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Feb 06, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, February 6, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello, and welcome back to the Reliable Source web chat. Some topics on our radar lately:

Actors were everywhere this week: Bradley Cooper’s advocacy for mental health felt a little like an Oscar campaign. We met “Homeland’s” Abu Nazir in real life, and spoiler alert: He is very, very handsome. Kevin Spacey seemed to hate red carpets as much as we do. And can Ashley Judd win a Senate race?

Also, Beyonce broke her silence on the National Anthem scandal — then proved her point with an athletic, slightly breathless live show at the Super Bowl. Karl Lagerfeld had opinions about Michelle Obama’s appearance — and so did a lot of weird folks. The “Reluctant Spy” stepped out, pre-prison. Check out “Knife Fight,” the new movie by and about a cutthroat political strategist.

Congratulations to Jim Nabors. And, er, same to you, Dan Marino. Georgetown Cupcake: whoops. Cute couple expecting cute baby. And R.I.P. Barney Bush.

Rox is out on assignment, as they say, but will join us shortly. Looking forward to your questions!

That is one awesome albatross!

All right, not in our usual range of topics, but yes indeed, let's give it up for the avian star of today's front page, an albatross named Wisdom who, at 62, is still having babies by younger men.


Albatross named Wisdom astounds scientists by producing chick at age 62

First it was Sarah Palin, and now Dick Morris. What are they trying to do over there at Fox News

I suppose they're doing what all networks are doing constantly: Chasing ratings while trying to cut costs.

Fox News drops Dick Morris

Couldnt we call that performance at halftime by Beyonce : Lip Sync Part Deux

What? She was clearly not lip syncing. If she were, it would have sounded much smoother.

Tom's chat ended with 640 online. What will you pay me to stick around until the end of yours?

Oh, but you see, I don't want as many chatters as Tom.

That's all people are gossiping about in my hallways these days...

Apparently there's a big court battle over some loans the owner took, and it might get shipped out of the country -- oh, no wait, that was the Sequoia, not sequestration. Sorry. Got nothing for ya.

I was reading that the Republicans are already doing attack ads against Ashley Judd. Should we assume this means they are worried about her?

Those American Crossroads ads against Ashley Judd are pretty harsh. They complile a lot of clips in which she describes herself as a "radical" and fierce Obama loyalist -- kind of thing you'd see in any political ad, but the harshest is a line where she describes Tennessee as "home." (It's the Kentucky Senate race she is said to be mulling.)

I saw him on Letterman last week and he looked like an awesome guy. But then read your column and he really kinda came across like a jerk. Should we guess that he is just a nice guy when 1) being filmed, or 2) surrounded by other celebrities (no offense - to me, you are both huge celebrities).

In Kevin Spacey's defense, red carpet situations are a form of mutual torture and misery that have everyone on both sides of the rope squirming in their own skin. But what you say -- yeah, I think that's probably the case.

I am so glad to be seeing Dallas back on television. But find it all a little sad -- just knowing that JR Ewing, a character we have gotten to know over decades -- will be dying. ANy idea how many episodes we have left of him?

I was wondering the same thing this week. Trying to remember -- did they say at the time they had maybe seven episodes in the can? It's very poignant, like we're watching him die. Though his Twitter account still lives. Anyway, RIP Larry Hagman.

Will Hillary be crashing at her Whitehaven NW digs or is it back to New York for her?

I assume she'll be maintaining both residences. 

Didn't there used to me another person who used to take part in the chat? I think her name was Roxanne? She have something against us or just finding the noon start time a bit much?

Ladies and gentlemen, she is here. Making her way to the stage as we speak.

I agree that Beyonce did not lip-sync during the SB HalfTime performance. And she did a fine job too. But what was that about her press conference? She sang the national anthem and did so very nicely. But we knew she could! No one suggested that she cannot sing the national anthem. And that is why it was so puzzling that she chose to lip-sync during the inauguration. She herself admitted that. But she did not apologize for doing so or for such a fine job of acting as she was really belting it out! The fact is, she tried to cheat people at the inauguration. She got caught. It would have been nice of her if she had apologized for lip-syncing. Instead her press-conference was pretty "in your face" arrogant.

Hmm, I wonder if anyone else here has opinions about Beyonce's press conference this week.

Was that whole halftime show nothing more than an elaborate plot to humiliate the other members of Destiny's Child? There is this big buildup, and then they appear for about 30 seconds, sing along to a Beyonce song (Single Ladies), their microphones are obviously turned way down compared to B, and then they are gone moments later? We got it Beyonce -- you are better than them and have proven it to the world.

Wasn't Destiny's Child an elaborate plot to humiliate the other members of Destiny's Child? The one time I was in a room with Beyonce, I felt like it was an elaborate plot to humiliate me, too.

Will you have someone in Viera (FL) to report on hair and facial hair styles? Maybe you could post pictures of some of the better ones? Please tell me Espinosa grew hair and Tyler Clippard cut his since Nats Fest (it was hanging in his face).

That is a very good idea. In the meantime, here is a very useful report on Wizards beard maintenance.

Scandal, 1600 Penn, Knife Fight, and now Obama's speechwriter wants to go become a screenwriter. Have we become a cool place again? Maybe we can bring back Josh Brolin's Mister Sterling, the short-lived Jacinda Barrett/Mark-Paul Gosselaar classic, D.C., and maybe even another batch of the Real Desperate Housewives of Northern Virginia?

What about that one with Craig T. Nelson as the D.C. police chief? Or did I dream that one? . . . Just checked. It happened: "The District."

Even if you don't like Beyonce, you have to admit that was a great performance. I think people who didn't like it probably don't like pop music in general therefore couldn't really get into it.

Okay, putting this out there, even though it sort of sounds like the "people who didn't like 'Les Mis' are people who don't like musicals" argument that engaged so many "Les Mis" haters. But go ahead, bring it on.

Critics underestimated her as Maggie the Cat on Broadway; I bet Republicans are underestimating her as a senate candidate, too--and she'll look much better at public events than what's his name

Hi chatters! Sorry I'm late; just came back from a event.

Ashley is very smart, but don't underestimate how smart McConnell is. She may look better, but he's Kentucky through and through and has won many, many elections.

He seems like such a bad guy on Homeland. But in person, what was he really like? Did you see any actual Abu Nazir in him?

In person, he's the handsomest guy in the room, very cosmopolitan and witty and charming; and with such an interesting life story I wish I had more opportunity to get into. But yes, very different from his character, though they both have a basic charisma in common. It makes you appreciate the acting job he does on the show.

‘Homeland’s’ Abu Nazir: Actor Navid Negahban on playing terrorists, getting recognized in airports

You've got to be kidding! They weren't humilated - if anything they stole the show. When they jumped out of the ground - that was my favorite part of the show! Ms. Rowland (and Michelle) worked it.

Somewhere there's an amazing GIF that shows Kelly and Michelle popping up out of the group over and over again. I just spent way too much time trying to find it again. Let me know if you can.

There's no doubt the girl is gorgeous with good pipes, but...what was up with all the hair whipping? Was she channeling Willow Smith? It was a pretty spectacular show but (surprisingly) I thought Madonna did a better job last year. And, yeah, I think the "Destinyettes" had a pretty good idea what they were getting into.

Hair whipping is her thing. I didn't love the show but then, I haven't loved any of the half-time offerings in the past few years. I'm all about the commercials and the game.

The woman is in incredible shape! I can't believe anyone would have a problem with the way she looks, even though it maybe shouldn't even be a topic of conversation. And Karl Lagerfield should not criticize anyone's hair or body. He is one scary looking dude!

The funny thing is, haven't we all thought that Karl Lagerfeld really needs to get bangs?

Ashley would need a crash course into the DC dating scene

I think D.C. would be great for her dating life. I know a lot of guys who'd be great for her.

Someone needs to create a Google map of all of he fake DC locations in films, like the Georgetown Metro stop in "No Way Out" or the Penn Quarter Mall (which was accessed through L'Enfant Plaza) in "Salt".

Yeah, why don't you get on that?

1600 Penn kind of reminds me of "The Master" (yes, I'll make that connection) is that I find it interesting only when trying to connect it to real people to their proxies (L. Ron Hubbard, his family, Scientology to The Master and the Obama administration to 1600 Penn), but in and out itself, it isn't that goood.

I think I liked "The Master" a little better than "1600 Penn," but "1600 Penn" is at least shorter.

No count of how many of us there are today? Rather miss it.

That thing seems to come and go, for some reason. Currently at 202.

I'm sorry, but I LOL'd when I read that you think that the ads pointing out that Ashley Judd is a long-time resident of Tennessee are "harsh." Does anybody deny that she has lived in Tennessee for many, many years and treated it as her home? Ashley -- and her supporters -- need to put on their big girl pants. Running for the US Senate is the big leagues. And coming from a newspaper that ran front-page articles about Mitt Romney's conduct when he was an adolescent, it frankly smells of double standards.

Where she lives is totally fair game. The higher office you seek, the further back the media and opposition research will go. If Judd is serious about running, she should sit in a windowless room for eight hours and let her staff throw every possible Republican argument at her. If she's still prepared to run after that, then go for it. It's going to be an uphill battle.

Not sure who is going to do the Super Bowl halftime in the Meadowlands next year. Who wants to perform when it will be around 30 degrees next year

Who's turn is it to do the Super Bowl next? We've gone through most of our nation's supply of arena performers.

Did you this thing about how Daniel Craig thinks Robert Pattinson succeed him in 007 role?  I guess the thing about the James Bond franchise is that it can have a random one where the casting didn't work out. Or he really could be the best Bond ever.

Whatever you do, don't click on this. You'll be compelled to click on a video and sit through a 30-second ad before you get to a story which presents this non-news with roughly as much evidence as our own chatter here. God bless OK magazine, but you have to understand that when a publication's business model is built on Robert Pattinson stories, there's going to be a lot of fan fiction in the mix.

Bradley Cooper winning an Oscar for best leading actor seems very Helen Huntish. Actually "Silver Linings Playbook" is very "As Good As It Gets" (it was also from Harvey Weinstein) in that the performances are all nominated and even the film, yet nobody ever remembers "As Good As It Gets" as this classic of American cinema. If Bradley Cooper wins, expect a repeat of what happened with Helen Hunt where she even acknowledge in her acceptance speech that Judi Dench was robbed for her role in "Mrs. Brown." Then the following year, Dench won for 8 minutes of screen time in "Shakespeare in Love" (another Harvey Weinstein film) while actresses who gave better performances lost out like Kathy Bates in "Primary Colors" or Lynn Redgrave in "Gods and Monsters."

I don't disagree with anything you've just said. But I don't think he's going to win. The movie might, but he's a long shot still.

What makes you so sure Ashley would be running against ol' Mitch? There's a better than even chance the Tea Party loons will try and knock him off in the primary.

Could happen, and that would change the game. But I think McConnell is a wily old fox and that Kentucky voters and the state GOP will look carefully at the Tea Party track record on actually getting elected. Plus, there are benefits to having the Senate Minority Leader in your corner.

Clearly, American Crossroads has more money than they can shake a stick at. Maybe they should think about putting it to good use. Or, they can just come to my house and we can have a bonfire and roast s'mores.

Oh, it doesn't cost anything at all hardly to put together an ad like that. I think it's just on the Web now; doubt they've bothered with TV buys.

No more mail delivery on Saturdays. How will we recover?

I'm going to start rationing my weekday mail so I have some to enjoy on Saturdays.

They make a decision, then they don't, then they waffle. Glad I burned my Eagle badge years ago.

Oh, you never told me you made Eagle Scout. How'd you do that?

So I hadn't really cared too much about the lip-sync inauguration thing... until she gave her reason. She didn't have TIME to rehearse? To perform at the inauguration of the President of the United States? It makes me sad that she prioritized rehearsing for the Superbowl just because she was going to get more eyeballs over rehearsing for the, uh, kind of important inauguration. (But there's always a silver lining. While her Superbowl performance was spectacular, her voice sounded like [doodoo].)

Like you said.

People forget that when an incumbent is defeated, his influence in Congress goes with him. A new legislator isn't nearly as valuable to the state's interest as a long-time incumbent. Many voters, however, are aware of this and vote accordingly.

All true.

I don't know about you, but mine is all bills, junk mail and pleas from charities. I wouldn't mind skipping that on Saturdays.

Sounds a lot like my weekday mail.

I was pretty disappointed with the ads this year. Nothing memorable, except for the Dodge ad with Paul Harvey's tribute to farmers, as well as the ad that informed us that there will indeed be a Fast and Furious part 6. Did I miss anything?

I am grateful they let us know that FF6 is on its way -- in May! -- but you'll get so much more of an endorphin rush out of the extended trailer. It's possible that, when all is said and done, it will turn out that the "Fast and the Furious" series is better in aggregate than the Star Wars series and Wagner's Ring Cycle put together.

The 1/2 time show did nothing for me. Thought is was actually pretty trashy. And I like Beyonce! She has talent, why distract from it with the cheap looking outfits and hair throwing? We all say, "that is how it is today", but would any of us let our daughters out of the house dressed or acting like that?

Well, if she can't pull off that look the way Beyonce does, you'd better stop her at the door.

I do not believe she was lip syncing the Super Bowl. But curious, any idea if she was lip syncing when she was performing in that private concert for the Qaddafi family?

OHHHHHH, you can hold a grudge, can't you?

Of course we have opinions. I too was puzzled by her signing at the press conference. I didn't think the criticism was that she was a Milli Vanilli, rather that she didn't sing it live but let us think she did. Which she did do, but like a good politician she answered a different question than was asked.

Beyonce would have a much easier time winning that Kentucky Senate race than Ashley Judd.

Perhaps in four years, when filling out the job application for "Inauguration Entertainer," there should be a question of whether there is enough time to rehearse, while balancing things like a cash job for Pepsi/NFL. Seems that James Taylor and Kelly Clarkson had some time.

Are we ready for the James Taylor/Kelly Clarkson Super Bowl halftime show? I think not.

lord have mercy, she didn't have time to rehearse with the band, not to rehearse, to rehearse with the band in that setting. and she sang along with a backing track, not lip syncing. These articles ran in this very paper, and contained all of this information. I don't have some inside line on the info.

To clarify: Beyonce says, in essence, that she sang along with her own vocal backing track.

...should be Idris Elba. That.Is.All.

I'm open to that.

What is the scoop, the buzz, around the Post regarding the move? Good/bad/indifferent? Please tell me Katharine The Great [I dare you to publish this] isn't going to move yous to the burbs...

Don't have much to tell you other than the fact that I live three blocks away from the Post. So, I mean, they could always move closer to me -- that would be totally cool.

How come all we read and hear about is Beyonce and how fab she is (I don't get it)? Poor Jennifer Hudson was totally left out of the conversation. It must have been emotional for her to sing with those children -- after all, part of her family was murdered. Oh, well -- she can take solice in the fact that she won the Oscar for Dreamgirls. Wasn't Beyonce the star of that movie? Meow.

No. Beyonce was SUPPOSED to be the star of the movie until Jennifer stole the show. I more I see Hudson the more I like her -- for me, she's the best thing to ever come out of "American Idol."

For the love of all that is holy, will someone please tell me what a GIF is and what this acronym stands for? I am guessing that it is some kind of video or visual image accompanied by text. It's referenced everywhere, but no one defines it, assuming (incorrectly) that we all know what it is. I even tried to Google it but could not find a definition. Thanks!

It stands for "graphics interchange format" -- but what it means is those choppy little video clips that loop endlessly, which you increasingly see all over the Web. Here are some examples of gifs crafted from Super Bowl footage, courtesy of our colleague Cindy Boren.

unless Ashley Judd asks if she can come over to talk to you. who would say no to that?

A lot of people. Honestly. Washington isn't Holywood.

anyone is winning the Best Actor Oscar besides Daniel Day-Lewis. I wasn't a big fan of the movie (enjoyable but too long and confusing at points), but his portrayal of Lincoln was like seeing the man for real. It was other-worldly. But hey, Bradley Cooper is still the cutest nominee! He did a great job but this year is a lock for DDL.

I think so, right? Last year they gave Meryl Streep her third Oscar (though one of the earlier was in a supporting category); all of their supporting actor nominees this year are previous winners. It just seems like they're into repeat-trophy love these days.

I just want to state for the record that I did NOT think her a capella, live version of the national anthem at the press conference was fabulous. She's one of many who likes to "perform" the anthem. That's what she did there. Just sing the darn song, live, and if you can't do that, you have no business being there. Just an opinion from someone who has sang the anthem many times at various events...

I wonder if anyone else has opinions about Beyonce?

She is a celebrity first and foremost. She long ago gave up any pretense at serious Art, if you will. Now all she cares about is her image and the associated remuneration. Can we stop talking about her as though she's a real singer?

Hmmmm --  no. We can't.

I see that her representatives have asked Buzzfeed to take down some pictures of her Super Bowl performance that they considered unflattering. I also think that she mishandled the Star Spangled Banner controversy by not weighing in immediately and diffusing the issue by admitting that she used a taped vocal. I think she is falling into the Gywneth Paltrow trap of trying to appear too perfect. I guess it's no coincidence that those two are best friends!

I keep forgetting that she's best friends with Gwyneth. It's useful to be reminded of this.

Pink hsould do it - she is pretty kick-a@@. She seems like a better entertainer for a football game than Madonna or Beyonce.

Okay, thanks for your vote.

You think the organizer intentionally went for the whole Dreamgirls theme? You had Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce Knowles-Carter both performing, and then halftime had the drive-by background appearance by the Dreams -- I mean Destinys. All we needed was Eddie Murphy doing a James Brown impersonation James Thunder Early.

Hey, let's get Eddie Murphy and Rick James next year. I think that song has actually improved with age.

Is there a reason why Ashley Judd just doesn't run for political office in her actual home state of Tennessee? Why try to pick up such a powerful figure as McConnell when she could actually run a winning race against a local Congressman and use that as a base for a Senate run? Has she explained why she wants to run in Kentucky?

Her family goes back generations in the state. She was born in California, but moved back to Kentucky as a kid and stayed until college. She informally claims duel citizenship: Tennessee and Kentucky. 

Sad that he'll only get one dimensionaly acting parts as playing the usual terrorist or 'bad guy'. Typical hollywood. confusing the Persian with an Arab. And making sure Arabs are only represented as terrorists or some deviant person.

He's a gifted guy. I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing him in a wider range of roles.

But if you're performing at an Inauguration, you *make* time to rehearse with the band--or you decline the honor and leave it for someone who does have time to get into town early. Not that I really care. But I would accept the "too cold" excuse before "no time" (although, "can't sing in 30 degree temps" is another reason to decline). She controls her schedule, but not the weather.

Well put.

Jay-Z/Kanye would be kinda epic. Though that might scare some of the pasty peeps in the sticks, I guess.

Hmmm, no, for that, we should get 2 Chainz and Rick Ross. Preferably shirtless Rick Ross.

Bon Jovi. Or did they do it already?

Oh, probably. . . . Google, google. Oh, apparently not. There are Facebook groups agitating to get them for 2014. Okay, sure.

You haven't lived until you've seen what appears to be all the Scientologists in the world pour out into downtown Clearwater, Fla., for lunch. I was never so frightened in all my life.

Really? In what way do they stand out?

I haven't read the article, but just because a company sells their building doesn't mean they'll necessarily move out of it. There are cost-savings to be had by selling the building and leasing back only the space they need.

There's not a lot of empty space around here.

Not to beat a dead horse than has been beaten in this column before (ie, the drive to the hospital from Georgetown to somewhere in NE past the Capital in "Heartburn"), Salt was nothing but fake geography. There was a whole sequence in the beginning that was supposed to be Adams Morgan, I think, but was actually upper Manhattan. How weird.

Yes, indeed. Please read my thesis on "Salt's" D.C. geographic discrepancies. The thing with the street signs almost made me insane until I figured it out.

Did you see Jennifer Hudson on the "Smash" season premiere last night? She ate Katharine McPhee alive in their "On Broadway" duet!

Well, naturally -- she's an actual, kick-ass star. McPhee is a very pretty singer.

1600 Penn features Bill Pullman. Therefore, 1600 Penn is better than The Master and any other DC-based show.

Oh, you mean you didn't stay long enough into "The Master" to get to the part where Bill Pullman shows up to lead the assault on Xenu's forces?

He doesn't perform live anymore (primarily due to his death). The best you could do would be Dave Chappelle starring in The Rick James Experience. But that would be awesome.

I'm totally open to that too.

but he's playing "Super Freak" in heaven now. Probably makes him unavailable for any earthly gigs.

You know, of course, that I meant Hologram Rick James.

NY Super Bowl next year might mean Bon Jovi. I was thinking Dave Matthews


"She informally claims duel citizenship: Tennessee and Kentucky. " Interesting! Well, if she hasn't filed state income tax returns in Kentucky any time recently or owned a residence there, good luck making that claim stick against McConnell. He's a powerful, wily fox who knows how to play hardball.

She needs to move there, like, yesterday.

OP needs to learn to google better. First search result:

Hey, if our chatters learned to Google, they might not bother to show up here.

I mean, it would be...something

Something awful. As in: really really awful.

It's a fairly bad song. There are very few singers who actually have the vocal range to sing it even reasonably well - Mariah Carey (who I abhor) and Julie Andrews come to mind. Most people throw in false vibrato or some other kind of awful quavery trills. We should change our national anthem to Happy Birthday. Everyone can sing that.

I want a Julie Andrews halftime show, with Christopher Plummer and Dick Van Dyke jumping up out of the floor.

I'm Ashley's age, smart, hot (though possibly slightly less hot than she is), activist tendencies, no political ambitions, and single. Amy, can you please introduce your guys to me? Cause I don't meet many of those great ones you claim exist here in DC.

Drop me an email.

Me too. When I hear "Beyonce" I still think about how she closed off the Lenox Hill Hospital NICU and prevented other parents from being with their newborns. Didn't help that my newborn daughter went to the NICU just a few weeks earlier than Beyonce's. It's like how if you say "Dave Matthews Band" to me the first thing I think is "their tour bus dropped a load of raw sewage onto a boat full of tourists."

Oh, I'd forgotten about that one. Hilarious. Well, not if it happens to you.

Or maybe you could just work from home. Or find a new job. I think any increase in a three-block commute is grounds for finding new work. Maybe you can work at the National Geographic Society, or the Y.

Whole Foods would be closer -- and probably a lot of fun.

Any college basketball fan knows she went to UK and is an avid (and very visible) fan of the team. Having gone to a state school in a large midwestern state, I can say that may carry some weight with the voters of KY.

Some. McConnell also went to college in Kentucky, so it's not that big an advantage. 

was also fabulous on Smash last night; in fact, she was the only thing fabulous on Smash last night

Seems like the Venn diagram of "people who watch Smash" and "people who are annoyed by Smash" overlap to a startling degree.

All for next Agent 007 being non-white actor, but sorry, Idris Elba's bit too old.

You think? He's 40, which is about five years younger than Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan when they got the role.

Wait, you know a lot great guys in DC for Ashley Judd? Are you holding out on letting all us single women in DC know who and where the great single guys are? I'll run for office if you set me up.

Oh, I'm saying that Ashley might like these guys. I might not recommend them for normal people.

Who knew that there were that many gluttons in the DC area?

I mean, really.

Are his fifteen minutes nearly up? Rhianna, brawl after brawl, now he's faked his community service (shocked). What a tool.

He and Lohan would make a good couple.

That's a serious question? Truly a serious question? Come on! Amy, I can't believe you answered it as such. If someone asked you whether you saw a real Nazi in Christoph Walz you would not have taken the question seriously. Yes, yes, I know, this is a gossip chat and should be light 'n fluffy, but some things are too egregious to overlook.

Whoa. I did not assume that the chatter was asking if he seemed like a terrorist. I assumed the chatter was talking more about his general affect/appearance on the show. It's a pretty common question for people to ask what an actor looks/sounds/acts like in real life.

I think there's a new rule that a film must be somehow connected to Harvey Weinstein in order to be nominated for Best Picture.

He's had a very good track record in the past few years, with "The Artist," "The King's Speech," "Inglourious Basterds," "The Reader," etc.

Wait, does this mean that I will have to wait until Monday for my next Netflix envelope? Say it ain't so!

Oh, come on -- you know you have a couple of those red envelopes already gathering dust on top of your TV.

with pretending to live in New York State. I would argue that Ashley Judd has a lot more ties to Kentucky than Hilary did to her state. However, Ms. Judd is no Hilary! I would recommend that she run for a representative's seat first to get her foot in the door.

New York voters are much more forgiving (and Liberal) than Kentucky voters. I think Ashley has higher ambitions than the House. 

I admit it. Beyonce's music isnt what I would listen to. What are the odds we can get The Police, Dave Matthews or maybe Tom Petty for next year?

Tom Petty did the Super Bowl in 2008.

I agree with Lagerfeld. Her "fringe" is not flattering.

There is not universal agreement on the bangs.

I really hated that Paul Harvey farmer commercial. I assumed it was for some far-right religious organization, and was surprised when it wasn't. Definitely divisive for the 20% of the US population that's not religious.

Oh, the production values alone should have told you this was a truck commercial.

The Jeffersonian Institution, on "Bones"!

Ha. Yes, I think Bones has never filmed here.

McConnell is originally from Alabama although he has been in KY for decades. He is smart & knows how the game is played but his representation of KY is second to his representation of the lobbyists. (Yes, I'm in his district.)

The question is how many other voters share your opinion?

Paul Simon with Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

I'm open to that.

It keeps us from having to deal with the 15-minute (or so it seemed) Alicia Keys version prior to the game. It was like she knows her time is up, so milking for all it is worth.

Alicia Keys = overrated

I wish I'd known about this dating service when I was single.

It's not too late! You can still get divorced.

How can you have time to record the National Anthem and not a moment to rehearse it? Beyonce's full of it.

Because she could record it in the studio without the Marine Band. She's didn't make time for a live rehearsal with the musicians.

Adele. No dancing, no revealing costumes, no pyrotechnics, just a fancy black dress and great singing.

Never happen.

Sorry. I think the DC dating scene is absolutely horrendous. And this is speaking from a person who has lived here for over 10 years.

I would argue two things: 1. Where do you think the dating scene is better? Dating is, by its nature, hard. 2. The dating scene is always worse than whatever dating scene you were living in when you were ten years younger.

Word got out that you were matchmaking. All together now...."all the single ladies....all the single ladies...."

We're also giving away free cookies today -- spread that rumor.

Dick Morris and Lindsay Lohan. Or, you know, so very, very not.

Not following -- your suggestion for next year's halftime show? Sure, it's unconventional, but I'm willing to hear their plan.

No, I was asking if he was really a terrorist?

Shut up, you smart aleck.

Somebody like John Mayer or Jessica Simpson--so people would have no problem with taking the bathroom break they've been avoiding so they don't miss the commercials.

That is a brilliant idea.

I know Amy's male friends. Trust me, ladies -- you're not missing out on anything.

Shhhh! I'm trying to make some things work here for my friends.

I met really nice guys by playing in a softball league when I was single and living in DC. What about Date Lab?

Hey, Date Lab has produced three marriages (and seemingly more than a few hookups) already.

I know he's already said he won't run for office, but I think George Clooney, a KY native, should run. I don't need to list his great qualities - Roxanne can do that for us.

George is WAY too smart to run for elected office.

I need Lindsey Lohan and Chris Brown to be a couple. Pleasepleasepleaseplease.

For pure entertainment value.

Justin Bieber?

Inevitable, some day, I suppose. Of course, we thought that of the Jonas Brothers, and I think they're probably playing the Birchmere these days.

I'll take him. A race-car driver with an Italian name and a Scottish accent and a really good head of hair.

Maybe he'll move to D.C. and improve the dating pool.

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