Redskins-Seahawks postgame chat with Cindy Boren

Nov 27, 2011

Post blogger Cindy Boren will host a live discussion about the Redskins vs. Seahawks game shortly after it ends Sunday.

Good evening! Hope you're all home after a great Thanksgiving.

For the first time in almost two months, we're talking about a win, thanks to Helu/Armstrong/Grossman and despite Gano/Landry/Montgomery/Grossman. So let's talk about that and the implications for the draft (because I know you want to). And if you want to take a minute to remember the promise of Sean Taylor today, too, that's fine. Can't believe it has been four years.

Regardless of the outcome, someone has to go. Gano, Danny Smith, someone. Two blocked kicks, kickoff out of bounds, missed field goals in key situations the last 2 years. At this point, I don't care how much talent Gano might have. The bottom line is you have to make kicks in the NFL, and he misses far too many.

How much responsibility do you place on the line? I know what Shanahan said about Gano after last week's performance and it sure sounded as if his job were hanging by a slender thread. I'll probably go 65 percent on Gano, 35 on the line. A PAT? Oy.

The O line is just atrocious. Was the line responsible for the blocked kicks? (Couldn't watch the game) Would there be a revolt if the Skins picked an OL instead of a QB in the 1st Round of the draft? OL is the bigger need, no?

The O line sure bears some responsibility. As for the draft, it depends on who is available when the Redskins pick -- and this win pushes 'em back a bit. It also depends on free agency/trades/what the best option is at QB. It's difficult to predict what the circumstances will be like while you're still in the thick of the season. Generally speaking, though, there'd better be some help at QB -- whether through the draft or elsewhere. And not some retread, either.


Posting early as I chow down on some T-giving leftovers. Hard to eat while watching this. Stupid turnovers, stupid penalties, another RB going over 100 yards, too much pressure on our QB, not enough on their QB, etc. Hard to believe we're losing when the opposing QB is 6 for 17 at this point. There are just so many problems; I can't see how they all get fixed anytime soon. 2014 if we're lucky. So depressing for so long.


The good news is that they won, so you have something to be happy about. Overall, though, as we've said up here each week, it's going to take another really solid draft and quite possibly two. Prepare for that.

I've noticed that I haven't seen any NFL play 60 commercials featuring the redskins. Is that because it shows footage of Rex Grossman being intercepted by a 10 year old and D.Hall being burned by an 8 year old, plus Dan Snyder wrecking the bus when he swerved off the road to try to hit Vinny Cerrato? Thanks for your weekly therapy sessions, they make this season much more bearable.

Maybe they gave Rex the keys and the bus was stolen?

(This is actually a good question. They seem to have only 3 or 4 of these -- they need more.)


That has to be the longest game I've ever sort-of watched while doing some work. I can't believe we got a W out of it! Must admit I was more interested in finding the Broncos game (which I couldn't). All of which is to say, it feels like the effort is too late to matter. As if the whole team was uptight until they can't really salvage anything of the season. Nothing new in my comments, I realize, but that somewhat endearing quality is wearing thin.

There were some nice glimmers: Helu's hurdle and another strong game, Anthony Armstrong's TD. With some young teams, a run at the end of the season is a nice thing to build on for the next season. It's impossible to tell if this is one of those games, mainly because the Redskins were playing a team that's basically a mirror image of themselves. It doesn't really feel like this is a building block, given that Rex Grossman isn't the QB of the future. At the very least you can see that, as with last week's loss, guys seem to at least be stepping up, playing for jobs and trying to prove themselves. At least the team has a pulse again.

will be the first to mention the word Playoffs on Monday?

Playoffs? Playoffs? [Was that what you had in mind? Doesn't really work in print...]

Well, if they run the table -- I can't believe you've got me saying that.

As an Irish and Redskins fan, if only one of my teams could win this weekend, I was hoping it would have been the Irish rather than the Redskins. That being said, it's always nice when Pete Carroll takes the loss!

Good ol' Pete Carroll. It is sweet, isn't it?

Will the 'Skins go on a winning streak now that the season is lost? It seems to be the habit of the organization to play better late in the season with nothing on the line.

If they do, it will be character-defining, given the stretch of games they face starting next week. The Jets have shown a capacity for self-destruction. Whose chances do you like better: Grossman's against Revis or Sanchez's against the Redskins' D? 

Can Shanahan finally stop the revolving chairs at running back now?

Hoo boy, I sure hope so. We were joking, kind of, on Twitter that Helu's big game -- start him and he gains 100 yards -- meant that Torain will be the starter next week. Who knows? I would think the job is Helu's, but Shanahan doesn't operate that way.

in the NFL than the Seattle Seahawks?? Besides the Colts?

The Dolphins, Jags, Rams, Vikings -- I realize one of those teams has a win over the Redskins -- are certainly as bad as the Seahawks. 

Can we please make sure we don't win too many more so we can draft the QB out of Baylor?

You seem to be suggesting that they throw the rest of the season. I'm sure you're not suggesting that ... 

I would fear karma, if nothing else.

Maybe it was the rain? We played better when it was raining.

That surprised me a little. I thought the wind and the rain and the noise might be a problem, given what's happened to the team there in the playoffs in the past.

about where they stack relative to the rest of the league. Above the bottom feeders but below the thermocline. Which means that they will have to trade up to get a QB. In fact, Mel Kiper scared some of us recently with his assertion that there may not be a QB who fits SHanahan's system outside Luck and it may be likely that we try to get another veteran or (gulp) stick with Grossman another year until we get the perfect QB. What was frightening is that anyone who watches Shanahan knows that is plausible scenario. Never mind. Let's just enjoy this bi-monthly win.

I think you're right on every single count. I can't quite accept another season with Grossman, but nothing would surprise me at this point.

Well, I know the world is normal since Rex did his usual two INTs.

It's a quota thing.

With Gano being able to kick it 10 yards past the uprights, was Danny Smith the idiot who called a directional kick which went out of bounds?

Not sure. It may just be that Gano gacked it. For so long, Danny Smith has had job security; I'm not sure that's the case any more. 

Worst part of the game: 1) On-field play 2) Officiating 3) Announcing

I would have to vote for No. 3. That was just dreadful, highlighted by Jim Mora calling Kyle Shanahan "Kyle Schottenheimer." Jim Mora! The irony is crushing.

The officiating was a close second -- even the announcers noticed that.

Which day (between now and, say, Thursday) do you think Gano cleans out his locker, and who is out there to replace him?

Is this Tryout Tuesday? Not sure who's out there. Paging Jess Atkinson.

Yes, it's good they won and Helu looked pretty good. But that was a terrible football game between two lousy teams going nowhere. Hopefully no one will be crazy enough to draw grand conclusions from it.

Nope. It would be impossible to do so. It's going to be interesting to see what happens against the Jets.

if only Snyder had kept Norv as coach . . . oh, wait, nevermind. it wouldn't have been better. Norv can't even win with a talented team. would we be in line for Luck with Norv at the helm of this year's debacle?

A decade of Norv....just mind is boggled. 

Part of me did die inside when the skins pulled this off - going 7-9 would only make things worse as we wouldn't be able to get luck or barkely without having to trade the next 4 first round picks. i can already see this playing out.....i hate this team.

If it's any comfort, I'm not sure they're going to win three more games, but you never ever know. Stranger things have happened. (Like the Cardinals winning the World Series.) 

That's a really cool-looking stadium.

Indeed. And they serve lattes to members of the press. 

How can you note include the Skins as one of the worst teams? Their wins are against Seattle, Arizona, St Louis, and the Giants when they had half their players gone. And they barely beat these teams. Part of the problem I have is the superiority that the Skins feel. This team is as bad as the worst team in the NFL and has been for a decade.

Oh, I'm sorry -- I didn't mean to say I wasn't including the Redskins in that pack. They're among those teams, as their record indicates. 

Don't the coaches emphasize good tackling??? Week after week, I see the defense trying to tackle the opposition by the shoulders. I thought they were professionals. Basic fundamental tackling techniques BEFORE high schools say to tackle around the waist! Can one of the Post writers ask this to some of the defensive players? It sure was good to see the win but it was mainly because Seattle sucked worse than the Skins.

Like, for instance, LaRon Landry and the failure to tackle? It drives me absolutely nuts. Particularly when a coach who's known for being a disciplinarian takes over and it still happens.

does he still have a live leg? it'd be nice to get him home in a skins jersey. I mean, he was great kicking for the chiefs in the 80s.

Paging Jan Stenerud.

It's not so much a question as a statement: As bad as the Redskins are, let us hope that Fox does not subject us to the dynamic duo of Ron Pitts and Jim Mora again.

Amen. Totally and completely amen.

That was nice. Feels much better than last week. Any chance for a repeat next week?

I pay a lot of attention to the Jets and the only constant with them is their wackiness. Sure, it could happen. 

say if we'd kept Rex in the whole season, we'd be 7 & 3????

I heard someone say that -- he might have been reading an email -- on the Comcast show a few minutes ago. I don't think anyone thinks that for one minute. 

What year will it be when we see the Redskins in the playoffs again? Bonus question: will a Democrat or Republican be the sitting president of the U.S. that year?

I will say January 2014. And you will not lure me over the line and into politics. You will not, do you hear me?

Oh, all right. It'll be an independent who is presently a dark horse, but has a well-known name: President Roger Goodell.

On that note, I must sign off. See you this week on Twitter and at The Early Lead. Should be an interesting week, starting with Ndamukong Suh. See you next Sunday. Have a great week! 

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