Biden-Clinton, Obama-Boehner on Egypt:The Fix Faceoff Video Q&A

Jan 31, 2011

Chris Cillizza of The Fix judges head-to-head matchups submitted by readers that are usually, but not necessarily political.

Good morning and welcome to the Fix Faceoff!  We'll start with two questions about how repercussions of the crisis in Egypt will be felt  in U.S. politics.

What/who in the U.S. will be more impacted by the events in Egpyt: John Boehner or President Obama?

Who will have a greater impact in shaping U.S. foreign policy response to Egypt crisis: Vice President Biden or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

Who has had a worse winter: D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray or New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg?

Who has had a worse winter: Sarah Palin or The Tea Party? (From Alyson in Bernardsville, NJ)

Whose stock is higher right now: Paul Ryan or Herb Kohl? (From Patrick in Tulsa, OK)

Although Bruce Springsteen will always be No. 1 in New Jersey's heart, who do you think has the brighter future: Chris Christie or Cory Booker? (From Madam Marie in Asbury Park, NJ)

Bigger obstacle to the 2012 Republican nomination: John Thune's vote for TARP or Mitch Daniels' call for a truce on social issues? (From Ken in Arlington)

Better shot at being in the VP slot for Republicans in 2012: Bobby Jindal or Marco Rubio? (From Tom in Falls Church)

Tougher swing-state Democrat to topple in 2012: Bill Nelson (Fla.) or Sherrod Brown (Ohio)? (From Jim in Columbus, Ohio)

More important political reporter: Mike Allen or Peter Baker? (From Frank in Arlington)

More important social networking tool for 2012: Twitter or Facebook? (From Thais in Baltimore, Md.)

This is the only faceoff that counts, and it says everything about you:  dogs vs. cats

Who will have a better Super Bowl Sunday: Aaron Rodgers or Big Ben? (From Dave in Isle of Wight, Va.)

Thanks for watching and submitting questions!

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