The Friday Line - Live

Apr 30, 2010

Chris Cillizza counts down the top of his Friday Line live, revealing the three Senate races he thinks are most likely to switch parties.

This is our maiden voyage of taking the Friday Line -- the Fix feature where we rank the top 10 Senate, governors and House race -- to the world of video.

Today, I am going to countdown the three Senate races I think are most likely to switch parties.

And away we go!

Blanche Lincoln has a primary fight against Lt. Gov Bill Halter and polling suggests no matter who Democrats nominate Republicans have the upper hand.

Joe Biden's son -- Beau -- decided not to run. Rep. Mike Castle (R) decided he did want to. Advantage: Republicans

Gov. John Hoeven (R) is coming to the Senate

Are Republicans in a fix as moderates or anyone with at least one moderate position is being eliminated ?

see you next week.

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