Nov 28, 2010

Post blogger Cindy Boren will be online immediately following Washington's match-up with Minnesota to talk about the game.

Hey there. Turns out I was right to fear a team with a new coach. Sheesh. Of course, I can think of two TDs that should have been that would have made it a Redskins win. Anyway, let's discuss this game and team, shall we?

Does it violate religious principles to wrap up when tackling?

I think that it may! I don't think that's necessarily a problem that's exclusive to the Redskins, though. This morning, I was imagining a team that tackled and had great success and, soon, that spread to all the teams. And a glorious era in the NFL began.

Obviously the only consistent threat we have is Brandon Banks. Why is he not involved more on offense?

They've used him some on offense, but his lack of size, which makes him so dangerous on teams, can be detrimental when trying to catch passes. Granted, there've been great receivers who were not much bigger, but he'd take a real beating on offense and teams. At this point, though, maybe it couldn't hurt to try him more often on offense.


Does McNabb Need Glass's?

I think his eyesight is just fine. His vision is another matter. A colleague who works in Philly mentioned to me on Twitter mentioned that his eyes just glaze over when McNabb throws those dinked short passes (shy of first downs) when guys are open downfield. Maybe he should try glasses like Seinfeld's dad, just to see if it works.

why do the skins start out looking good on offense and then disappear? Does the defense make adjustments that well, I am so sick of watching this team, so frustrating and I have been a fan for 40 years.

One more point on Banks -- I hit "send" too quickly. Remember that he had knee surgery just a couple of weeks ago.

Now, for your point...they came out throwing to Cooley and Davis did that work? Seemed pretty effective to me. And I'll go out on a limb and say that you guys were pretty happy with that, too, judging by the comments I see here every week. I know Cooley dropped some passes in the second half, partly because McNabb was under more pressure from the Vikings' line and hurrying passes. I think the TEs were needed more for blocking as the Vikings' D, especially Allen, Henderson and Guion adjusted. The Redskins' O line, well, you know the deal with them (last week's looked much better). Moss had his issues, too. Armstrong and Banks should have had two touchdowns. The Redskins had five first downs in the first quarter and five the rest of the way. That's the clearest indication I have that the Vikings did a better job of adjusting.


Why do we go away from our two big targets every game? When we get them involved our offense is far more efficient.

As I mentioned, I think partly they're needed to block, especially with what Portis brought to the table in pass pro. I was partly joking about this early in the game on twitter: I would throw to Cooley on every single play, until my arm or his legs fell off. 

Uggghhh the punt return called back. Looks like 8-8 is what it will be.

Reader David and I look at the schedule each spring and make our fearless predictions. I thought all along 7-9. I still think that's more likely than 8-8. Jacksonville is playing well...I'm not sure they'll beat the Cowboys and the Giants are going to have a reason to play in that season-ending game. Say this about today: they should have won that game.

how quickly can we cut Riley?

Judging by tweets from Jeff Beardsley, Jaimie Graham and David Alison, it should have happened about 40 minutes ago. Problem with the play is that Riley had been beaten and was just looking for someone to hit. I'm sorry for him, but, boy, do I get the frustration people are feeling. Poor Banks...that's two return TDs nullified by penalties this year. People are taking money out of Banks' pockets. I look forward to his tweets soon.

What happened to the oline between the first and second half? Donovan had no time to throw in the second half

I'll have to look at the game again, but I think EJ Henderson was playing closer to the line ... really, why would he not? Another Redskins fan and I were discussing Jared Allen on Friday and we both were afraid that he'd have a big game. With help from Guion and Henderson, who appeared stoked to be playing at home, the defense made it a long day for the Skins offense. 

cut perry riley

I'm hearing this a lot.

Why do they always take one step foward and ten back everytime? I think the real problem is some of the people playing should not be playing defense or offense, they put Rabach back in and what happens, constant pressure on McNabb. Rock McIntosh still looks lost, why not let HB Blades start again. Once again the offense and defense underwhelm and lose after an emotional win in Tennesse. Maybe now they'll stop all the "we can still make the playoffs" talk.

It's a mystery for the ages. I was worried about this game going in after Childress was fired and I was worried today when I found out that the Redskins were going to go back to their regular starting line. I know a lot of people were, too, because I saw the tweets. I'm not sure why they didn't stick with last week's line...clearly, they have no confidence in it. You don't have to stop the playoff talk, though. Go ahead and hammer me for this, but the Redskins haven't been eliminated yet. It got tougher for them with this loss, but it ain't over til it's over. That much I know for sure.

It seems like a lot is lacking on the creativity of the offense. The first drive looked the Redskins looked very effective but once the other team makes adjustments we never seem to be able to counter with an effective game plan

Do the coaches have a failure of imagination or are they limited by the personnel (lack of depth, youth and talent)? They don't have players with a wide array of talents. That said, it seems as if they could get more out of what they do have. This game was winnable.

All I can say is, "Wow". Yes, the game could have been won but when is the last time this team has won a game convincingly? I mean, the Skins could easily be winless this year and their team statistics suggest they could be just that hopeless. Let's just say it will take several years to clean up this mess of a team along with several first round draft picks and some shrewd FA acquisitions. Bye bye McNabb. Hope you enjoyed your cup of coffee in Washington!

I think people who thought that there was going to be more than a four-game improvement over last year, even with McNabb here, were overly optimistic. This is going to take some time. 

Yeah, uh, that's it. Three carries for your #1 back?

For whatever reason, that wasn't working. He had, what, one yard on two carries in the first quarter -- and that's when things were working for the offense. Perhaps using him on draws and screens and hitting him out of the backfield might have worked. At one point, he wasn't on the field, so may be he was hurt. 

Another home field loss... Well, no surprise here, they are a lousy franchise after all.

2-4 at home now? Oof. 

Like almost every game this year I thought overall the defense played well enough for us to win the game, but the offense still looks like it hasn't practiced all week. I would have thought that by this point in the year there would be some sense of continuity. I see no difference from the Dallas game week 1 to now.

Fred Davis was just talking about that in an interview. As he said, they just aren't clicking; there's a disconnect. Some of that has to go to the coaches, no?

So the Skins have defeated Philadelphia, Green Bay, Chicago and Tennessee, all of whom will be or are fighting to be in the playoffs. They have lost to St. Louis, Detroit, Houston and MInnesota, all of whom are making off-season plans. Just to add a little spice, they are 3-2 on the road, and 2-4 at home. What is the deal with this team? Do they lack discipline during the week when facing a sub-500 team? Is FedEx as awful for hte players as it is for the fans? WHat is it??

Oh, if only I had the answer for that. Any team can stumble, but this one does it with regularity against the poor teams. If they'd won only two of those four games (say, St. Louis and Detroit). They're also utterly counterintuitive. I thought going into the season that they'd lose to Tennessee and have a shot at Minnesota. It is maddening and inexplicable.

They will never learn not to play bump & run tackling. You bump the ball carrier and he just keeps on running!!! Kid Shanahan can't call a good game either.

I'm on the record about tackling...and I'm not thrilled with the playbook, either. 

OK, his two penalties literally cost us the game. He needs to

Now I'm feeling bad for him. 

Why start an injured and ineffective Rabach and Hicks? I know last week the Titans were weaker up front but its was by far the best week of the year of the offensive line. Why not stick with what worked- leaving Montogmery at center and Heyer at guard? It's at least worth a try because we know the results when we use the ineffective, aging veterans

I had the same reaction when I saw the original line intact. Why would you not use what worked for you last week?

What was the Redskins' biggest weakness in this game?

Having the misfortune to play a team that fired its coach a week too early. They needed the Childress era to last one more game.

Considering how bad we usually play at New York I sense a rout coming up next week especially now that are playoff hopes are officially out the window. Our offense is in for a looooong day. What do you think?

I don't think it'll be a rout, but I do think the Giants will win and it'll probably seem like a long game to you. Of course, the Giants and Eli Manning can be as maddeningly baffling and uneven as the Redskins. 

And hyper-whining. BUT, when the officials do not call two easily flaggable face masks on the Vikings and then have a delayed reaction very iffy call that negates a touchdown, it makes for an even more irritating game for a Redskins fan. They did enough to beat themselves(underthrowing wide open receivers, batting balls in the air for interceptions, not tackling an arthritic, pneumonia ridden prima dona), they didn't have to have the officials pitch in. Sorry, I'm psychotic right now

There were some poor calls, I'll grant you that. So you're not totally psychotic. You are quite in touch with reality when you detail just how the Redskins helped to beat themselves. 

Cindy - so now we're 2-4 at home. Maybe we should play all of our games on the road next year.

Good luck with that. Maybe it's the gold pants?

Can you give a dejected Redskin fan at least some signs of hope? I just don't sense much of a difference at all between last year's offense and this year's offense- Are you seeing any difference?

They're scoring more points? They're actually completing some passes for long gains? Brandon Banks? Anthony Armstrong? 

Please tell me why we went to a 3-4 Def. when infact we have always had one of the top 10. Redskins always change the wrong things

The 3-4 is not a great fit, is it? They use different looks, but not different enough. The different look I'd use is a 4-3.

Read somewhere recently about Shanahan's winning record being attributed to high altitude in Denver. How much stock would you put in that?

That was a column last week by Tom Boswell. He noted that Shanahan is something ridiculous like 57 games over .500 in Denver, a few games under everywhere else. I think Boz makes a very convincing argument. You can read the column here

Skins still look like they'll need 2 or 3 REALLY GOOD drafts to be ready to compete for the playoffs. Thoughts?

Two...with some key free agent signings. 

I think we have already seen the best that this coaching team has to offer. Time to make a change. Think we could offer enough for Coach Cowher to coach next year?

No way! Well, sure, there's a way. The owner has a ton or two of cash. Not sure Cowher wants to coach next year. I think that, if he does, he'd still rather be in Carolina.

The absolute worst thing that could happen to this team is for everyone to freak out at 7-9 (or, frankly, even 6-10) and call for yet more massive changes in the off-season. We've been through eleven years of that and it hasn't really helped. A little consistency, even at the expense of additional W's this year, is what the Redskins really need.

No one's calling for massive and complete overhaul, but there are key positions that need to be addressed. And there are more than a few of them.

Are there any positives to take away from this game? I see a team like Cleveland who's been playing (not today) with a new qb and rb that's building towards the future. Then I look at the Redskins and know that we don't have the draft picks to make this a successful team until 2012 at the earliest. We're not developing a new, younger team either. Have you seen anything this season that makes you think we'll be more competitive before 2012?

Brandon Banks. Anthony Armstrong. There's two positives. Cooley and Davis. I'm sure they'll address the O line, the RBs. At some point, London Fletcher is going to tire and they'll need to address that spot, too. I do think you're right that 2012 is more realistic than 2011.

I have to end this now...sorry we didn't have a victory to discuss. Thanks for joining me. I'll be back next week, but, until then, you can find me @CindyBoren on Twitter and at The Early Lead. Dan Steinberg and I will be doing the DC Sports-o-Meter tomorrow, so send us your picks for the week's best and worst performances. The chat will continue in the morning with Tracee Hamilton at First Things First. 

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