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Feb 20, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, February 20, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the Reliable Source Web chat. Here's what's been on our radar lately:


Ted Nugent made friends with liberals at the State of the Union.


Conor Kennedy — yes, that one — made his activism debut with a White House arrest.


Lesley Murphy survived “The Bachelor” and returned to her Beltway job.


Gavin Newsom just looks like he only plays a politician on TV, but he really is one.


In other news: Washington men mount a resistance to white-tie dress codes. Steve Martin is a dad at 67. Alec Baldwin gets into it with paparazzi, again. New Jersey makes Miss America an offer she can’t refuse. The Georgetown dogs that were the Harbaughs of Westminster. Anyone notice “Lincoln’s” pierced ears?


And a Capitol Hill illegitimate child twofer this week!: Sometimes it turns out your congressman isn’t tweeting at his secret girlfriend, just his secret daughter. And just breaking now:  Sen. Pete Domenici discloses the secret birth of a son 30 years ago.


Looking forward to your questions.

I was reading a recent WP article on Bryce Harper and his offseason efforts to get ready for 2013. I have to wonder if my 56 year old husband can, or will, ever get "chiseled." At his age, probably not, LOL.

This is the big news of the day: Bryce Harper added 20 extra pounds of hard chiseled muscle over the off-season. And he did it while eating anything he wants. Here you can read more about the Bryce Harper workout plan. Important to remember that he is 20 years old.

Isn't it pretty obvious that he was trying to type "Whatever" and just came out "Bqhatevwr." I'd have guessed that without even noticing that the very next tweet he posted was "Whatever." Nobody is buying this story and it's a pretty non-story, but his denial is just weird. I wouldn't vote for him anyhow and doubt his supporters care though.

That's sort of what I assumed. But I'm also mystified by how the vigilant-to-the-point-of-absurd autocorrect would let something like "Bqhatewvr" go through. I don't know, whatever. I mean, bqhatevwr.

Scott Brown on that crazy tweet

He always seem like he is a reallife Patrick Bateman from that Bret Ellis Easton novel "American Psycho."

You mean in his grooming habits, right? We have no reason to believe he kills people.

Glad to see Conan O'Brien is hosting

Here's Lisa's story on it, including a clip from the last time O'Brien hosted, back in 1995.

Do you think the NY Post picks on him a lot? When is it okay to be rude to the press? Is Baldwin a rude man? Who's in the right here?

I think he's a hothead who makes good copy because he's a hothead. If he would laugh off a reporter once in a while -- or ignore, or say 'No comment" -- then he wouldn't be low hanging fruit for paparazzi and other gossip types.

any plans for Oscar night? I always watch at home, glass of wine in hand, more for the outfits than the winners/losers.

Will attend an annual Oscar party with girlfriends where we catcall everything, eat, drink, and bet on the winners. It always runs too late, of course. 

RIP Mindy McCready

RIP Mindy McCready indeed. That was a long, slow hard decline to watch.

You know, I never heard anyone say this word until a few weeks ago. Are you planning any festivities or perhaps a moment of silence to commemorate the start of the sequester?

It does have a festive sound about it. It sounds like a month or a day of the week. And you know, I think we need a 13th month of the year. Let's call it "Sequester."

I suppose that's possible, although not likely. Any guesses who the actual father is?

Not likely? Why not? I can name a number of men who  -- due to a fertile young wife -- fathered a child in their 60's or 70's.

I was hoping to have a leap year party. Oh well

Start planning for 2016.

Still think Stephen Colbert was the best. I laughed so hard during his bit that I didn't even realize nobody in the room itself wasn't.

I always said that played better on TV than in the room.

Today's story is nice, but I think to have definitive proof that he's bulked up, we're going to need some pictures of him without his shirt on. Preferably full-page pictures suitable for framing.

Worked up already, are ya?

have two thoughts about this, one, was surprised he had no (previous) kids and so great for him that he is now a dad, but also, think there is an age, even for men, when they just shouldn't be starting out on the parenthood adventure, he may be a robust 67, but he's stil 67.

I hear you. But you know, Steve Martin is pretty well aware of his own age and circumstances. He can do the math on 67 + 10 or 67 + 18 or 67 +25 same as the rest of us, and he went for it, so, you know, bqhatwver.

I have to admit that when I read about a player bulking up, all I can think of is STEROIDS. I sure hope not.

Not Bryce Harper!

When I was a kid, my mom was on a jury that was sequestered. She spent five nights during the trial in the swankiest hotel in town, got fed three squares on the taxpayers dime and got to spend downtime in the sauna. But their phones were all turned off so they couldn't call anybody and nobody could call them, they couldn't socialize with each other, couldn't watch TV, and while they got the local newspaper delivered everyday, the stories about the trial were all blacked out with marker. Can't remember if they convicted or acquitted--I was too young to understand what was going on. I just thought it was cool she got to spend five nights in the swankiest hotel in town.

That actually sounds wonderful -- leaving aside the moral responsibility of serving on the jury. A week soaking in a deep tub with a good book = heaven.

I'm guessing Steve won't live long enough to get to see that child's marriage, or children...

Give the guy some credit -- he might be a great dad for 30 years, which is not a bad thing. He'll miss out on some things, but has the money and time to spend that many fathers don't.

As to how a grossly misspelled word gets through -- if you capitalize a word, as Brown apparently did -- autocorrect will think its a proper name and won't try to autocorrect it unless it's something really obvious, like "Jhon" for "John." If it's capitalized and really crazy, auto-correct lets it go.

Interesting. I didn't know that.

David Letterman was pushing 60 when he had his first kid. Tony Randall had a kid in his 70s or 80s.

Yes indeed. Those kids would have been about 6 or 7 when Tony Randall died.

Wasnt he married to Fox News infobabe Kimberly Guilfoyle

Yup -- that was his first wife. He married his second in 2009, and they have two little kids and one more on the way.

am surprised how many guys are walking around with kids in the closet (not that closet!). You'd think in 2013 people wouldn't be hiding something as big as a child. Makes me think Strom Thurmond wasn't such a fossil after all.

It's making me think that the '70s and '80s were a pretty interesting time on Capitol Hill. I don't see how anyone would manage to find time to father illegitimate children these days, what with everyone flying back to their districts every couple days to try to keep their jobs -- but what do I know.

There's evidence that a father's age has genetic effects just as does the mother's. That said, there's no guarantee a 23 year old dad will be around to see his children grow up either.

Fair points.

I saw a picture of a certain Nats pitcher (who shall remain nameless) in only a pair of black briefs and it took my breath away. He had a gorgeous body, but in his uniform he looks slim. The one thing you can see in his uniform is that he has fabulous thighs!

Wait, why are you keeping him nameless instead of sending us the link to the photo? Or was this privileged information?

With the gratuitous comparisons to fictional serial killers. A couple of weeks ago, it was "Is the guy who plays Abu Nazir anything like Abu Nazir in real life" [and yes, that's what the OP said]. This week it's that Gavin Newsom seems like a real-life version of American Psycho. People, please! Be more specific. When you say "seems like" or "reminds you of," you don't really mean the person reminds you of a serial killer. You are speaking about how they look. Right? PS At least in the excellent movie version (directed by a woman), it was implied that he's a serial killer only in his fantasies and not in real life.

Yes, please make sure that your questions to the Reliable Source chat are dead serious, sensitively phrased and politically correct. No irony allowed here!

Bryce Harper added 20 pounds of muscle, and Jayson Werth grew a glooooorious beard. Those are the kind offseason developments I like!

Happy to see they make you so happy without swinging a bat.

So where the dogs the coaches?

Don't overthink the metaphor. Sibling dogs making it to the national championship finals -- that's all.

Wasnt the OJ jury sequestered?

Yes, but sequester as a noun instead of a verb gives it a whole new romanticism.

My husband works at a large military base and is subject to layoff with the sequester. He's proposing to all his workmates that they go to their favorite eatery to celebrate Cliff Day. Everybody's in.

Sorry about that. I like his attitude, though.

I want to have Carl Kassel's love child. That. Is. All.

It would be the sweetest baby on earth. 

Following up to the chatter who mentioned capitalized words not getting auto corrected, if a word is spelled bad enough, auto correct sometimes has no idea what to do with it (at least for the iphone) and lets it go through.

Sounds like a substitute teacher!

He was very impressive and articulate on "The Diane Rehm Show" recently. Surely he's destined to run for higher office...

He's clearly very smart and very charming.

I always feel bad for the child (or adult, as the case may be) when it's disclosed that a politician fathered a "secret" child. Through no fault of their own, their lives become newspaper fodder, sometimes after a childhood of no paternal involvement. Must not be easy.

I think that's always been the case for any out-of-wedlock child going back centuries. Never an easy situation.

I'd say the key behind the Harper diet isn't because his age gives him magical powers, but because he's probably expending an incredible amount of calories and therefore needs to intake an equal amount. It's similar to Michael Phelps training diet.

It also helps if your full-time job is staying fit.

Nothing like another Alec Baldwin run in with the paparazzi. Thats much better than his run in on an airplane

Better still: No run-ins. Wonder if he can manage that.

Don't forget John Bircher John Schmitz of Orange County, California, who when confronted with the facts declared that he had no responsibility to support them, and dismissed his paternity of them as part of a man's prerogative (in a male chauvinist world). Small wonder that one of his daughters from his marriage grew up to become the seriously messed-up child-seducing schoolteacher Mary Kay Letourneau (yes, THAT Mary Kay Letourneau).

That was an interesting family.

Back in the '70s and '80s, a lot more Congresscritters had homes in the DC area, and didn't fly back to their districts nearly as much as they do now.

Yes -- but it wasn't as easy to travel back and forth then, which is why more of them got homes here. Now they're basically always in transit. Who knows, though; there are probably new and advanced ways to get into secret trouble now.

True, but the odds are far better that he'll live long enough to see his kids grow up than a 67-year-old dad will.

True. We can argue for days about the age of parents -- but it always comes down to the quality of parenting, not the age. Every case is different.

I just wanted to thank you for posting the update in today's paper. I still think she was the most realistic of all the girls remaining to that point, and Sean's excuses don't fly. There was a clear connection from day 1 with them, and she was taking her time to show she didn't want to say something she may regret later.

I  haven't seen much of this season, but my understanding is that Lesley did a good job of keeping things drama-free. Which is to say, she did a good job of being a normal human being and a bad job of being a reality-TV star.

The one I feel sorriest for is John and Rielle's. It'll take a special kind of parents to get that kid through life unscarred, and unfortunately, she doesn't have that kind of parents.

A pity. If she's very lucky, she can go on to a quiet life outside the spotlight.

That Alec Baldwin said such nasty things to his own daughter, because he's so darn funny on 30 Rock?

Two different skill sets. You can love the art and not love the artist.

Didn't he have a really messy divorce? I remember not liking him for some reason other than his really awful (serial killer) hair.

His 2005 divorce actually wasn't that messy -- he and Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsome had the whole working-on-different-coasts-and-just-grew-apart explanation. It came out later that he'd had a messy affair with his campaign manager's wife -- that was the messy part.

We had our first kid in our 30s, and the other day it occurred to me that if he waits as long as we did to have kids, I'll be well into my 70s and will barely know my grandkid. That made me feel kind of sad, in one of those ridiculous and totally irrational ways that parents get sad about their kids.

That's just the natural trend, though, you know? And remember, back in the olden days when everyone was having their kids at 18, everyone was dying a lot sooner too, so there was never any guarantee in life that you'd have a long relationship with your grandparents.

With all his little hissy fits with the photographers and that "Words with Friends" incident on the airplane, do you think that he still seriously thinks about running for an elective office? He seems very immature and quick to anger (and not in a productive, amusing Chris Christie way).

I doubt he thinks seriously about running for office. I think he genuinely enjoys thinking about it and debating/discussing the pros and cons of it, but it doesn't seem like something he'd be cut out for or particularly enjoy.

Did I miss something? Has a member of congress been found out this week to have a secret family?

Former. 80-year-old New Mexico Sen. Pete Domenici has admitted he fathered a child out-of-wedlock more than 30 years ago:

See Condit, Gary.

You know, that situation made me wonder if there aren't dozens of congressmen having affairs with interns but that we never hear about it because they don't generally go missing.

He pleaded guilty today. What is in the water in Chicago that every politician from there ends up convicted of a crime?

Well, it's really a larger Illinois thing.

That's what usually comes out when someone tries to write Benghazi.

Late a night. After a concert.

Remembering Kimberly Guilfoyle doing interviews while she was the wife of the Mayor of San Francisco, it does really feel that her recent ultra-conservative views are more about getting air-time on FNC then deeply held beliefs. It just seems like she was more sincere back then then she is today where she is just copy whatever is trendy in Obama-bashing rather then even a honest rebuttal to his administration's policies.

People change. Or maybe she was always a secret conservative.

As I typed bqhatwver, my iPhone autocomplete suggested Nw, Bag, Naha, Begat, Negate, and Negated, but gave up by the time I got to the end.

Useful to know. Oy should I say ysdefiikl?

I've done it. It is not pleasant. You spend all day arguing with others over someone's fate. Arguing with people who often have paid little attention or who won't explain why they are voting they way they are or who simply think everyone is guilty if they got arrested, etc. Then you eat meals with them. And you can't talk to your loved ones. Or eat a home cooked meal. It is hell.

I was just thinking about the tub and the good book part. Jury duty is hard enough under without being locked away from the world.

the post about JS attitude to his newly revealed paternity made me realize that's what strikes me about this issue of secret children, the aroma of old world aristocracy, of the lord having a child on "the wrong side of the blanket" andthat stuff, it all being kept quiet. It seems so Downton Abby somehow, as Lisa M would say, "crunchy gravel" feeling.

Well, there's that. But in the Domenici case, the child was born out of an extramarital affair -- so that's the pretty simple reason for secrecy there. In the Cohen case, he says he had no idea this girl was born.

Nah, she's doing it for the money. Nuance doesn't sell.

Not for TV pundits.

Don't forget Mark Foley and the pages. Also that tickly Congressman from up near Buffalo.

And the Craigslist congressman.

When I played competitive sports, I generally consumed five to seven thousand calories a day.

I hope they were delicious. Hey, it's almost lunchtime. . . .

Is that older than Days of Yore?

No but older than "Back in the day...."

I can easily imagine that someone who previously thought he didn't want to have children might one day regret that decision and want to change it while he still could. (Or that, being older, he wanted his younger wife to have the love and companionship of a child.) Sounds rather sweet to me.

We'll have to wait for Steve to share. Which he probably won't, given he works pretty hard at keeping his private life very private.

Gavin Newsome is the secret love child of Ozzie Newsome, former NFL star, and Gavin McLeod, actor and star of The Love Boat and Mary Tyler Moore Show.

I think we made you reach a little harder than usual this week. Sorry about that.

Actually, when Kimberly Guilfoyle and Gavin Newsom were married, he was much more conservative than he is now. If you read his biography, you'll see that he was actually endorsed by the Republican party in his early years. He may have been the one who changed philosophies. And she, BTW, has a really substantive background as a prosecutor.

I seem to recall that his major opponent for San Francisco mayor was a Green Party guy, which might explain why Republicans supported him. How big is the San Francisco Republican party, btw?

Can you give a shout out to him for me? This might be all I can afford.

Happy birthday, brother-of. Hope it's a good one.

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