Redskins-Buccaneers postgame chat with Cindy Boren

Dec 12, 2010

Post blogger Cindy Boren will be online immediately following Washington's match-up with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to talk about the game.

Good afternoon. I know, I know. What's so good about it? I'm here for you. What a way to lose. Vent freely now.

Just about half-time of game, and we've seen some fantabulous running on the Skins' offensive side of the ball. It just occurred to me, is there any connection other than coincidental between Joe Gibbs in the owner's box and the Skins playing "Redskins football" today? Ooops. DMac just killed a scoring drive and we come away with only 3 (barely), so maybe it's just a pseudo-karma going there....

Let the record show that this is the first time the phrase "pseudo-karma" has been used in a chat.  Am pretty sure it was merely a coincidence. 

The Skins' worst off-season move was to not re-sign Ethan Albright. Period. Games lost due to bad long snapper.

Agree. I always though the Red Snapper was underrated and unappreciated. He is missed. No pun intended. 

I know it was raining but how is it the Bucs didn't miss a kick/extra point and us... what happened???

It is utterly mystifying and baffling. Only the crop circles are more puzzling. Again, it's just symptomatic of the Redskins not putting a team away, no? 

Why wasn't he used more in the second half?

He seemed fine. Why not keep running him? The Bucs adjusted, but I think the Redskins still would have had success with him. And why wait so late to go to Cooley? But that's a question we ask every week, it seems.

Why waste time with this guy who does not have a touch or seem to see the field? How can a team play so well in the 1st half and gain 10 yards in the 3rd quarter? After 50 years, I am finding a new team.

It seems to happen with this team. Is it McNabb's fault, or a chance on offensive approach? Failure to adust to defensive changes? I would have bet the ranch that they'd have kept running up the gut with Torain and, perhaps, mix in Keiland Williams. I'd have lost the ranch.

Cindy, can you tell us the various ways this loss was the fault of Albert Haynesworth? I know Coach Mike will tell us later, but you can save some time.

I actually thought Albert would get a game ball today...because I thought there'd be an Albert bounce. I do think he might perhaps have helped on the goal line, but I suppose there's no point in making that argument now. So instead I'll focus on the ridiculous non-call as Orakpo was being decapitated on the goal line.

an extra point, too much to ask, maybe if Snyder could spend another million! TB goes for 2, gets it, we can't get a simple extra point

I had a fleeting thought that maybe they should have gone for two, then decided I was totally wrong and was happy they were kicking. Then disaster struck. Also, how is it that they wasted something like 20 seconds on that final drive, too? (Turns out I'm the one venting!)

I was amazed the imcomplete pass to Fred Davis didn't end the game! C'mon, the refs gave us 5 downs to end the game, the 5th down resulting in the 6 points. i am sick we can't kick an extra point, but never should have had the TD!!Agree????

There was some yammering by announcers that the Redskins had actually gotten a first down on that drive. I need to run it back and look at it again. I confess I got up to move to the laptop because I thought it was fourth down. Then...touchdown! At this point, just whistle and keep moving. Oh, and kick the extra point.

Cindy, They have to realize that McNabb is not the answer, right? How many times does he throw it into turf. He is very lucky he did not have a couple more picks today.

My Philadelphia colleagues warned me about this. Sure, I'd seen it, but I never watched the Eagles every week. The question, though, is this: who else is out there? Are you confident you can get a QB in the draft? And, even if you do, don't you need to have McNabb while you groom the newbie? I don't see Rex Grossman filling in.

well at least i had already given up - watching in lagos on play by play it was the bucs ball after we missed on fourth. then i came back to see it was in fact a td. but kinda figured a miss was the order for the day, bring back suisham,,,?

Am 94 percent certain you'd have to fight Troy Polamalu for him. Frankly, I don't like your chances.

They must be really eyeing someone in the draft- with an outcome like that you have to be trying to lose.

Oh, I don't really think anyone tries to lose. Really.

Who snapped the ball over Hunter Smith's head?

That wold be long snapper Nick Sundberg. Am guessing you shouldn't grow too attached to him.

The Redskins are now doing what bad teams do: finding ways to lose. 6-10?

Fans I talk to swear they won't win another game. I actually thought they'd win this one (Yeah, I thought there'd be an Albert bounce. Sue me.). This one was just dreadful. I thought we'd start seeing auditions for guys who'd be working for deals next year. See any of that today?

It seems like the offense is terrible at adjusting when the other team adapts to our game plan. Everyone knew at halftime the Skins' we be shut down particularly when you don't throw to Cooley until the fourth quarter.

Well, I'm not sure everyone knew but there was some interest to see how they'd come out in the second half. I know they're asking a lot of Cooley as a blocker, but mix up the players. Again, mix it up.


Not at this point, no. It's kinda late.

Cin-Cin- How has this guy survived so many head coaches? His teams always make a mistake at a huge moment. Total with 2 missed FGs and a fumbled kickoff, that's 9 points they spotted Tampa. Then a missed XP? This guy should be fired tonight.

I like Danny Smith, but this isn't the first time I've been asked this question or the first time I've wondered about it myself. 

Our offense really does seem different with Torrain in the game. Obviously his health is the number one concern but do you think when healthy he is good enough to build an offense around?

Good question. I don't know that he's going to be a big star at running back, but at this point it'd be interesting to see how effective he could be if he weren't the only weapon.

So the Skins run great for most of the first half, but it's clear that TB is putting 8 in the box and still they call run? Some of those should have been fakes, then passes. And why after Torian runs for 40 yds call on him again on the next play? And why oh why does McNabb throw 3-4 short passes each game into the dirt. Is Gano gone? If so, he'll probably hook on next year and be a reliable like Akers for the Eagles, which the Skins released after a couple of poor kicks.

I believe your questions are rhetorical. I share them. I don't think Gano is gone...just yet. And, yeah, figure to see him doing well with someone else. Sigh.

Another way to lose -- this time by special teams. Nevertheless, too many low passes from McNabb was also a contributing factor to the loss.

You are correct.

God, just when you think it can't get any worse. What's next for this team?

I don't even want to imagine. Maybe they win three in a row and surprise everyone?

lets cut to the chase...who does not need to be here next year? i saw the majority of the roster must be and kyle shanahan. ive always liked mike, but kyle is a nobody in my opinion. thanks, aaron

That's what I'm looking at now: who would you keep, who would you dangle to try to get something for? Who on the roster can you obtain something for? I can't say at the moment. I need a couple more games before I finalize my list. Suffice it to say only a very few guys are untouchable.

If Tampa didn't lose the ball on the 1 yard line it might have been a semi-blowout. So, who's the first to call this a moral victory?

I believe you are. Congrats!

Any chance the roof over his skybox collapsed like the dome in Minnesota, letting in all the rain and maybe giving him the flu? (this question is mostly humorous. but not entirely.)

Now, now...

Clearly the skins had 5 downs on that last drive. Armstrong did NOT get the first down. Are the chain gang guys local guys? Incompetence or cheating?

Didn't look like it to me, either. I think perhaps they just dozed off. Or wanted to get outta there. 

And the Redskins dropping the ball somehow feels like a very appropriate gift. Thanks, Redskins!

Oh, man. I'm sorry. I hope the memory of this game fades quickly and that your birthday is a good one!

I have found that if I just don't care, it doesn't hurt so much that the 'Skins are so hapless. How could any team possibly play so badly and lose in such a manner? It should NOT come down to the extra point making all the difference. Had they played at all better, they could have won. Oh dear.

I have friends who've applied the same philosophy and the only way to care less is to be comatose and that's no answer. 

Should the 'Skins look at offensive line help or a QB with their first round pick?

Maybe they should trade the pick for a boatload of second- and third-round picks. How about that?

What do you think about next year? I would think the odds of a lockout should be playing into personnel decisions already even this year... kicker, gone! snapper- ?? McNabb is a quality guy, so what do we do to really build an offense with him?

At this point, I think there will be a lockout. I think the season will probably lose 4-5 games before everybody goes back to work. Obviously, a lot can change between now and early March, but that's how I've felt all along and nothing has changed for me...yet.


Can the rain/wet ball legitimately be a reason for the poor snap? Even though it occurred as untimely as it did?

Sure. It was a wretched, nasty day.

do you think the game has passed the coach bye. He doesnt know how to clock manage any more. I could of sworn he has been in the league for couple decades. They should of start from beginning. we have nothing including mcnabb. He throws to the ground too much and if my philly fans told me this when we got him.

I don't think the game has passed Shanahan seems to be taking a while for that muscle memory to kick in, though. 

What will snyder do for the fan's? He's losing Redskins Nation. Every year no success. I would like to send him a bill for all the tickets, jerseys, hat's i've bought. I would like a refund!!

Oh, if only owners had to refund money to the people who pay the bills. Someday, after my plan for global domination succeeds (details to come), fans will be given refunds. They'll be the ones in the primo suites, with cheap cold beer and jerseys that are reasonable. Free nachos, too.

There are teams that know how to rebuild (Tampa, KC) and then there's you-know-who. When will we ever figure out that you build through the draft and supplement through free agency, not vice versa?

I think you mean the Redskins! Let's see what they do in the draft next year before we write the new regime off. Tampa is more impressive to me than KC because I think they reloaded more quickly than the Cheeves. The Bucs won a Super Bowl not that long ago. KC has been wretched for a long time.

I almost wish that they had tanked that game for the better pick.... Otherwise, I don't understand how they gave that away. Also, not only did we get McNabb from Philly but also Andy Reid's impeccable clock management skills. Good deal.

You can't tank games! You. Play. To. Win. The. Games. 

did you really feel it was unreachable? I thought a competent holder would have been able to handle it and bring it down

It did not look to me as if Sundberg tried to get the ball. Not sure it was reachable, though.

Since he was drafted can you remember a season where Cooley has had so many drops? Maybe thats why he doesn't get the ball more often.

Maybe he and the QB aren't in sync. 

More a couple comments than a questions: - There was no 5th down...the Fox yellow line was at 11 yrds for the first down play, so it fooled everyone. Moss's TD came on a legit 4th down. - The fumbled second half kick-off doomed us. The Bucs had a long drive, followed by a 'Skin three and out, another long drive, another three and out. The offense got cold on the sideline and weren't ready to play until the end of the game. - Real is Danny Smith still employed? Everyone seems to like him, but special teams always, always, always has multiple disasters a year with very few big plays.

Thanks. That's what I saw but I have to go to the replay now. Shanahan didn't see it, for what it's worth. 

Now, though, I must sign off. Thanks for joining me. We'll do this again next week. In the meantime, Dan Steinberg and I will be up with DC Sports-o-Meter tomorrow at noon. Shoot us your nominations for the best three and worst three performances by local athletes over the last week (@dcsportsbog and @CindyBoren on Twitter). Til then, see you on Twitter and at The Early Lead. Be sure to join Tracee Hamilton on the First Things First chat tomorrow at 9:30.

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