From 'Eclipse' to 'Jaws' -- Stump the Post Summer Movie Challenge

Jul 01, 2010

Can you stump our movie expert? In honor of the 30th anniversary of the release of "Jaws,"

What was the name of Quint's ship that sank during WWII? (Indianapolis)

How much money does Baby borrow from her dad (Lennie Briscoe) for the, uh, thing? (Answer: $250)

This actor played one of the characters in the pilot for "Eight is Enough" but ditched the show to star in a movie that became a summer blockbuster. Some of the other cast members questioned his decision at the time. Who was the actor? (Answer: Mark Hamill)

Which of Speilberg's movies was the only one to be considered a box office failure?

Can you name three roles (or movies) where 80s guy William Zabka played a bad guy?

What does M stand for in M Night Shyamalan? Answer below: Manoj

After completing filming, Steven Spielberg decided he wanted to add one more scary moment, so he filmed a scene where Richard Dreyfuss' character discovers a dead body in a boat. Where was that scene filmed? (Answer: it was too late and/or too expensive to back out to sea, so they filmed it in the swimming pool of the film editor)

In what scene did someone wearing jeans walk through the background in the movie Gladiator?

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