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Feb 02, 2011

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts will be online Wednesday, Feb. 2, at Noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

Hello all... Busy week in Reliable Sourceland.

A document that was never supposed to be made public gives us a fascinating glimpse into the very costly breakup of Gilbert Arenas and his ex-fiancee. We examined the body language of the State of the Union. Chelsea's husband quits his job, hits the slopes. Barbara Bush (the younger) endorses gay marriage. White House intern wows the judges on American Idol. Why was "Waiting for Superman" snubbed by the Oscars? Clinton Portis puts his mansion on the market. Dennis Kucinich settles lawsuit over unwanted olive pit chomp, details his grisly injuries. Is Mark Salter the "anonymous" behind "O"? Do you care? President Obama blows off Alfalfa Club dinner in favor of a farewell party for David Axelrod. And most importantly --  Snooki at the Auto Show! (Why?)

about your story Chelsea Clinton's husband Marc Mezvinsky leaves hedge fund, heads to slopes. seemed to be they are separated....

Not that we know of. According to the New York Post, the plan was that she'd go out and visit him on weekends, and a source tells us that Chelsea has been spotted out there in Jackson Hole. She's still working on a graduate degree... Beyond that, who ever knows what goes on in another couple's life.

Any good stories from either Amy or Roxanne of getting home last Wednesday's Thunder Snow Storm 2011?

I am so bored of people's stories about their commutes. I know everyone had terrible, terrible experiences -- it's just that it's never very interesting to hear about later. Do you want to hear about my miserable mile-long walk? Didn't think so.

I know we've talked this to death, but have you watched Wheel of Fortune lately? Pat Sajak is getting a little Regis-y as he gets older. Just saying, he might be the PERFECT replacement.

We'll put him on the list for consideration, but right now, I think Larry King is the frontrunner in my fan-fiction version of [Whoever] and [that lady]?

It seems Mr. Mezvinsky quit his job and then went skiing ? Although he has a lot of money this just isn't the right thing to do in a new marriage. If I were the parent-in-law I would be very concerned for my daughter.

This is generating a lot of speculation. Could be trouble in paradise...but here's another possibility.

Marc decides it's time to switch companies/carrer. The only time to take an extended vacation is between jobs, and it appears he has earned plenty of money and can afford a break. Maybe Chelsea feels fine about it---even if she stays behind taking classes for grad school---and is flying out for long weekends.

What I think is a little weird is that he's doing this in their first year of marriage. You might think he'd stay in NYC to spend time with Chelsea or she would take the semester off to play with him. Anyway, the proof of this pudding is how how he stays out there, and how soon he's back in NYC.

Just curious, how close is Mark Salter with Barack Obama? Seems if the character "O" in his novel is how the McCain-Palin campaign viewed Barack Obama, it's not exactly a shocker they lost and lost badly...

Hey, look! Someone who is interested in this topic.

That's the weird thing. Simon & Schuster hyped this as an insider's look, assuring us that the mysterious author has "been in the room" with Obama. If it's Mark Salter, an aide for the other team -- Time magazine says it is, I have no idea -- well, then, that's a pretty big room.

I've read reviews of "O: A Presidential Novel" and besides bashing it for being rather awful, they mention some of the bigwigs in the book who are meant to represent real people i.e. Avi Samuelson is David Axelrod, Bianca Stefani is Arianna Huffington, The Barracuda is Sarah Palin, etc... Just curious if there are other bigwig politics and media issues and what cheesy false names are they given? Also is Mrs. O is the novel at all?

"Bianca Stefani" is just about my favorite made-up roman a clef name in some time. I don't have any immediate answers for you, but am planning on getting a full read (or, rather, the Cliff's Notes) later in the week.

Anyone who has had a job (or jobs) like the one Marc Mezvinsky has left understands the need to take a long, relaxing vacation before figuring out the next chapter in life. He's probably made a ton of money and this is one of the few times he'll be able to take off like this with impunity. Most jobs (and graduate programs) are not so flexible. It's hard to do this when there are kids in the picture.

Thanks for your thoughts; makes sense.

About the sled dogs in Whistler? The outrage up here in the Pacific Northwest is already large and growing, but I'm not sure why this isn't a bigger story nationally.

I did, and it's awful---right up there with Michael Vick. Dog lovers, proceed with caution: it will make you cry.

We've been without a John-John for too long, right? Weird thing about sonless fathers being president. The incumbent President and his two immediate predecessors had no sons (well, that we know of hehe). And three of the front-runners for the GOP nod in 2012 only have daughters too: Gov. Mitch Daniels of Ind., Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minn. and Sen. John Thune of S.D. Unsure if it means anything at all, but just neat that we haven't had an American President with sons since 1989 and that president's eldest son became president himself and his second is constantly hinting that he'll run in 2016.

Huh. Very interesting. Haven't heard this pointed out before. You think it' s something in the water?

Newlyweds living so far apart so soon in their marriage speaks volumes to me. I know after 30 years I enjoy a little time away from the spouse but for the first few years we were joined at the hip.

Here's another weird thing: Both of them have to know that this would start people gossiping. Like it or not, they're public figures---I bet the tabloids will now start trailing him on the slopes. That's yet another reason I was surprised. 

Lindsay Lohan accused of robbery. Say it aint so?

Sigh. Reports People:

Lindsay Lohan is once again under police scrutiny – this time for allegedly stealing a necklace that went missing from a Venice, Calif., store on Jan. 22.

Police described the $2,500 necklace on Wednesday as "one of a kind."

Detectives obtained a search warrant Tuesday in the grand theft investigation to search Lohan's Venice home, but before they could, the necklace was returned to the police station, according to an LAPD statement.

Lohan's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley wasn't immediately available for comment.


Sorry if this was answered, but I miss last week's Live Chat. Did you get a chance to speak with Commerce Secy. Gary Locke and if so, did he tell you about where his father was born?

Nope---he slipped past reporters with saying anything. But, as I said, the info we had from from his official Commerce Department bio.

Whoa the Barbara Bush item generated like 94 comments last time I looked, which is kind of a record for you guys ( I mean you seriously average about .02 comments, right ? ) . I haven't actually read any of the comments so for all I know they may be ads for beauty products but how do you account for this and will this mean more posts about the nice Bush twin ?

Not a record; the comments blow up for certain topics that get a lot of Google interest -- things involving the Palin family, for example. You never can tell much from  comments, though; there are stories that draw an insane number of hits and yet only draw a couple of comments. Not a lot of correllation between What People Want to Read and What People Want to Comment On.

Barack Obama was 32 years old was he got married? I'm kind of surprised that we NEVER hear anything about ex-girlfriends from him. I don't imagine him to be the Casanova of Punahou Academy or Occidental College, but you'd think a prom date or college sweetheart would be interviewed by somebody?

I've wondered this myself. I think I remember hearing that one of his biographers had talked to some exes, but must not have been interesting enough to get much pickup.

Snooki is just steps away from the obscurity that is Susan Boyle. Let her enjoy her time in the limelight of the D.C. Auto Show because before you know it she'll be forgotten and oh so fat.

Hey, just because you stopped watching that YouTube clip doesn't mean Susan Boyle ceased to exist. Her Christmas album, released just before these last holidays, has sold nearly 2 million copies. Snooki should be so lucky.

Taller than she looks?

She's as short as you expect, as orange as you expect. Cuter than you expect, though, strangely.

In your opinion, which socialite should be elected Poor Little Rich Girl (or "Most Likely to End Up Like Doris Duke or Barbara Hutton")? Hilton? Lohan? Snooki? Others?

There's a differece between a PLRG, a reality star and a train-wreck movie star. Reality stars are human fads destined to disappear quickly with (if they're smart) whatever fortune they managed to acquire in their 15 minutes. Movie stars are similiar, but have a chance of a comeback based on actual talent. PLRG are women born into a fortune with an inability to use said fortune in a way that makes them happy. Paris is a meld of PRLG and reality star, but with plenty of money and what looks like a shallow, care-free life. Nothing poor about her so far.

My nephew went to a Naked Party at Yale in the early 00s (apparently these were popular among Yalies in those days, perhaps they still are.) He said it was a bunch of naked people standing around trying to act like they and everyone around the room were not naked. He said that he saw Barbara Bush at one right before she graduated. Perhaps she's cooler than anyone else in her family. Maybe she will be the Ron Reagan of the Bush administration.

That would be awesome if it's true.

Hi Ladies! Longtime reader, just moved to town, and I have a vital question for two women so in the know: What hell is the deal with all these damn cupcakes? Seriously, didn't that craze end, like, years ago? Do people really pay $3 for a very mediocre piece of dessert (yes, I've tried several and most are just not good)? Please, dear residents, come to your senses. If you are going to pay a lot for dessert, at least use your purchasing power to demand some decent local ice cream.

It makes no sense to me at all. I think it rivals national-security contracting as D.C.'s biggest growth industry. And yes, they're all completely overrated. Slate had an excellent story warning about the cupcake crash destined to follow the cupcake boom, but that was almost a year and a half ago (link to follow).

Maybe they just don't care about what other people say. I give them a lot of credit for maintaining their privacy and what seem to be pretty normal lives for a couple of smart, serious people. No one ever hears a peep about Chelsea doing anything more interesting than typing on her laptop at Starbuck's or taking a spin class at a groovy spinning studio. There are so many factors going into this that I don't think you can reasonably read any significant marital issues into it. It may just be timing - he's burned out from 10 years in finance (Goldman works its young employees notoriously hard and he was there during some very busy, boom years and successful hedge funds do the same) and needs a break. They have no kids, she's busy with her grad program, and he needs to relax and figure things out professionally.

Could be as simple as that----but taking an extended ski break this soon in their marriage is going to raise eyebrows, no matter what is actually happening. The only way for the gossip to die is for paparazzi to "catch" Chelsea and Marc cuddling on the slopes.  

I must first admit that I am one of the few people who does not watch Jersey Shore but I have to give Snooki credit for having good business sense and making big money during her 15 mins. of fame. Heck, if I was getting paid like Snooki, I would show up at the DC Auto show too.

The REALLY smart ones not only make the big money but manage to keep it by saving and investing wisely. The dumb ones blow it all very quickly.

Just curious if you've got or read any inside scoops about Mark Zuckerberg meeting Jesse Eisenberg on camera when the latter was hosting SNL last weekend. Any gossip on how that was arranged or what happened after the show wrapped?

Gosh, you flatter me. You think I was there? I didn't even watch the entirety of the episode from my couch. SNL does a lot of famous-people cameos -- it's almost routine now, it's what famous people DO as part of a public rehabilitation to show how cool they are, that they can laugh at themselves, haha. In terms of an insider perspective, E! says Jesse Eisenberg said "it was wonderful!"

Did you see the mention in Gene Weingarten's Volt chat on Monday of how Dennis Kucinich's wife gets hit on by men when she's in restaurants HOLDING HANDS WITH HER HUSBAND? That image has stuck with me all week - first the olive pits, now the attempts at cuckolding. That poor man.

Ha. Been meaning to read that story, still have it on my coffee table.

This is a young woman who grew up with press constantly speculating about her parents' marriage, whether they really loved each other or were just in it for politics, etc. She probably learned to tune out that sort of stuff years ago.

You may be right----but then, her parents gave the press plenty of reasons to speculate, too.

I'm all for anything that gives him more exposure. Anything is better than Piers Morgan. And Pat deserved a special award for wearing the Colonial garb in his "Welcome to Mount Vernon" movie at the visitor's center.

That is a very fine movie, if you haven't seen it.

Ryan Reynolds is featured? Cmon. A great actor like Charles Grodin can't find a role, and our bankrupt society is honoring Ryan Reynolds? Hollywood scares me. No wonder there are no good movies out there.

Is Charles Grodin looking for roles? I was just Wikipedia'ing him last night, and it sounds like he's writing plays and stuff.

But yes, I think  Vanity Fair needs to have their next Hollywood cover be over-70 actors, exclusively.

My sis and her husband lived apart for 6 months while they waited for job transfers and home sales to work out. His transfer came through first and she stayed behind to sell the house. That's life, not a seperation. It's no crisis people, just reality with two working spouses and a slow housing market.

Again, it could be as simple as that. But when you're a Clinton----especially just six months after your big wedding---people are going to talk.

Are you still interested in details from the wedding? I have an e-mail from a friend of a friend who was there. Never sent it to you guys because I felt it was not my place and it seemed unfair. Skiing has me changing my mind.

Always interested. Send it to 

isn't him threatening to sue just proving the city paper's point? or does dan snyder actually have a leg to stand on?

If you haven't read about this yet:

Redskins owner Dan Snyder seeks dismissal of City Paper writer

I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know if he has a case. All I know is that even if you don't have a legitimate case, it's possible to force a company to wrack up a lot of legal expenses by suing them.

And, one can't argue that, for Chelsea, the marriage that would of most made the biggest impression (i.e. her parents) was hardly an orthodox example to emmulate. My guess is it might now seem as weird to her to be away from him as it might to others.

I'm guessing you meant to type "NOT seem as weird to her"----which is a good point.

Why does anyone care about Angelina Jolie? She has not made a good movie in years.

Because she's beautiful and crazy and has six children and lives with Brad Pitt. You think it was supposed to be about her craft?

Is there a link to this article? I can't find it on your page.

I know her making $15,000-$20,000 is real money, but is that enough for her to be bringing an entourage? It seems that money can be diluted pretty quickly. Or is having an entourage part of her image and self-importance?

You know, I've thought about this. If I could get $20K for an appearance, I think I'd rather do my own hair and carry my own pepper spray and do without having to pay an entourage.

Will either of you be flying out to cover the Academy Awards this year ?

Yes, I will.

From Last Week's Chat: "Q: So how many dude hands went up? A: Amy Argetsinger : None, yet. I know that at least two are here, and that one of our regulars is absent." Really, I'm touched that you noticed....

No, I actually thought YOU were here. Apparently I confused you for someone else. Glad to have you back.

This is the first time that anyone has collated Bianca Jagger and Gwen Stefani to my knowledge. Did all the character names come from plundering back issues of People?

Is there any better way to name your baby?

The Joe Klein fact/fiction take on the Clinton campaign hinged on the efforts to hide Clinton's indiscretions. If we don't even have any old GFs willing to dish on Obama, it's hard to imagine that O would be a very juicy read. And John Travolta played Clinton in the movie, who plays Obama in the movie version of O? Please, not Fred Armisen.

Ha. I don't think "O" is headed that way.

Any update on Mayor Bloomberg's daughter who fell off the horse ?

Last I heard, she was eager and ready to get back in the saddle. (So rarely you can use that literally.)

Pat had talkshow. What's that you say? You don't remember. Exactly. It was THAT painful. And I say this as a person who enjoys him on Wheel of Fortune. There's nothing wrong with "staying in your lane."

Pat is actually very smart, which makes him not that skilled a talk show host. You see flashes of it every so often on "Wheel"----when it looks like he wants to shake the shoulders of an especially idiotic contestant. 

Is she married? If not, who is she dating?

Not married; no idea if she and the on-off college boyfriend are on these days.

Has rehab become the new "it" place ? Because it seems a lot of celebs have been making the mandatory stop there. I remember when the Betty Ford clinic was sort of the cool thing but I'm guessing rehab has much better facilities now.

Yeah, apparently, at Betty Ford you have to mop the floors and stuff. There are all these other newfangled facilities that are more like spas.

Wouldn't it make more sense for Snyder to ignore the City Paper? He seems upset that people wrote mean things about him, so he is now highlighting it and people all across the country are Googling the City Paper story right now and learning what a bad guy Snyder is. This is not exactly helping his image.

You'd  think, wouldn't you? Millions of people who never would have seen the article are now reading every word.

Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has four sons. But he's not nice to his dog.

FIVE sons! Tagg, Matt, Craig, Josh, Ben. Remember when we knew them all by heart? And then the Palin kids came along, and we just didn't have enough brain cells for all of them.

I know they are kind of off-limits, but have you seen pictures of Sasha Obama lately? She is really growing into herself really nicely. I suspect she will be a stunner in a few years!

Do you mean Malia, who's almost as tall as her parents and is already a stunner? Sasha is the younger first daughter and still looks like a kid to me.

What Salter doesn't realize is that half the book sales in DC are people who only buy it because their name appears in the index. Using made up names doesn't help anybody.

Ha. Well, no, there's the notion that if you have a non-fiction book with an index, people can get it out of their system by standing up and browsing in the aisles of Kramerbooks; if you fictionalize it, then they'll be forced to buy it and read it all the way through. Doesn't seem to be working, though.

An earlier chatter posted: "If I were the parent-in-law I would be very concerned for my daughter." Eh, I don't know -- I'm guessing the parents-in-law, who see each other maybe 8-12 days a year at this point, aren't going to be overly concerned. Just sayin'.

Rich people are so different from you and I.

The other thing to keep in mind is that they've been together for a long time and I think they've lived together for a long while as well. They might see the timing as 6 years into their relationship rather than a few months after their wedding. So, ostensibly not a huge deal given that he needs a break before he finds a new job, they have kids, etc.

Another good point. Look, this could be much ado about nothing. We'll know soon enough.

I'm really sorry to see anyone be such a mess but I have a question. Why is his show so popular? I watch it occasionally but I don't know anyone who really likes it.

A friend of mine just discovered it, belatedly, and loves it. Says it's all about Charlie Sheen being a drunk womanizer -- that that's the one joke, but that it's a great joke.

is becoming a little more Regisy. Not too long ago, he cracked wise, apropos of nothing. "I know what I want on my tombstone: 'R_P. Would you like to buy a vowel?'"

I love that.

He's too political. I know everyone knows him from Wheel of Fortune, but he's also a total neocon. Fine for neocons, not so great for mid-morning talk shows. That would be as bad as getting Keith Olbermann to host...hey, actually, why not replace both Regis and Kelly with Pat and Keith?

Actually, Keith and Kelly -- wouldn't that be a hoot?

when there are Vice Presidential sons. Both Biden the Younger and Biden the Younger Younger are pretty easy on the eyes. And that's the only reason we care about adult children of politicians, right?

Yeah, basically.

Yeah, I never read the City Paper and do not care about the Redskins, but I am pretty excited to look up this story now.

I know -- really puts them on the map, huh?

Please Amy - Please tell us about your horrible commute home in the snow.

She can't even talk about it.

Your squib about Clinton/Mesvwhatever yesterday stated that they as a couple are well-to-do because of his former job. Like she's not bringing in her own income? (Or, to be technical, her parents', but you know what I mean.) Hello, what year is this?

We can gauge a little more about Marc's income than hers -- he's the one who bought a $4 million place a couple years ago, he's the one who's been longtime employed in financial services... We know that she was at a hedge-fund, but she left it a while ago and has been in graduate school.

I sat in the upper deck of a Georgetown game last year where President Obama attended. Using the O definitions, I think I am the possible author of O. After all, I was in the room with him. I will confirm nor deny anything.

The dry writing style is a lot like yours, too -- though I haven't read the sex scenes yet. 

Oh, come on, you don't really believe this, do you? Were her Secret Service agents naked, too? She was the daughter of the President of the United States at the time, do you HONESTLY believe that her attendance at a "naked party" Yale would have remained quiet? Don't you have any level of credibility to apply to comments before you post them? This seems National Enquirer level.

Yalies are a tight bunch. We hardly heard ANYTHING about her college years---and I don't think it was because she never went out. I'd give it low odds, but not completely impossible.

Yes, I remember The Pat Sajak Show. It had two main problems (three if you count musical director Tom Scott). First was that it went head-to-head with Carson, and that would never go well. Second was that was an awful format for Sajack. He is not a comedy guy, but would be he would be outstanding in an interview-format talk show, like Larry King. And Sajak is a bo-coastal guy (like Larry) with a firm respect for the old Hollywood that Larry focused on. I'd watch Pat.

Thanks for your thoughts. It's good to hear from someone who remembers the Pat Sajak Show.

What is she in grad schol for?

Public policy.

Is that a new photo of you two?

No -- same old one from two-and-a-half years ago I've been meaning to replace.

Does anyone else's mind go immediately to the famous work of smut when hearing about this book?

Famous----but also not that good.

The solution to one of the puzzles on "Wheel of Fortune" recently (a Before-and-After) was "Scarlet Letter to the Editor." Sajak quipped after it was solved that the solver had even bought the "A," which was pretty clever for an ad lib, methinks. He's also done well on Celebrity Jeopardy!, leading me to think he's smarter than better-educated than most folks think. But if he replaces Regis, will Vanna replace Kelly?

Not happening.

Hey wait -- what's that post about Mitt Romney not being nice to his dog about ? That smells like a smear to me and I don't think it has any place in this chat.

Sorry -- I was so worked up about clarifying the record about the number of Romney Boys that I neglected to get back to that dog comment. I assume the chatter is referring to the anecdote that got a lot of play during the '08 race about the time that the Romney family went on a road trip with their Irish setter in a special wind-break-equipped carrier strapped to the top of the station wagon, and then the dog had diarrhea, and antics ensued. It's a story the family tells themselves, but it led to a lot of  "mean to animals" sniping.

Any idea where I can make a donation to the City Paper Legal Defense Fund?

Ha. Keep them in your prayers.

Her humanitarian work?

Is that why people care about her? That would be nice, but I think it's probably more the other stuff.

Once upon a time it was Gloria Vanderbilt, but she actually turned out pretty well, as has her son Anderson.

Gloria was a wreck most of her life but toughed it out. Did you hear Anderson got roughed up by Egyptian crowds? 

Do you mean the part about the Naked Party or the speculation that she might be the Bush family Ron Reagan? The Naked Party part is definitely true. That would be consistent with her having out gay friends.

I meant the Naked Party. How do you know that definitely true? Were you there? And is it cold? I'm always cold.

Why is everybody trying to force that guy into rehab? I'm not necessarily saying that we should endorse his lifestyle, but if he wants to make quality entertainment and then blow off steam with hookers, alcohol, and occasional other chemicals -- that is up to him? He seems to be enjoying that life, and he can certainly afford it. I applaud you, Charlie Sheen. Like T.I. says, you're got to liveyour life.

The folks who work with him on "Two and a Half Men" are reportedly annoyed that this stint in rehab is going to cost them work and pay. I suppose they'd be even more annoyed if he ended up dead.

I don't think it is a far fetched as you think. The secret service isn't in the room with them all the time acting like chaperones, (witness their ability to drink underage) nor should they be. Also, she was a little more spirited then I think people realized - I remember a story in the Post of her ditching her secret service detail entirely to go to a World Wrestling Federation event at Madison Square Garden. I hope the story is true!

I imagine we'll know for sure---one day.

Did Al Gore III ever get his life turned around?

Last we heard of him, he had some job in an investment firm.

If you print my comment that Danny Snyder is the worst owner in sports, and I beg him to sell the team as he continues to destroy football for generations of Washingtonians, and is now are trying to tear up the freedom of the press -- would the Washington Post get sued for that?

The sentiments expressed by commenters do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Washington Post, etc. etc. etc.

Here's an idea: Kelly can retire, too. Then we can cast Keith Olberman and the Survivor-chick from The View (Hassel-something). Add water, mix. It would be a train-wreck, but the ratings would be through the roof.

Only for a couple weeks----Olberman is way smarter than Hasselbeck and would shred her arguments on a daily basis. Not a fair fight.

I figure Chelsea and Marc have known each other a long time and this may just be his need to recharge from his stressful career. I will, however, worry if six months after the royal nuptials, Prince William chucks his military career to become a ski bum in Gstaad while Kate is at home opening hospitals and hosting teas for charities.

The tabs will go crazy if they LOOK at each other funny.

Was it coincidence that yesterday's piece on local chef Gillian Clark (sorry, so wish I knew how to link...) about her being the most hated/loved chef in DC, appeared in the Post on the same day that she lost on the TV cooking competition show "Chopped" on the Food Network?

She was on "Chopped"? I loved that show. Anyway, here's the story about Gillian Clark (in today's Food section). Showing off my new ability to create links...

Gillian Clark: The chef people love to hate?

Oooh, your going to the Awards this year? Who are you looking forward to seeing there? When you come back, you have to give us the 411 on which celebrities are rude to you (hopefully none will be).

Good question. I don't think I'm excited yet -- there aren't a lot of movies I'm really revved up about this year. But it's always a rush to be there.

Charlie Sheen a drunk womanizer sounds like reality TV to me.

That's his NEXT show.

Chatters, we've managed to kill an hour on Naked Parties and ski trips while Egypt goes up in flames. Okay, now back to the grown-up jobs. But don't forget to send your tips to  We'll be back here next week---can't promise the same about Mubarak. 


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