The Shutdown Lowdown: What happened, what's next

Apr 11, 2011

A deal late on Friday prevented a federal government shutdown, but it also set up new debates. Ed O'Keefe of The Federal Eye will look ahead at what's next and explain what it means for the budget and the federal workforce. Submit your question now!

Is it true that they haven't agreed on specific cuts in detail and discussion is ongoing on what specifically will be cut?

Why are the Dems and Obama waiting so long to introduce their clear budget plan?

What is the outlook for buyouts/early retirements (10-20yr) for fed employees?

We spend trillions on foreign aid.  What is being cut there?

Is anyone calculating the cost of the "near shutdown"? In my small Agency alone, hundreds of people lost at least a week of work preparing for the shutdown with contingency planning, choosing excepted/non-excepted staff, etc.

What happened to the threat to eliminate funding for NPR?

That's it for today!

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