The Teddy Roosevelt mascot chats about winning the Presidents Race at Nationals Park

Oct 05, 2012

Wednesday was a big day for Nationals fans. The team had already won the race to the playoffs, but there was another race that was driving fans into a frenzy: Teddy Roosevelt's quest to win the Presidents Race.

Now, for the first time, the voice of the Teddy mascot agreed to talk publicly about his history in the race. He answered questions about his historic win, his many losses, and many other questions fans wanted to know about this lovable President.

- Teddy Roosevelt mascot finally wins Presidents Race at Nationals Park
- Teddy's win, in slow motion, to Chariots of Fire
- ESPN viewers confuse Teddy for a sausage


Teddy is all set to begin chatting.

Teddy  typing

Hey everyone,

Teddy here, thanks for all of your support over the years!  I'm looking forward to chatting with you today.  Looks like a lot of great questions already!  Let's get started!

@emisela wants to know: Who is your nemesis? Lincoln? Washington?

Hmm, good question.  I would never consider the other Presidents my nemesis, we are all good friends.  I would say it might be THAT CAT or Luc the lobster, Kool-Aid know some of those guys who come out of nowhere and make me lose.

Well, Teddy, any input on the most important debate of the week? Is DC a good sports town?

Of course it is!  Are you kidding me?  For the last 7 years I have been hearing all the cheers and support from our great fans, especially this season.  Thats what keeps me going every single day!

@RobMcneely wants to know: How often do you groom that mustache?

Every single day!

Teddy, there are rumors that you are going to retire now (or be retired). Is this possible? Can we count on you to keep running in every race for years to come?

Retirement? RETIREMENT?  Let me make this clear, I will NOT be retiring anytime soon!  The best is YET to come!

Dear Teddy. First, let me congratulate you on your victory. You are one of my all time favorite Presidents and did my heart good to see you cross that finish line first. How did you celebrate? Hiking in Rock Creek Park? Hunting in Virginia? A vigorous round of trust-busting? Keep being awesome and GO NATS! -Chris


To tell ya the truth, I went home and got some much needed rest.  You saw the videos, I was working harder than ever leading up to that final series.  I want to make sure I am ready to go when the Nats come home for NLDS Game 3!

Teddy, any chance you have an idea what time the Wednesday, October 10th game will start?

I can guarantee you this: it WILL take place between the hours of 1:00AM and 11:59PM.

Teddy, Congrats on getting off the schneid. I predict a long winning streak for you.

Thanks Buddy!

Are you on a winning streak that will continue into the post-season playoffs and (hopeful) World Series?

Only time will tell, I like to take it one day at a time!

What do the four of you do when that Nats are on the road? Do you have side jobs?

Great Question!  When the Nats are on the road you can find us out and about the DC, Maryland and Virginia area (even more so now, with the team's current success).  We enjoy meeting and getting to know as many Nats fans as possible, so if you see us out, please come over and say "Hello!"

In light of the tweets from ESPN viewers who have you and your colleagues confused with cylinders of smoked meat, Mr. President, if you could be a sausage, what sausage would you be?

Be a Sausage???  Why would anyone want to be a sausage?!!

Which Beatle does each President match up best with, and why?

Ooo, this is a tough one, I would have to ask the rest of the guys and get their opinions. BUT I would definitely say SCREECH would best match up with Ringo on the drums, have you seen him up at the Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk playing the drums? 

How does it feel to finally win, Teddy?! -Adam E.

It feels amazing!!  Winning is fun, but dont forget about what I said in "The Man in the Arena."  It is better to have tried and failed, then to never have tried at all! 

Teddy-how much of an impact did training with the U.S. Army's Old Guard have on your win? And what's all of this Soldier4Life stuff mean???

I had a great time training with the U.S. Army's Old Guard. Being an Army guy myself, I wanted to make sure I still had it in me.  Those guys couldn't have been more supportive throughout the training session, I even caught up with them after the race and got a picture!

Teddy, c'mon, I know you can win fairly. Why did you resort to cheating by accepting the help of a phake philly phanatic? I hope you get your real first win soon during the playoffs, legitimately. I will be rooting for you.

Cheating?  My friend, to think that I was in cahoots with the PHAKE-NATIC is prepostrous!  In my opinion I think he was out there to take ME out, but got confused.  I would have won that race fair and square any day of the week!

How have your fellow president mates felt about your previous failure to win, did they give advice, and how they feel about you finally winning?

We don't really talk about the racing much.  On the field, we are all fierce competitors, but off the field we are good friends. 

Can you share your training secrets please? And how you have managed to hold on and maintain your enthusiasm despite your long win-less streak?

#1 Cardio is a must!  #2 All of the fans have been so great to me over the years, so that has really helped!  It's all about the fans for me, you guys keep me motivated! 






Teddy, if you take your glasses off are you still able to read this question?

yes, bt i cant c the keyboord



Congrats Teddy on your win! I am running a 5K this weekend - any advice or tips?

I would say get lots of rest, carb load, stay hydrated and MAKE SURE to celebrate your accomplishment in front of a TV on Sunday to cheer on the Nats in NLDS Game 1! 

@CarlosDávila wants to know: Did you lose all of those races because you lost that charge up San Juan Hill?

I dont think so. I think I just needed to train better!  You have seen how serious the other 3 take this race, I just felt it was time to get my focus on!

With your renewed popularity, any thoughts of joining the race for the White House?

I already served 8 years in office, and besides, I enjoy what I am doing now too much!  Go Nats!  #Natitude

Have you ever thought about lasik? Seems like updating your eyesight could have helped you come to your first win so much faster!

I dont think it was my eyesight keeping me down, besides I look pretty good in glasses!

Thanks everyone for your great questions and support!  I am sorry but I have to go as we are gearing up for a busy week!!  It was great chatting!   I'll see you on twitter @Teddy26Nats Go Nats!

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Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States, and is a competitor in the Presidents Race at Nationals Park in Washington, DC. Once thought of as a loveable underdog, unable to win a single race against his fellow former Presidents, Teddy now joins the winner's circle after Wednesday's race.
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