Redskins vs. Packers recap

Oct 10, 2010

Washington Post blogger Cindy Boren was online immediately following Washington's match-up with Green Bay to talk about the game.

Good afternoon! I'm not sure where to even start with that game ... you guys tell me ... but I do know one thing: it would be a huge mistake to turn off the game at, say, halftime and go for a long hike. Let's go. 

The Redskins are far from a dominant team this year, but lucky for us, through 5 weeks, it looks like so is everyone else! 3 Cheers for NFL parity! 3 boos for your favorite Vegas betting line!

You don't need for your team to be dominant the first month of the season. That's something that takes time to develop. Parity is your friend, remember that. Gambling is the devil's game, my friend. Avoid it at all costs. (I'd say that even if I hadn't bet the mortgage on the Chiefs to go 19-0.)

Would you say we now have our second wide out? Armstrong - Go Skins

It would certainly appear to me that Anthony Armstrong won the job today. Nice, nice game...Kyle Shanahan may have other ideas, but no one showed more today than AA.

I am 26 years old. I run at least 70 miles a week. I am in impeccable physical condition. Yet I am convinced this team will give me a heart attack before I am 30. Should I stop following this team for my own health? My wife is worried about me.

Heck no. All you need is a little training in relaxation techniques: deep breathing, meditation, serenity now. They all work. (And check to make sure that no one has taken out any insurance policies on you...)

I couldn't watch the game, how did the defense do today? How did Kareem Moore look? Thanks Cindy!

You couldn't watch? He had a solid game against a tough team. Lots of injuries to the Packers.

When might we see the Skins play an entire game? Thus far, we've only really seen them play one half or another, but not both.

While I agree that it would be refreshing, but it isn't essential, is it? The Redskins take whatever comes at them, adjust, hang around and rarely are out of it. After a poor first half today, I was wondering if it could get worse and decided that, no, this team always turns it around, for better or worse. And getting Clay Matthews out of there was key.

Doesn't Dockery become a starter next week if Hicks has to play tackle?

He wasn't even active today, for the first time in something like 116 games. The injuries to Brown and Williams were not catastrophic, but we'll see what the docs say. The Redskins are going to have to ad lib with the o line now, it would seem.

I hate to do this, but the REFS sure did miss some big calls today. What was the deal with that?

The officiating was poor (I'll be charitable). And there were a couple of head-scratchy calls there at the end. It just happens sometimes. I wouldn't think the refs would be graded too highly on this one.


What happened on the Redskin's 4th and 19 in OT? I'm in Denver and all of the online outlets show Aaron Rodgers got picked off on the Redskins 4th down. Did they punt?

What, I'm the queen of play-by-play now? Kidding...Redskins punted (Hunter the Punter kicked it to the GB 19), Rodgers was picked off on second down, Redskins took over at the GB 39. Eight plays later, Gano kicked the FG. 

51 rushing yards, and 10 of those by McNabb?! C'mon!

You saw two things rather vividly today: the contribution Clinton Portis makes in pass pro and how a patchwork offensive line negates the rushing attack. As Joe Buck said at one time, "They have no runnng game." No, they don't. 

But having to play 11 on 18 is ridiculous!!! The Packers should have had at least 2 more holding calls 2 pass interference calls and those are the ones I can still remember.

True. Brian Orakpo is being held constantly...there was a hold on Cooley that wasn't called. Dreadful.

I get that Dockery isn't a great fit, but he can at least pick up a linebacker. Kory Lichtensteiger blowing that assignment is one thing, but twice? Tell me that the position is at least still open to competition.

We'll know more tomorrow when Mike Shanahan tells us what shape Williams and Brown are in. Also, as I mentioned before, the linemen had help from Portis before on pass protection. Clearly, with the Colts and Bears up next (why look farther ahead than two weeks?), they need to address the line.

Cindy Does the long snapper scare you? He really bothers me. What are the possibilities of bringing back the Red Snapper

You're referring to Ethan "The Red Snapper" Albright. He's hooked on with the Chargers, so you're going to have to do some further scouting for a snapper.

I'm worried about the O-Line. Brown, Hicks don't appear to be as good as we hoped. Williams having trouble staying on the field. Back-ups are a step backward. This weakness needs to be addressed!

You have plenty of company. Cling to that small comfort.

With 32 teams in the NFL, how in the world did Hunter the Punter go unsigned?? We were very lucky to sign him in this late in the season. Dare I say if Josh Bidwell was punting we very well could have lost!

Plus, best nickname ever for a punter. I don't want to rip Bidwell. It was pretty tough watching his reaction when he hurt his hip. Poor guy.

Okay, we don't have a big bruising back so much, so how about we put Brandon Banks in the backfield once in awhile and do a little of that old Joe Washington stuff?

I had the same thought during the game. He's so fast maybe he can get past the line of scrimmage before the dike crumbles and the defenders come rushing through.

McNabb is just a beast -- he had no running game, he was knocked down all day, his receivers got open only about half the time, and still somehow he managed to will this average team into a victory. Do you think he will only be able to keep this team afloat for so long...or do you think it's a bumpy start that will get better as the team gels?

Good question. And I wish I had a definitive answer. I think it depends on how long McNabb stays healthy. He's hobbling a bit now and he needs to stay in there for the team to get on a roll. Given that the roster is the NFL's oldest, I'm not sure they can stay healthy long enough to gel. If they can get fresh legs at key positions, maybe so. 

Where are the gold pants? As we all know, it's a proven scientific fact that they are 1,000 times better than the white pants.

It would have been kinda confusing for both teams to have worn gold pants, no? I need to see the science behind the gold pants. Perhaps you could submit a paper.

Shanahan update: In his presser, he said he didn't think there was any structural damage to the knee of either Jammal Brown or Trent Williams.

Are we going to be playing close games like this all season? I understand we're just doing the best we can with the players we've got, but I'd sure like it if the team could get on the same page...maybe be more balanced b/w the run and the pass. Am I dreaming? Do I just have to wait for another draft/free agent class for the team to be better?

Yep. You should buy Pepto stock now. Again, this is the team's identity right now. Jason Reid just asked Mike Shanahan about that just now and he gave wht I think you'll find to be a satisfactory answer. He said (paraphrasing): What is our identity right now is that we aren't that good in the running or the passing game. He cited the lack of consistency. 

Great win, though.

He was out there...the part of "big-play tight end" is being played ably by Chris Cooley. They haven't had to mix it up and add Davis. Some of that may be by design, too. The offense is evolving and, with the injuries, the tight ends have to block as well.

Can we have just one game that's not stressful to watch?

A blowout would be bracing. Maybe some day. Dare to hope.

McNabb threw for tons of yards but the offense still can't score over 20 points. Without a running game McNabb has no chance to make it through the season without getting injured. What makes the Skins consistently bog down and settle for field goals instead of TD's ?

It's awful, isn't it? They get into the red zone and Gano starts to warm up. (Do they not understand that the plane of the goal line is imaginary?)  Agree with you on all counts. I fear for McNabb's long-range health.

What's the going rate for hotels in Dallas the first weekend in February?

Ridiculously exorbitant. So are airfares. You should drive and camp out.

Brian Orakpo is already better than LaVar Arrington ever was in D.C. Wha a freak. This kid is held every play and has QBs running for their life. Dare I say he's the best pash rusher in DC since Charles Mann?

Now, I'm not going to denigrate the talents of Washington Post writer LaVar Arrington, a three-time Pro Bowler. But I like Orakpo better and better every week. He's the guy I wanted 'em to take on draft day (if you were hanging out on Redskins Insider that day, you'll remember that) and he's even better than I thought he'd be. Best since Mann? I have to say not yet, but he's closing in. You can convince me otherwise on that and I'll be quite happy.

I have to say, I've been very critical of this defense so far this year, but you have to give them major props for their performance today. To go out there series after series after series and hold the Packers and give the offense enough opportunities to win, that was huge. So many times in the last few years the defense would have given up one too many first downs, to watch them come up each and every time they were called on was GREAT!

The defensive performance was terrific. I kept thinking they'd wear down--and I'll bet Aaron Rodgers did, too.

Did Heyer play today?

He was on the field.

Are the skins going to bring back LJ, are they going to find a back, or just go with what they got?

LJ, no. They seem likely to go with what they've got in Torain and Keiland Williams. Let's see what the week brings, whether there are any visitors at Redskins Park.

Why do these games always come down to the last second?? I REALLY would not mind a few definitive wins...even with Houston, up by 17 and lost at the very end... I don't think this is on purpose but doesn't get us any respect either!

Respect from whom? Announcers? Doesn't show in the standings. Respect from other teams? I think the Redskins have always had that. The offense is where it's been lacking, no?

LaRon Landry! Tackles-Assists 10-3 Passes Intercepted 1 Forced Fumbles 1. Hey Not only that he should be Defensive Player of the Week

Can't say it emphatically enough: he had a monster game.

Lavar needs to hit that guy again. Even when he's doing a Skins game, he reeks of Cowboy homerism. I kept telling him to shut up the whole broadcast.

Thanks to DirecTV, I only think of him as Troy Barkman now.

Continuing with Fred Davis...since Moss and Cooley are the only reliable WRs we have so far, can we go more 2 TE sets and get Davis more involved in the passing game? Or do we need him more as a blocker?

I think one of the guys needs to be blocking, especially with Portis hurt.

(Fans are singing happy birthday to LaRon Landry now.)

With Armstrong coming on do you think we might see more of Banks? The thought of Banks speed in the slot seems like it would be a real problem for teams to cover.

I'd like to see that. Anything that opens up the attack, posing a vertical threat. 

When ever we play a team that is sorely deficient in running/passing defense they can't take advantage of that deficiency. The Colts cant stop the run. Can they nest week?

You would think the Redskins would focus on the running attack this week, wouldn't you? Depends on the line to a degree, doesn't it?

The running game was once again non - existent today and this line is eerily reminiscent of last years in pass protection. Matthews was on the way to decapitating McNabb before getting injured. Is the line still having trouble adjusting to the zone blocking scheme or are they just that bad?

The Redskins were fortunate to have Matthews get changed the game entirely. And I think the answer to your question is both. I think they're still adjusting and there isn't a terrific amount of depth.

With that, I am going to get moving. Tracee Hamilton will be chatting at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow (I think with JReid) and Dan Steinberg and I will be doing our new live DC Sports-o-Meter, so tweet us your candidates for best and worst performances (across all sports). Dan's @dcsportsbog and I'm @cindyboren. Thanks for joining me! See you here next week.

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