The Oatmeal Shows The Post How To Draw and Answers Questions

Sep 16, 2011

Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal web comic, answers reader questions while drawing reader suggestions.

Introduce yourself and explain what you'll do in today's chat.

I love your work. Thanks for the creativity, talent, and humor. I especially enjoy your take on cats. Are you a cat lover or are they just favorite subjects of yours?

I love your style! Where do you hang out in Seattle so I can bask in your awesomeness and the awesomeness of those around you? Also, more kitty cartoons please!

Farm animals in wizard outfits playing D&D

How did you come to develop The Oatmeal? What do you do in addition to (or what DID you do prior to) The Oatmeal comics/postings? P.S. Funniest. postings. ever.

I've always wondered what a snake ice skating would look like. Can you solve my problem?

"The Oatmeal" -- How did you come up with that name?

Is there anything in particular you do to stay motivated/inspired? Where (or to whom)  do you turn when you need to revive that creative spark?

What do you think a typical reader of your comics look like/what is their thought process? Can you draw one?

Why is it that you usually portray humans as ugly/fat/disgusting? Is this a reflection of your own views of society or are you just making fun of everyone?

How did you come up with the idea of tile-based icons for your site? It is wonderful and is now being applied to a large number of places including Windows.

Draw that crazy [person]! (please :)

I wanted to ask you how you live on a diet of crickets and whiskey. Sounds like a quick way to get rickets. Do you work out?

Did you base the "Why working from home is awesome/horrible" comic on any real experiences?

[From the producer]

Here are some of the requests you have gotten. Can you pick one and draw it?

- A white-trash panda

- Skydiving rainbow penguins

Stalin breakdancing

- A llama-dinosaur breathing fire

A bichon frise eating a cat


How did you learn to use Fireworks so well?

Matt, would you describe yourself as more of a geek or a dork? I mean really, you're probably neither. I imagine you to be this super suave sexy guy with geeky tendencies. Would you agree?

Whats your opinion on people that really put in a lot of effort to have that extreme hipster look? what do you think about the 'movement' in general? You should make a comic about how they are so 'alternative' that they are now mainstream :P

How has the book tour been going? Any interesting stories on the road? Strange fan interaction? We are looking forward to see you when you come to Md.

You've posted a few over-the-top negative e-mails in the past, and they're pretty hilarious. What's the worst one you've received that you haven't posted?

More choices to draw 


- A whale parachuting

- Lady Gaga, illustrating how overrated she is 

- A gorilla in labor wearing a wedding dress

- A swan holding a dagger

- A fat road cyclist


Last question: Do you have friends or family members  who do not find "The Oatmeal" as humorous as your fans do?

That's all the time we have. Thanks for watching!

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Matthew Inman
The Oatmeal's real name is Matthew and he lives in Seattle, Washington. He subsists on a steady diet of crickets and whiskey. He enjoys long walks on the beach, gravity, and breathing heavily through his mouth. His dislikes include scurvy, typhoons, and tapeworm medication.
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