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Mar 20, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, March 20, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hi gang! Amy is late, for a change, and it's me battling with the computer and new format! Let's dive in! 

I give this relationship about 9 months.

That long? I figure six --she needs to start seriously training in the fall. But I was struck with her look---Tiger totally has a type: Tall, thin blonde.

What is the age or level of success I need to achieve when I can just go for the messy hair look? Robert Redford does that so well too. But I feel like I will be judged if I go for that disheveled look on my way into the office.

You will be judged. You have to be so rich and/or famous that people are just happy to have you show up and don't care about your hair. Or they think it's part of a Hollywood cool vibe. But at least -- unlike Redford -- Harrison hasn't had any work done, which kind of broke my heart because Redford's eyes looked weird. I like the craggy thing Ford's got going.

She's not that thin: lot of muscle there. But I think it's a natural attraction: they are both drawn to dangerous activities

Or people. Or maybe Tiger is doing his version of normal.

Can someone explain what is going on with Lil Wayne? I was monitoring social media the the other day and it seemed he was on his death bed. But then people have been backtracking, and his friends/employees were indignant about the media reports -- like they were protesting too much. I consider you guys honest brokers in all this, so please, what is going on?

I've got a lot of trepidation about any report I'm seeing about Lil Wayne. It's really hard to tell if we're dealing with tabloids (all the sources being anonymous) hyping his condition to be more serious than it is; or the people in his camp protectively issuing untrue denials. We couldn't even confirm that he's actually out of the hospital, as some of claimed, so we didn't write anything more on that yesterday.

For making me feel like a total deve for staring at that rediculously hot photo of that kid from DeMatha (nearly half my age!) in yesterday's column. I was young and pretty once....

Why isn't this song a hit yet? Is it just stuck in my head because I had to write this story? Please go read our interview with Brandon Gray, who is not yet quite a star but whose stories about how he got discovered (by his mom) and what it was like making out with Carly Rae Jepsen were pretty hilarious.

What "learnings" (as the losers in my office say) do we take from this? The system of justice in California seems incapable of anything resembling fairness. Does she actually need to cause someone's death before her behavior is taken seriously. The courts seem to be bending over backwards to not hold her truly accountable for her criminal, dangerous behavior. I don't give a lick about her, but I've been on that highway, and its inexcusable to behave so recklessly.

Can't say until I know how the non-famous offenders are treated. Do the courts send them to rehab, too? Or do they do their time in jail? The good news for Lilo is that she's hasn't hurt anyone...yet. So maybe she gets equal treatment with all the other party people with sketchy backgrounds and minor violations.

It warmed my heart that they are reconciling. If those crazy kids can make it work, there is hope for us all.

We were so worried they were the Al and Tipper of sitcoms; turns out they might be the Woodward/Newman of sitcoms after all. (Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman reconcile)

Did this not come up earlier? I guess it didn't. Internet, you got suckered by this notion of an "unexperienced reporter interviewing Mila Kunis and omg, she was so nice to him!" If it wasn't pretty obvious from his smooth line of patter, then you could have just Googled Chris Stark and seen that he's been working in broadcasting for a decade. He was doing a shy-guy shtick, clearly.

Roxanne, The issue isn't that non-Catholic reporters are covering the Vatican; it's that there seems to be a lack of respect towards Catholicsm. There were some pointed comments last week about non-Catholics covering the Vatican, the conclave, and Pope Francis: I can't speak for them (and I can't condone what some had posted- they were pretty out there), but I can tell you how I feel, along with others I've talked with. Of course there are problems that need to be addressed, and the Vatican needs to fix a lot of thing. But there seems at times to be a flippant tone towards the Pope, someone who, like it or not, is the spiritual leader of a large portion of the world (and at least a quarter of the US' population). That, I think, is why people at times can't help but feel defensive when our Church is being made fun of.

That's a fair comment, but the answer is not to demand that non-Catholics have no right to report on the new pope or the future of the church. That would be like saying only Jews should be allowed to cover the president's trip to Israel this week. Every good journalist has an obligation to be accurate and fair. Sometimes religious sensitivities are such that nothing even slightly critical can be written without someone taking offense. But I don't think the answer is to ever restrict the coverage on the basis of religion or other labels. 

Was sorry to hear that he and Nancy Lopez broke up. That was such a big deal a few decades ago and I really thought they had and would continue to last. Seems like everyone is breaking up these days. I mean, if Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough can't keep it together, what hope does everyone else have?

Truly, nothing lasts forever. . . . I had no idea that Nancy Lopez and Ray Knight had split up until I started researching the story about athlete couples. A lot of them are staying the course, though.

I gave up TV for Lent. What have I missed? Anything new on Scandal, Dallas or The Bachelor? Any big news? The Doobie Brothers still together?

Hey, me too. No idea what's going on on any of those shows, though Hank Stuever informs me that J.R. Ewing is dead. . . I kept hearing talk about someone named "Jodi Arias" and had no idea who they were talking about; turns out she's a lady in a murder trial that's all over cable news, but I hadn't been watching.

Does it seem like she is in court every week avoiding jail?

Seems like it, but she's somehow managed to have multiple legal things going on at once and they do tend to drag out. We only notice when it involves a celebrity. Frankly, I'm glad about the 90-day rehab. Time enough to get clean if it is a serious facility, and maybe (maybe maybe) a chance for her to separate from her party crowd and entourage. I'm not optimistic, but I would take no pleasure from a sad end, which is the direction she's going.

There is something strange about the whole rollout of this relationship. It reminds me of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley making a big display of kissing at an awards show, just to prove they there are a) just normal people in love and b) really there is nothing to see here - they are just normal people in love. Just odd to have a PR campaign based around announcing a relationship.

Yes, it's very strange. The PR expert we talked to (who didn't want to be named) said that if a celebrity couple wants to go proactively public, there's nothing wrong with that -- but that it's better to do it discreetly and naturally, say, by holding hands at an event or something.


You want to hear my theory? My theory is that this is Tiger Woods overcorrecting for past tendencies after a lot of therapy. His shrink has probably told him that his problems with women stemmed from being covert and secret about everything, and that he had to be more open and transparent in his future relationships if they were to be healthy. So now he's just going way overboard. Note: This is just my theory; I am not a licensed professional, nor have I counseled Mr. Woods.

Danica Patrick and Ricky Stenhouse. They are not athletes. They drive cars. There is a difference.

Oh, we have had this fight before, haven't we. Auto racing is very physically demanding and requires incredible reflexes and control. It's a sport. Deal with it.

Seems kinda charming with his bus riding and cooking for himself. Looks like he won't be ordering fetching red leather shoes from Prada like Benedict.

Seems like it, but the jury is out. I'm waiting to see any serious change or progess from the Vatican.

I thought Danica Patrick & Dale Earnhardt Jr were dating? Who's the new guy Ricky Stenhouse Jr mentioned in your column today?

He's the younger NASCAR rookie that she's dating. They're totally open about it,too. From our Sports section: Couch slouch: Danica Patrick, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. collide in romance, but odds are it will end up a wreck

Love them both. But I'm sure they came to the realization that "hey, we either got each other or we got nobody."

That's the perfectly reasonable rationale behind a lot of reconciliations.

You're kidding, right? Take a look at some photos. Clearly Harrison Ford has had work done; I doubt Robert Redford has (except for his hair) ; he is pretty wrinkled

If Harrison had work done, it was good work because he still looks like himself. I remember opening an article on Redford a few years ago and jumping back because the eyes looked so different. I prefer the wrinkles.

Talk about a remarkable woman.

Yes, that was a good story. Mildred Dalton Manning, who survived three years in a Philippines prison camp, and was the last surviving female POW from WWII.

Are you as bummed as I am about the possibility that the Easter egg hunt could be can celled at the White House ? This is taking budget cuts way too far and something must be done -- any idea how I can reach John Boehner in a hurry ? I understand he's the mouse in chrge while the big cats are away.

More political theater. The cost of the Easter Egg Hunt is peanuts (jellybeans?) compared to other daily federal expenses. Silly, really. And you can always call Boehner's office and the White House if you're hopping mad about it.

She says she's single so that good looking Justin Verlander must be free. . .

You know, I assumed it was official that they were dating, but seems she does not toe that line. So she's in one of those cutesy YouTube date requests from unfamous guy, huh? So tired of those.

She was back helping with Pope coverage on the Today Show. I have to say, she has handled all the "unpleasantness" of her marriage break up with a lot of dignity. Is she divorced from the governator yet?

No, I do not believe that divorce is final. And remember, Arnold wants to get back to together with her! Or maybe not.

You haven't missed out on too much with Scandal - they have had reruns for the past few weeks. Btw - that's a big honor for Kerry Washington - giving the commencement at GWU (her alma mater) .

Yes, and she will actually be here in the flesh, not just standing in front of a fake backdrop of the White House.

Aren't you guys supposed to be up-to-the-minute on news? The threat to the egg hunt ended yesterday. Congress didn't want to ban it, they wanted to criticize the White House for suggesting it might cancelled. I think next year they should stop making it an extravaganza and return it to being a quiet event for local children, rather than the circus it's been for the past few decades. It may cost peanuts compared to other federal expenses, but I bet it runs to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Hey there -- sorry I didn't jump in with the link to the latest story there. Obama won’t abandon the Easter Bunny after all . . . Note, though, that the White House isn't saying it's 100 percent back on, things could change, blah blah.

But Woods and Vonn do not make for a very handsome couple.

As in, not physically attractive? Or not appealing?

I did not know about their breakup til I read it in your column, and, after thirty years, it's kind of depressing: do you know why they broke up?

No, I wasn't able to find much of anything about it. Honestly, though, it seems like I've lately run into a lot of couples getting divorced after 30 or even 50 years, and while you are dying for an explanation, their reasons are always kind of banal and unsatisfactory. It's the same old reasons as anyone else, generally. "We weren't getting along." We can never really know what goes on in another couple's relationship.

Will your chat be hidden behind the coming Post paywall? How much will we have to pay?

Good question! I have no idea. What's it worth to you?


We're all familiar with the Hollywood "faux-mance," but do you think DeVito and Perlman are pioneering the "fake-up" as a publicity stunt?


... is the PGA's type. Have you ever seen the "procession of past winners & wives" at the Masters - it's creepy. 95% of golfers marry the same type.


Are you in my office? And if not, can I marry you? That term is so incredibly stupid and is not really a word. Hence why my spell check has it underlined. Stop trying to make "learnings" happen!

The term you're looking for is the feel-good "teachable moments."

Personally, I can't believe that any woman, especially one who is a celebrity in her own right, would stoop so low as to date a chronic cheater. Where is Vonn's self-respect? I just don't get it.

But he's really changed!!! He's different with me!!!

Probably a rationale like that. I don't know. Relationships are mysterious. People make bad choices all the time. Who knows.

A lot of the problem is covering religious leaders as celebrities. An adherent's fascination with the pope doesn't necessarily lead to a fascination with his fashion choices, and the rest of us aren't fascinated. (Btw, what was "controversial" about the traditional red shoes? Was I, a Protestant, supposed to remember some expose from half-dozen years ago about Benedict's designer shoe proclivities? All the article that ran under that headline said was that popes traditionally wear read shoes. But that means they're not inherently controversial, unless the Post as an outsider thinks popes shouldn't wear red shoes ...)

It's not just covering religious leaders as celebrities: it is presenting them as celebrities. Every TV appearance, tweet, interview, etc. is an opportunity to reach millions --but also creates a cult of personality. Blame the media age, not just the media.

Just noting that Mr. Rogers would have been 85 today. Having passed away ten years ago, that means he was 75 when he died. I'm troubled by all this because when I was watching him 30+ years ago, I would have sworn he was 85 years old then.

Similarly, I was troubled to realize that Ed Asner, now 83, was younger than me when he debuted the role of Lou Grant on the "Mary Tyler Moore Show."

I'm going to add "key takeaways" to that list. Ugh.

Bleech. Verbal trust falls.

So Britney's new boy is a Hokie?

Is he? I see now that he's been photographed wearing Virginia Tech gear. All I know is that "suspected boyfriend David Lucado" is one of the funniest phrases I've read all week. "Suspected boyfriend." I've had a few of those.

I'm chiming in late, here, but I just wanted to point out one reason why non-Catholics are interested in (and, often, critical of) the Catholic church's business: The Catholic church has made it a priority to attempt to influence policy in the U.S. on issues such as abortion and gay rights. I'm not Catholic, but you can bet I have the right to speak out about the leadership of the church, because they are trying to run my life anyway.

I'll expand the writer's note and say that non-believers of any religion have an interest in religious leadership and practice AS LONG AS those religions are tax exempt and insert those beliefs into the political process. For better and worse, we are a religious country and must balance differing beliefs with law. 

while visiting a friend in Brentwood/LA. We were at the same small bookstore. He really does make the craggy thing work. He also has a small hoop earring. He looked darned good.

Good for him.

I'm biased, I can't stand her. But, come on, how is this "OMG I NEARLY DIED FROM A MISCARRIAGE THAT NO ONE KNEW ABOUT" anything BUT attention-seeking behavior? New book coming out soon, Gwynnie? One out of four pregnancies end in miscarriage. It's a tragedy (I've been there, it's horrifying and horrible to go through) but why is Gwyneth sharing this now, except to get another look-at-me moment? Her 15 minutes are long since up.

In fairness, perhaps it was a relevant point to divulge in the context of whatever longer and in-depth interview she was giving; she can't really help the fact that a thousand showbiz-news aggregators rip and rewrite that paragraph with a "Gwyneth miscarriage drama!" headline.  But I agree, doesn't really seem like news.

While we're at it, can we get rid of "stakeholders"? They use it in education ALL the time, so even the kids and the parents are being subjected to this stupid bit of jargon with disturbing frequency.

Let's start a list.

Kind of like Warren Beatty and Anette Bening, but he was older than Woods when they got together.

Ah, fair point. See, Beatty changed his ways.

That's a good question. Some people can change, right? I don't think Ted Kennedy cheated on his second wife. If I was Lindsay Vonn, I still wouldn't want Tiger though - just too many porn stars.


If you're not watching TV for lent then you're missing some really good stuff like The Urban Tarzan who had to deal with a bull in a corn maze and a monkey with a gun. And no I am not making this up.

What's urban about a bull in a corn maze?

I think this is a ridiculous argument. The Church WANTS to people to pay attention. Gosh forbid someone finds the traditions and pagentry of the whole thing interiguing and actually becomes a convert.

Exactly! It's a key part of the marketing plan.

Please add "deliverables" to the list. In olden days, we just called them "reports."


That shouldn't be surprising considering 95% of golfers are the same type.


I don't have a problem with "takeaways" as trendy for "things to remember" and a subset of "main points" but "key takeaways" is redundant.

Tell that to the non-essential takeaways, which are feeling really left out.

saw story about how he's now a crossing guard on ABC News last night. Then saw it on CNN this morning. WHo's zoomin' who?

Well, hang onto your hats -- our  Adrian Dantley story will be up soon, if it hasn't published already. . . . CNN's not ripping off ABC: This was actually a story that Deadspin broke last week, and it was an excellent story -- about how this former NBA great is now working as a part-time crossing-guard. He declined to speak to Deadspin, though; but now that all the other reporters are calilng to follow up, he's chatting. He basically can't believe anyone thinks this is a big deal. Delightful guy, charming story.

Kerry Washington is gorgeous, stylish, and a decent actress. Now I learn she's a Phi Beta Kappa and a magna cum laude graduate. Enough to make a regular girl kick something. Sigh.

Yeah, but I also like the idea that a smart, savvy women is working Hollywood to her advantage. Balances out all the pretty idiots who got lucky.

Hey, if you have any complaints about the new Web format -- only two of you this week, by the looks of it, so there's mild improvement -- please take them directly to us at so that we don't bore everyone else with it. Also, some of your complaints seem to involve technical issues that I don't quite understand and which may be unique to your browser.

I just bought an ice cube tray that makes ice cubes in the shape of Han Solo when he was caught in Carbonite. AWESOME, they are!

I'm not even a Star Wars fan and I love that.

It's really depressing to think that somebody believes that John Boehner actually is responsible for possibly cancelling the White House's Easter Egg event. Too much MSNBC viewing, perhaps? The White House is solely responsible for the event, which is actually close to self-supporting due to sales of easter eggs swag. Sorry, even the Post has to admit that this is Obama's doing.

Don't know if the president himself weighed in -- but yes, some White House theater.

Has reality tv jumped the shark with Louie Anderson and Kareem Abdul Jabbar diving?

I thought Reality TV jumped the shark a decade ago with "The Swan," when they gave unsuspecting housewives massive breast implants and painful jaw reconstructions they didn't need. Whatever this diving show is seems quaint and civilized by comparison.

Well, you know that the tiger can't change his stripes! Sorry, I just couldn't resist.


Add "\the product", as in "spray the product into your shoes twice a week". The product is a fungicide/whatever. Use its proper name.

But maybe they didn't want to repeat the word "fungicide" multiple times in the same paragraph. I sympathize with that.

Let us not forget "the ask" you will be taking from the meeting.

Have they "given you the go-ahead" yet?

How much is it worth to me to put my two cents worth in? I'll give you three guesses...

As far as I'm concerned, you're already paying.

As in, "I was gifted a new hat yesterday for my birthday." No, you were GIVEN a new hat, you little twerp.

Twerp. Such a good word that has fallen out of fashion.

So, the key takeaway today is that there are a lot of twerps out there, plus a few awesome/romantic people. Pick your poison, people. In the meanwhile, send your tips and sightings to Next week, all. Stay warm, spring is around the corner.


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