'The Wire' actress Sonja Sohn on life, acting and Baltimore's troubled streets

Jan 30, 2012

Sonja Sohn did a live video chat with Post readers Monday about her organization ReWired for Life!, her decision to remain in Baltimore after filming for 'The Wire' ended, her life, acting and more.

Read: After 'The Wire' ended, actress Sonja Sohn couldn't leave Baltimore's troubled streets behind

I love what you are doing, Sonja. I was a huge fan of The Wire. Do you think the main problem facing our children is the major presence of the internet in their lives? - Wendell from Columbia, MD

Has it been difficult to get roles after The Wire ended?

Do you have an organizational model/blue print to set up your organization? I live in Raleigh, NC and think such a model would be beneficial in this area.

The story mentions your favorite pub in Baltimore, can you tell us which it is?

What kind of advice would you give to up and coming actresses especially coming for the DMV area? Do you think they should move to say NYC or LA to become successful?

The Wire is the best thing I've seen on television, hands down, and you were a big part of that. Can you share any particular positive moments or setbacks during your work on the show?

I note young people watch "The Wire" and discuss it. I believe that is important. Young people are learning how to empathize and develop maturity. What do you see that young people should gain from watching and discussing "The Wire"?

I am a law professor from Maryland with a great interest in urban poverty, particularly in Baltimore -- what is the best way to get involved with ReWired?

This was by far the most amazing TV event ever. The show touched on so many issues - racism, classism, the plight of inner city youth and the school system, homosexuality and homo phobia, corruption - before it was cool to do so. I watch all 5 seasons at least once a year. Will Season 6 ever happen?

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Sonja Sohn
Sonja Sohn, was inspired to start ReWired for Change by her own life's journey which began as a child growing up in an underserved community in Newport News, VA and eventually led to her role as a principal cast member in 'The Wire.' Over the course of the 2008 presidential election, Sohn devoted her efforts to empowering and educating voters on the importance of their vote across Virginia, North Carolina and in Philadelphia. It was during this time that she witnessed the impact 'The Wire' cast had on community members who were living in impoverished neighborhoods. Sohn saw firsthand, how celebrity can be used responsibly to influence the lives of people who are often left out of the social equation. She was particularly moved by how often the act of one inspired another, and continued to ripple throughout these communities.
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