Redskins-Giants postgame chat with Cindy Boren

Dec 05, 2010

Post blogger Cindy Boren will be online immediately following Washington's match-up with the New York Giants to talk about the game.

Good afternoon and welcome to the postgame chat. I'm eager to hear your thoughts on this one. 

had to go out and by another tv, this one has a foot hole in it. going to start listening to them on the radio. alot cheaper

I'm not sure what you can take away that's positive from this one. The beating was pretty thorough. They did avert the shutout, so there's that. And, wouldn't you know it, suddenly Devin Thomas is focused now.

Mcnabb looks like he is not into it. Do you think Danny boy will scap the whole project, get rid of the over priced underacheivers & start from scratch?

I think it's more complex than DM not being into it. Honestly, he often looked like that in Philly. The OL is a mess; that's a big contributing factor. That throws off the timing with the WRs. The running game isn't great, either, although James Davis had some moments. I'm not exonerating McNabb. He did did make some poor decisions, like running with the ball and fumbling rather than hitting one of the open players. I have no idea what the owner will want. Let's see first what changes the coach wants to make.

Redskins fans: It's worse that you think! Not only is this team lousy and uncompetitive, they are doomed to stay so for as long as Snyder owns the team. A decade of draft picks frittered away, bloated contracts for has-beens, and the bizarre coaching carousel has left them a shell of a team. It will take at least 3 years to right the ship (maybe longer since they traded more picks for a marginal quarterback), and the owner will not accept "this takes time" for an answer. 6-10 in 2010. 7-9 in 2011. 8-8 in 2012, and the Shanahan era is over. Rinse, repeat, Nick Saban and 5-11 in 2013. Hail!

It does sometimes feel like Groundhog Day. Maybe two years to get to get it straightened out...assuming Shanahan has the stomach for it and the owner has the patience.

Kyles offense doesn't seem to work too well in the late half of the NFC East season. As awkward as it is I think we have 3 good TE's and only one decent receiver. Maybe we could pull Heyer and use 3 TE's? Ya think?

A four-TE set, perhaps? 

It's a dreary fourth quarter, and I am working on something while watching the game, but I can't help thinking it's McNabb and not the receivers to blame for the dropped passes. Or am I just not paying attention? For Cooley and Moss to be missing, it can't be their hands, right?

There were a bunch of pure drops today, but what you don't often see is WRs hit in stride with passes. I tend to look more at McNabb and the lack of time he has in the pocket because of the line. 

Not putting any undue blame on Snyder, since he doesnt miss tackles, drop passes, waste challenges, or fumble, as he just runs the team, but ever wonder how the team *could* be different if it stayed in the Cooke family?

I wasn't here during the Cooke ownership, although I was in another NFC East city committing journalism and saw the Redskins. I just don't think it's productive to think about something that can't be undone. Ownership changed. Onward.

No one can use the phrase the offense is a work in progress because that states the false notion that the offense is in fact progressing. There are no signs of progress and sometimes it really seems as if the league mandated a no practice rule for the Redskins because to say the continuity is lacking is quite the understatement. The Giants were missing three starting offensive lineman and two starting receivers and don't seem to miss a beat.

You're right and they ran it up the gut against the Redskins, who seemingly could have used Albert Haynesworth, I'd think.

I don't believe they will win another this year, sorry but don't really have a question, what can you say but that it don't get any worse than this game......oh yeah it does I forgot about the Eagles game....LOL

You're the third fan I've heard that from. I do think they win one more, although admittedly it isn't going to be easy. 

How long will the Redskins keep Kyle Shanahan?(And his dad) McNabb was a good acquistion, but he and the rest of the guys need a coach. Today's game was bad, the team has talent we need the right people to coach them.

With all due respect, I don't think I agree that the talent is there. It is, in spots, but not in enough spots. For better or worse, these are the coaches that are here; it's their system, their vision. We'll start finding out soon which players will and will not be next year. 

The season seems to be ending in a similar fashion to last year. What really does Shanahan bring to the table as a Washington Redskin head coach? I don't see any positive effects of his presence. Players still lack focus, a lot of mental mistakes, No creativity on offense or defense, difficulty in evaluating talent and handling the personalities of the team, and starting players who don't even belong in the league. Grade for Shanahan's performance? What do you think he has brought that has been lacking in the past?

He brings discipline (despite the horrendous lack of tackling today), a system that has worked before. He's known for getting a lot out of players, particularly gritty nonstars. I think there's a better system of evaluating players; he's smarter about that than the previous regime. Again, despite the "future is now" stuff, this was never going to be turned around in a year. I thought they'd get to 7-9, though. 

At this point I doubt that Shanny and his crew will be shown the door (although his son and Haslett are on thin ice because of the pitiful performances by the players in their schemes , many of whom they inherited) so to me the players need to go. Trade those of value, release those who the current staff doesn't want or trade them for anything of some value, go after young hungry players and just rebuild the entire team. There is no way this team can make the playoffs anytime soon. We have lost long enough with many of the guys still here so it time for a full house cleaning.

I'm with you. You look at every single player on the roster and make your decisions. The time to debate Shanahan as coach was last January. Whether they'd have been better off elevating a smart, young assistant from another team is now a moot point.

It was another really bad loss, and once again we shot ourselves in the foot with turnovers but Redskins fans need to look at the big picture. This team just does not have enough talent or personnel to do the things necessary to be a consistently successful football team. The list of needs is long but first and foremost we need to get younger and better on both sides of the line, as well as the right personnel for the 3-4 scheme. That's what Shanahan is trying to do. The Redskins will use the remaining games to take a look at young guys and see who fits for next year. As painful as it is to watch, we need to have patience b/c this thing will get corrected in time. I, for one, am excited to see what happens as we close the season and give some young unknowns a chance to see what they can do.

Patience is good; you're right. It's possible, just possible, that the Giants, like the Eagles, are a good football team, too. That skews the assessment of the Redskins.

I think games like this are important to remind the impulsive instinct of those in charge just how far away we are from being a good team. When the smoke and mirrors clear we just don''t have much talent and one or two quick fixes is not the answer. Stock piling draft picks from here on out is the only chance we have

It may not be the only chance, but it's the best chance. It's always the best chance, across all sports.

How about some love for Devin Thomas today with the blocked punt?

He had a terrific game, which is something of an irritant but not a surprise. The fans I talk to were pretty resigned to the fact that he'd play his backside off today.

redskins ownership needs to admit they made a mistake with mike shanahan the redskins need a young vibrant coach in shanahan i see joe gibbs and the game passed him bye then you have too many old players thats slow and they seem to not have any fire left how do we address this in the off season

You can't fire everybody...give him a chance. At this point, you have to. There are a lot of players you aren't going to see next year.

Do you think this type of loss bothers McNabb, or is he just thinking about tax deferred bonds and his 401(k) salary match? The offense was impotent, and the QB has to shoulder that blame.

Good question. I see guys like Tom Brady, and the pre-2010 Tiger Woods and Derek Jeter and when they lose, I don't think they're very pleasant to be around for a long time. I see guys like Phil Mickelson and A-Rod and when they lose I think they probably are over it the next day and I'd probably like to have a beer with them. I'm thinking McNabb is in the second category...which no doubt makes him a more well-rounded person. Some of the blame certainly goes to McNabb today, for sure.

SKINS were like 9th overall in defense last year, how could that defense look so bad and why don't they consider switching back from that dang 3-4 stinks

I know the 3-4 takes time, but it's quite a bitter pill after the stifling D of the last few years. 

Was this worse than the Philly loss?

You tell me. My instinct says yes, because after the Philly loss, it was easy to think that the Redskins had lost to a QB on his game. Blowouts happen. Today, when nothing worked and everyone's mind seemed to be in Times Square,  the loss was more deflating. 

Whats going on with young shanny when is he going to get the boot, no more daddys boy!?!?

It's got to be tough working for your parents in any business, so I feel for Kyle there. You'd better be twice as good as everybody else and he hasn't show himself to be the boy wonder he was in Houston. 

Where to begin? Offense was horrible, defense was horrible, special teams did nothing (although that was because they kicked away from Banks), more drops, more INTs, 3-4 experiment is a disaster, and stupid penalties. Did I expect Shanny to right the ship in one season? Not really, but every week this team looks worse and worse. A lot of this is what Shanny created. How can they re-build with no picks? Is Shanahan's job at risk?

No way Shanahan's job is at risk...yet. If they duplicate this season in 2011, maybe. If Shanahan's as smart guy as everyone has said, the should make significant strides next year...maybe not huge, but enough to show promise then in 2012. This isn't what you want to hear, is it?

In the history of the NFL (or college football for that matter), has there ever been an occasion where a father head coach has fired his assistant coach son?

Not that I can think of off the top of my head. The assistants usually suddenly want to spend time with their families or have the itch to pursue a different career. Occasionally, they are offered irresistible gigs with other teams. 

Cindy- any insight as to why the Redskins had Haynesworth on the sidelines?

Yep. I was listening to the postgame pressers as I chat. He was ill late in the week and didn't have a great practice. And you know that if he doesn't practice, he's going to sit. 

Meanwhile, the Nationals will announce shortly that they have signed Jayson Werth to a seven-year deal.

Does anyone know if Vinny Cerrato still thinks that he left a playoff quality team behind?

Oof. Good one. 

I don't want McNabb back next season, but I also don't want Washington to use another first round pick on drafting our 3rd quarterback in nine years.

Do you want a season of Rex Grossman? I'm guessing you don't...

What team? We haven't seen anything good out of the Skins since the few games after Sean Taylor died. The team was defeated before it ever stepped onto the field. The Skins had to know the Giants would ram the ball down their throat. Why were the Skins so poorly prepared? How did benching Haynesworth affect the mentality of the defense?

That one is squarely on Shanahan. You know how he is with Haynesworth. It was windy in the same old wind in the New did you not think they were gonna run the ball up the gut? Poor prep by the Skins.

Skins fans need to mount a campaign to get Snyder to sell. Stop buying Skins merchandise and dont renew season tickets etc. As long as Snyder owns the team they will be the worst run team ever in professional sports. and the worst about it is the WP crack sports department is too homer to write anything bad about Snyder or the Skins.

I think we have written plenty about the owner and the team that might be construed as "bad" from their perspective. 

Last week, I asked whether it violated religious principles to wrap up when tackling. Today, the defense apparently took its spiritual development to the next level and tried to tackle without using shoulders or arms at all. Perhaps next week we can direct opposing RBs to the nearest hole. We may be in the midst of the Great Awakening.

I dream of a day when a team comes out and wraps people up and tackles well. Others see it succeeding and it catches on. Perhaps one day. I am not afraid to dream. 

So once Jim Haslett gets fired do you think they'll switch back to the 4-3? I still can't figure out why Shanahan changed the scheme, when the defense was only consistent part of this team the last few years.

I think they're committed to the 3-4...

Cindy, is there room in your Cheeves bandwagon for pummeled, disheartened Redskins fans?

The Cheeves bandwagon is roomy, the keg is icy, the couches are comfy, and we rock to music like Arthur Blank on that Play 60 commercial. It's low-mileage, having recently been pulled off cinderblocks, and is all inclusive. Welcome aboard!

Is there a happier man in America right now?

I will wager there are very few happier than he right now.

Just who do you think they can beat?

I know, I know. My 7-9 is more a matter of sticking to my preseason prediction like Shanlett sticks to the 3-4. I thought initially that the Giants may have nothing to play for in early January. 

He was this way in Philly -- erractic. But he had tons of talent around him. I think he's got lots of life in him but he really needs a strong supporting cast. Otherwise, don't you think, he's just a middle of the pack QB?

Yep. And he had a coach in Philly who was more adept at tailoring the offense to him. 

im sorry but this thing about albert is more of a power trip. as you saw today we got ran over and its like the coaching staff doesnt want to win and try to make playoffs. he is too good to keep on the bench with our terrible defense. he has more sacks than the rest of the bums who gets more time than him.

It would appear that there is more going on than merely a tender tummy.

Maybe we should hire the wikileak idiot to find out what Shanahan really feels about Haynseweorth

Oh, I think we know what Shanahan thinks. If you look back to January, Rick Maese videotaped an interview with Haynesworth (should be Google-able or in Redskins Insider archives) in which it was glaringly apparent just how Shanahan felt about him. I was editing the Skins/NFL then and I spoke with both JReid and Maese about it at the time. 

Been a Ft. Hood TX soldier (3 times deployed)& diehard SKINS fan for 3 decades...DMcNabb needs tools. On the line, definitely at the RB, WR positions and then you will see results but Ms. Boren, that run D was bad, uninspired, agreed?

First, thanks for your service! 

I would say the run D was nonexistent, but we're just quibbling over semantics. I concur.

Make it stop: make it stop! Please make the Redskins STOP playing football: please.

What would you have them play? 

Seriously who thought we could even win five games? Over 90% of the roster is filled with players with average talent at best. It will take about four years to rebuild for the future not including next year. So here's looking to super bowl 2016!

That's the spirit. I think.

when the redskins were 5 and 5, I started hearing talk about playoffs and how the redskins could make them. this was on sports talk shows and newspaper articles. any chance you know who was the first idiot in either radio or newspaper to actually bring this subject up? I'd like to say 'thank you' to this person and let them know they're who I'll go to when I want to place a bet on a game...because they're very knowledgable.

I do not know who said that, although I would not call that person an idiot. In full disclosure, I believe the Post did run a story on the matter last week. I'm a big believer in not thinking playoffs until after Thanksgiving. What's the point, especially with so many division games in December?

How about Mike Shanahan throwing the challenge flag after the McNabb fumble as Kyle Shanahan tries unsuccessfully (and correctly) to grab it away before it hits the ground?

That was actually welcome comic relief. Shanahan talked about it in the press conference and said he was acting like it just slipped out of his hand. He admitted that the officials let him have that.

I have to saunter on off now. Thanks for joining me; I always enjoy this and hope that one day we're chatting about playoffs and Super Bowls and like such as. You guys are so loyal you deserve that. I'll be back same time next week and hope to see you here then. In the meantime, join Dan Steinberg and me for DC Sports-0-Meter at noon tomorrow (hit us with your nominations for best/worst performances of the last week; Dan's at @dcsportsbog and I'm @CindyBoren on Twitter). And join Tracee Hamilton and a Redskins writer TBA for First Things First tomorrow morning. See you on Twitter and at The Early Lead.

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