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Jan 02, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, January 2, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello, and Happy New Year, and welcome to the first Reliable Source live discussion of 2013!


This is my first day back after about 12 days off, so please be gentle with me. As for Roxanne -- should I have reminded her that we have a web chat on our first day back? (Or reminded her that today is our first day back?) I always think of these things too late.


Much to catch up on! Alex Ovechkin got engaged? And Kanye West and Kim Kardashian heralded the approach of a royal Kimye child? And Kate Winslet married a guy named Ned Rocknroll? Did they purposely schedule this stuff for while we were all out?


But let's also take one final look back at 2012. Congratulations to our Reliable Source 2012 People of the Year — Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, the wacky sitcom dads of American politics.


Plus, "clown question, bro," and the other best quotes of 2012.  The love stories of 2012, so many of them categorized as "it's complicated." But not to be confused with the  controversies of 2012.

Finally, the most-read RS blog posts of the year included some of our blockbuster investigative reports (Al Gore has a girlfriend!) but also some windows into your secret obsessions (stop Googling "Paul Ryan workout photos," y'all).


And we haven't even yet talked about The List! For those of you who can't get enough of Dan and Monica, this year we have them on video. Go watch after the chat.


Looking forward to your questions.

While I am okay with your choice, I had hoped to see VP Biden paired with Jim Vance....

Maybe if we do a Web Chat/Fan Fiction version of the People of the Year -- those would be our guys. Or, of course, once HGTV picks up my new TV pilot, "Surprise Lawn Care Makeover Starring Joe Biden, with Jim Vance." Then the world will understand.

I am so glad to be joining you today. Please tell me you are both participating.

Look who just showed up! Roxanne Roberts. Please be patient as her computer warms up.

Is she not still married to Kris Humphries? BTW, I was surprised about how many newscasts included this story. I am not sure why it is considered "news" .

I do believe that she is still legally wed to Kris Humphries. And yes, it is kind of crazy that this is a news story. Back in the olden days (pre-2000, I'd say), we barely even knew when a star was expecting a child, even a star as big as Kanye West, until maybe the time that kid was born. And of course in the olden days, Kim Kardashian wouldn't even have existed.

Are you sure her pregnancy isnt a publicity stunt?

As in, she's not really pregnant? Or that she only got pregnant as a publicity stunt?

that your "most read" blog posts did not include ANYTHING about Prince William, Duchess Kate, Prince Harry, or Pippa Middleton! Why is that?

Probably because there was so much news about the Windsors everywhere on the Web -- all those Google searches get diffused over a wide array Web sites. Most of our most-read posts seemed to be stories that were largely original -- things you woudln't necessarily have found elsewhere.

How did Amy spend the New Year?

I spent a chunk of it hanging around a Brooklyn garage waiting for the mechanics to fix my car as the sun set on 2012. But I did make it back to D.C. before midnight. How about you?

so is she now "Mrs. Rocknroll"? Or will she use his birth name? And what will they call the kids? Nice that Leonardo DiCaprio gave her away, though.

I do hope she asked to see his driver's license before she married him. Just to be sure that wasn't a fake name or something.

Only 31 people online? Last chat seemed to have hundreds. Was it something you said?

It's 88 now. For reasons I don't quite understand, the number seems to grow through the hour.

Isn't it still the case that a baby conceived and/or born during a marriage is PRESUMED to be the child of the husband? Does that mean that Kanye is off the hook for child support, and Kris has to support a child he knows isn't his?

If that's ever been the case, I doubt that's the case here and now. Lawyers want to weigh in?

Can it please be to not mention any of the Kardashians and thier mates (EX AND CURRENT) at all in 2013? Many in your readership would be grateful. Thank you.

Really? No mention of Kayne and Kim or their baby? Doesn't that count as celebrity news you can use? Or something that you'd want to know if it came up at a dinner party?

Inspired by your Ryan/Biden selection, I am currently writing a two-man play called "2012" which will deal entirely with fictional conversations between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan as they discuss politics, sit by the pool, go bowling, etc. Where should I sent royalty checks? And any ideas who I should cast?

Oh, I would go see that play. Casting suggestions, anyone? I mean, serious casting suggestions -- don't be goofy, this is a very good thought experiment.

Too bad it won't change anything.

Seems to be bad luck and timing on the part of photographer rather than a comment on celebrity culture. Seems espacially sad given that Justin wasn't even in the car.

Can we have a moratorium on those talentless women from California who are only famous for being famous due to some sort of sex tape or other? You know the ones whose mother married poor Bruce Jenner... I like that the newspeople ridicule the stories they read about them, but I would be happier if they just ignored them altogether.

Unfortunately for you, one of them has extended her career in the spotlight by hooking up with a guy who comes by his showbiz super-fame the old-fashioned way. It's like being a made man in the mob. 

Am I the only one who thinks KimYe made this announcement because they sensed the Kardashian star is falling? I am much more excited about the actual royal baby.

Or because she's...pregnant? Unless you think the baby itself is a publicity stunt.

but I feel compelled to say, "Go, Redskins!"

Apparently the correct form is #HTTR.

Most of us have learned that we don't really start on time, and Roxanne doesn't show up until about 12:10/12:15, so no rush to jump on the chat!

I was actually here on time but fighting with the computer to sign on. But welcome and Happy 2013.

Isnt her act getting kind of old with that display on New Years Eve?

Anything in particular bug you about her? I only saw her for a minute or two and didn't really pay attention. But it seems like antic mugging is kind of par for the course for anyone doing the Times Square hosting gig, no?

Clearly, Jason Sudekis as Joe Biden, with Jim Carrey as Paul Ryan. Wait, Carrey might be too about Ryan Reynolds? And Kristen Chenoweth as Dr. Jill Biden.

I like the way you think.

My computer reads 131 currently online.

And now at 148. Clearly the carpool groups showed up late today.

She just turned 32 and has been publicly stating she wants a baby. Older sister Kourtney just gave birth to her second, and younger sister Khloe has been desperately trying to have one.

In fairness to the baby....maybe marriage or a stable relationship should have come first?

Not to talk about BLEEP BLEEP for 2013. I can still think about BLEEP BLEEP but am not allowed to type or say it out loud even if BLEEP BLEEP gets arrested or goes to rehab or hits another person (hand/car). Wish me luck!

I think I follow your logic here.  A worthy goal. Shouldn't be too hard. Bleep Bleep is moving into the Katt Williams phase of her career -- famous for her rap sheet -- and there's no real reason you need to talk about her.

All due respect, but your piece last month on the KenCen didn't do justice to what a great program it was honoring Letterman, Buddy Guy, and that dancer lady. But what's up with Dustin Hoffman? A great performer and the KenCen could do no better than that pathetic tribute. Warren Beatty, Meryl Street and Paul Simon unavailable, so they call in Naomi Watts and Liev Schriber? Dustin deserved better.

Tributes to actors at the Honors are always tricky ---the best way to honor them would be to show clips of their great perfomances, but they never do that. Instead, they lean on co-stars to say wonderful things. I was hoping Meryl would show up on stage because she's so good at these things...but no; unclear why no A-listers for his segment.

We just wrote about the after-party -- Paul Farhi covered the Kennedy Center Honors show itself -- but yes, you are right. The Hoffman tribute seemed like something they had thrown together at 3 p.m. that afternoon. ("Oh my god, we forgot about Dustin! Who do we already have on hand? Billy Connolly? Some girl from Broadway who can sing something? Make it happen!")

Didn't Kate rescue her future husband's grandmother from a fire a year or so ago?

That sounds right....she was vacationing at Branson's Carribean resort last year when a fire broke out. I suppose the romance was already under way at that time; wasn't really paying attention because she was recently divorced.

I agree that the Kardashian star was falling until Kanye came along.. I guess we can all thank Mr. West+baby for keeping the Kardashians relevant for another 15 seconds.....

Back in April, we explored the dynamics of the Kanyashian affair with regards to the economics of fauxmance. Honestly, I could not have imagined they would still be a talking point eight months later.

No, this is not anything I would like to, or need to, know, nor do the Kardashians ever come up as a topic in any of my convserations..............don't mean to sound snooty, as I like celebratology as much as anyone, but I can't abide playing into their schemes by continuing to promote them by mentioning them.

Fair enough. I like to know just enough trashy celebrity news to understand if the topic comes up. I usually catch up at the end of a big trend: i.e. Gangnam Style.

One mistake - George Clooney can never be on the Out list. I believe he is "classic" like a nice cardigan.

But The List is always right.

I like that list of most read blogs. I would have never guessed that Clint Eastwood would be number #1 though...........

No kidding. I think that was some kind of Reddit fluke.

I am looking forward to the odd name that Kim and Kanye will give it (e.g. Apple)

Oh, Apple isn't even strange anymore.

I had to turn off CNN's NYE coverage. Why would an otherwise respectable and somber news channel let somebody drag one of their most popular news hosts, and indeed, the entire brand, into the gutter? Does CNN need a ratings boost THAT badly?

Probabl---at least this year. Interesting to see what happens next year when Zucker takes over.

Silver Linings Playbook. I enjoyed it very much--two thumbs up! It's the first movie I've seen in some time without my 11 year old. Though I have to admit, Wreck It Ralph was good, with or without an 11 year old.

Hmmm, saw "Silver Linings Playbook" last night, and have decidedly mixed feelings about it. Parts of it were very charming, and very smart. But it was kind of a sprawling mess. And there was an awful lot of Bradley Cooper in there.

He probably kept searching himself.

Hahaha. I love the idea of Clint secretly obsessed with the media coverage of his speech---maybe signing in under false names to comment on how great it was.

Of course, the name should be Kash.

That Kold.

Maybe I'm showing my age, but I would have expected Jon Voight to get the call for a Dustin tribute.

Or Tom Cruise. But Jon would have been easier to book.

Did you mean Washington DC person of the year, or did you mean national person of the year? If the latter, I agree with your choice. If the former, it should have been Davey Johnson (although RGIII wouldn't have been a bad choice either).

We mean the Reliable Source person of the year, in the Reliable Source universe. And while Davey Johnson would have been a worthy candidate for the Sports person of the year, he just wasn't a big presence in our column (and good for him).

This is the first time I've seen that word used correctly in, I don't know, years, maybe. Most of the time, people use "defused," and it drives me nuts.

You're welcome.

This might be more of a question for a tax attorney, but does she get a double tax deduction here? One for having a child and another as the expense incurred while obtaining a new prop for her television show?

I kind of love the way you think.

In its defense, I had wondered what Billy Connolly had been up to since he replaced Howard Hesseman on Head of the Class in the early 1990s.

You guys on ON today.

I've always been a fan of Kate's work and have always appreciated her belief that real women have curves, but now that she's on her third marriage to a dude with a last name like that she starting to give me a JLo vibe.


Ugh, so sick of those two fame-tramps. But your poster is right, a child born during a marriage is presumed to be that of the husband. At least, it was when I learned it during law school way too many years ago to admit.

That's what I thought too, which adds an interesting twist to the whole circus.

I have to be negative here, but I have never heard of an marriage to someone named "Rocknroll" to actually survive?

I have my doubts about anyone who changes their name to "Rocknroll" in any capacity. Should we start a divorce pool?

to be fair, she has existed for 30 years or so, we were just blissfully unaware of her. Can't wait to see her maternity clothes and that baby is going to be crazy attractive -- well, attractive on the outside.

Fair point.  The few times she's been in Washington Amy and I have both been surprised at how beautiful she is in person. Really lovely and more delicate that in pictures.

so, does Kate get to fly for free on Virgin? Or does she get a free trip to outerspace?

That was Branson's wedding present: A trip to outer space. Which may be redundant after marrying Mr. RocknRoll.

Why not the sublime Katharine Ross? Or his BFF Gene Hackman (who's long overdue for a KenCen Honor himself).

It's a mystery.

I am extremely depressed about the demise of Celebritology. Jen was one of my favorite Post writers. She said that all celebrity news was going to be under the reliable source "brand." what exactly does that mean? Are you going to cover pop culture as well? What about 80s movies and music? I love you guys, but it's hard to see how you can cover both beats.

Thanks for your nice words about Jen and her work -- she's going to be missed around here. I don't have a lot of answers for you right now, but no, that's not quite right. While we hope to expand Reliable Source's web presence (i.e., more personalities news from all the worlds already covered here), the pop-culture analysis that was such a big part of Celebritology's daily diet (TV recaps, box office reports, etc.) is a different beat altogether from what we do, and will likely find another home within the Washington Post. 

Maybe they rounded up the only former co-starts still speaking to him.

Oh, that's mean. Funny, but mean.

Since nobody else has mentioned it, congrats to the happy couple! Double congrats if (when?) the NHL comes back and he's back to his high goal scoring ways of years past!

Yes, congratulations to Ovie. I always swoon a little when I recall how he first announced the relationship to the world -- "Me and my girlfriend Maria," he tweeted, "she is my queen!!!!"

Biden - Kevin Tighe Ryan - Josh Lucas or Edward Norton

Oh, you are definitely thinking about this. Norton is all wrong, but Lucas is eerily right.

With the upcoming child, will she have to quit her job to stay home and raise the kid? Wait - what was her job again?


He did a bunch of those "Perry Mason" TV movies, if that counts as seen. Otherwise, a lot of bit parts. His hair always sets him apart.

Yes, he had very distracting/compelling hair. It certainly defined him.

My theory is just the response rate (which is to your credit, not your fault). It takes me about 15 seconds to read your typical question and response, and likely it takes you about a minute or two to actually write the response. If I log in at 12:30 instead of 12:00 on the dot, I can read the whole thing by the time it ends at 1, and even have a chance of submitting a comment that will be responded to. Oh look, it's 12:35 and I'm doing it now! So this is both a note of explanation and apology I suppose?

Ah, gaming the system, are you?

Katt, 61, was a star of tomorrow when auditioning for the role of Luke Skywalker in 1975 before making it big on the classic show, The Greatest American Hero in 1981, which co-starred the great Robert Culp. He was on TV for many years in the Perry Mason TV movies where he co-starrted with his mother, Barbara Hale. As for now, he has written a Greatest American Hero comic book and contributed to the show's Facebook page, according to Wikipedia.

See, I knew I could count on you to help with this question.

"Presumed" meant..."presumed." Nowadays, paternity can be proven. But I think if the husband doesn't challenge it at the time of divorce, it can be hard to get off the hook for child support later. Given the separation and Kim & Kanye's public acknowledgement of adultery, though, Kris is probably off the hook. What K will Kim take up with when it all goes south with Kanye?

Definitely Kris Kristofferson.

Oh come now, that Scot can sell out large arenas in the UK for multiple nights doing comedy. And he did happen to make a film with Judi Dench called Mrs. Brown, for which he received plaudits. You don't have to be an American to be a big star elsewhere. Lucky for him he did not get trapped in U,S, sitcoms in the early 90s or he'd be doing the hasbeen circuit by now.

Nothing against Billy or his fame in the UK per se -- just that he's not a big enough star here in the US to anchor a tribute to Hoffman at the Ken Cen Honors. But yes, he was very good in "Mrs. Brown."

No divorce pool--everyone knows that Rocknroll will never die.


... but you can file a putative paternal claim, or something like that, if you believe you are not being recognized as the proper father and want to preserve your parental rights. something tells me Kris is not going to be asserting parental rights over this baby, and Kim likely doesn't need Kanye's money if this all goes south. And seriously, people, people get pregnant out of wedlock all the time. While I know we all thought this Kim-Kanye thing was a lark, they have been together for a while now, and are both old enough to make decisions like this for themselves. I'm fine with the "they shouldn't be famous" talk re the Kardashians, but not the slut shaming for her being in a consensual monogamous relationship while her divorce is being held up by another man. Come on folks.

Well said.

By all accounts I've see, Kate & the new husband first met the weekend of the fire. They were both guests of Richard Branson (new husband is his nephew) that weekend & only started dating after the fire.

Hot first date.

Any child born during a marriage is, legally, presumed to be that of the husband. He can contest it, though. Since their divorce is already under way and their separation is well documented, (and another dad is in the picture and claiming the baby), it won't be an issue.

That sounds about right.

OK, did I read that the top girl's name for 2012 was KATNISS? What the devil is wrong with people? Those poor, poor children saddled with such a burden.

Oh, I don't believe that. Maybe that's a "trending" name, but I can't imagine it's the #1 name. Yet.

Didn't he do "Perry Mason" movies because his mom was Barbara Hale, longtime portrayer of Perry's loyal secretary Della Street?

Also: Cash job.

He is in the movie, "Quartet," that Hoffman recently finished directing. (Along with Maggie Smith)

Yes, that's why he was there. I mean, god bless him, he did a good job with the weak material handed him.

Or am I misreading something?

Oh! Haha. No. It's just that he was listed on the wrong side of Style's In/Out list for 2013. He's out, and rising Democratic power broker Eva Longoria is in. Got a problem with that? Go ask Dan Zak and Monica Hesse in their Web chat, tomorrow.

Maybe they misread the number because I see 313 online now. You can start a rabble if you want.

No, wait, 318. . . . Darn this counter. Making us all obsessive-compulsive.

I just spit water at my monitor. Thanks!

That's my job. You're welcome.

Gosh, some people on the Interwebs have been absolutely vicious about Hillary Clinton's illnesses (stomach virus, fall-concussion, blood clot on brain). Is there really that much hatred out there, or is it mental illness?

Melinda Henneberger has an interesting take on this at She the People. She notes skepticism about the official word on a politician's health is sometimes well-founded.

Kriss Kross?


16 years ago

Hope he invested wisely. I always want former stars to be living a quiet, prosperous life because they weren't stupid about fleeting fame and money.

Sounds like a perfect name for a rom-com starring Katherine Heigl. It'll be terrible, of course, but the movie poster will be great.

Oh, that's the script I need to get to work on. Brilliant idea.

Will either of you be having a "Downton Abbey III" party this Sunday? I so look forward to what Maggie's Lady Violet has to say this season.

Redskins game! Redskins game! Unless Lady Violet has a peg on the Seahawks I'm unaware of....

I got paid today. Woo hoo! Wanna grab lunch? My treat.

Where were you thinking about going? It's kind of cold out there.

KIM & KANYE'S KBABY Of course, the name should be Kash. ----that's my maiden name. Really.

Let's just go ahead and name this baby: Katniss Kash Kardashian-West. Sound good?

In the 1970s, following Roots, Kunte Kinte and Kizzy became popular names for a brief period of time. Oddly, I've never met an adult with either name. Something tells me Katniss will peak quickly too. (And what is it with the wacky "K" names, anyway??)

I'm against wacky names starting with any letter. It always seems unwise to give your child another reason to hate you.

Take Maggie Smith and the points.


it's not like she shot her freind in the face

Haters gonna hate.

Can we talk new hotness... Just saw Les Miz and we all must see and know more of Eddie, please spill what you know.

He's 30 years old and has a professional background in both modeling and Shakespeare. He has a girlfriend. He's a little too pretty for my tastes but the freckles are impressive. And he was apparently in that Michelle Williams-as-Marilyn Monroe movie that I never got around to seeing last year.

I fear I don't even know what half the stuff IS that is out and what is in? And if tofu is out and insects are in, do I have to now eat insects? Oh my.

But that's the point! Plus, it's interactive -- click and all will be explained.

Woody Allen long ago discussed why words with "K" sounds were inherently funnier than those without. E.g., in a comedy routine, the cucumber is a much funnier vegetable than a tomato.

That explains everything.

Didn't Joe Biden have one years ago? He seems to have recovered fully and prospered well.

He had an aneurysm back in 1988 -- which is sort of the opposite and very, very risky. No problem since then though.

AND he is in "The Hobbit" (at least the current one and #2) as Dain Ironfoot.

Well, that changes EVERYTHING.

I actually knew a Virgil Elmer Rampole VI as a kid. He (or his parents) insisted on calling him Virgil Elmer. We never came up with a nickname for him, either. I just googled him, and he must be going by a different name now. Maybe Joe Smith or something.

Oh, that reminds me! Over the weekend, I saw "Dead Accounts" on Broadway -- better known as "the one that Katie Holmes is in," but she's not the real star. The real star, who gives the starriest star turn ever, is Norbert Leo Butz. What a name, huh? He's won a couple of Tonys and is just fantastic, but I feel like that name is holding him back.

Let's go for 400, OK?

We're at 408 now. I think that's our cue to wrap up.

The world's most self-absorbed baby.

All babies are self-absorbed; some grow out of it.

"In Scotland there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes."

Is that really his best joke?

As Eddie Murphy said in Trading Places....Merry New Year!!

Happy 2013, everyone. Let's hope for a happy year with more kindness and reason -----but until that happens, write us at with your tips, ideas and holiday sightings. And cheer for the Redskins, because Washington needs a winning sports team to get us through the cold, dark winter. Next week, same time.


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