're  slaving away at some dead-end job. As for Buzz -- well, I read every single word of the article. He wisely saved the weirdest stuff for the end because by then I was hooked.

I find this interesting. Many, many years ago Jeff Daniels went with some young ladies to prom at his old high school. After that I don't remember hearing about this much until recently. I just don't get it.

You know, I had never heard that story before, but I just googled it, and it's true -- here it is.

Now this kind of celebrity prom date I totally approve of. What I like best about it is that (1) he volunteered and (2) he was already 40 years old at the time. Well played.

I love this kid! If I had known he'd be there, I'd have put in for tickets! He cracks me up. I can't wait to see the photo op of him with the real POTUS!

I feel a little bad for all the other performers, because that WILL be the picture of the day. Move over, Easter Bunny.

I heard on one of the newscasts that Chief Justice Roberts had reserved a seat for his lesbian cousin. That's interesting. They didn't give a name or anything, but I found this intriguing. However, I can't imagine she wants the world to know her as "Chief Justice Roberts' lesbian cousin."

Aka "CJRLC."

Even without makeup, she is my hero! I lover her! Maybe Jim Vance and Joe Biden will lay some sod in her yard for her anniversary celebration.

Wendy rocks.

I was at MOMA on Saturday and saw Tilda Swinton sleeping in the box, but sadly, I didn't realize it was her. In fact, I spent some time trying to figure out if the person was male or female, and if the person was real or a lifelike doll (her skin looked kind of waxy).

Really? That's hilarious. Didn't you check the identification card on the art work? Spells it right out.

(Tilda Swinton sleeps in a box: Is this (still) art?)

I just can't imagine this - and how it gets so bad before something is done. Yet, we see this all the time. Remember Billy Joel? I'm glad I have a CPA brother and lawyer sisters....

Remember M.C. Hammer? What happens is that you have a few huge hits -- and start spending money like you're going to have that kind of income year in and year out for the rest of your life. But you're not. No one does.

This would be especially fun if you got to park illegally and be funny on The Colbert Report!

Ha! Kid is too young to drive, so parking isn't an issue!

Why does the cost seem to parallel the time since they served, with the one who is farthest away from being in office costing less? Although, I would have expected Jimmy Carter to cost the least just because of the type of person he is.

That's a good question. I had so many questions about those expenses (even though I would agree, these are hardly budget-busting matters), and I wish I had the whole report to see for myself. I am guessing that the difference is in travel; and while Clinton probably does more, it's possible that more of that is picked up by his very wealthy foundation. Just a wild guess, I don't actually know.

Read this: The four most expensive ex-presidents in America right now

Her column has disappeared and so has her chat. Its like a friend has mysteriously disappeared and the Post won't let you tell us where she is......

Lisa's column is alive and well -- you can see the last few days here. It looks like her blog, which duplicates a lot of the column, has been offline for a couple days; she's traveling today or I'd ask her what's up with that.

l must spend way too much time in my office. I never see any celebrities on the Hill, in restaurants, walking down the street, etc.

Some people are better at spotting them than others. It's a gift that I don't particularly have myself.

I don't see where this was such a huge deal - she knew immediately it was a mistake. It's an example of a non-story to me, and I am the mother of a child with intellectual disabilities.

What I found interesting was the cultural shift in how we use language and why. I don't think for a second Jewel meant any offense, but there were some in the audience who were offended by any use of the word "retarded" even directed to herself. Language evolves slowly, old habits die hard. It will be interesting to see how the word is used in 15-20 years.

Woods is not a usual topic here, but wonder if you found his new ad jarring (I did).

I thought it was arrogant to suggest that one golf victory erases some seriously unheroic  behavior in Wood's personal life. Nike is already getting some flack about it.

Did you think the long obituaries of his death were a little much? I often think journalists tend to cover there own without a deep regard for the perspective of non-journalists.

I just had to edit your question so as not to spread the false rumor that Anthony Lane is dead. But yes, indeed, RIP Anthony Lewis. I only read that one obituary, so don't know how long the others were.


Journalists covering their own without a deep regard for the perspective of non-journalists? You don't say! (I know it was widely read, but I did find myself, midway through New York's very comprehensive story about all the Matt Lauer-Ann Curry intrigue, thinking, who is the audience for this story?)

Headline reads "The four most expensive ex-presidents in America right now." By my count we only have 4 living ex-presidents so I'm wondering: do we pay cost associated with our deceased ex-presidents? Not their widows (e.g. Nancy Reagan) but cost specifically tied to the former president(s)? (For the record, I don't mind. Being president is a thankless task.)

I apologize for the use of mild humor in that headline. It won't happen again.

Bissinger is just not good with numbers. He never did understand "Moneyball" so why should he have a grasp on his own finances?

His finances are fine --he could afford his $500K-plus shopping spree. Note to self: write bestselling book.

Did ex-CIA chief David Petraeus undergo a kind of "rehab"? Did he make a kind of religious penance with his Family Priest / Pastor?

You mean, making that new apology? I'm sure it's a basic matter of feeling like he needed to address the elephant in the room on the occasion of his first public speech since the scandal.

So why do women wear yoga pants when they're not doing yoga, anyway? They are not becoming, no matter how much they do or do not show. Why yes, they DO make your butt look big, even if it isn't.

In their story about the Lululemon crisis, Monica Hesse and Jessica Goldstein explore this question, and I think the verdict is that people just get lazy and don't feel like really getting dressed.

Been seeing a lot of advertising for Season 3 premiere. Just curious if you follow it?

I got into it belatedly and caught up with Season One and Two in recent months. Entertaining stuff.

Was anyone really shocked with this "news"?

Well, it was news to me. But then again, so was the existence of Jenna Wolfe. Stephanie Gosk I've seen on TV, but I confess I have never seen the weekend edition of "Today."

I thought it was more related to his relationship with Vonn - she is a hot property (pun intended) and the relationship casts him in a more positive light. Add that to winning (because another player pointed out a putting issue) and you have the resurrection of Tiger...albeit slowly.

If/when Tiger surpasses the all-time winning majors record, he will be deservedly hailed for that. But that doesn't mean he's a great guy, or that his personal life is worthy of my respect. I'm still mad at Michael Vick, regardless of his skills as a football player. That being said, the death threats around his new book are beyond the pale -- but I won't spend a dime on Vick's book.

Let's not forget the days'-long, wall-to-wall coverage of Tim Russert's death a few years ago. It was endless on some stations. Even his friends and colleagues ran out of adjectives for him.


Is the Vonn relationship just a front to aid his return to being a marketable commodity?

No way of knowing until we see how long it lasts.

Must be Spring Break! What are your big weekend plans?

Well, we are up to 189. But yes indeed, I don't think I have ever experienced an Easter Week when the town has so conspicuously emptied out has it has this week. Everyone is gone.

In your opener? That was one of the top headlines on the Post's front page! So, any comments about it? BTW...I do consider battery to be serious and unfortunately, the nice guy persona displayed on TV does not always fit with reality...

Here's the AP story -- Sheriff’s deputies investigate neighbor’s claim of battery, threats by Justin Bieber -- but honestly, there's not a whole lot of there there yet. No one arrested or charged. Lots of weird little things going on in Bieber's life lately, and at some point soon we'll take a step back and assess what's going on, but the individual headlines here are for Bieber completists only. 

What if she can't get to sleep? Is it the same artistic experience if you get "Tilda Swinton tossing and turning, staring at her watch and trying to remember if she washed the middle kid's soccer uniform for tomorrow's game"? Or is that just me?

No. You have to pay extra to see Tilda Toss.

And let me add that the top top headline on the site at the moment is: Her boyfriend stopped wanting sex. Frankly, in the scheme of things, that is a bit more important than Bieber maybe scuffling with a neighbor.

hasn't just won one: he's one six of his last 20 events and is back to being ranked No. 1 in the world. His personal life may have been a mess, but his ability to rebuild his game is pretty darn impressive

Good for golf rating. The Nike ad was still annoying.

Maybe he's on his way to doing the full Lohan....

He may be taking baby steps in that direction. Or, perhaps, conscientiously trying to make himself seem edgier.

Is Marian Robinson, Pres. Obama's mother-in-law, still living at the White House?

Yes, so far as we know.

I would pay someone to organize the boxes in my basement.

That makes more sense.

Any word on JPK3, the latest Kennedy of Massachusetts to hit Capitol Hill? Seems kind of handsome, but kind of bland.

Well, as you know, he got married just weeks before entering Congress, so there's that. What were you hoping for?

I always thought I shopped too much! Somehow reading about a man that owns 115 pair of leather gloves is making me feel better about myself - I'm not quite that bad.

If the comparsion fits.....

I will follow George Orwell's advice in the "A Good Word for the Vicar of Bray" and atone for my misdeeds by planting a walnut tree. Then I look forward to being a cranky old man and correcting the fools on the Internet.

Wikipedia would appreciate it if you would volunteer your help.

I would STILL be on this chat every Wednesday! (Except in August, when you're on vacation)

You know, I'd do this chat if I never had to work again in my life. So we're on the same page.

Roxanne makes incredible gingerbread structures. Does Amy construct Peeps palaces? (I thought the winning Twinkie funeral service diorama was sad. I want my neon-colored Peeps to be cheery.) What's your favorite Easter candy?

Roxanne is the crafty one. And there's no point in me taking up the Peeps hobby since my employment status here means I could never compete. Speaking of: Peeps! They're here!

Well, that all depends. There are some excellent websites devoted just to yoga pants, not that I would even link to one on my work computer.

It's really not about the yoga pants. It's never really about the pants.

What's this about? I've been offline the last few days and seem to have actually missed something.

Yeah, I feel the same way. I had never heard of the Kid President before his name came out in the White House press release, but apparently his videos are popular, and we got ridiculous Web traffic on this item (but only one comment, go figure).

She's not sleeping in a box, that's her re-animation machine she has to go in every night because you can tell by looking at her that she's been dead for years. It's not art, it's science.

I'll buy that.

This whole thing makes perfect sense to me. It's good to keep former Presidents in the public view. They have inherent obligations - funerals, civic commitments and such that require scheduling and logistics. We appreciate their inherent fund raising prowess for things like Tsunamis and earthquakes and the like. And, its good to keep the public reminded about the peaceful transition of power and that the office is bigger than the person who at any time is currently occupying it. A few million doesn't bother me one bit. (And Jimmy Carter is just so adorable.)

Good thoughts, thanks.

There is no reason to give Vick the assumpion of protection based on civilized behaviour. Low life scum like Vick should get what they gave and since he sadistically killed poor defenseless dogs he should expect to die in the same brutal way -- let's just hope it's sooner than later.

If we want to live in a civilized society, we must give him (and his family) the protection of lawful behavior. But we don't have to respect him, buy football tickets to watch him play, or buy his book.

Really? Or, they are so busy with work, kids, housework, walking the dog, volunteering and political activity. There is a fundamental difference between lazy and harried, and I would think that most women in the Washington area fall into the latter category than the former.

Oh, calm down. Just flippantly citing what the article says. If you want to fight with someone, call up the stylist in the story who makes that argument.

RE: Game of Thrones. It's kind of weird that its slogan is "Winter is Coming" when the show premieres every spring. Just me?

And hasn't winter been coming the past two seasons already?

The only thing more annoying on the internet than cats!

I love cats!

The prom invites are only the junior version of public wedding proposals -- and we hate those and are doing our small bit to stamp them out. Ladies, promise your boyfriends any public proposal will receive an automatic no -- and this self-promotion will disappear faster than ruffled tux shirts. 

I was at the Jewel show. She is a very chatty performer. It's not surprising that she say might say something that might rub somebody somewhere the wrong way. But it was clear that when she used the "r" word she was talking about herself, and she took the word back (as best she could) as soon as she said it. I found her stories about growing up in the Alaskan wilderness, sleeping in her car in L.A. and shoplifting to get by much more noteworthy. This is not some pampered princess. (Of course, there are those who contend her tales are all part of a calculated PR strategy. Who knows?)

Thanks for your insight -- we were hoping to hear from more people who were there. I think the sensitivities about the r-word are such that it doesn't matter who you apply it to, just that it's not a word to be bandied about as a euphemism.

Jewel apologizes for insensitive remark

true, Rox. I had this very conversation with my boyfriend over breakfast this past weekend. I caught him up on the Lulu scandal (which he wasn't up to date on, shockingly) and the Post article that seemed to be criticizing yoga pants in general. I don't wear them unless I'm going to yoga or to and from the gym, adn don't really like them as general attire either. His take: he doesn't mind them on some people. The body in the pants makes them offensive or not to men. Then I got permission to wear mine as often as I'd like. He's a keeper, that one!

Not to church, please. Sounds like a smart boyfriend, though!

I guess if this acting thing doesn't work out for her, she could apply for a job at the Standard in LA. They have a model sleeping in a box behind the checkin desk. Might pay better as a retirement job than crossing guard...

Exactly! That was the first thing I thought of when I heard of Tilda's "art." I mean, that was a clever idea in 1995, but once it's a regular thing at the Standard. . . .

Sadly I may have to give this chat up due to diabetes fears since you all are getting way too sweet lately.

Boy, what a terrible thing to say.

Have any celebrities come out of the closet and been ignored? When David Hyde Pierce announced he was gay, I think the general public reaction was "well, duh." But has the reaction ever been "who cares?"

I think we're increasingly getting to that point.

On Tom Boswell's chat Monday, someone mentioned reading somewhere that Drew Storen & Tyler Clippard were former roommates! Say it isn't so, Joe. Or if it is, is there a young woman involved? And for which one--or both?

Maybe they're both finally earning enough to get their own places.

I loved that story. I just wish you guys had published a guest list the next day!

Didn't occur to us. It's usually mostly a crowd of unfamous staffers.

I can't stand him now either. I will root against any team he is playing for... and I used to bet a HUGE MV (go hokies) fan. BUT for some reason I still love Tiger.

You're allowed. Each to his/her own. I still think he's a legendary golfer -- but now that's it. No desire to, say, spend an hour talking to him.

I do watch the Today show on weekends (love Lester Holt). I thought Jenna Wolfe's acutely pained expression recently was because of her unceremonious demotion (is there any other kind on NBC?) when Erica Hill was hired. But instead she was suffering from morning sickness which will put anyone in a dour mood.

Or maybe it was Erica. Morning sickness is a good cover for plenty of things.

Somebody must be paying for the upkeep on their graves... Here is a question. Top 5 most expensive presidential gravesites?

I don't have a clue. But since you mention it, here was an amusing story about the places where presidents died:

Hail to the chiefs! A road trip to where our presidents took their last breaths

but that doesn't mean you can't put on a pair of pants with a zipper!

How is this debate any different from the one we had about jogging suits? Or leggings? The vast majority of people (men and women) look better in tailored pants.

I'm surprised because Stephanie is always a correspondent in London.

According to her bio, she was in London for a few years until September; now she's in New York. So I guess they had a long-distance courtship.

A little talked-about segment of the population are asexuals. Asexuals can be either straight or gay and can still have romantic relationships, yet, they just dislike having sex or foreplay. It has nothing to do with the partner. It is just the way they are made. I, myself, am asexual and open with my partner about it from the beginning. She was cool with it. Anyway, sometimes, asexuals do have sex just to satisfy their partner but then realize they can't keep it up anymore (no pun intended). No question. Just wanted to add my two cents. And no, I do not want either of Prudence's or Amy's jobs...

Not really our field of expertise, but I have no objection to today's hottest story flooding over into our chat. . . . Of course, it's clear that whatever is going on with the letter-writer's boyfriend, she is not satisfied with the status quo.

Just curious: When did those things start getting called "yoga pants?" I'm a guy, and until reading about Lululemon I had only heard them called "tights" or sometimes "leggings." Is this all marketing?

Pretty much -- see my previous post. Yoga pants is the new term for comf, stretchy pants that may -- but usually don't -- work well outside the exercise arena.

Yep, I wear them on the weekends because I got lazy. I'll admit it. Now back to my nap!

Tilda! Honey, is that you?

Do you think biting someone ear half off is going to catch on as a trend or is this just silliness from publicity flacks ?

I never know what to do with this kind of story, where someone isn't really famous until something gross happens to them. I mean, even the photo doesn't jog my memory about which guy he is.

That article was great! Its funny to think in my life time Liberace (Liberace!) felt he had to deny he was gay, and now our most, sadly, potent symbols of masculinity are all "who cares!"

He's part of a promo for MLB; in it most of the other players (Justin Verlander, Alex Rodriguez, Mike Trout) say they play for a World Series ring or some such; Bryce says he plays for "nine men playing as one." In another one he says Washington red runs through his veins. I love that kid; how can someone be so savvy and thoughtful and focused at 20?

Seriously, he's like a charisma prodigy on top of everything else. Like Jennifer Lawrence.

What's with all the topless Beiber? He's still more Don Knotts than Ryan Gosling - not his best look.

Here are Vanity Fair's thoughts on shirtless Justin Bieber in the Poland airport.

Isn't "mental retardation" still the accepted medical term in the US? I know it's not in other countries, but I believe it is here. I'm not saying that makes it okay to say, but it's kind of an odd dynamic.

It's one of several medical terms -- "idiot,"  "moron" and "imbecile" were also specific clinical designations (in late 19th/early 20th centuries) for low IQs that seeped into general usage.  

You know exactly why there is a difference in the debate with Yoga pants. Its an anti-elitism thing. Anyone can wear sweat pants, but spending $90 for a pair of yoga pants that you can wear without looking like the daughter of the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man. Not a lot of people can/should/do that.

Yes, but now Old Navy sells yoga pants, so the whole elistist angle is upside down.

Not going to spend money on either's products, but somehow Vick has been consistent (act or not) in seeming to have learned from his misdeeds, while the latest Tiger ad seems to suggest Woods has not.

Another excellent point. But there was nothing criminal in Tiger's personal choices, and he didn't put out the ad; Nike did. 

Yoga pants are generally straight leg or slightly boot cut, but fitted in the thighs and rear. Leggings are of generally teh same fabric, but fitted all the way down. Tights are generally of a lighter fabric, and have feet, and are worn UNDER something. Tights are not pants. There is dispute as to whether leggings are, in fact, pants, with the majority thinking they need to be worn with a longer top than general pants, or even yoga pants, would need to be worn with.

Thank you for this astute summary of the case law.

I believe Gene Weingarten has an opinion. And it may have to do with VPL.

Yes, I think he filed a friend-of-the-court brief on this many years ago.

I think this is being misreported, misrepresented and misinterpreted. When Woods was asked about his falling ranking and the ascendency of McIllroy, he said "winning cures everything". This comment was limited to his ranking and on-the-course performance issues. It had nothing to do with his scandalous behavior off the course. Some how it is now made to seem sleazier than it was when he made that comment.

Well, perhaps the marketing genuises at Nike should have been a little smarter about the ad. If this was an ad targeted at Tiger's serious fans who knew that quote -- maybe it would have worked. But as an ad for the general public -- not so much.

I had never heard of her before this. But now there is a gay NFL player considering coming out. THAT would be big news.

Yeah, when's that supposed to happen anyway?

but I've always though Doreen Gentzler was beautiful.

Hey, it's not a competition here.

is now "intellectual disability" or "intellectually disabled" and it covers a variety of diagnoses from acquired brain injury to down's syndrome.

We'll see if that makes it into the common usage.

This is only surprising if you've never heard her before. Nice to know she's still around. Kind of.

It's a strange saga. Hadn't really thought of her in years.

One of the stories from the Jewel show is that when she showed up for her first day at an exclusive music high school in Michigan to which she got a scholarship, she was wearing a hunting knife. She didn't understand why administrators almost threw her out. "Everybody in Alaska carries a knife. What's the problem?"


I think that an actor's abilities are in direct correlation with their weirdness, and Swinton's "public naptime" is proof of that.

Well, she's a brilliant actress, so you're saying weirdness makes for a better performer?

Outstanding! Since I am the mother of four, I should go by "MOSCHJ"....


The real crisis is that the pants cost $100 and that my old neighborhood in NY now has two of them to clothe the hot moms who have invaded the nabe as a result of a pretty good public school. Blech. I knew it was all over for me and my home when the second one opened up.

I'm always amused whenever Lululemon is in the news or a new store opens, and suddenly hearing men who have never heard the word uttered aloud trying to pronounce it. It usually comes out like "LOU l'mon," or sometimes "loo L'OUI mon."

Wow. That's a lot of $$$ to spend on high fashion clothes for a non-high fashion body.

If he had ahigh- fashion body, he wouldn't need the expensive clothes to feel good about it.

Bieber didn't assault that neighbor that;s what he pays people to do.

No. You are correct. I do not understand the concept of a lot of things in Justin's world.

are both excellent examples of aging gracefully and well. Lovely, lovely, lovely all the way around!


Some enterprising little girl should invite Drake LaRoche to her 8th grade dance. . .or her 6th grade dance.

Oh, now, that's just plain child exploitation -- leave Drake LaRoche alone, you and you YouTubing girls. Ask grown-up Drake instead.

"ROXANNE ROBERTS : Well, she's a brilliant actress, so you're saying weirdness makes for a better performer?" Yes, and isn't Daniel Day-Lewis proof of that? Or Christian Bale. Or Sean Penn. Etc., etc., etc.


I went to see Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell the other night. She was beautiful and striking in her day, and wore her prematurely white hair proudly. She's 65, and I had hoped to see an example of someone aging gracefully. Not a chance. That was not the worst thing about the show, unfortunately.

Wait, don't understand what you're complaining about here. (Alas, we are also out of time. . . )

"Departing presidents get additional help in the first years after they leave office, one reason Bush’s costs were higher than those of other living former presidents. " --according to your link

Oh, so you're saying that if we just read more closely?

I had no earthly idea who this person was, so why should I care what idiotic things she says?

That's why we're here: We report. You decide if you care. Simple, really.

Chatters, time to wrap up on this chilly, chilly spring break afternoon, when all the smartest among us are on a hot beach somewhere outside the Beltway. Which leaves all of us alone with our chat to keep us warm. Hope you enjoyed: Send your tips and sightings to Next time, next week.

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