Redskins vs. Bears recap

Oct 24, 2010

Post blogger Cindy Boren will be online immediately following Washington's match-up with Chicago to talk about the game.

Welcome to the postgame chat. I'm not sure what to make of that game -- it had more turnovers than a Pepperidge Farm day-old-bread store -- but the important things to remember are this: 1) the Redskins just equaled their win total from last year and it's not Halloween yet and 2) Jim Haslett needs to get into fiery exchanges with more people. Let's talk.

I ran the Army Ten Miler this morning. That's 10 miles. Of running. I also watched the Redskins game. That's three hours. Of sitting and staring. Guess which one made my heart rate jump through the roof? Yup! Thanks, Redskins, for ensuring I will have my first heart attack before I turn 30! Well, a win is a win. I'm going to drink brandy straight from the bottle now, thanks.

Congrats on the 10-miler! I think yoga or meditation might be a better solution than swilling brandy from the bottle. Frankly, the person who should be doing that is Mike Martz. Or Jay Cutler. Or both.

Damn... you... Redskins... Steve.

Oh, God, another one of you with heart palpitations. Fortunately, I am trained in CPR. Oh, no, wait. The Heimlich maneuver. One of those. 

When was the last time the Redskins took a knee to end the game? Feels like forever. So nice for a change.

It was a relief...not that it exactly in the bag, but at least the Redskins were in control and weren't doing anything silly. 

Is Hall's four interceptions a record of some sort?

Four interceptions in a single game ties a record held by 18 other guys. Rick Maese says the last time it was done was by Deltha O'Neal, with Denver, in 2001. A looong time ago. Funny how Troy Aikman kept telling the Bears that Hall was jumping routes and that there was a chance to capitalize on that. They ignored Helpful Troy.

I just fumbled my question.

Not to worry, Darn. I scooped it up, ran it into the end zone and, according to Troy Aikman, I should be flagged for excessive celebration. 

seemed like neither team was able to throw downfield or get into any kind of rhythm. weird game, but i'll take it.

Not a significant factor. It really was a weird game. Steinberg tweeted that it might be the worst game he's ever seen. It really was meh, but, you know what, there's no "l" in meh. Feel free to put that on a shirt or bumper sticker.

Doesn't Cutler/Chicago know that they needed to throw in the direction of Carlos "hands of Stone" Rodgers?

It would seem to me that there's only so much space Hall can cover...go to someone else. Pick apart another defender. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Carlos. 

We stunk! Awful, awful on both teams...came out with the W... glad for that but soooo undeserved.... what is the take away for the week from this fiasco??

The return of A. Haynesworth, that they need to work more on establishing the run, that McNabb is gonna have some stinky games, that, at least not yet, they've still not gonna do more than they need to do to win.

4 INT's? Short and sweet - where has [this] DeAngelo Hall been?

All he needed this week was a little quality time with his defensive coordinator. 

After todays game against the Titans who should start for the eagles Kolb or Vick?

Probably the prudent thing to do is to go with Kolb and use to a quick hook if he doesn't have it next time out. Of course, the Mind of Andy Reid (smells like a Dunkin' Donuts in there) is a wonderland. Who knows what he'll do?

Is it me? or does it seem McNabb, like JC, is always running for his life?

The difference today is that McNabb wasn't helping himself much. The O line remains something unique to behold. ... On another note, Albert is addressing the media!

Was this McNabb's worst game so far?

It prompted someone to tweet that he knew the exact moment when he became aware that McNabb would only be with the Redskins for one year. I don't agree, but it was not a good game by McNabb. I'd say it's his worst here, yes. I'd like to see the offense clicking into place a bit better by now. Is it the playcalling? Is it the changes the Shanahans have made in McNabb's technique? 

Does Kyle know that a play action pass works well on first down?

Good question. The offensive gameplan still isn't quick clicking into place, is it? 

So, truth be told, I've always liked Troy Aikman (so much better than Moose, Goose, and the moron play by play guy they're with), and I don't think he is biased against the Redskins, or don't care, but there are some times when I wonder if those concussions don't get to him... One knee is okay but two knees is excessive celebration? Okaaaayy....

I didn't get that at all, either. All DeAngelo Hall did was sink to two knees and raise his arms high. I thought it was neither excessive nor taunting. Aikman gets a lot right and he may be right on this one, but I don't happen to agree with him.

Torain got 125 yards but he lost couple of balls that could have been deadly, please tell us your opinion. Alex

It took a long time for Torain to get into the game, didn't it? He's so strong and those legs are always churning...getting him involved early is so important. But the Bears defenders were constantly slapping at the ball, trying to create turnovers, too. Tough environment in which to get untracked. The bulk of his 125 yards came at clutch times in the second half.

I am tired of seeing Troy "dallas cowboys" Aikman calling Redskins games and making the dumbest comments during the game. As an example, he wants DeAngelo Hall to be penalized for excessive celebration. Did I watch the same game as Troy "dallas cowboys" Aikman watched? I am just happy for the win by the Skins. Happier for DeAngelo Hall with 4 interceptions. He should be NFC player of the week, why not of the month!

Let's see what the rest of the day's games bring first, then decide about player of the week. 

Did D Hall look muted in his attitude, even though he had a stellar game? I'm used to seeing more emotion out of him. Do you think somebody said something to him and Laron Landry about being more professional?

I have to hear what he says postgame before I can answer that. And let's see how he plays next week. It does seem likely, though, that he and Landry and the defense has grown tired of being ranked so close to the bottom of the league. Maybe pride just kicked in.

McNab's first int was so a rookie mistake. But still he is an upgrade and Shanahan still needs to get him signed to an extension.

Agree he's an upgrade over Jason Campbell...I'd re-sign him, but the people who matter are McNabb and Shanahan. McNabb has said a deal will get done. We'll see.


I thought Torrain's first down run at the end of the game was huge. With the way the game was heading you could see them getting the ball back and scoring in the last couple of seconds. Torrain seems to be so much harder to bring down than Portis.

Torain has much lower mileage than Portis and you mention something that I've seen since he first got onto the field: his legs are always churning. That's why he's so much harder to bring down than Portis.

How is this Oline better than what we have seen over last few years. Mcnabb has no time to throw. Plus, I tell everyone that will listen, the Skins are good for 17 points .. that is it.

Trent Williams and Jammal Brown are upgrades, no question about it. Williams is a rookie, though, at a key spot. Takes time to get it together.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it was ridiculous that the commentators made that comment about excessive celebration. Can we do any better than Gano? It seems as if we need someone else to be our gamewinner. Hall makes NFC player of the week, yes? So is Shanahan grudgingly congratulating his players or swearing at them incomprehensibly right now? Also, does anyone else think that the Titans' running in the TD on the last play of a decided game is kinda unsportsmanlike?

Boy, do you ever have questions! Evidently they feel they can do no better than Gano. That missed FG was a real thunkeroo, wasn't it? I thought a streetcar was going by. I think Hall should be defensive POW, yes. I imagine Shanahan is doing neither; I think he's happily congratulating the players. He's the first to see the flaws, that's why he's a good coach. I think guys who, for instance, say their 1-4 team is a good one are the guys who are delusional. (You know who I mean.) As for the Titans, that's vintage. They do that. Seems lame to me to run in a TD on the last play of a game that's over.

I've had enough of Troy Barkman's color commentary. He'll always be a Cowboy. Excessive celebration on D. Hall for the TD? C'mon! He sure was convinced that Cutler should "take advantage" of D. Hall "jumping routes" -- glad Cutler took advantage on that last Bears' pass play.

Troy Barkman! Love those DirecTV commercials. ("Moron!") I think it's possible that he was right about Cutler and Hall and the routes. No doubt a better QB, yes, Aikman at his best, could have exploited that.

How many offensive touchdowns are the Redskins averaging per game? 1.5. I can't believe they're 4-3.

Good points but the one that matters most at the moment is the second one. They're 4-3 and, at some point, the offensive TD ineptitude will catch up with them if they don't figure out a way to address their problems. Frankly, they may not get there. They may not have enough of the kinds of players Shanahan (both in terms of talent and temperament), but at this point, 4-3 (2-0 in the div) is fine. 

I question if McNabb is the answer at quarterback. He makes a lot of the same mistakes that Jason Campbell did - bounced passes, fumbles, etc., yet Donovan seems to get a free pass. I never see any fire or sense of urgency from McNabb. No, I don't won't him to be in panic mode, but I wonder sometimes if his "coolness" is actually complacency.

No urgency as with, for instance, the 6-minute drive last week? And the bounces and fumbles today? There will be a time with more on the line late in the season when we'll need to see precision and fire. Then, we'll know for sure. But I think McNabb is a fundamentally happy guy; maybe he's fine knowing he did his best and not winning it all. Probably makes him a better human being than some QBs.

It sounds like Haynesworth got overwhelmed after coming back after his brother's death. I think he played well and maybe with some extra fire. I like Carlos Rogers, he's a great cover corner. I think Rogers will get another INT before the season is over...hopefully

I've been as perplexed and irritated by Haynesworth as any of the Redskins fans (he rode off on the cart in the universal gesture for "I'm done" and then returned to the game last year!), but he had a huge game today. I can't say enough good things about the way he played and the heart (yes, the heart) he showed today. You might argue that Hall wouldn't have had his thousand interceptions if Haynesworth hadn't been applying pressure. I think Big Al and the Redskins are a long way from having a happy marriage, but maybe it'll become tolerable for both sides.

I don't know if he's right or not, but Aikman was saying that going to both knees qualifies as "going to the ground" and thus should be a penalty according to the rulebook. He wasn't saying that he personally believed it was excessive celebration.

Oh, I get that it may have violated the letter of the rule...I would just flag him for excessive harping on the topic. 

What do you make of the game next week? Do you think the skins will be a bit more focused on winning this game this time around?

Who the heck knows? This team easily could go to Detroit and lose (sorry to pour the Morton's of precedent into your no-doubt still fresh wound). I'm guessing Shanahan will press them to maintain focus this week, pointing how sweet it would be to go into the bye at 5-3. Let that percolate in your noggin for a bit. 5-3.

Trent seemed to have held his own against Peppers unless I wasnt paying much attention. Am I mistaken in that he had a solid game?

How often did you hear the name "Julius Peppers" spoken? I have to watch the game again, but I think he had to have done solidly.

the redskins were tearing up the Bears offense for the entire 1st half until the last drive... and the 1st drive of the 2nd half was the same. but for the haynesworth stop at the goaline, it was looking like it might get away from us. is it a matter of the Bears adjusting to our blitzes, or did we alter the defense and get soft for a couple drives?

I think the Bears were adjusting. It did have that feel, briefly, of slipping away, didn't it?

While I admit I would be crazy to not admit McNabb is an upgrade from J. Campbell, am I the only one who's looking at his stats and wondering if it can get better? He seems to miss guys and a 50ish completion % isn't inspiring confidence in me. That horrible decision to start the game should never happen to a guy who's been around as long as he has. Is this correctable, a matter of the lack of quality WR's, or a what you see is what you get with him. Starting to wonder if the long term contract is the way to go.??? Next week C. Rogers gets 4 picks....haha....oh to dream.

I think it's a lack of quality WRs and a great running back. The running game never gets going and that puts more pressure on McNabb. If Carlos Rogers gets four picks...well, it's the ultimate sign of the apocalypse.

You really think now is the time to sign Mcnabb to an extension. Maybe another year..two tops . He is better than Campbell but surely you see why the Eagles dumped him. We are better off finding a young QB that Shanni can grrom

I agree...a one-year, two-year deal at most. It depends on whether they think they can sign one of the free agents, where they finish and who they might be able to get in the draft. I don't know about the grooming thing. That might take three years. Will Shanahan be here that long? 

Why would this game make someone think McNabb won't be here next year? If you play a stinko game, and still get the win you're worth your weight in gold. They better keep the man.

Gotta find something better first. That's a key point to remember.

Torain has two 100 yard games and people are saying Clinton Who? I'm so embarrassed to be a skins fan. Portis is the man. He plays with reckless selfless abandon. He trows himself in front of a blitzing defending like a war hero pouncing on a grenade. He takes a beating and a half for this team, and the fans still ask what have you done for me lately. My heart goes out to him. He deserves better than this.

The absence of Clinton Portis is something the offense is struggling to adjust to. He's a terrific blocker and they miss that.

I love the one where the NYC cabbie drops the Cowboys fans in the hood and says its Central Park. But my favorite is the one with the guy with the miniature giraffe. I want a miniature giraffe!

A miniature giraffe would be sweet. Then I could discreetly see what's going on in other cubicles at work. When you get one, go ahead and pick one up for me, too. I'm good for it.

On that note, I have to shuffle off. Thanks for hanging out here; see you next week. Dan Steinberg and I will be doing the DC Sports-o-Meter chat live at noon tomorrow, so let's continue this conversation then. Ping us (@dcsportsbog and @CindyBoren) with nominations for best three/worst three over the last week. And join Tracee Hamilton at 9:30 for First Things First.

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