Redskins-Jaguars postgame chat with Cindy Boren

Dec 26, 2010

Post blogger Cindy Boren will be online immediately following Washington's match-up with the Jacksonville Jaguars to talk about the game.

Happy day-after-Christmas. Nice to have a win to discuss. I'm not sure who all of those guys were, but they showed some grit and managed to pull out a win in OT. So let's figure out what it all means.

But on behalf of the New York Jets fans, I think you for making next week's game against Buffalo meaningful only to seeding.

That Jets game had to drive you batty. Nice to see you're still conscious and communicative.

Who can the Skins move to get a few more picks this year? Did they miss their chance to get value back for Cooley? What about Fletcher? Moss? Hate to part ways with their only real pros over the last few years, but they aren't getting any younger, and this team isn't winning any time soon.

There would seem to be value there at tight end and it's probably Cooley rather than Davis, given that Fred is younger. I think Fletcher and Moss, while still warrior, are getting up there a bit. I'm not sure that a team with multiple draft picks wouldn't be better off drafting smartly at those positions...all of them, actually. Unless you think that any of those three is your last missing piece.

and trade McNabb for Kolb.

That's some real outside-the-box thinking right there. 

If the 'Skins have a shot at Cam Newton, should they take him over an O-lineman?

Ooh. Would you necessarily go with another O lineman with that pick? I'm not sure I would. As for Cam Newton, didn't the Redskins take a QB from Auburn who had a whip for an arm, but whose footwork left something to be desired? Yeah, I know Cam Newton is no Jason Campbell. My point is that maybe there's someone who fits their system better. Maybe not a first-rounder.

Cindy? Start the bandwagon? Beat G-men next week and go 7-9?

Sure. I am hoping for 7-9 because that has been my prediction all along, particularly when certain fans told me the team would never win another game this season. The Giants are completely beatable. They're like Seinfeld's "two-face" girlfriend.

If McNabb was released today or before the end of the season can he end up playing in the playoff's even as a back up to like, say Sanchez?

But they're not likely to just release him, so it's moot. They're going to want to obtain something in return for him.

So it's Sexy Rexy for '11, it looks like. Sigh. Unless, of course, The Danny decides to trade for Brett Favre in the off-season, which I can honestly see him doing. Or how about Carson Palmer, he might be available and looking for new scenery and a sure-to-be-ridiculous contract. Maybe Joe Kitna? Brady Quinn? Alex Smith? Jason Campbell again? Who's next to go through the turnstile at Redskins Park?

I don't think Rex necessarily presented a compelling case for himself today, do you? Of course, only the Shanahans are making this decision. I'd kind of hoped to see John Beck some today (words I never believed I'd typed), just to see what else they've got. 

Is Rex the face of the Washington Redskins in 2011?

I think you may well need to prepare yourself for that. 

Here is what is so frustrating about this team, they played a good, solid all phase game today with a roster especially on Defense that were not starters and 4 I think were signed off of other team's practice squad. Where was this ALL year? Where was Carlos "Hands Of Stone" Rogers actually incercepting a pass, when so many have hit him in the hands? Good for the Skins to show up and play like they cared but come on this team will be nothing more than a 7 win team next year unless they start to bring in young players.

The Redskins were helped mightily by the absence of Maurice Jones-Drew, of course, but Rob Jackson and Kevin Barnes stepped up big-time. And you're right about age: they must get younger.

They just cost me my survivor pool. A LOT!


Ms. Boren, Despite the "efforts" of Trent and Heyer, who were awful today, I would say, that while rebuilding, the Redskins can use Rex next year and not look any worse than 25 NFL teams. WIN!

Over 60 different people have started at QB in the NFL this season, so perhaps there is room for Grossman.


Is it my imagination or do the Redskins usually play better after being taken out of the playoff hunt? Isn't this typically the time they go on a run to the end of the season?

The most dangerous teams can often be those with nothing to lose. They're loose and guys are playing for jobs next season.

It still seems like the O-line is old and needs top new blood. Still, maybe use the 1st round pick on a top-line running back since Portis hasn't cut much loose since his very first run with the 'Skins? Or are RBs a dime a dozen and just go back to the fact that games are won or lost in the trenches?

I don't think you want to use the first-round pick on a running back. For openers, don't you like what you've seen from Keiland Williams and Ryan Torain? Doesn't that relieve the pressure to get an RB early?

With a 60 QB rating on the day?

This is Rex Grossman; he is who he is. I don't think he's suddenly going to morph into something new, unless Kyle Shanahan is Harry Potter and can work some magic on him. 

Cooley looked a little uninspired today. He did get some nice grabs late in the game but he came to the huddle like he wanted to be somewhere else. Nice game for us though, we've seen worse these last ten years.

I wonder if perhaps he's concealing an injury. He doesn't drop passes, especially as regularly as he seemed to in the early going today. Maybe he's just worn down from blocking so much this year. 

Do you think maybe My-way pants should have waited a couple more weeks before completely alienating Mcnabb? Wonder boy didn't really light it up today against the last ranked pass defense. I can't find his passer rating stats anywhere, I guess Shannahan has #1 son and his minister of information sweeping that litlle tidbit under the rug.

Sorry for the break -- just went to the gamebook to doublecheck Grossman's passer rating today: It was indeed 60.0. Garrard was 70.0.

How many QB's in modern NFL history (since SB I) have started the whole season while taking their team to the SB? And, how many QB's have started a game during same time period?

Wow, I'm going to have to hit the books after this chat wraps up. Brady, of course, has always been there when the Patriots made a run. Peyton Manning. That's a really good question.

Very McNabb like performance from Grossman today, 1 TD, 1 pick, 17 points in regulation (10 of which were setup by an interception and kick return). That said, was there anything in Grossman's performance which substantiates Shanahan(s) view that Grossman is smarter, works harder, and has more cardiovascular endurance than McNabb?

I didn't see it today. I did see it a week ago, when at least he rallied the team with some urgency.

Shanny Jr (Kyle) gets to take some of the negative press for the AWFUL offense? They have put DM under the bus, so why not look at the reality? Great coaches work with the talent they have NOT force them to change and then blame the talent for the problem...

Well, there's precious little young talent on this team, but, and the same can be said of the defense, work with what you have. If you've got crayons, you can't paint the Sistine Chapel. 

Any chance we can get Andrew Luck in the draft if he decides to come out

Isn't he the presumptive top pick? If so, I don't see how it happens. Barry Svrluga and Rick Maese took a look at all the QBing possibilities.

I'm very proud of how the Skins had a hard fought win against a good team, but I have to wonder if this was a building block win for next year. As a life long Redskins fan, the Skin for the last 20 years have played their best football once they are eliminated from playoff contention!! BTW congrats on the Chiefs. They have alot of the old Patriots decision makers. They will be good for a long time.

I'm not sure how it can be a building block win for the Redskins because so many of these guys will be gone. The teams that convert these late wins into success the following season usually are young.

And, thank you very much. The Cheeves really are like Patriots Midwest, aren't they, with Crennel and Weis and Todd and Paoli and Cassel. KC fans, like DC fans, are very deserving of a winner to reward their patience and fidelity. 

I have seen enough from Torrain to go to camp without drafting one. With the top pick I would try to trade down and get a second number 2 and another number 1 next year. Let's face cold hard facts no matter who is QB'ing this team in 2011 they are not a playoff team. Slide back and get some picks. TRADE TRADE TRADE!! The Skins need a franchise QB, 2 or 3 O Linemen, 2 or 3 D Linemen and some db's.

I would trade for as many draft picks as I could get. This year and next. I agree on what their needs are.

So this year they beaten Green Bay, Chicago, Jacksonville, Philadelphia (once), all teams in the playoffs or fighting for one down the stretch. Took Tampa Bay and Indianapolis to the final minute. Lost to St. Louis, Detroit, Dallas, Minnesota. If a team plays up or down ot the level of competition, what does that signal (beyond hte obvious lack of discipline and focus)?

The problem with this is that it isn't just this year. You could say the same thing about the previous two years' teams. It's one of those mystifying characteristics of this team, this franchise. Shanahan has his work cut out for him changing that.

Will we get to see the final piece of the QB puzzle??

Hope so. Shanahan got the guy, so it'd be nice to see what he has to offer.

Will Danny leave Shanny be? Hate to be negative in this joyous season, but somebody has to step up and be the grown up here... who will it be for 2011?

It will be Shanahan. It's his team and I don't think he'd hang around if the ground shifted and suddenly he didn't have control.

This line item just ran on the all sports network. While not surprising, it seems to fly in the face of what ol'#5 said earlier in the week. Is this a classic player good cop ,agent bad cop situation?

At this point, I'm not sure what to make of anything. I'd like to get everybody into a room, strap 'em to lie detectors and make 'em answer questions until I knew exactly how each felt. 

I believe I asked you in another chat if the Redskins would take a chance on Cam Newton. I do not think that he is worth a top ten pick due to his bad mechanics and character issues, people have said he has bust written all over him, not quite sure why...... But do you think that Shanahan/Allen will pick a qb in the first round and groom him? Is it me or does Shanahan have a thing for turnover prone qbs (Grossman and Cutler)?

I'm not sure Newton is the Shanahans' type of QB. His footwork may be an issue and he may have trouble adjusting to a pro style offense. Why not find a guy whose mechanics need tweaking rather than breaking down and rebuilding? 

Guess Rex was who we thought he was huh?

Yeah. No mystery there...

Why do you think the Redskins defense was so much better today than all year? Is it because the new players that were playing today? Or do you think Haslett was more aggressive on his blitz packages?

I think it was a combo: New players playing for jobs, lack of MJD on offense and blitzing. Garrard wasn't having a great day, so they could put pressure on him.

On that note, I'm going to have to wrap this up. Thanks for joining me. Steinberg is off this week, so there'll be no DC Sports-o-Meter; instead, I'll be on Twitter (@CindyBoren) and on The Early Lead. And someone -- not sure which writer just yet -- will be chatting at 9:30 tomorrow morning on First Things First. Have a great night!

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