The Fix Faceoff Video Q&A: Obama vs. Boehner, budget cuts, labor issues

Mar 08, 2011

Chris Cillizza of The Fix judges head-to-head matchups submitted by readers that are usually, but not necessarily political.

You can submit questions above (Format: "What is better: A or B?") or on The Fix.

Hello and welcome. Lots of questions about the budget cuts and 2012 presidential candidates today, so let's get started.

Which state is more likely to send a Republican to the U.S. Senate in 2012? Hawaii or Rhode Island?

Which state is more like to send a Democrat to the U.S. Senate in 2012? Indiana or Maine?

Who will federal budget cuts hurt most?: Middle Class or Poor? (From Tom Krausse in Portland, OR)

Who's winning? Obama or Boehner?

Who's having worse labor issues right now? The NFL or Wisconsin public workers?

Who is the more likely Democratic nominee for NV Senate? Shelley Berkley or Ross Miller?

Who would win the presidency if the election were tomorrow? Barack Obama or Mitt Romney (From Gabriel)?

What's more harmful to their chances of winning the GOP nomination: Romney's past support for abortion rights or Huntsman's current support for civil unions for gay couples?

Who is more likely to flip-flop on their promise not to run for president in 2012: Chris Christie or Rick Perry?

Better TV politician? Mayor Tommy Carcetti ("The Wire") or President Josiah Bartlett ("The West Wing") (From Matthew)?

Who makes more sense? Glen Beck or Charlie Sheen? Who has the best chance to be on TV this time next year?

Thanks for watching and submitting questions!

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