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Jan 09, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, January 9, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the chat. Some things on our radar lately:


With an avalanche of inaugural parties on the way, we present a rough guide to official and unofficial balls.


Who should play the young Hillary Clinton in the movie? (Your suggestions were good, too.)


Another Washington power couple breaks up: Sam and Jan Donaldson.


Who’s sitting in Dan Snyder’s box? The Redskins owner is a surprisingly loyal host. 


Patrick Kennedy comes out as an advocate against marijuana legalization, with some very strong words: "Addiction is addiction is addiction."


In other news: Last year’s Miss Alabama has more Twitter followers than her quarterback boyfriend, thanks to Brent Musburger. . . Gerard Depardieu flies to Russia, accepts a Russian passport, dons a Russian costume. . .  And Hannah Storm teaches us a lesson about propane grill safety.


Looking forward to your questions . . .

I was all set to unveil you both as the source of the White House petition to give Joe Biden a reality show, until I realized the premise is "the VP's average day at work" and not, in fact landscaping with Jim Vance. Here I was all excited this idea was getting traction.....

Do you think it's too late to start a new petition? I'll leave that in your hands. (And how long before the White House pulls the plug on this goofy petition site? Is that getting used for anything serious?)

I am a Kimberly, and as you know, there are not too many of us in pop culture. I am happy to say that there are 2 talented Kimberlys in country music: Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town and Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry. Unfortunately, we are also weighed down by the baggage that is Kimberly Kardashian.

There is also my talented actress cousin Kimberley Argetsinger -- yes, we're really related! 


No one calls her Kimberly Kardashian, though, do they? Should we start?

I'm bored. What should I read--the New Yorker's web page, or The Atlantic's? (after the chat, of course).

Read the print edition of The New  Yorker. It's outstanding week in and week out. Also, it's got a paywall that keeps you from reading the best stuff. But I've got extra copies here on my desk if you want one.

Is Wendy still in search of a date?

We will ask her the next time we see her.


(Quoted: Wendy Rieger on Hurricane Sandy)

James Taylor and Beyonce. Why is this thing so predictable? They had Springsteen all through the campaign, why can't they bring him back for the inauguration?

They had Springsteen last time, didn't they? At least at the Inauguration Eve concert. Oh, and they must have had Aretha Franklin at the inauguration itself, right? And she had that hat. . . . For those just catching up, it was announced this morning that James Taylor, Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson will perform at the inauguration. (I know you were hoping for a reunited Led Zeppelin, but they've made it pretty clear they're not interested in getting back together. )

I was reading in yesterday's paper that the KenCen is reviewing its process or figuring who gets honored. How do we get them to change it to assure one of you two gets on the panel? Really, you are the only people who matter in this area.

Truly, I spend a big chunk of my year trying to predict upcoming Kennedy Center Honorees -- I'd be very good at this. (Brain stretcher for today: Who will be the first hip-hop honoree, and when will that happen?)


New committee will review Kennedy Center Honors selection process

I don't get the Musberger "controversy." Elite athletes and rock stars date beautiful women more often than not. The internet is full of photos of WAGs (althletes' Wives And Girlfriends). The fact that the Alabama QB met her at a beauty pageant suggests that he was there to meet beautiful women (why else would a guy go to a beauty pageant?). Whether the elite athletes view these beautiful women as trophies or the beautiful women view the elite athletes as meal tickets can be debated ad nauseum (and has been). But that doesn't change the constant association between the two. Years ago, when one of the Duran-Duran members was asked why rock stars date models, he replied "Because we can."

I think the flap was about a 73-year-old man gushing over a hot young thing, although he never used the word hot and she wasn't offended at being called beautiful.

So much time was spent on Miss Alabama that some of us forgot a game was even played

Wasn't much of a game, when it came down to it. I actually felt sorry for Notre Dame, which was a feat.

Before I look at your list, my first thought was Scarlett Johanssen.

That's who I'm advocating for too. It sounds crazy, but the coloring, the cheekbones, the curves -- it could work. And you do want an a-lister in this role, right? Casting "Rodham," the movie.

How about Frances McDormand?

I have a propane grille at home still sitting in the same box what I purchased it in. I have been afraid to put to together because I am sure I will light myself on fire, like Hannah Storm did. Is there anywhere I can just hire someone to fix it for me?

That's a friendly handy-man neighbor thing to do. It's not that hard, but it helps to have someone who has done it before. Find one and offer a six-pack ---after the grill is set up.

Nice to see Hannah Storm coming back for the Rose Parade after that extremely scary propane accident

I think we all learned a lesson about propane grill safety. Very scary.

I saw the question from the person writing in from Downtown, and misread it as "Downton" -- talk about a phenomenon getting popular! BTW, did you get to meet any of the "Downton Abbey" cast, or having any sightings of them reported during their recent promotional stop in DC?

Nope. Left that one to serious fans who would get a kick out of meeting the cast in person.

Has to be the name for the Joe Biden reality TV show.


If you look at her IMDB page, she has actually been credited as "Kimberly" in "18 Year Old Virgin" and "Foreign Exchange." So perhaps you are incorrect and some people do call her Kimberly.

No, sorry, you weren't following, or maybe I wasn't clear -- after introducing you to my cousin, I resumed the chatter's original thread, which was the topic of Kimberlys in popular culture; I was noting that no one ever refers to Kanye's girlfriend as "Kimberly Kardashian."

Did Amy have any New Years Resolutions?

Hmmm, no. Did you?

Guess we should wish Kate Middleton a Happy Birthday

Seems the polite thing to do. She's 31 today, and hope the mom-to-be is feeling well enough for a bite of cake.

Maybe Joe Biden does that too?!?!? Or Jim Vance?

I bet both of them could do it.

Snoop Dogg!!! (That would be truly awesome, but I'm not holding my breathe)

It will not be Snoop Dogg. Maybe Run DMC, or Dr. Dre. Not Snoop.

My life is boring -- when does that show come back again?

You're in luck: Your life becomes interesting again tomorrow, when the worst/best show on TV resumes.

I'm a proud feminist, and I didn't see anything wrong with the comments. He called her beautiful in unoffensive terms. Big deal.

Agreed. A little over the top, like he hadn't seen a looker in a long time. But nothing that set off alarms for me.

Emma Stone as a blonde?

That was one of our original suggestions, if you read the story.

What do you think they are going to name it?

I swear, we solved this question in last week's chat, but now I can't remember. Kimye? Krystal? I'll go back and check.

Scale of 1-10, how bummed are you about the injury to RG3?

A 6. He's young, has a fierce work ethic, and will be back as soon as he can. He's a great young quarterback and he's ours, so I'm optimistic. Think Stephen Strasburg.

I'm a 70 year-old sportscaster. May I get your cousin's phone number? No, no. I'm a college quarterback. Really, I am!

Hahaha. Stay away, Brent. I'll let you follow her on Twitter if you're nice.

LL Cool J, because he's an actor and award-show host as well.

You know, he might be the second or third hip-hop honoree. Because Ladies Love him.

She was definitely gorgeous, but she wore way to much makeup. And she's a graduate dating an undergrad? He's at least 2 years younger, I assume. That's like a cougar at that age.

Hey, it was her breakout moment -- good thing she was made up for the unexpected camera love. She is maybe 24 at the most (she was 23 when competing in Miss USA a few months ago) -- and, well, I still think AJ is a more appropriate choice for her than Brent Musburger.

How about Kate Winslet (a/k/a Mrs. Rocknroll).

She's too old now, too, to play a 20-something Hillary.

You guys are geniuses! Ellen Page would be awesome. Jason Segal would be great if he could 1) tone it down, 2) convincingly pull off the accent. I bow to you both.

Gotta think out of the box, you know?

Are you related to every Argetsinger, or just the talented/good-looking ones?

Same thing, right?

Grandmaster Flash

No, his career didn't really endure long enough, I'm afraid.

Here is the problem with their panel: the next group of winners are not going to be seen as fully merited, regardless of their merits, because of this.

At least an Hispanic honoree, which is too bad for an deserving artist.

Did you read any of the homages this week to author Richard Ben Cramer? Apparently he and Joe Biden became close enough that Biden helped Cramer select his home on Eastern Shore. What a guy, our Joe!

Yes, and thanks for reminding me of that. I thought of you all when I read Ben Smith's Cramer story the other night.

I would have loved to see the performance the other day where everyone was sick. Has there been any followup with the chorus girl who took on the starring role? Any further opportunities presenting themselves to her?

Good question. We'll have to follow up with Hannah Willman in a few months to see if any big offers followed her star-is-born moment. I do wish I'd been there too. For those who missed it, both the star and her understudy for "My Fair Lady" fell sick last weekend, and Willman stepped out of the chorus to handle the role.

Could be on HGTV or DIY, and be about finding a house, fixing it up, and having everyone over for beers and bbq.

Has to include cute grandkids.

RUM DMC will be honored (rest in peace Jam Master Jay) and it will happen in three years. They will be honored on stage by LL Cool J, Mary J Blige, Yo Yo Ma, and Tyne Daly.

Yes! And hopefully by these guys too, singing exactly this song in exactly these same stage costumes. (I know it's not a Run DMC song, but they did sample it, and it is awesome.

Do you know who its odd has never by honored: Diana Ross.

You missed it. She got the honor in 2010.

I though it was bizarre when he started talking about tghe quarterback's attractive mother, as if he had chosen her for her looks.

I didn't take it that way -- just that he had an attractive mother. The overall vibe was "Quarterbacks have all the luck."

I swear I read somewhere that Biden doesn't drink. Sound familiar to you?

He does not. But he could still serve his guests, right?

Listening to NPR this morning, I heard that a survey of Americans revealed that among the very few things less popular than Congress nowadays is Lindsay Lohan. Wow, that's really harsh!

Well, she's earned it.

Just having seen Zero Dark Thirty (don't worry, I won't ruin the ending for you), I think that Jessica Chastain gal could totally play they Hillary Rodham Clinton role.

Hmm, I disagree. She's too ethereal.

Kind of random but I just finished Julia Child's biography Dearie and was surprised that the author made a point of mentioning that Julia didn't care for Meryl Streep. I wonder what she would have thought about her playing her in Julie & Julia. I thought she was fantastic.

Interesting, didn't know that.

He didn't suggest that he himself try out for the Alababa football team to get hot women, he suggested young kids do that. He was actually being age appropriate. And frankly that game needed some entertainment. It was dull.

Blowouts usually are.

We have to give credit to that guy, I had not even thought of him since seeing him in the Katherine Heigl 1994 classic, My Father The Hero. Now he is everywhere. Well done, Gerard.

I know, really. I'm filling up my Netflix queue with Gerard, Gerard, Gerard. Did you know he apparently used to be quite handsome, as evidenced by this picture of him with a monkey?

Williams-Paisley. Love her!

Yes, she's a good Kimberly. And good to see her working again, too, in "Nashville," which is a very good TV series you all should be watching.

Personally, I think that it's hysterical that a committee has to be formed to ensure politically correct racial/ethnic diversity for the meaningless Ken Cen honors, but nobody bats an eyelash that all of Obama's new Cabinet appointees are white males. Talk about misdirected energy!


for a young Hillary

Amy Adams is actually too old for a young Hillary. She's 38.

But the name needs a comma, a la Murder, She Wrote.

It's all about the commas, isn't it? Eats, Shoots, and Leaves: 

"A panda walks into a restaurant, sits down and orders a sandwich. After he finishes eating the sandwich, the panda pulls out a gun and shoots the waiter, and then stands up to go. "Hey!" shouts the manager. "Where are you going? You just shot my waiter and you didn't pay for your sandwich!"

The panda yells back at the manager, "Hey man, I am a PANDA! Look it up!"

The manager opens his dictionary and sees the following definition for panda: "A tree-dwelling marsupial of Asian origin, characterised by distinct black and white colouring. Eats shoots and leaves."


Who do you think will get an award first: Stewart or Colbert?

Probably Stewart.

Sugar Hill Gang or Afrika Bambaata

Sugar Hill Gang! Jump on it! I cannot get this song out of my head today, so might as well spread it to you.

She can't seem to play any character but Juno in various stages of her life.

Are you saying she's a One Hit Wonder?

No question she could look the part. She's ventured into TV journalism already, so can movies be far behind? And as a bonus, maybe starring in a biopic about her parents would allow her to exorcise any demons remaining from her childhood. There must be some, no matter how well-repressed.

That's worse than Lilo as Liz Taylor. Seriously.

Dustin Hoffman's old friend Gene Hackman.

Ah, good point. I was thinking they'd pretty much worked their way through all the notables of that generation, but indeed, Hackman is lacking from that list. It's been a couple years since the Post has done a list of who's been overlooked, but here's a round up by the LA Times (which itself needs to be updated: both Buddy Guy and Hoffman have been honored by now).


Not seriously.

Was it me, or was his ex-wife's comments nuts?

It was, perhaps, just very French.

I'm joining the party a little late, but since you mentioned how wonderful the New Yorker is, at the chat's start... Here's what you do: 1. Get a subscription to the print edition. It is, indeed, wonderful. 2. If you have a print subscription, you can also download, free, each week's issue onto your iPad or Kindle Fire. It is AWESOME. There are little highbrow multi-media extras that are just great. Example: in the article about Portlandia, you can click on a link that plays the scene they are discussing. You can hear each poem read by its poet. And so on. It's the thing I most reliably read on my Kindle Fire. Money well spent.

Thanks for joining the chat, David Remnick!

Everybody is talking about Hillary Clinton for President in 2016. But I think they have the wrong office. In the next four years, there is no doubt a SC justice will retire. I can President Obama nominating her for a SC Justice position. I think she can do a lot more good on the Supreme Court than as President! But I am curious. Would you rather see Clinton as Justice or President? (Yes, I know some readers out there will say, "neither.")

That's such an interesting idea, but I think the allure of being the first US women president is pretty compelling. I don't have a dog in this fight -- just fascinated to see how it all unfolds.

Lena Dunham? She's physically right, and age right....

Ha. I love Lena Dunham but I don't see her in this role.

Channing Tatum could do the accent, and he probably is EXACTLY how the former President sees himself....

Ha. No.

for Hip Hop award. RIP MCA

Unfortunately, you have to be alive to accept a Kennedy Center Honor. The surviving Beastie Boys may, someday in the distant future, be considered, though I do not think they'll be the first hip-hop honorees.

He was terriific in "Green Card" as well.

Am I correct in remembering that that was actually a good movie?

They'll get over the "thumb on the scale" hump if the next one or two are very obvious, of-course-they'd be honored types. And there are a few of those out there.

Absolutely, which is the crux of the problem. But the next honoree will be shadowed by the fact of the flap.

Linda Ronstadt is very deserving. She's of Hispanic descent, a member of an old Tucson, Arizona, family.

I don't know much about her ancestry, but she is responsible for this amazing, amazing song.

Can't they do better than Mario Lopez at this Kennedy Center event?

Hey, the guy's major talent is being an emcee -- why deny him the chance.

Eva Longoria to host Latino inaugural celebration for Obama featuring top entertainers

Rita Moreno has never been honored?

Not yet. It will happen, though.

There was nothing in your story that makes me think being in that box is better in any way than watching from a barstool at the Queen Vic.

Speaking of LiLo, not showing up to court. Another strike against her

She's a wreck and it's a pity that there's no one who seems to be able to get her back on track.

He was arrested for drunk driving? That may be cool in France, but not here. I recall recently a Dallas Cowboy killing his best friend and teammate. No one seemed to love him for it.

No, the sudden fascination with Gerard Depardieu is about him leaving France and moving to Belgium -- and then accepting a  Russian passport from Vladimir Putin -- because he was irked by French tax hikes. (The drunken behavior is old news.)

Yes, Green Card was very good. He is/was a good actor (and good looking when younger).

Okay, thanks.

Andy Garcia?

Hmm, don't think his career got enough traction, really.

Have the Rolling Stones never been honored?

Nope. My theory is that it's because it would be too unwieldy -- unlike The Who or Led Zeppelin, their ranks have not been thinned significantly by death (though, RIP Brian Jones), and then it would be like, well do you have Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ron Wood (not in the original lineup) and Bill Wyman (not playing anymore). . . And then suddenly you've got a big crowd in the president's box.

Was Anthony Quinn never honored?

Nope. And he died 12 years ago; they missed their chance.

So why am I panicked that if I skip jury duty, there will be a warrant for my arrest, but LiLo keeps skipping court dates after being charged with crimes, and she is still on the street?

Because you're not a celebrity and life is not fair?

I didnt see Amy or Roxanne sitting there either

No invites for us! And probably never will be.

oh that Panda joke was too funny !

Glad you liked it.

I heard that the reason the great Russian emigre pianist Vladimir Horowitz never received a Ken Cen Honor was that the Ken Cen asked him, but he insisted that he would attend only if the ceremony was held in the afternoon and if he was the only honoree. Apparently the Ken Cen folks told him to fuhgeddaboudit.

Basically, that's the story. That's the other hitch -- they have to be alive, and they have to agree to show up. Paul Farhi did a good story recounting these dilemmas:

It can be hard for Kennedy Center or Library of Congress to give away awards

She will be pushing 70, and the trend now is for youngish justices that will be there for decades. So sorry Hillary -- no chance.

One opinion.

Joan Baez?

Hasn't happened yet, but it could.

No way. She was a senator and cabinet member. Has she shown any demonstrated knowledge of constitutional law? I mean, seriously, from the lawyer's perspective she's the liberal Harriet Miers.


That way Hillary can stil be President, and you'll have two Clintons in the White House and one in the SC. Bill could be Justice AND First Man.

And a third.

I notice that they don't give a lot to country music. I am hardly a fan, but it is a pretty deep part of Americana...

The George Jones tribute a couple years ago was one of my favorites. Loretta Lynn, Roy Acuff, Dolly Parson, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson have also been honored.

Gretta Gerwig?  Just watched "The House of the Devil" and she was pretty good in it.

Oh, maybe.

I think someone needs to start a web site featuring attractive movie stars posing with monkeys. I just Googled "movie stars with monkeys" and did not find one, shockingly. There is an Amazon list called "Movies with monkeys in them," though. Might be a good starting point.

Well, there goes my afternoon.

You haven't lived till you've seen "Every Which Way But Loose" with foreign subtitles!

Okay, there goes my evening.

Do you have any hot tickets?

No hot tickets. The inauguration is all about cold weather, long lines and usually no food. My advice: Stay home if you can; if you can't, dress warm, wear flats and eat before you go.

We'll talk more next week. In the meanwhile, send your tips and sightings to Next week, all.

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