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Feb 09, 2011

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts will be online Wednesday, Feb. 9, at Noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

Hello everyone... While my computer continues to warm up, just a quick hello; will send out some links to recent stories in a sec...

I dont get it? Why the outrage over the Pepsi ad during the Super Bowl with the African American couple? The ad would have been funny if they had been white, hispanic, asian, jewish or purple. People are really to damn sensitive, its an ad, nothing more. Why is it always about race for some people, sheeesh.

Was it funny, though? People are quicker to forgive if a gag makes them laugh out loud; this one seemed like it was calculated to get people talking *because* of the race factor. That was my immediate take. I wasn't particularly offended, I just thought, well, there's tomorrow's talker.

I'll admit it: I liked the Eminim Chrylser ad.

Why the free pass for the pilfering poet? You've got a witness who saw him with the item, and he was caught on security cameras. Why are you protecting him?

Okay, someone apparently fired off a comment before reading today's column -- where we identified the poet who took the Langston Hughes cutout from Busboys and Poets and says it was an act of protest.

Well, I can't be too broken up about this, since I had no idea she was married! And to a princeling, no less! Why didn't this come up before? And is this just another case of shedding the marriage when the career picks up speed?

It's never been a secret -- you all just haven't been paying enough attention to Olivia Wilde's child-bride marriage, now defunct. She's talked about it in interviews... Our predecessor Lloyd Grove even wrote about it at the time it happened in 2003. Of course, she hadn't hit it big then.

Maybe next year Toby Keith will sing the Anthem at the SB - someone who won't forget the words and won't drag it out just to hear the sound of his own voice. Probably won't happen but I can always hope. Really, Xtina - you're not all that.

Hey she just got swept up in her own patriotic fervor! Toby Keith -- that would be a hilarious choice, though I'm not sure why you're so quick to put him in the category of non-pleased-with-the-sound-of-his-own-voice.

You know what is hilarious? Poets who take themselves so seriously that they stage a protest by stealing from the one place that gives them a forum. Just write an angry poem about it, dude.

Literary battles can get very interesting.

As a DC school teacher who loves sharing Hughes poetry with her students,my question: Will the young women at Sarah Lawrence encourage their teacher to return the cutout? This is a bad example and we should celebrate Busboys and Poets...we are so lucky to have them here!

Who was more annoying -- Cameron Diaz feeding popcorn to Alex Rodriguez, or Alex Rodriguez, being fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz?

Is it yucky because we don't like them? Is there another couple we'd think it was romantic and cute? 

If Sen. Jon Kyl retires, looks like the Arizona Republican Party has a great candidate: Bristol Palin. Palin buys house in Arizona.

Please. A 20-year-old, when asked, says, yeah, she'd like to run for office some day -- how is this news? That's like what half my freshman dorm would have said. And I don't think any of them have done it yet. (Ken Cuccinelli was in another dorm.)

This might actually be true. After all, you never recover once you watch it.

Seriously. I'm a different person than I was a year ago. I can't take back the fact of having watched it.

Is it verboten to gossip about Chelsea C?

Chelsea seems to think so. I believe she's a public figure and it isn't unreasonable to discuss her marriage, for example.

On the day that Balthazar Getty's father dies, his ex Sienna Miller breaks up again with Jude Law? Is there a bigger picture here?

Do you think that maybe Sienna could never quite get past the caught-with-the-nanny thing? I never did.

Lamest. Excuse. Ever. And, if it wasn't for your story, only a few people would know or care. How much of a protest can it be, when only two people noticed?

Lots of people noticed. Ellis was carrying around the cutout a writers conference in DC last weekend.

I see Jeff Skilling has been denied the opportunity to go to his own son's funeral. First Mark Madoff, then J.T. Skilling, then J.P. Getty. . .

No kidding. Money ruins families.

Was it a little much to have Slash from Guns N Roses playing along with the Black Eyed Peas

Here was my thought: How do we know that was really Slash, and not some guy in a Slash wig and a Slash hat and Slash shades, pretending to noodle around to some pre-recorded music?

Reading about Prince Williams forthcoming marriage, and the money it will pump into the UK economy, I began to wonder....Is this maybe the one advantage of a royal family, creating events that infuse spending and draw tourists? Maybe we should get ourselves one of those.

Not worth it. The expenses of the royals annually outstrip the benefits of a once-a-generation royal wedding.

Did Christine Marinoni give birth, or did she and Cynthia Nixon use a surrogate? Also, I've just discovered that Sarah Jessica Parker is starring in the movie of "I Don't Know How She Does It." I read that book in one sitting (no idea how I found the time) when my son was a toddler and I was working beyond full-time. I'm so disappointed - SJP is cute, granted, but under no circumstances does she look like a hedge fund or Wall Street professional. The wild hair, the excessive makeup, the teetering heels, her generally silly personality and one-note performances...I envisioned Cate Blanchett or Tilda Swinton, and now I have to watch another wonderful book get ruined. Blech. Is anyone else as bothered by this as I am?

I haven't read the book, so don't have any thoughts about it, but I assume that SJP will do hair and makeup appropriate to the role, as opposed to her SATC look, because, well, that is what true thespians do! Hope you had a chance to read Monica Hesse's profile of "I Don't Know How She Does It" author Allison Pearson, who has a new book out. RE: Nixon and Marinoni -- the rep said that Marinoni had the baby.

Girlfriend was looking rough in the movie Knight and Day. Have you seen it? I have to admit I actually enjoyed the film - and it made me remember the days of yore when I was fond of Cruise.

Girlfriend is an aging actress in Hollywood, where there are 100 gorgeous young actresses a decade younger fighting to replace her. Not fair, but there you have it. She should be happy with her millions and her boytoy.

And no, haven't seen the movie. Reviews were lukewarm and don't care much for either of the leads.


Did you see that M. Obama has banned her kids from Facebook? Do you think she is just using the Secret Service concerns to do what most parents wish they had the will and authority to do with their kids without seeming like the Bad Guy?

Here you go -- all the highlights of Michelle Obama's appearance on Today.

I dunno -- her kids are still kind of youngish. I've got cousins that age who aren't on Facebook yet.

What did you think of the Salahis attempt to crash Jerry Jones' suite at the Super Bowl? They are becoming like garden gnomes to me, never know where they'll pop up next.

The Dallas Cowboys have denied reports in RadarOnline that the Salahis crashed; said that they were briefly invited in, and then left.

Have you noticed any difference around town now that the tea party people have invaded? Supposedly People of the People, have they changed the social scene at all? Notice a difference?

Nope. They don't mingle with the Inside the Beltway types---afraid of getting political cooties or something like that. 

I figured you'd like that trailer for the latest "Captain America" adaption film with a shirtless hunk Chris Evans.

I am so not the target demo for super-hero movies. Or, probably, for Chris Evans movies either. Hey, anyone seen "Blue Valentine"? Ryan Gosling is adorable even when he's not adorable. It's a wrenching movie, though. I really needed a drink afterwards.

I had no idea Slash was an honorary Black Eyed Pea. Aside from the stripper-looking lead singer, the Black Eyed Peas were not a bad back-up band for Usher.

I think Usher is worthy of a much better opening act, frankly. I was glad to see him come out there and redeem the show, though.

Trying to remember all the details of that Jude Law bio I read -- but wasn't Sienna the other women at one point?

Yeah--big scandal. Broke up his marriage to wife and three kids. Both Jude and Sienna are pretty faces but bad people. 

Isn't this type of thing usually solved by competing rhymes that make fun of the other until one is gunned down on the Vegas strip while sitting next to Suge Knight?

That was the '90s way... Now we act out via cardboard cutouts and, uh, gossip columns.

We don't like them BECAUSE they're the type of couple who get caught doing this in public. It's just one more gag-inducing A-Rod thing.

But's that my point: A-rod is yucky, therefore the popcorn thing is yucky. If we saw, say, the first lady feeding the president popcorn, would we think it was affectionate and charming?

She wouldn't be running for Sen. Kyl's seat anytime soon: According to the Constitution, a Senator has to be at least 30 years old. (A member of the House only has to be 25.)

Not happening when she's 25, 30, 35 or 65.

So Olivia Wilde is breaking up with her husband at the same time Ed Rendell announced his split. I'm just saying . . .

Wouldn't that be something on the red carpet?

Who saw this coming? And why is he making this choice now?

Knowing nothing about nothing, I'm guessing that he just never really dug being a senator -- I suspect he never imagined he'd win in 2006 -- and he strikes me as the type who would probably really hate all the fundraising and schmoozing that is essential to the job. They all hate it, but some hate it more, and that's been the tipping point for others to leave office. Also, I think he probably likes writing books, and that's probably more lucrative for him.


The Fix: Jim Webb's retirement (and what it means)

About ANY and all items relating to Bristol Palin fits under the "how is this news?" category, not just this latest political ambition item.

I wouldn't go that far. I'd just say, let's keep the bar high.

$41,000 in unpaid spray tanning charges? What is that, like, a year's worth? Hope John Boehner pays his bills promptly!

Sigh. I'm so over spoiled, entitled celebs who think they can take whatever they want for free. Hooray for the business owners who are calling them on it.

Am I the only person who enjoyed the Black Eyed Peas halftime performance? No one else at my job seemed to like it. Full disclosure: I am a big Fergie and Usher fan though.

I think we can all agree it was watchable. It was not boring. Whether you liked it -- well, isn't that the great dividing line in America these days? Black Eyed Peas: for or against?

I heard that two former Washington Post writers were guests at the Obamas' Super Bowl Party on Sunday (am I allowed to write Super Bowl here without the NFL having ICE seize this website?). Where can I find the full guest list?

It wasn't an official event, so the White House did not release a full list of the guests.

It's usually hard to fill sorry for the heirs of billionaires, but he truly had a tragic life. Getting kidnapped, getting your ear cut off, becoming a drug addict, becoming paralyzed.....I feel sad for him and his family. May he rest in peace.

It's a very sad story, and a very compelling obituary that you should read.

J. Paul Getty III obituary

Well, they said it was Slash, so if it wasn't, they better have had permission or they (the NFL, or Fox -- not the Peas) would be facing a major lawsuit. Anyway, there's no reason to think it wasn't -- he's still around, and it seemed like the kind of thing he would do. And that was really Usher. It would be kind of cool, though, if we found out that Slash employs a number of look-alikes to pretend to be him and bring in money while he sits at home and counts it -- that would be a genius feat of branding (create a distinctive but easily replicated image) and marketing (send imitators to do the work), don't you think?

It would make me so happy to learn that Slash has franchised himself. It would be so easy to do, and so brilliant.

Does this mean that you're not on line all the time, as the rest of us are? How can you get any work done that way?

Shocking, I know, but I sometimes go HOURS on the weekend without checking e-mail or the web. You should try it: clears the head. 

Was Ryan Gosling robbed by not being nominated for an Oscar?

Oh, I don't know. You can only nominate five, you know? I guess Javier Bardem edged him out. And we all know Colin Firth's going to win anyway.

It was also yucky because she kind of shoved the popcorn in his mouth. Who really wants someone to shove a big glob of popcorn in your mouth while you are watching the Super Bowl?


Flat Salahi (readers with young children, nieces or nephews will get it).

Ha. Why hasn't that been done yet?

Just read your item. What a tool that poet is. If he doesn't like the compensation at Busboys, nobody's forcing him or his fellow poets to read there. If, as he claims, the owner is making so much off of the readings, why not just boycott the place?

Like I said, an interesting debate.

By definition, anyone we would find charming while feeding popcorn to his/her partner/spouse wouldn't do it in public, therefore rendering them charming. The reality of watching someone feed someone else moves them to the non-charming side of the ledger.

One opinion.

If you were put in charge of the Super Bowl next year, who would be your top choice to sing the National Anthem and to perform at the Halftime Show?

Leonard Cohen. No wait -- he's Canadian. Okay then: Either Bob Dylan or T.I.

I just clicked on to the trailer and frankly I was not impressed. I think he looked a little too big and steroidy. I prefer a more natural shirtless hunk - i.e. Mark Wahlberg in the movie "Date Night".

Ha. Did Wahlberg ever put on a shirt in that movie?

Yeah I think its the who, not the what. If say it were Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, I'd think --aren't they adorable? Because, well, they are.

And the other side....

I just hope it had some antibiotic dusted on it.

This may be a hotter debate than the Busboys & Poets one.

Sheesh. Totally got that when she was a teen. But after 30 and when using the perks that come from being an ex-prez's kid, her free pass expired long ago. So then: what IS the latest on her runaway husband?

The silence is deafening. I told Amy he needs to get back to NYC sooner than later, or she needs to hit the slopes with him----because if that doesn't happen, the tabloids are going to a full court press.

I guess it's because it's slutty A-Rod (not male slutty, but slutty). Honestly still thought he was with Kate Hudson.

That was ages ago....Kate has already run through a couple new guys before getting pregnant with a British musician.

Did anyone ever ask Jim Webb what he thought of that Annapolis movie that came out a few years ago?

Why, what do you know -- I was hoping someone would ask me about my dream date with Jim Webb. I took him to see "Annapolis" on its opening day at, like, 10 a.m. in an almost empty theater at the Georgetown multiplex. This was about a month before he entered the Senate race, so he still had time on his hands. I really enjoyed his commentary, and I would definitely go see any other military-themed drama with him again.

Watching "Annapolis" with Jim Webb, 1/29/06

The guy who was on Malcolm in the Middle is a different person from the Efron High School Musical kid, right?

Pretty sure. Hey, did you know that the Malcolm in the Middle kid has a long-standing rivalry with Shia LeBeouf?  We're lucky that the '90s didn't end with them taking car rides with Suge Knight.

With Real Housewives of Miami debuting soon, pushing the Real Housewives of New York to the Spring, I think we can say DC will not be coming back for a second season -- and that is a good thing, so lame and boring.....

No official announcement, but doesn't look promising in the near future. No cameras have shown up in town, and the Beverly Hills franchise looked like a bigger hit.

Should really give credit to "The Onion" for breaking the story that Jennifer Aniston was planning to adopt. 

Haha. Haven't looked at this, but the URL says it all.

I was a bit taken aback by Michelle's announcement that Obama has officially quit smoking. I can see where she'd like to give young people an added reason to quit (or not start), but I've known many smokers who quit for a while and then go back. I guess I'd have kept it to myself.

Well, I guess maybe it puts a little pressure on him.

Somebody published a photo yesterday of the two of them in NYC...seems like they read your chat last week and he hightailed it back to new york!

Well, there you go. Bliss restored.

Page Six reported that Marc and Chelsea were photographed together at several locations in Manhattan last weekend.

Yes, indeed. So just stop speculating about their marriage, okay? Move along now, nothing to see here!

How about Ed and Midge Rendell splitting up after some 40 years of marriage? Announcement came just weeks after he left office as PA. Governor, while she's still justice on our 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.

Yeah, how about that? Bad year for Democratic power couples.

Like it or not, their music is part of our culture. My boyfriend, bless him, spent the whole halftime going... "wait, I didn't know they sang this song. I like this song." After he told me he wasn't interested in halftime because he didnt' know a single Black Eyed Peas song. It's a good thing he's cute.

I confess: I was saying the same thing.

Just having watched it, it would have been fine (unoriginal, but fine)--up to the point where he starts admiring the pretty blonde, then takes an appraising look at his nagging (black) wife. I think it reveals an ignorance of black culture (and sore spots therein) that's kind of offensive in itself, coming from an industry that's paid to understand how to manipulate society.

It was clearly designed to make people sit up on their couches and say, "what was that about?"

DC's own operatic star Denyce Graves?

Actually, that's a good idea.

Does that pay the bills these days? I mean, assuming you are not Lil' Wayne?

Now that there's an "Anthology of Rap," I think we should start agitating for Weezy to be made poet laureate.

She and A-Rod have been together for awhile. Seems about time she gets passed on to another A-lister and he moves on to the next poor man's version of Kate Hudson.

No. She and A-Rod have a true love and they will be together forever. What was it he told a friend? "She's my [fracking] soul mate, man!"

 No, wait -- that's what he said about Madonna.

Was "Annapolis" when you first started to question "Why is James Franco considered leading man material?" I remember when "Annapolis" and his other film "Tristan & Isolde" were in playing at my local movie theatre at the same time and there were two massive posters for them in the lobby. That was when I started to really wonder "Why James Franco"?

He's really done a good job of rebooting his career in the past five years, hasn't he?

It doesn't matter if Cohen is Canadian (see U2, the Who, McCartney (and I think the Rolling Stones some years back)). Do you know who I would absolutely love to see do the half time: ABBA. It would make even the most manly man admit that (even if it is just through wedding reception osmosis) that EVERYONE knows the lyrics to Dancing Queen.

That's an excellent idea.

Nearly every other Post chat (except Tom Siestsma) has weighed in on Dan Snyder idiocy. Is there anything you can add to the hilarity?

Is it even possible to add to the hilarity?

"Roxanne Roberts : "Nope. They don't mingle with the Inside the Beltway types---afraid of getting political cooties or something like that." Or maybe they just find the "ITB" types to be arrogant and prejudiced against them without actually knowing them. Just maybe.

Arrogance and prejudice runs both ways. Some of the Tea Party members have been very vocal in their blanket dismissal of anyone in Washington---without actually meeting them. You can't condemn the ITB types without also condemning Tea Party members who act the same way. Just saying. 

I thought it was odd for Michelle to say he wanted to quit so when his girls started asking if he smokes, he could say no. I knew which of my relatives smoked when I was like, FOUR. (I remember nagging the cigarette smokers about it at that age, too.) If they don't know he was a smoker yet, he hasn't spent as much time with his daughters as he claims.

More likely he didn't smoke around them-- and now that the girls are the age kids start smoking, wants to honestly say he doesn't.

Do. Not. Understand. Did you see his Daily Show interview? What a tool. "Well, I was late for my class... at Yale." He is soooo impressed with himself - even his "ironic" turn on a day time soap is all self-marketing. Ick.

Missed it, but I already admitted Franco is not my cup of tea. 

SNL castmember Jason Sudeikis's mother, Kathy Sudeikis Wendt, is a sister of George Wendt (best known as Norm on "Cheers).  Follow SNL castmember Paul Brittain's mother, Virginia Brittain Newhart, is a sister of Bob Newhart

And Abby Elliott is the daughter of Chris Elliott... Maybe this isn't so much a coincidence as a theme -- that it helps to know someone?

Where did I see a photo of them at the Superbowl? Will they be at the Grammys next week and the Oscars the following week?

They attended Playboy's Super Bowl party -- as invited guests, yes, I checked -- and got themselves in front of paparazzi. They also posted photos of themselves mingling in the owner's suite, but the visit was apparently briefer than it may have appeared.

Where can I submit my resume, because this guys seriously needs PR advice. What was he thinking? Is he really that pathetically thin-skinned? Does he not have anyone who can look him in the eyes, shake their head and go "bad, bad idea. go to bed without dinner and think about what you are thinking about doing"?

He fires those guys. He listens to the ones who tell him what he wants to hear. Bad trait in a king, president or sports team owner.

If you were brought up on stage by Prince, you guys would dance, and not just stand there like an idiot until Prince threw you off the stage, right?

If Prince tells you to dance, you dance.

"Or maybe they just find the "ITB" types to be arrogant and prejudiced against them without actually knowing them" This poster clearly doesn't know ITB types! We will suck up to ANYONE! Its part of our special skill set.

Ha! Love that!

He hosts Family Fued? I knew Richard Dawson wasn't there anymore, but what happened to Louie Anderson?

There have been two other hosts in between Anderson (who left in 2002) and Harvey (who started last fall ) -- Richard Karn and John O'Hurley.

He was in the cast of Freaks and Geeks and that gives him an inexhaustible supply of goodwill as far as I'm concerned.

A very fine show. Honestly, I had sort of forgotten he was in "Annapolis."

Kim K. didn't last long on "Dancing With The Stars," either.

She was on DWTS? I am so oblivious to that show.

I am not his biggest fan or anything, but don't bother watching the Oscars. Gonna be a lot of Franco that night.

Oh, I'll watch. Maybe he'll change my opinion, but they'll be plenty others to keep me busy.

Maybe we could entice the poets to have a protest-off with the breastfeeding mamas at the Hirshhorn this weekend. Get everyone involved. C'mon there are no sports on. This could fulfill our live entertainment needs.

I saw in your column that President Obama quit smoking! That's a great example for all the kids out there. Do you think John Boehner will follow suit?

That's rich! Not a chance. The Speaker loves his smokes.

And on that note, let's call it a day.  Stay warm, cuddle with your Valentine, and meet us back here next week (or write us at Cheers. 


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