Clinton vs. Clinton, Palin vs. Assange and more: The Weekly Matchups Video

Dec 13, 2010

Chris Cillizza of The Fix judges head-to-head matchups submitted by readers each week in this new feature.

Video: Why Bloomberg Won't Win

We'll do this every Monday at 11 a.m. Submit your questions and potential answers on the blog ahead of time, and I'll answer as many as I can.

Whose stock is higher right now: Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton? (From Brett in Baltimore)

Who will pay a higher political price for the tax cut deal: President Obama or the Democrats in Congress?

Who will make more news this week: John Boehner or Bernie Sanders? (From Andrea in Allston, Mass.)

Who will make more news this week: Sarah Palin or Julian Assange? (From Ben in Phoenix)

Who is more likely to be a Senator in 2013: Olympia Snowe or Scott Brown? (Custom question!)

Who wins a Senate race between:  Sherrod Brown and Mary Taylor? (custom question!)

Which song would you rather listen to 10 times in a row: "Whip My Hair" or "Empire State of Mind" ? (From Cambridge, Mass.) 

What is cooler: Lasers or robots? (Custom question from TP in Albany)

Thanks for playing -- and watching. Come back next week!

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