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Feb 16, 2011

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts will be online Wednesday, Feb. 16, at Noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

What a week, huh? First sex scandal of 2011 has no actual sex: Meet previously-little-known Rep. Chris Lee, and the woman he met on Craigslist. (And hear the Chris Lee jokes that energized the first big media-political banquet of the year.)... Madeleine “Sticks” Albright jams with jazz musicians. El DeBarge’s falling-off-the-wagon foretold by the Post. John Mellencamp brings Meg Ryan to town. Shirley Sherrod sues Andrew Breitbart. Charlie Sheen: Sobriety’s not for everyone. Himself, for example. The Gilbert Arenas breakup chronicles. And does Barack Obama dye his hair? No, says his wife, but would any pol admit it?... On a serious note, obviously, a lot of people are talking about the horrific attack on Lara Logan.

The Redskin who is still hospitalized for stab wounds...what is his story?

Apparently his injuries are much more serious than originally suggested. I didn't know a heck of a lot about him before this nightclub incident, though.

When is coverage of what she's doing no longer news?

We're getting close to that point, I'm afraid. She's getting into Foxy Brown/Tom Sizemore territory, where she's more famous for her string of criminal offenses or substance-abuse woes than for the entertainment career.

to Albert Haynesworth? Road rage and assaulting a waitress make his on-field pouting even less tolerable. When will he go away?

This is what you get for $100 million, huh?

I had no idea she was a sticks & skins woman! Outstanding!

She wasn't until the other night -- so bless her for giving it a shot.

Madeleine Albright joins Chris Botti's rhythm section (video)


This made me so sad and angry - I was so glad for the Egyptian people, but it's clear that being a woman and a journalist is a huge liability in their culture. We forget, sometimes, how difficult it can be for you female journalists.

Well, I think it's difficult for war correspondents in general. They really put themselves out there in dangerous situations. A New York Times photojournalist lost his legs in a roadside bombing in Afghanistan last fall.

So, whatcha got on Hickory, the Scottish Deerhound from Warrenton that won Best In Show at the Westminster last night? Relationships? Interests? Where does she hang out? We've just got to know this stuff!

Noble beast, that Hickory. Fortunately, the Post already has  a collection of photos and video, so you can just go Scottish deerhound-mad today.

Do you know why, apart from Kate's sister & Harry, why the bridal party for the Royal Wedding has a combined age of around 30 and all the participants are under 10? I know one bridesmaid is Prince Edward's daughter and another attendant is William's godson. I remember the same thing in Charles & Diana's wedding and William in Andrew & Sarah Ferguson's wedding. Personally, I kind of like it, and is doesn't require someone to fret over what peer friends to include and could up the chances of adorableness/hijinks, but is there any precedent or Royal Rule about this?

I don't know, exactly. You'd think that I'd be able to find an answer at Royal Wedding Watch but I'm not seeing anything. I think it's a good policy, though. The fewer grown-up bridesmaids/groomsmen, the less possibility for trouble, you know? We should all cleave to this rule.

You know that egg she was in for the Grammys? She claimed to Ryan Seacrest that she spent 72 hours in there. Does she maybe mean 7 or 2? I mean, how could she maintain life functions? Nothing she does surprises me, but I find this hard to believe.

You know what? I don't believe she was in the egg for 72 hours. I just don't.

The accusation that CBS "sat on" the Laura Logan story too long disturbs me. Sexual assault victims are usually given their privacy in the press, unless they choose to name themselves. Why is her story, compelling as it is, our business to know? I applaud CBS for waiting to determine how she wanted the situation handled.

I haven't seen that accusation... I can imagine it's a tricky thing, balancing a correspondent's privacy against covering their story when they become part of the news.

Speaking of which, can we just leave that poor Los Angeles TV reporter who may or may not have had a stroke alone? I can see why you'd be interested if she were one of your local TV reporters that you saw on TV every day, but for most of us, she's just a bit of Internet voyeurism spicing up our day.

Neat little coincidence about the current and two immediate previous Presidents of the United States... all three were named after their fathers yet "not exactly." Bill Clinton was named William Jefferson Blythe III after his posthumous birth but later had his surnamed changed when he was adopted by his stepfather, Roger Clinton. George Walker Bush is named after his father although they dropped the Herbert in the middle name. Barack Hussein Obama II was named after his father and the twist here is how they don't pronounced the name the same way. The President prounces his name as Ba-ROCK while interviews with people in Hawaii and Kenya who knew his father say he prounced it as BEAR-ik (which probably helps explain why the President was known as Barry in his childhood).

Yes, one of the most fascinating details of Dave Maraniss's bio (which focused mostly on Obama's mother) was that tidbit, about the difference in pronounciation. (Having a hard time pulling up the story quickly for you, sorry...)

A lot of items about dining out this week. I'm glad to see the Post has given you a better expense account but hope you're watching the calories !

Huh? You mean those sightings of celebrities out in restaurants? You know, of course, that we don't happen to witness those first-hand. We get tips and report them out .;I mean, what are the odds that one of us would be at the Palm when Warren Buffett is there, the Prime Rib when Jasper Johns is there, and BLT Steak when Mellencamp and Meg Ryan are there -- within an 18-hour period? What happens is someone else sees these celebrities and then -- come on, you all know the words, sing along! -- sends it to

Have you convinced the Post editors to send you to England to cover the wedding of the century? I seem to recall you did a bunch of coverage for the wedding of American royalty -- Jenna Bush (or Laura, I get them mixed up).

Funny you should ask----I just arrived from covering the Queen's cousin here in DC today. Hi, everyone,

As for the wedding: Looks like our colleague Monica Hesse will be our point person in London, but we'll give you anything she doesn't.

I have to admit I like the photos you're using to send subliminal messages in your stories. Kevin Costner looking unshaven and unsavory is priceless.

No subliminal messages... And if any were intended, well,  didn't  Stephen Baldwin come off a little worse today?

The dog that wins Westminster be cute? Or even mildly attractive? That Scottish deerhound looks a bit like Groundskeeper Willie.

I thought she was elegant.

Probation for the guy? Couldn't the judge have done the music-loving public a favor and sent him away for awhile?

It's too late -- he's already conquered the airwaves. I went to Rome last fall and could not elude Bruno Mars, who was on every radio in every restaurant and store.

Using youngsters as pages in weddings, instead of adult bridesmaides and ushers, is apparently common practice in England. When he was four, Prince William was a page on one of his uncle's weddings. It's just the custom.

That's true.

When I first say the deadlines, I was so excited to see a sex scandal involving the guy who played The Man With The Golden Gun. It being a little known Congressman was a pretty big disappointment.

Tell me about it. My first reaction too -- "what, the horror-movie star?" Fortunately, he still owns the Google if you go looking for "Christopher Lee," if only barely.

She reminds me of a member of my family that always rushes in at the last moment, sure that we will all be so glad she's here that we will forget the tardiness.

Yellow flag----I was working this morning and couldn't break free until after the chat started. I get a pass---this time.

I don't believe he is a very tall guy. Wouldn't Meg Ryan tower over Johnny Cougar?

The Google tells me they're about the same size. Everyone in showbiz, male or female, is between 5-7 and 5-8. I think there's a statute about this.

Out of respect, shouldn't you identify Mr. Costner as "Oscar winner Kevin Costner" in any reference to him? I would assume you would do the same if he won the Nodel Price or a Pulitzer.

Then we've have to do it for all the kids. Besides, how much did you really like "Dancing With Wolves"?

I too feel awfel for Lara Logan, but I don't think democracy coming to 80 million Egyptians is suddenly to be forget. Despite the "peaceful" claim, a lot of people were killed in this revolution starting from the first day so let's not forget them either.

Point noted.

Didn't turn up on Letterman, though she was advertised. I declare her career over.

Have you heard about this? The Letterman folks announced yesterday that Lindsay Lohan would be doing the Top Ten later this week -- not a bit surprise, kind of a standard step for any star trying to overcome an embarrassment. But today it turned out it's not true -- the Letterman folks got hoaxed by someone claiming to be working with her.

If Charlie Sheen hadn't gotten soberred-up, no way he would have landed his gig on "Two and a Half Men" and he'd be a washed-up 2nd tier Brat Pack star and so he'd get 2nd Las Vegas hookers and Lord knows he would want that. Does he really image a hooker born in 1990 will care about "Platoon"? The fact that we still know who Charlie Sheen is because he got sober.

You're probably right. Sounds like you -- presumably a total stranger -- is taking this matter more seriously than Charlie Sheen.

She's admirably fit for a woman of middle age who's given birth twice, but that body sock didn't cut it. Maybe 15 years ago she could have pulled it off, but now, well, her rear end looked like she was wearing a full diaper.

Am I right, or is that not the look these days? In December I was so puzzled by Gwen Stefani's pants, but now it seems to be everywhere.

Wait, shouldn't Meg Ryan be a cougar and not dating one?

Hahaha. I'm delighted to see a grizzled rock star with an age-appropriate date. She's only a decade younger than him!

I was watching her interview on 60 Minutes the other day and was curious. She complains that she didn't have friends, was picked on, wasn't one of the cool kids. It seems every singer/actor says the same thing. I recall Scott Weiland complaining years ago that he was picked on until classmates came out and were talking about how he was the Big Man on Campus type. So my question -- has there ever been a celebrity who admitted to being one of the popular kids growing up?

Absolutely. This happens again and again. They always insist they were total misfits/outcasts, and then next thin you know, you're seeing photos of them as Homecoming Queen. (I'd have been willing to believe that Scott Weiland was  a loser in high school, though.)

We're pretending not to notice but Roxanne is late again, right ?

She was off on assignment! No, really. But here now, obviously.

Highlight? Aside from confirmation that Katy Perry -- while being nice to look at -- can't sing to save her life.

That came into stark relief for me when she sang on Saturday Night Live a couple months ago. Cannot sing to save her life.

Why did folks give the shirtless photo a "meh"? I thought it was better than I would have expected. Who knew that was under the suit?

I thought it was okay---but not as impressive as Lee obviously thought it was.

Probably not alone in thinking there is more to Chris Lee's "after dark" activities beyond this single aborted Craiglist hook-up, right?

You don't think this was the one and only time he'd ever even extra-maritally flirted with someone, using a bogus bio, and darned if he didn't get caught on that first and only time?

Was it me, or did that opening tribute to Aretha Franklin feel like it was put together in the event that she died? Or did they just have nothing better to do? And on the point, could someone inform Christina Aguilera and others that just screaming to see how high your voice goes is not actually singing -- and it is pretty annoying. To her credit, at least she remembered the words this time.

It was a little creepy---but it could have been a heartfelt attempt to show her the music community cares. She seemed to like it.

Sad that he fell off the wagon again. I actually read that Washington Post article about him and was happy that he had nearly gotten himself together. It's sad to find out that crack/cocaine has ravanged him and his family once again.

Yeah, it's very sad.

I think Lady Gaga being deprived of oxygen for 72 hours could account for a lot. Do you buy her, "homage to Madonna ", line or did she rip off the rift ?

I think she's just delighted you're thinking/talking about it.

He sure seems to attract trouble everywhere he goes. At the rate he is going, he will either be behind bars or broke in 10 years.

Maybe both.

Made a mistake in my comment. Although Bill Blythe legally changed his name to Bill Clinton in 1961 (same year Barack Obama was born), he was never adopted by his stepfather. He just thought it made sense to have the same surname as his half-brother and mother.

Okay, thanks. I got hung up on the "BEAR-uck" part and didn't proofread you all the way through.

I was walking near Proof in Chinatown Monday afternoon and swear I saw the current speaker. Suit? Check. Cell phone? Check. Cigarette? Yup. Slightly orange? Spot (light) on. Near a wine bar? Coulda been. Wonder if this poor guy gets that a lot.

Yep. He's very conspicuous now. It's like two years ago, when everyone who passed within five feet of Rahm Emanuel would call us immediately. He's a rock star now, and everyone is watching.

Who will make a "comeback" quicker?

Lohan----if she can get and stay sober. She's a good actress and could set herself up for a Drew Barrymore-type comeback. 

I just need to know now, so I can plan what I'm wearing and bringing. And before all the other invites start rolling in!

Me, I'm going to the Oscars, so you'll have to ask Roxanne.

Rightfully the best movie of 1990. People should stop complaining -- it actually was much better than Goodfellas. Go back and watch it again. You won't be disappointed. People who didn't like it are either bothered by the storyline than dealt with shameful times in U.S. history, or bothered by the shame resulting from the underrated Waterworld and The Postman.

I don't know what your problem is with "Goodfellas." Best movie of that decade.

The Saturday afternoons filled with repeated showing of Young Guns and Wall Street will always keep the kids infatuated. Hookers born in 1990 would have respect.


gwyneth is barely 39. what are we considering middle age these years? and she looks fantastic. jeez...

Good question: What is middle age?

why can't I get a record contract?

You're not hot enough. Sorry.

At least its a real dog and not some little toy something or other that gets carried around in bag or carrier. BTW the owner is vet from Warrenton, VA. Little and cute just means its a scooby snakc for real working dogs like mine. We are having lunch right now and then its back to my 300 ewes and their approx 600 lambs. My collies have lots of work to do before sun down. No foo foo dog can move moms and their kids. Moms gets feisty and it takes a smart dog to get everyone to cooperate.

Foo foo dogs have their place in the world, just like foo foo people. But it was nice to see a hound win. 

Hate to treat this as "gossip" but I'm wondering -- isn't she DC based? Any knowledge of her life here? I know she had tabloid attention several years ago for her romances in Iraq. Has she kept a lower profile since then, or is she out and about much?

Quick review of Lara Logan's recent life here: She bought a place in D.C., got married to her defense-contractor sweetie, and they had their first child two years ago.

I didn't know anyone cared about her anymore. Seriously.

Yeah--- I haven't a clue what she's up to recently, and didn't really care.

Scott Weiland, the social outcast he claimed to be, was actually the quarterback of his high school football team. So he didn't become a loser until years later.

Scott Weiland was a quarterback? Google google... so here's what he supposedly looked like in high school.

CBS assured me Lady Gaga's performance would be talked about through the next day. I have to be honest, after noting a pretty good Madonna inpersonation, I didn't give her any thought at all. Not very exciting.

CBS kept promising me that everything I was going to see was "historic." Like, "coming up next -- a historic performance by Rihanna, Eminem and Dr. Dre!"

Let me get this straight - he used his real name to try to pick up chicks on Craigslist? Like a woman wouldn't google that? Seriously? If he hadn't resigned his constituents should have impeached him on a charge of abject stupidity.

Yup--or as we wrote Monday, maybe he believed he was even more anonymous that he actually was:


Um, one word for you - corgi. Every seen those dogs work the cattle? Impressive. And they are not anywhere near big.

You what you started.

The only appropriate shirtless photos are on album covers.

Former Rep. John Hall, we miss you.

It USED to be 35.

But the Baby Boomers changed the laws on that. I think they'd tell us that middle-aged is now about 60.

I think 39 is about to enter it. I define middle age as the 40s--since life expectancy averages in the low 80s, the 40s just makes sense.

If you're being rational. The baby boomer math: 1-20 you're a kid, 20-30 young adult, 30-40 adult, 40-50 grown-up, 50-65 middle-aged, 65 and up: senior. 

Umm, who the heck is Scott Weiland?

Red-haired, damaged-seeming lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver.

Here's his wikipedia page

Hey-hey, "Rehab" was a great song and the girl was sing better then Lohan can act. I mean I saw "I Know Who Killed Me" and it's a stinker.

I still vote for Lohan. Even good actors have crappy movies. Winehouse hasn't proved herself to me as a long-timer.

Which of the Black Eyed Peas is your favorite?

The guy in the Marlo Thomas wig, I guess.

They could always have covered the story by stating that a female foreign coorespondant (no need to name station, country or name of the victom). Its good that they waited to see if she was willing to be named.

Which would just have started a guessing game...

Get gigs talking on the Chris Matthew's show on MSNBC. They have never held real jobs or really wqworked for a living. They believe they are the smartest people on the planet but if you left 5 of them in a field with five sheep and a few predators all the sheep would survive.

Never underestimate a pundit hungry for camera time. These people are brutal.

probably feel as though they're social outcasts, no matter what their Yearbooks say. (I am SO grateful never to be a teenager again.)

That's probably true.

In the words of the new song that she performed "Don't be a drag, just be a queen" - just leave her alone and let her express herself through her art.

She doesn't bother me, and I don't think she has Madonna's staying power. But what do I know? She might be writing children's books in 30 years.

Who on earth was that person who won? I would have assumed that Beiber person or Drake would have won, as I had at least heard of them. Never knew of the existance of the winner. Am I the only one here? Did her rich husband bribe the voters, like Pia Zadora?

Esperanza Spalding. Apparently she was the subject of a New Yorker story last year that I didn't read, so she's a real person -- but indeed, that was a total Pia Zadora style upset (google it). I think it probably represented backstage horsetrading of some kind ("okay, the jazz folks say it's their year to get a big prize in the broadcast part of the awards show...") -- just because it's impossible for me to imagine that she's better than Drake. (I [heart] Drake.)

It didn't help that her band seemed to be out of sync--at one point she looked back at them like she was saying "what are you people doing back there?" Then again, maybe it's easy to be out of sync when the singer can't sing. Nice gams, though.

She's darn cute. But I always wonder where someone like Katy will be 10 years from now----and I always think we'll be saying "Katy Who?"

That would be Taboo, I'm thinking.

Sure, if you say so. They sometimes let him sing, right? But mostly not? Which is how I like my BEPs.

Quick - trademark that! I love it! Make posters, and bookmarks, and suggested gifts for birthdays in those age ranges. Then, use your tv show where you bake goodies, build gingerbread things, and talk gossip to hawk them!

Cat's already out of the bag, I think.

So are you saying that Dre, Marshall and Rihanna performing together were not historic?

It was a hip-hop Yalta Conference, that's what it was, and I'm fortunate to have been alive at that moment.

Oh please don't give that math chart to the movie theaters - I just now qualified for reduced senior rate and if they think they can up the age, I'll have to start paying $$$ for movies again!

Fight the baby-boom hegemony! Fight it! You've earned your right to be a senior, damn it!

The thing is, no matter how old you are (pushing 60), there is always a hip twenty something inside you wanting to get out.

Resist it unless you're in the privacy of your own home. Even then, it's tricky: I'll start dancing and my son will be embarrassed. Just because.

The child stars of the 80s - Michael Jackson, Gary Coleman, Dana Plato, the Coreys or the child stars of the 00s - Britney, Lindsay, Miley, Chris Brown?

Oh, Gary Coleman, obviously. Go back and watch the clips --  he was amazing.

Is older than what I currently am. So it's 37+.

That's like my favorite definition of promiscuity: One more person than you've slept with.

Wasn't Sandra Bullock very popular in high school? Also Huey Lewis of "The News" fame, at his prep school, no less?

I would have to assume they were both great in high school -- good looking people, lots of personality. I'm sure they'd try to tell you otherwise, though. Has someone started a Wikipedia page on this yet? "Famous people who were dorks in high school (see also: famous people who were cool in high school)."

is based on being able to constantly "reinvent", author, fashion, etc. Gaga may be able to do that. And she will always have a huge following in the gay community (and that has only helped others, like Cher).

We'll know sooner or later.

What happened to that CBS correspondent is horrible, but if anyone thinks it is indicative of the Egyptian culture needs to check up on the number of sexual assaults that occur here in the good old US of A. Especially in our military.

It's vaguely reminiscent, even, of the mosh-pits rapes at the 1999 Woodstock.

Apparently the trend to have children as attendants at royal weddings started with Princess Margaret, who didn't get married until she was thirty. By then her friends were considered too old to be bridesmaids, and her niece and nephew were children, so they had child attendants. That made it fashionable in Britain, but there are still lots of weddings with adult attendants.

I don't know if this is true, but it sounds like a theory I would happily pass off as my own at cocktail parties, so thanks.

If you cannot believe what Lady Gaga says to Ryan Seacrest, really -- what can we believe in?

Seacrest -- the man, the chairman of the board, the godfather.

Maybe she was able to get through those 72 hours in her egg by smoking a whole of pot.

What about ventilation???

I am so sick of NeNe whatshername and the new Apprentice show hasn't even started. This bulldozer of a women may be able to bully and drunkenly abuse people on the Real Housewives but doggone it this is Trump TV we're talking about.

I'm sure we can trust Mr. Trump to establish some standards and keep things classy.

Ummm, I thought victims of sexual assault were protected and not allowed to be named by the press? Or is that just in Canada?

Sexual assault victims are frequently named if they consent to share their story, and CBS News put out this release about their own employee, presumably with her blessing.

I see that Princess Diana's brother, Charles (Earl of Althorp) is engaged again. So, this guy has been married twice, can't be faithful, and is rumored to have control issues. Who is this woman who wants to marry him? Sounds like a risky proposition.

You know where you can find a story about this? At Royal Wedding Watch, of course.

So glad to be back! It's my favorite hour+ of the week!

We're glad you're glad! Yay for everyone.

We've got a busy day and lots to write, so we're signing off. Send all your tips and sightings to Have a relaxing and safe holiday weekend, and we'll meet back here next week.


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Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.
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Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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