State of the Union, Abortion, Newt Gingrich: The Fix Faceoff video

Jan 24, 2011

Chris Cillizza of The Fix judged head-to-head matchups submitted by readers. This week, Chris weighed the issues that would be discussed after the State of the Union, Newt Gingrich's presidential chances, the stock of pro-life and pro-choice activists in D.C. and more.

Welcome to The Fix Faceoffs, pre-State of the Union edition.

What issue will people be discussing after the State of the Union address: The economy or health care? 

What issue will people be discussing after the State of the Union address: Who sat where or what was said? (From Coco in Texas)

Who (what) will gain more from the State of the Union address: Partisanship or bipartisanship? 

Whose State of the Union response will be more discussed: Paul Ryan or Michele Bachmann? (From Jeremy Ashton in Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

Whose stock is higher right now: Barack Obama or John Boehner?

Whose stock is higher right now: "Establishment" Republicans or "Tea Party" Republicans? (From Dan in Tucson, AZ)

What will be a more important state in the 2012 primaries: Iowa or South Carolina? (From Megan in Rockville)

What will be a tougher state for Obama to hold in 2012: Florida or Ohio? (From Ken in Arlington)

Is there any real chance Gingrich can be a contender for POTUS: Yes, because he's a thinker, or no, he's dead meat? (From Dick McKnight in Westland, Mich.)

Whose stock is higher in Washington right now right now--the pro-choice movement, or the pro-life movement?

Who would be the more formidable challenger to the President: Jerry Brown or Russ Feingold? (From Quentin Langley in Woking, England)

Who will win in Utah: Orrin Hatch or Jason Chaffetz?

Who is/was more accurate: the people who thought there was no point in running against G.W. Bush (like Mario Cuomo, Bill Bradley, and others) or those deciding there's no point in jumping in as GOPers against Obama?

What's a more entertaining sport (and since WWE isn't a sport): Catholic U Field Hockey or Georgetown U Basketball?

Who should replace Michael Scott as the boss on "The Office": Dwight or Darryl? (From Andy in Philly)

Thanks for watching and submitting questions!

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