Jane Harman resigns, Ronald Reagan vs. Barack Obama vs. Sarah Palin: The Fix Faceoff Video Q&A

Feb 07, 2011

Chris Cillizza of The Fix judged head-to-head matchups submitted by readers that are usually, but not necessarily political.

Good morning and welcome. We have several Reagan-themed Faceoffs, but first we have some breaking news to address ...  

Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) will resign from Congress. What does it mean?

Who is more like Ronald Reagan: Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee?

Who is more like Ronald Reagan? Bill Clinton or Barack Obama (From Chris in Washington, DC)?

Who is more like Ronald Reagan: Sarah Palin or Barack Obama? (From many, many users)

Beyond just ideology, who is *less* like Ronald Reagan: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? (From Tyler Commanda in Crow Center, Mont.)

Would Reagan be a Republican in today's far-right GOP? Yes or No. (From Angie)

What issue or decision is more important to Obama's reelection hopes: Jobs or Security? (From Fran in Milwaukee, WI)

After Barack Obama, who will be the next African American to run a serious national campaign: Deval Patrick or Cory Booker? (From Dave in Alexandria)

Who did better on Sunday: President Obama or Bill O'Reilly?

Whose stock is higher right now: Jon Huntsman or Haley Barbour? 

Who will win the Virginia Senate race in 2012: Jim Webb or George Allen? (From Jolene Galegher --@jrgalegher -- on Twitter, using #fixfaceoff hash tag)

Enjoyed Dan Balz's piece on the Wisconsin trio. Who do you think is more likely to be in a national campaign one day: Paul Ryan or Scott Walker? (From Tom in Janesville, WI)

Whose stock is higher right now: Daniel Akaka or Linda Lingle? (From Patrick, aka NEOkla, in Tulsa, Okla.)

Who got the better end of the stick with AOL buying up Huffington Post: AOL or Huffington Post? (From Pascal Aubin in Orono, Maine)

Better show on NBC: The Office or Community? (From Andy in Richmond)

Who is a worse D.C. area sports owner: Dan Snyder or Peter Angelos? (From Anonymous in Don't Wanna Get Sued)

Thanks for watching and asking questions!

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