Video: The D.C. Sports-O-Meter with Cindy Boren and Dan Steinberg

Dec 20, 2010

See who was up and who was down in D.C. sports last week. Cindy Boren and Dan Steinberg dissected which sports names are hot and cold in D.C. Who's your pick?

Welcome to the D.C. Sports-O-Meter

Third Worst: Agent Zero Fans

Second Worst: Ralph Friedgen

The Worst: Shanallehan

Third Best: The end of one streak, anyway

Second Best: Gilbert Arenas

The Best: The Decision

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Cindy Boren
Cindy Boren blogs for The Early Lead and has edited Redskins and NFL coverage for the Post. Follow her at @cindyboren on Twitter.
Dan Steinberg
Washington Post staff writer and D.C. Sports Bogger.

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