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Feb 13, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, February 13, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the Reliable Source live discussion. Some topics on our radar this past week. . .


A conservative super PAC took on Ashley Judd and her run for Senate in Tennessee, er, no wait, Kentucky.


A congressman got an unexpected lesson in Oscar politics when he raised questions about "Lincoln's" accuracy.


And in something that could have been "The West Wing" season 12, a top Obama aide got engaged to Harry Reid’s chief of staff.


Lots of music-world news!: Luther Campbell schooled Rick Ross;  Don McLean revealed what “American Pie” really means;  Ted Nugent returned and Chris Brown kept making news, no matter how much we wanted him to stop.


Also, John Wall is casual; Billy Campbell is as tall as Lincoln; John Kerry hates celery; and Bradley Cooper pals around with Biden. And old rich people need spring break too!


Looking forward to your questions . . .

Can I have one!!! He's totally rocking his Inner Ewok!

Yes, indeed, congratulations to the affenpinscher that won Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show. (You want photos? Of course there is a gallery.) Roxanne at the moment is on the phone with one of the local dog owners whose pups were in the finals last night; more on that later.

Rick Ross recked his Rolls Royce. I just had to say that, LOL

I know we shouldn't make light of it when someone totals his nice car during a possible alleged drive-by -- but yeah, what a great tongue twister.

Who invited him to the State of the Union? Have you all ever met him?

Ted Nugent was invited by Rep. Steve Stockman, a freshman Republican from Texas. No, I've never met him, but maybe some day. We were kind of taken aback last year when he suddenly dominated a couple of news cycles. I don't think anyone would have expected that of him when his music career was running out of gas 30 years earlier.

Ted Nugent: Long past his ‘rock star’ days, how he caused a political firestorm, 4/19/12

So, is he dead, or in prison? What a joke.

Yeah, didn't exactly play out as he predicted. Yet.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Swagger, the "amateur" Old English. He looked like he was having the time of his life!

Yeah, check him out! That's a good looking dog, that Swagger. Apparently it's unusual to recognize a runner-up, but I guess they were afraid the crowd would revolt if they didn't give the Old English sheepdog a prize.

... but I will have no sympathy for Rhianna when this thing with that jerk eventually blows up, which everyone knows it will. I think of all the women who are trapped in abusive relationships because of power and financial imbalances, and its just impossible to be sympathetic to someone who consorts with someone with his track record.

I will have sympathy for her. Rihanna's situation is a like a lot of other abused women's -- they keep going back to the bad guy because of some kind of faulty emotional need. But I hear what you're saying: Rihanna has a lot more resources at her disposal than other women; and it's a really really bad example she's setting to those other women. . . . I still feel bad for her. Fame is not an enviable thing, and she's one of many celebrities who seem a little damaged and lost by the experience. 

I used to know who he was, but don't remember why. What was he famous for?

He was a Grade-A Star of Tomorrow back in 1990 when "The Rocketeer" came out and he and his co-star Jennifer Connelly were the cute couple to watch. Never ended up being a big movie star -- he's better known for starring in a lot of TV shows, including "Once and Again" and "The Killing" and, according to IMDB, a serious story arc on "The O.C." that I can't believe I can't remember. And now he has the unenviable job of playing Lincoln the same year as Daniel Day-Lewis. He's totally got the right look for it, though. Tall!

Did you catch "House of Cards" yet? I get why they kept the title, but it doesn't work as well as it does in the United Kingdom where it's referencing the House of Commons. The journalist for that WaPo stand-in "The Washington Herald" (complete with Katharine Graham-type owner) played rather unenergetically by Kate Mara is probably one of the weakest elements.

I saw episode one and am intrigued to see the rest -- lots of people talking about it. It kept reminding me of "State of Play," what with the ambitious blogger and the sinister congressman married to Robin Wright. Be sure to say hi to Kevin Spacey next time you run into him. Really fun guy.

any thoughts on Joe's win last night? He's cute, but would have rather they went a bit out of the box and chosen the sheepdog.

Yep, definitely the People's Choice, that Swagger.

really ?

Aren't you glad you were warned?

Hey Roxanne, cats kill billions of birds. Well, that is unfortunate, but I'm still feeding my feral friends, one of whom jumps in my car to eat and lets us pet her. A friend of mine tried to take her in, but she HATED living in a home.

Hey guys---sorry for the delay, finishing up an interview.

I love birds, but still love the cats. It's a problem for bird lovers, so I have a lot of respect for the folks who capture feral cats and spay/neuter them to control the population. 


Just adding my two cents. If someone's told a stove is hot and touches it anyway and then decided to touch it AGAIN, I have no sympathy when they get burned. When -- and it's when, not if -- Brown beats her again, I will have no sympathy for her. She has way too many options to go back with an abuser and, if she not only chooses to do so but is kind of nasty about it, as she was, well, it's not that she gets what she deserves, but she gets what she went after. She's a fool.

Maybe not a fool, but not emotionally healthy. Sad because she has all the resources to get and stay away from an abuser, unlike so many other victims of domestic violence.

I'm with the Secretary of State on this one

Even in a Bloody Mary?

In 1992, Ted Nugent called DC activist Heidi Prescott (then at the Fund for Animals, now at the Humane Society) a 'worthless whore' and a 'shallow slut' and asked "who needs to club a seal, when you can club Heidi?" He was taken to court and ordered to pay significant damages, because evidently you CAN'T say just anything just because it's talk radio. It was a big deal. I think of political culture here as having a long memory. So do they not know, or do they not care, that this guy has been a very nasty piece of work for a very long time?

I hadn't been familiar with this case but just looked it up; apparently he settled out of court for $75K. Yeah, like I said, I'm kind of surprised anyone pays attention to this guy.

Like it or not, she is a role model. She makes millions of dollars a year, and has the eye of millions of people upon her. The idea that young girls who admire her will somehow find this whole situation to be acceptable (if he hits you, maybe it's because he loves you too much?) is disgusting. Is that unfair to her? Maybe. But that is her responsibility.

Celebrities hate being role models when their lives don't fit into a neat, flattering narrative. 

I have yet to see @Rubio'sWaterBottle on twitter yet. So we're getting better, right?

Wrong. My son said there were three accounts within a couple minutes of his speech.

Lots and lots of credit to Joe Courtney for defending his state. I hate how Hollywood gets to fast and loose with the facts. They should be aware that - sad or not - they are educating lots of people. We can take Oliver Stone's JFK with a grain of salt since he is, well, Oliver Stone. But from Spielberg, we should expect more. Good for Joe Courtney - standing up for accurate history.

I still think "Lincoln" is the best movie of the year (that I've seen), and I'm not too concerned about the tweak; that kind of stuff happens.  Still, Courtney raised some good points, and  Tony Kushner's reply could have been a lot more gracious.

That item felt like a not-so-subtle slap at the people who wear casual clothing, such as sweat pants, into restaurants. Was that intended?

Why -- are you feeling self-conscious about something?


Hey, isn't that . . . ?: John Wall

With his dedication to youth football and his schooling of Mr. Ross, who would've ever thought that he'd become a serious mature adult ?

And not a bad writer at all. I'm going to have to start reading his column regularly. But yeah, remember when he was like Cultural Public Enemy Number One, 20 years ago?

Personally dislike the cable news personalities who make exposition or recapping cameos on "House of Cards." Miss "Capital Beat," the go-to fake Sunday show on "The West Wing" which seemed to be every day of the week depending on when it was need in that week's episode. Either way, have you two been approached about playing pundits discussing the latest plot point?

No. I think they prefer journalists who are, you know, famous, for that kind of thing.

upset a bit about the liberty with the voting. Totally get made up dialogue, restructuring encounters etc., but if it was a close vote, don't see why they made up no votes that were actually yes's. The congressman is right, people are going to look at the movie as history, even though its not labelled a documentary.

Thanks for your thoughts.

The groups never made any sense. Why isn't "herding" "working"? What makes some dogs "sporting" and others "non-sporting". Are there just lazy breeds and non-lazy breeds? I propose having categories like "the adorable cute ones" "the ones that will scare burglers" "the ones that are ridiculously groomed" and "the freaky-deaky looking ones." People understand these categories.

Tradition, tradition, tradition. But I love your categories---you should have a watching party and guests can come up with their own.

To his credit, I cannot remember a single song of his or any contribution he has made to America -- aside from an entertaining story in High Times about how he was so patriotic that to took incredible efforts to dodge the draft during Vietnam. Still, he has remained in the pubic eye. Well played, Mr. Nugent.

Here you go. "Cat Scratch Fever." It's the only one I can ever think of.

Westminster Dog Show, State of the Union, and an apparent bad guy in California in a burning cabin. One of the toughest nights of television in a long time.

It would have been great to have a whole bank of TV screens, you know?

Ted Nugent appears at the SOTU on the same day that the 2013 Midwest Rock 'n' Roll Express tour (Styx, Reo Speedwagon and Nugent) is announced. Coincidence? How often do F-listers use things like the SOTU to get publicity?

Hey, what do you know. Road trip to Roanoke, anyone?

Apparently a Charlottesville guy. And he was unforgettably the magazine editor Seth Cohen's mom thought about having an affair with when she was drinking too much. Man, that was a tense era.

Oh, THAT'S who he was on The O.C. Thanks for that. Yes, indeed, he's a Charlottesville native.

Probably doesn't know any other way to be. She's somehow tied to him. It's easy to think that celebrities have it so much better than we do - but if you really look at some of their stories, they do not. They have the same ideas/fears/worries/whatever that you do - they just do it in front of a camera all the time. Fame isn't so easy, so to think it is - well, because you are YOU and *you* would handle it differently, that doesn't mean anything - the celebs are who they are, and the fame only amplifies it (and if any of us think we know how we'd handle it, we're probably wrong). It's understandable to look at rihanna and say: wow, she could do so much better. But we have all said that about our friends, too, right? And you know - plenty of wealthy women are in abusive relationships, and they have means, and they are still where they are (look at the TED talk by Leslie Morgan Steiner). It's not as easy as it seems. (not talking from personal experience, but only seeing a close relative go through stuff).

All true, but we expect people who rich/famous/smart to know better or have people around them to protect them from bad people. But sometimes the stars are bad/ spoiled/deeply flawed or the people around the stars are bad, too. And sometimes everyone is good and bad stuff still happens. Sigh.

Someone else just made the joke I was about to, so I'll let them. . .

Isn't that what you get when you pet a feral cat?

And it all comes full circle.

I still think she is pretty young and kinda naive. I mean, don't you remember dating the wrong men and making mistakes at her age? She must really be in love because she definitely had some really good options (Matt Kemp anyone?) instead of chasing after C. Brown.

Young, rich, famous and not all that bright, based on everything I've read. Bad combo for listening to other people's advice. 

I hate celery so much I pick the little pieces of it out of canned soup. And you'd be surprised how many people out there also hate it. It's like disgusting dental floss.

Ha! I had no idea there were so many haters. I assume rhubarb is equally heinous?

Don't recall seeing glasses on VP Biden before last night? Did he get a pair because HIllary Clinton has them and they make you look more serious?

Apparently he'd had some kind of contact lens irritation.

I thought that was some kind of Nazi Army division. As in, we were on the road to St. Lo when the Affenpinscher attacked us.

Bite marks on every ankle.

I like the idea of Ashley Judd running for the Senate. I think it's about time we got some serious professionals in Congress instead of all the lawyers and career politicos. The GOP must be fairly nervous about or why else roll out Karl Rove and his big guns ? Only one thing that worries me a tad -- when I image search Ashley I get a ton of revealing photos from when she played in Norma Jean and Marilyn. Is this likely to help or hurt her in Kentucky ?

We're in whole new territory here. Though a few actors have tried their hand at politics, with mixed results, we haven't seen a lot of actresses do it. So this will be an interesting test case if she runs.

I have 12:22 pm in the pool.

I was WORKING, people. Have we no respect for the craft? Or you just miss me that much?

After reading your item, I looked up all the songs he has released, and there are bunches of them. But still, American Pie is the only one I actually remember. I hate to be mean, but is he basically a glorified One Hit Wonder -- but with the one hit being really really big?

Without "American Pie," he would have been a respected singer-songwriter, maybe almost on par with Jim Croce. You know more of his songs than you think. But everything else about his career ended up in the shadow of that one mega-hit.

I know he hates the President, but shouldn't he respect the office? He's supposed to stand when the President enters the room. Speaking of "West Wing" plots...

You know, Ted Nugent would just love the notion that a bunch of office people are sitting at their desks typing about what Ted Nugent is supposed to do. That's why he didn't do it. He's got an image to uphold.

Obviously a talented man, but wow -- he totally sounded like a jerk with his brush off of Joe Courtney's complaints about historical accuracy of the Abraham Lincoln. Courtney made a great point, and that is a movie people will likely watch in schools. The Kushner slight of Connecticut was unforgivable in historical circles, and now he just seems snarky and defensive.

Agreed. He sounded classic entitled Hollywood  in his response-- no remorse, no apology. And for no good reason: there were so many other ways to create drama without changing the voting record.

Going out with John Mayer. Talk about being disappointed in her taste

Oh, I don't know, seems about right to me.

Rihanna is an example of an abused woman. I don't think fame obliges her to act as a "role model"--at least not "role model potential" becomes a prerequisite for a recording contract. (Which might not be a bad thing...) As an exemplar, she may provide evidence that economics are not the primary reason abused women stay in abusive relationships.

Very good point.

But who picked up the check?

Maybe they all went dutch.

You forgot Mardi Gras / Carnaval!

I loved watching the networks trying to figure out how to cover it all.

I can't stand this smugness of people who think Rhianna is the stupidest human alive. Yes, she's likely making bad choices and ones you think you wouldn't make in her situation. That said, the cycle of domestic violence wouldn't be a known phenomenon if many, many women who didn't think they would make those choices didn't keep making them. It's not the same as touching a hot stove, because you don't feel emotional about a stove, and the stove doesn't move heaven and earth to win you back, etc. etc. Say she's making bad choices, say you wish she made better choices, but don't act like you know exactly what you would do if you were in her position.


An increasing body of neurological research is showing that human brains are physically different, and those physical differences also take the form of strange behavior--or, what other people would consider strange behavior. The thing is, they engage in the behavior because of how their brain is, how it's constructed, how its neurons are connected. It's no different than any other body part, which can be constructed in such a way that it doesn't operate properly. So it might be with Rihanna that expecting her not to date jerks like Chris Brown is like expecting a blind person to see.

Maybe -- or maybe she's just young, dumb and in love. Which can be another brain malfunction, but not permanent.

"Journey to the Center of the Mind" and "Stranglehold" are surprisingly engaging, especially if you happen to be hanging out in Boulder and taking advantage of certain laws. But we are talking 30-something years ago, fer shur.

Ha. If you want to try for yourself, here's "Journey to the Center of the Mind," from Ted's Amboy Dukes days. You're right, that's fairly awesome. Do you think maybe the lead singer sold that jacket at a yard sale Prince went to?

Virtually interchangeable. Probably not good for either of them. 

Hmmm. Yes, but Billy Burke is only 6 foot tall, according to the Internet.

It's weird that "House of Cards" in a world where Pres. Obama doesn't exist, Joe Biden doesn't exist, his entire administration and staff don't exist, all the members of both houses of congress and their staffs don't exist, the 50 governors don't exist... we are getting into triple digits of quite famous people who don't exist in this world AND YET somehow somebody like George Stephanopoulos still exists in that world? It's weird.

You're right. That's tearing a hole in the space-time continuum of the show's own internal logic.

Ted Nugent was part of the supergroup that had the hit "High Enough" back in 1990.

Damn Yankees. Wow, that song sounds like 1990, doesn't it.

She was coming off Russell Brand -- so everything seemed like a step up

Let's just say Katy's taste in men is only marginally better than Riianna.

Hey Amy and Roxanne -- Happy Valentine's Day

Back atcha.

Of course it won't be long before Rihanna and Chris Brown announce they're getting married -- right ? I'd rather learn more about John Kerry's dietary quirks then I would hear about those two.

Who stalks off first?

I'm afraid you are way off here. Jim Croce had a bunch of big hits, just nothing on par with American Pie. But Don't Mess Around With Jim, Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Operator, I'm Got a Name were all great, respected and big hits. McLean, on the other hand, had one huge hit, and then a bunch of totally forgettable stuff. You take away American Pie, and there is no way he is close to the same conversation with Jim Croce.

You see, I knew you were going to quibble with me. I'm arguing that Don  McLean's other songs ("Vincent," "And I Love You So") might have grown larger in the public consciousness had they not been stunted in the shadow of  "American Pie." Come on, work with me on this.

I love celery because it's the vegetable most like me--bland and flavorless.

It's best with peanut butter. Almost too tragically boring without it.

Did anyone else notice when President Obama was walking up the aisle after his speech, when he got to his former Illinois co-Senator (and mentor) Dick Durbin, that instead of making a huge display of himself Durbin pointed to someone else across the aisle that he wanted the President to greet? Now THAT'S what I call a secure ego!


What about Alitos noshow last night, a PBS commentator says he hasn't come the last couple of years as he got mad about Obama's remarks following the Citizen's United case. Isn't the SOTU supposed to be one of those command performances, like we're all part of the same team thing?

Alito has been a no-show for a few years now. In addition to not really liking the SOTU ritual, though, he also had his mother's funeral this week.

I will give some nodding acknowledgement to the fact that, because celebs have fancy clothes and live "glamerous" lives, doesn't mean they are sophisticated, intellectually or otherwise. A substantial portion of celebs (particularly pop musicians) have had essentially no education. To boot, they tend to surround themselves by people who don't have the willingness to say "NOOOOOOOOOOO" when they ask if it is a good idea to get back together with a convicted abuser.

This is all true. I genuinely do feel very sorry for people who become famous very fast and very young like Rihanna (and Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston and Tom Cruise). I think it stunts you emotionally.

"John Mayer is bad." (ponders Mayer's love-life) "I want to be John Mayer." Yes, I'm a guy. Thank goodness the chat is anonymous.

Ha! Points for honesty. Katy's boobs looked pretty good at the Grammys.

I'm sorry but I feel like you guys are giving waaaaaay too much credit to Ashley Judd's political aspirations. And someone just called her a "serious professional?!?!" She is a movie actress who has a very well known reputation as a horrible person to work with. She also had quite a long stay at a mental health facility not that long ago. Obviously there's nothing wrong with that andit would probably be considered a good thing for your average person but for someone who is pretending they're going to run for major political office? Give me a break. She's not shutting down the rumors because her acting career has seriously dried up and she's getting publicity from this. But just because she went to college and does charity work doesn't mean she should be a senator. Please.

Good points all. Personally, I think she'd be crazy to run and embarrassed badly by a loss -- but crazy doesn't disqualify anyone from running for Congress.

I was listening to the "Diane Rehm Show" on NPR yesterday and one of the experts discussing Internet security (along with the Post's own Ellen Nakashima!) was Michelle Kwan of Michelle Kwan Associates. No one on the show ever said, but she sure sounded like the same Michelle Kwan who was a long-time champion figure skater, then went to grad school at Tufts, and recently married Clay Pell. Am I correct?

No, I'm sorry, but I think you were understandably tripped up by a homonym name. The guest on Diane Rehm's show yesterday was Mischel Kwon, a cyber security consultant. Not to be confused with Michelle Kwan the former skater who just got married and is working at the State Department.

Maybe John Kerry's mom used to make the same awful Jello dish mine did--lemon jello studded with celery chunks? That would fuel a lifelong hatred.

Eewwww. I grew up with green lime jello with pear chucks, which sounds so much yummier.

Kate Upton's are better.

I just heard -- honestly -- a red-blooded male say Upton's are too big. Each to his own.

Having not actually seen the movie, I would assume the writer chose to depict recognizable characters casting votes rather than anonymous Congressman. The problem may have been depicting a close vote while also creating a unified story line using compelling characters. But maybe a little more attention should have been paid to being able to cast the climactic scene with historical accuracy by looking for compelling story lines from among the dissenting Congressman, rather than concentrating on the "good guys."

Honestly, the whole scene went by so fast that I didn't catch any of it, even though I was already vaguely aware of the controversy. (Like Joe Courtney, I didn't see "Lincoln" until last week.) But Kushner says "we made up new names for the men casting those votes, so as not to ascribe any actions to actual persons who didn’t perform them."

Maybe Tina Turner can take her aside for some wise words.

We can hope.

Don't his behavior and comments actually HURT more than help his cause with all but a fringe of the population? Sort of like Todd Akin or Christine O'Donnell or...

No, I don't think  Fox will be adding him to the lineup of new hosts. . .

when I see Rhianna, I think Whitney Housten, and not in a good way.



Meanwhile, spelling lesson, everyone: It's Rihanna.

Practicing that "stalks off" line for Saturday are you?

That was spontaneous. You actually can't practice anything for "Wait Wait" because there's never any telling what the heck we'll be talking about each week -- although I'm predicting someone will say "Holy Smoke!" 

Read the Post article re the Catholic Church, in which an oblate (essentially a lay nun) named Emma Scalia, age 54, was interviewed? The article didn't say, but is she a daughter of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia?

Nope. He's got nine kids, but not one that old and not an Emma. He does have a son who is a priest, though, I believe.

Dr. Fox (WaPo) columnist says feral casts should be euthanized because they kill birds. So it is ok for humans to kill cats, but not for cats to kill birds? And hey, people are the reason there are feral cats...

I don't get the reasoning there. Should cars be banned because some deer are killed on the road? There are a lot of unintended consequences in our mashed-up ecosystems.

Am I crazy not to find her attractive? Yeah, she's got a lot going on below the neck, but I find her very ordinary above. Perhaps we're not supposed to look at the face. I really don't get this one.

That may be the case. To each their own. Did you see her on Letterman last night? She's so banal and yet so confident, you can't help but kind of like her. Also: REALLY young. You don't realize it until you hear her speak.

Okay, so celery and Jello is so wrong. Celery is one of the three key ingredients in jambalaya, so it's not all bad!

And stuffing! With sage!

I GOT THIS!!!! Celery stalks off first.

Ding ding ding! You win.

Really? I just assumed that the panel got some advance word of the subject of the prediction at the very end of the show. On BBC's "My Word", they get the aphorism in advance so they can spin really tortured, long puns that work.

Actually,you're right -- we do get the prediction just before we go on air so we can come up with our own tortured puns.

Growing up in Minnesota, didn't you have Jell-o at every meal? I did. Lime and apple chunks. Orange with mandarin oranges. Or orange with carrot shavings.

Only special occasions.

Who do you anticipate will be the next commentator to leave the Fox News fold? They've already had two major departures lately.

You'd have to ask Lisa de Moraes or someone; I'm not really that engrossed by cable news.

And how long did it take Turner to dump Ike for good? They were married for 16 years. Most likely, Tina knows there's not much anyone can say until Rhianna gets there in her own good time.


showed up at every family function and was called, "salad"..

Mmmmm. . . .

Happy Valentine's Day to my two favorites in Amy and Roxanne

Awww. Seriously....awwww. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you and your SOs, children, cats and other cuddlers.  Hope it's sweet and you didn't give up chocolate for Lent. 

Good way to close out the chat. Send your tips and sightings to Have a wonderful long weekend and see you next week. 



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