Pregnant In Heels: Rosie Pope on pregnancy health, fashion, and fitness

Apr 26, 2011

In this video chat, Rosie Pope of Bravo's new hit show "Pregnant In Heels" gave health, exercise, and fashion tips for pregnancy, as well as answer questions about her new hit show "Pregnant In Heels" on Bravo.

What are some style tips for women who just gave birth and who are not exactly feeling/looking fabulous?

Hi Rosie, love your new show. Would you share a tip for overcoming morning sickness which seems to present at all hours of the day?

I also have a mullarian abnormality, I have a septated uterus (1 uterus with a complete division by a thick septum) and was wondering what type you have because you said half and then you said heart shaped so I wasn't sure. I know what it is like to struggle with getting pregnant and staying pregnant and I wish you luck!

Is Rosie Pope pregnant?

Rosie, I'm watching your show with Lord Wedgwood right now and you mention that you were formerly a baroness. Can you explain? Thanks!

Do you have any children of your own?

Thanks for taking my question! I'm now at 22 weeks and thankfully still in my pre-pregnancy clothes. I will have to make a transition at some point in the next few weeks. I'd prefer not to buy too many things, but I'm a lawyer and should try to continue to look professional (and cute). Any suggestions on the quality core basics I should buy to get me through mid-August in DC?

 I am sure pregnant women can look great, and your show will help them, but please tell me you advise women to at least cutback on wearing heels during pregnancy.

Rosie, I am just beginning my second trimester and went from having no energy to work out (or get out of bed) to feeling like my normal self again. Any workout recommendations outside of walking?

I'm four weeks away from delivery, and thinking about what clothes to take to the hospital. What do you suggest so that I can remain comfortable, yet stylish enough for visitors and those all-important first pictures? Thanks! Love your show.

Hi Rosie.  I'm struggling to watch your new show. You handle these very self-centered peole well, but they're a really sad comment on society - how people with money treat their upcoming babies like accessories. I applaud you for starting a niche business that serves this segment, but doesn't it get to you?

Hi Rosie, I'm about 10 weeks pregnant with our first baby and am over the moon! If you could give a working, early 30's mom-to-be one piece of advice to get me through the next 6-12 months, what would it be? Thanks!

I am 18 weeks and I am taking a regular (not prenatal) Hatha yoga class. I switched to yoga from pilates because so much of the pilates work was done on my back. The instructor is aware that I am pregnant, but I a little worried about which poses I should modify and how. Can I lay on my side for corpse pose, or is there a better way to adapt?  Also, is it ok to lay on my stomach?

I will be the matron of honor in a wedding in may, I will be about 6 months pregnant at the time. we ordered the dresses before i knew i was pregnant, so i already have it. i have some extra material from mine and some of the other bridesmaids dresses (we are shortening them from tea length to knee length). How far in advance should i try to get the dress altered? It will probably need extensive work it is tight through the natural waist and I'd like to have the waist raised to give my belly room. I don't want the seamstress to have no time to do the work, but I have no idea how big i will be.

I am almost 11 weeks with my first and not showing yet. What are your tips for maternity wear? I.e. When to buy? Hold out as long as possible or buy as necessary? (FYI, my finances are a bit limited.) Three or four key items to have? Things to buy multiples of? I'm new to this! Thank you!

My daughter, who is 6 1/2 months pregnant, and her husband watch your show, as do I. I am AGHAST at some of your clients, who seem to be total pregzillas. Do you choose the most unique/outrageous for your show?

As someone nearing my third trimester who has yet to decide on a name for the baby, I loved that episode where you had the couple seeking a name. What in the world would a service like this cost??? I don't ask to pry into your own business, but more to know what people find reasonable all in the search for a baby's name. Thanks!

Do you see a season 2 of Pregnant in Heels in the future?

Those are all the questions!  Thanks for chatting!

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Rosie Pope is the founder of chic maternity line, Rosie Pope Maternity, as well as MomPrep, an unparalleled curriculum of classes, seminars, one-on-one training and top of the line concierge services. She is also currently starring in Bravo's Pregnant in Heels, airing every Tuesday at 10pm. Check out more on Rosie at, follow her on Twitter @rosiepope and check out her Facebook page.
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