Obama vs. Hu, Haley Barbour vs. Tim Pawlenty, Packers vs. Bears: The Fix Faceoff video with Chris Cillizza

Jan 18, 2011

Chris Cillizza of The Fix judges head-to-head matchups submitted by readers each week in this new feature.

Hello and welcome to The Fix Faceoffs!

Analyzing the North Dakota Democratic senator's  decision to step down. 

Who will benefit most from Chinese President Hu's visit: President Obama or President Hu?

Whose stock is higher right now: The New York Jets or Reince Priebus (From Paul McMaster in Birmingham UK)?

Whose stock is higher right now: Haley Barbour or Tim Pawlenty (From Zac McCrary in Montgomery, AL)?

Who will win the 2012 Connecticut Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate: Middletown's Susan Bysiewicz or Cheshire's Chris Murphy (From Emily Holloway in Hanover, N.H.)?

Who will capitalize more from Sarah Palin's misstep re: Arizona: Mike Huckabee or Mike Pence (From Todd Porter in Jackson, NJ)?

Who would DSCC and the Virginia Democratic Party rather see as the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in 2012: Mount Vernon's George Allen or Chesterfield's Jamie Radtke (From Emily Holloway in Hanover, N.H.)?

Which MSNBC show do you think Chris Hayes is better at when he guest hosts: The Rachel Maddow Show or Countdown (From Peter Laux in Henderson, Nev.)?

The location of a future Obama Presidential Library: University of Hawaii or University of Chicago? (From Corey O'Rourke in Eugene, Ore.)

Who would have been a better Democratic nominee last November then "Sexy Lexi" (Alexi Giannoulias): Tom Dart or Tammy Duckworth? (From Lynne Madden in Evanston, Ill.)

Which heritage do you more identify with: Papa Fix's Sicilian roots or Mama Fix's Irish roots? (From Joan Simonetta-Farrelly in Boulder, Colo.)

I saw you at Target yesterday! What'd you get???

Hate the player or hate the game?

Who will be the NFC Champs:  the Green Bay Packers or the Chicago Bears? (From Sandra in Chicago, IL)

Who will be the AFC Champs: New York Jets or Pittsburgh Steelers? (From Jon in the Control Booth)

Thanks for watching and submitting questions! Join us next week at our regular time -- Monday at 11 a.m.

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