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Mar 02, 2011

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Hello there! What a week. I barely  know what' s happened myself. Something with Charlie Sheen...? Something with John Galliano...? Catch me up!

is "Lindsay Lohan is an example Charlie Sheen should emulate." I saw her interview with "Extra", where she was sincerely contrite and self-aware. Get a clue, Charlie!

Yes, but... was she as entertaining as Charlie? These people are supposed to be entertainers, and you can't say he hasn't delivered this week.

They were both equally annoying Sunday night

I still need to go back and watch the DVR of the show. When you're covering it, you basically get to see the first quarter of it unhindered -- and then you're simultaneously listening to the winners in their backstage comments and writing your story, and so you end up missing most of the show you're ostensibly covering.

Where will he go? Did he have a place here? On the market yet? I count on you for such important information.

Seems he's been preparing for this departure for a while -- he put his incredible stripper-pole-equipped mansion on the market last month.

Is Christina Aguilera on a downward spiral to Charlie Sheen/LiLo territory?

I wonder. You know who I'm worried about? This actor Alex Pettyfer, whom I had never ever heard of until a split second after a movie no one I know saw opened, and then it was suddenly jealous rages/house fires, etc. This new strain of the fame virus is obviously more fast-acting and deadly than ever. He didn't even get a moment to enjoy it!

US: Bad Boy Alex Pettyfer Uninvited from Oscar Bash

how did you feel about the Oscar hosts? I thought Franco and Hathaway were charming, affable, maybe the best hosts ever. Who am i kidding? I don't work for Entertainment Weekly, they were so painful to watch, i'd rather eat glass than see them together again, they're doing a movie now.

I thought he was terrible----that arrogant what-do-I-care stance. I didn't like him much before this and now I think he's just a spoiled brat. Anne was game and did her best but...well, it wasn't enough. The host/hosts need to drive the show, connect the previous moment to the next and they didn't/couldn't do that. That's not their skill set. It was a bad idea poorly executed. 

Is it just me, or has the Charlie Sheen coverage been way over the top?

Oh, I don't know. I'd say that, within the celebrity-news industrial-complex, it's unusually proportionate. Here's the reigning biggest star in TV not only acting out publicly -- in such a way that brings down his TV show -- but going on TV to fight back in all these bonkers interviews.  It's unusual. The over-the-topness is all Charlie's. Contrast to the continuing coverage of Lindsay Lohan, who hasn't really been a big-dollar star for several years now -- that, I would say, is over the top.

Roxanne - if Trump only bought Albemarle House as a favor to get a friend out of a jam and he doesn't have any use for it, perhaps he would donate it and the vineyards to a worthy cause, like a ready-made homeless cat shelter. I can dream, can't I?

You can dream... After having my magical, emboldening moment with 50 Cent at the Vanity Fair party, I mulled approaching The Donald to talk about Pat Kluge. Instead I left it to Dan to find out what you really want to know about Mr. Trump: What his hair feels like.

You hear from 50 Cent recently?

I need to stop checking my phone for messages, don't I?

In the past three days, I have heard seven references to Angry Birds, which is apparently a video game . Seems like it came out of nowhere, but there is this expectation that everybody knows about it. Am I missing something here? Does everybody know about it but me? Or are there two Americas, and I'm in the America that knows nothing of this game which is apparently bigger than Bieber?

I don't know. I've been going through the same thing. I've  never felt more out of touch than around these constant knowing references to "Angry Birds." I can only assume it's something you know about if you have better consumer electronics than I.

Can you give me the Cliff Notes version of what's up with Charlie Sheen? I'm not kidding; I spent the last week dealing with a family crisis, so I've missed a lot of news. I need to be brought up to speed so my friends' Facebook posts make sense!

As I understand it:

1. Last month, Charlie has yet another drug-fueled meltdown and decides in-house rehab without professionals is a great idea.

2. During his home-made rehab, Charlie continues to declare his awesomeness and superpowers to handle life and drugs.

3. Based on Sheen's remarkss, CBS shuts down production of "Two and a Half Men." 

4. Sheen goes bat crazy and talks to every media outlet about the small-minded trolls who run the show and network, especially Chuck Lorre. He declares he's better and smarter than everyone else, has kicked drugs, and deserves even more than the $2 million per episode CBS is paying him now. Says he probably sue to get paid for the canceled episodes. Oh, and shares the news of the two "goddesses" who now share his home (a model and porn star) who are helping him raise his toddler sons.

5. Police take away said sons last night. Charlie is shocked.




Any pics?

Sorry, haven't managed to upload any photos yet. I wore a metallic dark-gold ruched mid-length dress.

I have to say this was one of the best years for Oscars recaps and reviews. So guess James Franco and Anne Hathaway deserve some props for that.

I mean, really -- if the Oscars went well, we'd have nothing to talk about, right?

I've been saying for years that there needs to be a billboard with Charlie Sheen's photo that says, "Do not have a relationship with this man." Now it needs to include "Do not take a trip to NYC or leave your young children with this man, either." Having "girlfriends" in his house? Of course they removed his children!

"Goddesses," you mean.

There's something about the 20/20, Today Show, Access Hollywood, etc. interviews that just makes my skin crawl--and it's not Charlie Sheen. It seems to me that letting Sheen rant to interviewers is the 21st Century equivalent of those 18th Century Londoners who went to Bedlam for amusement. To quote a very old TV ad campaign, at this point producers should be saying, "Sorry, Charlie."

Dreamer. Ratings, ratings, rantings---especially during Sweeps. Charlie is a gift to the television gods.

I could not agree more with Roxanne -- we like our hosts to at least pretend they care and pretend to make an effort. Hathaway was not great, a little full of her herself, but she at least tried and seemed like she wanted the show to be entertaining. Franco came across like a jerk who was too cool to be there. Not only would I never watch any awards shows that he may hosts (which I boubt will happen again), but think I'm done with seeing James Franco movies.

His is an act that appeals to a certain age group for about a year----and gets old very fast.

Christina Aguilera was drunk, so she didn't drive. However, her boyfriend who drove had also been drinking. So, Xtina is 50/50 on the "good judgement" scale. However, I'm guessing that law enforcement made her exit the vehicle, thereby making her drunk in public. She was drunk in a vehicle as a passenger. They put her in public when she complied appropriately with their direction. Doesn't seem exactly fair.

The sheriff's spokesman told People that they can take someone into custody if  they can't take care of themselves. And that "as she got better, she just said, 'I would like to leave,'" and they let her. 

I think this proves that you can't be good at EVERYTHING. Franco is doing so much right now, something isn't going to work out well.

Where were the black actors at the Academy Awards? Doesn't the Academy know that if Denzel can't make it, you have to at least have Will Smith or Idris Elba on speed dial. It looked like a Tea Party convention in the audience

African-Americans were notably absent from the nominees this year; did that seem to be the case with presenters too? (Like I said, most of the show blows right past.) I know they made a big deal of Halle Berry paying tribute to Lena Horne...

Keep Anne Hathaway, but pair her with someone who can sing & dance..Mathew Morrison, Neil Patrick-Harris, Matthew Broderick or... (wait for it)...HUGH JACKMAN!

I'm seeing a fair number of okay reviews for Hathaway. Seems like it was mostly Franco who got on people's nerves, am I right?

Any guess where Galliano winds up ? Does this pretty much end the "infant terrible" 's career or is there no where to go but up from this mess ?

Here's the problem: Galliano, by all accounts from people who know and love fashion, is a bona fide genius. The idea that he would be prevented from working is painful for many people, even if they hate what he said. It's the classic Great Talent/Horrible Person problem.

My best guess? He lies low for a season or two, and either launches his own house (harder because his work is so extravangant and expensive to produce) or another fashion business takes him on but under strict rules about not drinking and probably with a handler to keep him on track.


Did you have a good time in LA at the Academy Awards? You had to have more fun than the rest of us watching at home.

Trust me -- it's more fun watching at home. Covering the Oscars is one of the most difficult and weirdly least rewarding assignments around, because of the crazy deadlines and the multitasking and the sense that you're missing all the excitement of being in the Kodak Theatre (you're next door) or of watching at home with friends. The Vanity Fair party, however -- that's both a gratifying reporting experience and a very good time.

What purpose is served by Anne Hathaway changing her gown so often on the Oscars or is this a possible overactive bladder issue ?

This was the most memorable part of her hosting---something carefully calculated from the moment she accepted the gig. The purpose was to showcase designer fashions and it worked: She's got a great figure and wore most of the dresses very well. Huge get for the designers: Millions of people saw those dresses.

Had Jon Cryer had anything to say about this? Seems he is keeping his head down, avoiding angering anybody as he is probably making a healthy paycheck too. Or has he been outspoken and I have missed it?

Nope----he's not released any statement of any kind.

Wouldn't you agree that, provided Chuck gets back on his meds, that everyone involved would be Crazy Like a Sheen to NOT restart production on "Two and a Half Men" next season or sooner? Talk about a ratings bonanza.

Absolutely. According to Lisa de Moraes, ratings for the reruns have been incredible. Why, I even watched my first couple of episodes this week. What a ridiculous show.

What a sad end to a promising life. He died of cirrhosis after years of alcohol and drug abuse.

Thanks for mentioning it -- definitely the sad, compelling obituary of the day.

Eugene Fodor, drug-haunted violin virtuoso, dies at 60

I liked Anne Hathaway's puppy-dog-like enthusiasm for acting! singing! dancing! shimmying! Too bad she was paired with that stiff. Agree with previous poster that a more engaging host (NPH?) could have made this year's hosting more fun and memorable.

It was really hard to muster up anything resembling sympathy for her. A victim of her own pursuit of luxury and overindulgence. With so many people living in desperation right now through no fault of their own, I just can't muster up that much sympathy for someone who had everything and choose to bankrupt herself.

I understand that, and she's not exactly homeless now. But I understand her dream to want to produce something great (in this case wine) and be willing to spend her fortune to make that happen. It wasn't just buying jewels and drugs. But losing that much is still shocking to me.

I'll bet John Galliano was anti-Semitic before the video went viral. I'll go a step further and opine that he actually said those things before he was recorded and posted. We liked him before we knew his personal beliefs. I'll be we still like his fashion. How do we temper our love of the art without liking the artist? Do we boycott the work, even though there may be value in the product of their labors? I’ve wrestled with this for year and haven’t quite figured out how to approach it. I still read Robert Frost, even though he was a mean, cruel man personally. (Will that confession get me exiled from ReliableSourceLand?)

and had kids? Discuss.

Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, without the style, talent or wit. 

Just more evidence that he's really lost it. I mean, he spoke publicly about the women living there who are basically sex workers. Anyway, I wouldn't let ANY vulnerable life form life with Charlie Sheen (kids, animals, etc.).

Yeah---kids are often the last (and only) wake-up call. He thinks he's a great dad. Sad.

Christian Bale winning an Oscar was one of the few highlights of the night. Did you get to see him and that scraggly beard up close at the Show or the afterparty?

I saw him backstage, and he looked much as he did on TV -- good, I'll say. Very charming. (Jen Chaney provides some details here.) Sadly he didn't make it to the Vanity Fair party, I don't know why. It would have been beyond bliss to be in the same room with Paul Rudd, 50 Cent *and* Christian Bale.

(Speaking of which,  some outtakes from my 4 a.m. notes: 

Movie stars – damn it, why are they so delicious? Even they are bowled over by their own species’ charms. “Oh, you look so beautiful,” says Jessica Biel, to a slim, tousled man in a open-collared shirt.

“So do you,” says Paul Rudd, to Esquire’s former Sexiest Woman Alive.)




He did not make it to the Vanity Fair party for some reason, which is a pity. He was

We need to have our own political awards, with parties afterwards. At minimum you wouldn't have to fly to the left coast.

Oh, but we have the White House Correspondent's dinner. On a good year, it's almost as good.

Anne Hathaway is quite talented, and deserves another shot at hosting the Oscars. You know who I'd like to see as her co-host? Alan Cumming! He's so talented, as a singer, dancer, serious actor, and I adore him as the Rahm-type on "The Good Wife" as well as host of "Masterpiece Mystery" on PBS (if that counts as hosting experience).

I think we all agreed in the Monday post-Oscars chat that Robert Downey Jr. should host.

"it wasn't just buying jewels and drugs..." Roxanne, does that mean that she did spend money on these things, but ALSO on the wine business. Or do you mean that she spent money only on the wine business and NOT on jewels and drugs?

I'm saying the bulk of her fortune went into the business----she also bought jewels, then sold them off to try and save the house. Don't know about drugs, actually, but that did not seem to be a public problem for her.

So, basically, if you design great clothes, it's OK to be a Jew hater? Do you also give Mel Gibson a pass because of his work in "Signs"?

It's rather not okay -- Galliano was fired yesterday by Dior, you know.

He is probably walking around, shaking his head, muttering, "I told you so. I told you so. I told you so." Or working on the re-imagining of the show, now titled "Last Man Standing".

The rumors are that CBS wants to continue the show without Charlie and replace him with another actor playing a different character. Will it work? Probably not, but I'm not a big fan of the show and have no loyalty to it.

Overshadowing the actual awards and the largely banal acceptance speeches, the dresses/fashion command. I watch for the "red carpet" and not the tired rest of the ceremony.

Please gorge yourself on red-carpet photos here.

It's just being announced that James Galliano is heading for rehab. As if anyone's surprised. What puzzles me is that even at my drunkest in my youth, nothing anti-Semitic ever emerged from my lips, nor would it have, had I continued my drinking ways. I truly believe that Galliano, Mel Gibson, Michael Richards, and others who blurt out hate-speech when not in control of themselves are in fact revealing their true natures. I don't blame Natalie Portman -- a Dior rpoduct spokesperson -- one little bit for announcing that henceforth she won't have anything to do with Galliano.

"In vino veritas"---I never believe anyone who says, "I was drunk, I didn't mean it." I always assume drunken behavior is a good indication of what the person is really about: A mean drunk has a lot of anger lurking under the surface, a slutty drunk is....well, you get my drift.

I am a Franco fan and have been for years before he got seriously famous and ended up on GH. He's great on his Funny or Die acting videos with his brother, the promos for the oscars were cute with Anne (the grease promo, the hosting boot camp video) - why why why did he blow it on stage? He totally had it in him to be an engaging, funny host with Anne. I just don't get how someone who had it in all of the promos could be such a different person on stage - it's like he phoned it in. Ugh. I'm bummed. I don't know if I can continue to like him now...

Well, there is the theory that he was stoned on something. Who knows? Maybe that's how he handles pressure of live television (no chance for retakes) and just blew it.

Noting -- Corey Haim acted in five-times as many movies as Lena Horne. I'm just saying . ..

Okay, I'm going to quibble a bit. He was in maybe only twice as many movies as Lena Horne -- you can't count his TV work (and video games and direct-to-video and other things inflating his IMDB score). Meanwhile, she was on a lot of soundtracks (and remember, the Oscar death montage honors that kind of work as well) -- and she was a glamorous Hollywood Golden Years figure. I'm not sure she deserved the final spot over Dennis Hopper or Tony Curtis, but I can see the argument for her getting a spot in the montage over Corey Haim.

The Guarding UK has an online quiz with a bunch of quotes and you have to guess whether the quote came from Sheen or Qadaffi. I couldn't guess right on most of them...

Can we start a campaign to get Ricky Gervais to host the Oscars next year?

Just don't think that's going to happen...

Agree with chatter who finds fascination with Charlie and Lindsay's and Mel's rants and going off the deep end disturbing. But the problem lies with us.... we watch the interviews and talk shows and buy the tabloids, even tune in to a on-line chat from time to time. I suppose everybody has a different threshold of when something becomes "too awful" to watch or read and stops. Most seemed charmed with Kirk Douglas where I found it somewhat awkward and creepy. My point is -- we are all voyeurs and responsible.

Re: decent reviews for Anne Hathaway--no, she wasn't spectacular, or even very good. But she at least tried to keep it going, unlike James Franco, who didn't even seem to know where he was. So I'd give her another shot with a very different co-presenter. If she bombs/annoys again, then oh well.

I, for one, was happy to see the movie do so well. Knowing people who struggle to overcome stuttering and having a child with special needs, the message of human perserverance and the importance of love and support to help someone be the best they can be was a positive statement. And Colin Firth is hot, even after all these years.

Firth was adorable (much more adorable than the real George VI.) At the end of the day, it was an old-fashioned, classic feel-good movie about an underdog who overcame the odds and made good. I think "Social Network" was a harder movie to make--- more interesting and complex--- but I didn't mind "Speech" getting the Oscar. I thought it was charming.

Proved his hosting mettle at the Globes. He would be deliciously funny. Are you listening, Academy? Hire. Him. Now.

ABF. "Anyone But Franco." 

Can Galliano just enter some unspecified rehab center for a few weeks, claim he was exhausted/drunk/high/under pressure and eventually say rehab cured him? Seems to be a pretty good route?

Works for plenty of Hollywood types. I think this will haunt him but he will be forgiven in fashion circles if he doesn't say anything like that again. But that's it----one chance for redemption. Another outburst and he's damaged goods.

Seen a lot of stuff abou why weren't the heavyweights of Hollywood (Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro, etc...) at the Academy Awards since usually see a few of them every year. One own pet theory is that usually there were 5 little "cliques" of the Best Pics nominees at the front rows of the Oscars so there was room to have Jack Nicholson in the front row too. But with 10 nods each year now, there just isn't room in the front rows even the nominees for best pic, let a lot a couple of A-list movie stars. I liked it more with just 5 for the sake of ceremony since 10 is too many folks in those front rows.

The interesting thing about the Oscars: You realize that not everyone goes every year. The B-list people don't necessarily get seats -- previous nominees only have privileges to enter a lottery to get tickets, as Virginia Madsen explained to me (nice namedrop, huh?), whereas  a lot of the A-list people just can't be bothered, unless they've been nominated or have a movie to promote.

Not only are you late to the party if you're just now hearing about Angry Birds, but the people who are talking about it are tardy, also. AB came out over a year ago. We've all moved on to Cut the Rope. Keep up, people.

I don't know what Cut the  Rope is either!!!

With Dodd leading the MPAA, from a gossip columnist standpoint, you think that a) makes things better, b) worse, c) the same.

Better: Dodd is a well-liked guy in Hollywood and DC. I expect an invite to screenings at the MPAA will become an even hotter ticket.

So, she had a pulmonary embolism as a complication from when she cut her foot several months ago. Sounds a little bizarre, but I'm glad they found it and treated her. Those PEs can kill!

Dan Zak is lucky that he didn't get a blood clot when Serena elbowed him in the ribs Sunday night.

But seriously -- you're right, thsoe things are very dangerous; she's very lucky.

I'm just sorry I can't get any more of the Cru (fortified wine) that the vineyard made. Now I don't know whether to drink the bottle I have or wait a little and sell it. . . .

Check prices on eBay. That should help you make a decision.

You left out the alumium-foil hat crazy aspect. He announced he was superhuman, that he can read minds, that he healed his addicion by thinking it, that (my favorite) most people can not even perceive his awesomeness because our brains are not complex enough. on and on and on of crazy schizto talk.

All true. I feel sorry for him---and yet, would run in the opposite direction.

Who is going to play Libyan Col. when movie is made?

Duh: Charlie Sheen.

So the sheriff spokesman used "taken into custody" and not "arrested" was Xtina charged with a crime, or not?

She was cited for "public drunkeness." I don't think there are any other charges pending.

What has he been doing over the past seven years? Is the low profile intentional?

You know: Making albums that do really well but not as well as the one Kanye released the same week. Making a lot of movies you haven't necessarily seen. Tweeting. Teasing us with the idea that he may or may not be dating Chelsea Handler. Counting all that Vitamin Water money.

"Stand-up is hard." And hosting the Oscars is like stand-up. It is hard. So, not just anyone can do it.

Any grumblings heard about Social Network being robbed? And more importantly, any Armie Hammer sightings?

All the grumblings came before the Oscars, since so many of the other awards were going to "The King's Speech," they sort of knew that's how the Oscars would go as well.

Does the death reel every year make such a distinction between actors and everyone else? Actors had just their names, while everyone else had a title. I get the reason, which I assume is because actors are known by their appearance but cinematographers and screenwriters most likely aren't, but how insulting that a great director needs a title but a mediocre actor doesn't. Then again, it's not like AMPAS is equal-opportunity.

That's how it goes... You, the viewing audience, know the actors -- and if you don't, well, at least you have the context clue of a movie clip of them. I don't have a problem with labeling the others. It's educational.

How do you celebrate Daniel Craig's 43rd birthday today?

Happy birthday, Daniel Craig. If we could blow out the candles for you, we'd wish for the next Bond movie to come out sooner than planned (November 2012).

Great goodie bags, Batman! Read that Oscar swag was about $75k of cache and coupons. What was in there? I know recipients are now supposed to pay taxes on swag but, eh, does this really happen? Do journalists get swag? If WP won't let you keep it, could you auction it off to loyal readers?

Journalists do not get swag. Swag is for the important people.

Not timely, but your article last week reminded me. The Lives of Others won the Oscar for best foreign film in 2007, and is truly one of the most amazing, understated, beautiful films of all time. Four months after the movie won, the movie's star, Ulrich Muhe (who is unbelievable in the movie) drops dead of a heart attack (he was in his 50s and was also a very famous Germany movie star). No mention in the next years in memoria at the Academy Awards. If you star in a movie that wins an Oscar and then drop dead in a untimely fashion, you still don't get mentioned in the next years clips because you aren't an American. Not timely, but never had a chance to gripe about it before.

They do include a lot of foreign actors/directors in the montage. But you know, they can't include everyone. Bruce Davis, director of the Oscars, told me that they counted 233 significant movie-world deaths in the past year -- but you know, they've only got room for about 40 names.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Sorry. (Though not as sorry as I will be for those who attempt its read.)

Mocking a young single mom who overcame.....uh, who, who danced her way to fame and fortune? Fie, you cynics. Bristol's homespun frontier wisdom may be just the thing for a young person adrift in a sea of college, jobs and non-tabloid life.  

And with that, chatters, we end this week's meditation on the rewards and risks of fame. Send your tips and sightings to reliablesource@washpost com. See you next week. 


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