Redskins-Rams postgame chat with Cindy Boren

Oct 02, 2011

Post blogger Cindy Boren will host a live discussion about the Redskins vs. Rams game shortly after the game ends on Sunday.

Good afternoon! Well, that was an unexpectedly nerve-wracking few minutes of football. But the Redskins head into the bye at 3-1 and I'm not sure how many people would have predicted that. So what are your thoughts, one-quarter of the way through the season?

A professional team does not stop playing in the second half, with a lead. Similar to what happened at Dallas. Though I assume they will win this one with 5" to go. Hopefully.

Don't make me remind you what happens when you assume things...they did indeed allow the Rams back into it. When Rex steps onto the field, you don't exactly feel confident that he's in command and will make something good happen.

Followed the game on line here in Afghanistan. Why'd Ryan Torrain get somany carries today? Just the hot hand?

First, thanks for being in Afghanistan. Please stay safe there. He definitely had the hot hand. Who doesn't love a running back by committee system? Especially on a short week after a tough loss to Dallas, why not go with the guy who's fresh and really hungry?

OK thanks to the defence they won but still this game has convinced me that Rex will never stop throwing horrible interceptions. I mean, I was much happier when the Rams had the ball because I knew they wouldn't be able to do anything with it. Every Redskins offensive play seemed to be a pick-6 in the making. Am I overreacting? Should they use the bye week to get Beck starting? I just don't think I will be able to make it through the season with Grossman.

I won't disagree that, with Grossman, every dropback is a heart-stopping, breath-taking adventure. I don't think he's helped by the play-calling, though. They often come out passing when you think they should be running the ball and vice versa. That's the most maddening thing to me. It certainly doesn't help Grossman, who then makes an ill-advised attempt and doesn't see the MLB and disaster ensues.

Should the skins stick with an overweight, slow QB who is constantly throwing to the other team or is it time to give John Beck a shot?. Beck is quicker, has a faster release and can avoid the pass rush.

They're 3-1. I don't think I'd make a QB change here. I'd probably run the ball more, though! 

It's amazing how much better the Skins look this year. Even last week's loss, ugly as it was, was enjoyable to watch because the Skins were competitive. For the past bunch of years it was tough to watch them play because they looked bad even when they won games. Hopefully this is the sign of things trending in the right direction.

Absolutely. A bunch of the gang and I were discussing this on Twitter this week. This is EXACTLY the kind of game they'd have lost: a winless team, on a short week, in a dome, after a tough loss, going into the bye week, with Philly looming? It would have been a certain L. Just doesn't feel like that's the case any more. Now, they may not finish 15-1, or 12-4, but they're doing so many more things right now. The overall level of competence and desire to win are so much higher. 

For the second week in a row, the Skins have been outplayed, badly, in the 4th Quarter. Is this because they've been on the road, or because the team doesn't have enough depth & gets gassed? Is it time to take a look at Beck? That said (asked?), this was a set-up game, & I'm relieved that the Skins held on at the end. Hail!

I'd say it's equal parts short week, road game and a bit of a mental letdown playing a truly dreadful team. They made some mistakes late and they found out that even a dreadful team can be dangerous. Good lesson. Go to Beck? When? After the bye against Philly? 

Just noticed that Dallas and Philly both blew leads and lost. Are the skins in the drivers seat?

Giants are playing in need to sweat that one out. Just be happy that you're worrying about that this year.

Hi Cindy, Is it now time to stop referring to Kerrigan as an overachieving "High Motor" guy and now mention him as a strong possibility for Defensive rookie of the year? Also, should we start trying to lock up Rocky McIntosh to a long term contract. He has been awesome this year. P.S. congrats to the Chiefs getting the win today.

Can't he be a high-motor guy and defensive rookie of the year? He has a nice start after being rookie of the month. I can't say enough about him, but I'm hardly alone. What a good, smart, talented kid. Are we sure he's not really a 30-year-old vet? McIntosh is indeed having a great year...which isn't really a surprise. Thanks for the kind words about the Chiefs, but I was kinda hoping they'd stink for Luck. Oh, well.

Why do you consistently ask for a change at the quarterback position? I'm curious.

Not moi. This team is 3-1 with Rex Grossman. You can't go to Beck. 

I just missed watching the game (Work! argh!) but I can pretty much tell by the stats that the Skins dominated everything, failed to punch it in and the game was kept close by Redskin errors. The more things change, the more they stay the same.... But at least they won. Whew!

Eyes on the prize -- they're 3-1. This was a really dangerous game because the opponent was so have to like where the defense is. It's only going to get better and that's a pretty amazing thought. And, back to the question about the standings, I neglected to point out that the Redskins have beaten the Giants. I'm pretty sure you're aware of that.

Hi Cindy, I flat out hate the playcalling today. Why do we roll out Rex so much? He can't move and today when he rolled out he didn't even plant to try and throw the ball? I don't get it. Thank you

Some of that is the offensive line, no? I think it's still a work in progress (some things never change). FYI. interesting Ryan Torain interview now with Kelly Johnson; Torain saying that he was a little worried about whether he'd get back in, with Hightower and Helu playing so much. 

why does wapo still employ mike wise? his columns are retreads and predictable. long gone are the glory days of columnists over there.

I couldn't disagree more, but I thank you for checking in up here on the chat. Did you read Mike's piece on the hiring of Shanahan? It was just stellar writing. Granted, not a column, but it was a great read.

I was hoping Grossman had changed for the better but hasn't happened! Hope Shanahan either goes with BECK or brings in David Garrard. We should have won last week if it hadn't been for Grossman. What happened to the DEFENSE this week with all the penalties?? Offense too??? We were the least penalized going into this week.

The defense got a little sloppy -- maybe a little tired (which, with the bye coming so early in the season makes you wonder how they'll hold up over 12 games). Let's see what the bye week brings, but I'm not a fan of the idea of bringing in David Garrard. How do you think Beck would do against Philly after the bye? Philly's defense is suspect, but I don't think Beck would fare too well. I question the playcalling more than the QB. (Not that Grossman is perfect.)

Not a question I could only wish they would put Beck in there so that the Beck lovers would see how bad he really is really are. Beck would make you wish you had Rex back One pick he should not have thrown

It is interesting to see the "Beck to the future" group beating their drums. 

I am reading some of your responces & can tell you really have no clue Care to comment on that? Drank some of the Beck koolaid didn't you?

Nope. No way. I was pretty neutral about either one during preseason, then Beck played terribly. While Grossman isn't good for anyone's ticker, he's the guy and he-s 3-1 -- a stellar defense and a stout running game make all the difference. 

Cindy, Can someone please tell Haslett that, if he cannot make a defensive play by sending 6 guys after the quarterback, that the extra 2 aren't going to help?

I'll let you do that right here.

We are winning, with a good defense, and Grossman scares us but replacing him scares us more. We are... the Bears?

There are worse fates. (See Chiefs, Kansas City.)

The Super Bowl Bound Eagles have just lost to the 49ers...who may or may not be a worse team than the Rams. There's a lot not to like about this win by the Redskins, for sure...they need to capitalize more when they dominate statistically like they did, and some of those penalties late in the game were terrible...but a few lucky breaks by the Rams (how often does Santana Moss drop a pass like that) that let them back in the game shouldn't fool us into thinking the Redskins didn't control this whole game. Keep in mind the Redskins are already at the win total most people predicted for their entire season before you start complaining about this win. Let's just hope they improve over the bye week and come out firing in a couple weeks.

There is sooooooo much season left, so many twists and turns still to come. At least you have to feel like this is a team that's far more competent, more stable no matter where it finishes up.

Cindy, now that the season is underway, what is the toughest stretch ahead for the redskins?

The month of December: (not in order) Jets, Patriots, Eagles, Giants, Vikings (probably with Ponder). Not that all aren't beatable, but by then you have to think the Redskins will have had some injuries to deal with and they'll have played, what, seven post-bye games. 

Every single week teams blow leads in the NFL and struggle to hang on and win. The Redskins didn't even struggle that much to got a bit uncomfortable but nothing more. Why do Redskins fans think easy wins are some right we're being denied? Anyway, we already reached our blowout quota for the year...see week get ready for these nail-biters the rest of the way.

Yeah, Redskins fans are by no means alone. There has been an incredible number of games decided by 3 or fewer points this year. 

When do we start questioning the play calling of Kyle...especially with the lead?

I'm pretty sure that you already have! And I've been right there with you. Still ... 3-1. 3-1.

The thing that drove me crazy last year was that whenever the Skins seemed to get their running game going, the Shanahans would abandon it for the passing game. But not today - they rushed it 40 times. I bet the Redskins didn't have one game all of last season when they rushed the ball 40 times.

Good point.

One TD allowed in two games. For all his lapses, Grossman has made some excellent throws as well. If they begin losing(D Hall, eight man rush), more than enough time to see if Beck could truly do any better

Very true. Grossman is always feast or famine. The rap on him in Chicago was always an inability to develop consistency. That's what he needs to find over the next 12 games. 

No, that would be moi. I'm the one always wanting the Skins to change QB. Why? Because who feels confident with Rex out there? Not moi. I'm tired of having a caretaker QB - someone who the best you can hope for is that he doesn't screw up too much. This is a very good team with a very mediocre QB. We don't need a star, just someone better than mediocre. As is, Grossman seems borderline competent. Not exactly what you want at the top position.

Oh, okay, moi. I have a sportswriter friend in Chicago who covered Grossman during the Bears' run with him at QB and he shares your analysis.  He reminded me of that just the other day. Grossman may not be what you want, but he's what you have, so you minimized as best you can his mistakes by having such solid play at other spots.

Cindy, While we are 3-1, I think it's safe to say we are not playing anywhere near potential. As I see it, Grossman is the weakest link and I've said it before, letting Campbell go was a big mistake. We will definitely need to draft a QB in next year's draft. In addition, if anyone goes down on the O-Line I fear our nice record will be in tatters.

The O line is a rather large weak link as well, not that I'm excusing Grossman. JC never would have been a Shanahan-type QB. I think it's pretty clear they're going to need to address QB next year whether through free agency or the draft. They may not get a great draft pick, which is good and bad.

How about that awesome combo of Orakpo and Kerrigan? It seems like they're getting their sacks every week. Two defensive players who have made big immediate impacts with th team. All hail the OK Corral!

The OK Corral? Did I approve this nickname? I think not. I can't say enough good things about them, so I'm going to shut up.

Are people that really big on Beck? It seems to me it's more of an anyone bet Rex attitude than a belief that Beck is Where It's At. For all we know, he can be a Loser.

I can't speak for fans...but I think they really can't be serious about going to Beck. (If you are and the chat is over, tell me about it on Twitter.) I think that Grossman provokes a measure of desperation.

At most businesses, there's a threshold to, say, how much you can spend from petty cash...if you want to spend more than, say, $500 on some birthday party, you have to get approval from a manager or director or something. From now on, if Haslett wants to send more than 2 extra people on a blitz, he should have to get approval...this is the second game in a row that an ill-timed blitz call has killed us (almost).

Can't you see that? Haslett tapping Shanahan on the shoulder and saying, "Hey, Mike..." Imagine the look from Shanahan.  

Hope i don't jinx it, but we should note that Redskins have not yet been heavily bitten by the injury bug, with the lineups on both sides of the ball not changing a whole lot from game to game. Couldn't say that in years past, but it will be interesting to see how they adjust when they do regress to the mean, and injuries start adding up.

Yep. It would be better if the bye came closer to midseason, but whatchagonnado? Don't you feel that overall the depth is far better than in the past? Maybe not at all positions, but overall.

Listening to the Eagles post game show. The comments are brutal. Redskins are 3-1. Enjoy the turnaround and the growth in this team.

Things are gonna be rugged in Philly ... they get to play Buffalo next week, then the Redskins. Washington may get to see Vince Young after its bye. 

I was hoping you would.

Hmmm...I'm going to have to consider this very seriously and get back to you. 

... as I watch college football I'm scouting who I hope the Redskins draft?

Not at long as you're not wearing one of those pocket protectors and putting tape on the bridge of your glasses. Planning is good. Remember that and don't let anybody give you any, um, stuff about it.

With the open week, wouldn't it be a good time to get Beck ready. Rex is going to give me a heart attack

My advice: Take advantage of the bye week by seeing a cardiologist.

For the past several weeks I thought Helu has looked more explosive and decisive than Hightower. Now Torrain came in and reminded us that he's a natural in Shanahan's zone-blocking scheme. Does Torrain start next week?

See? You can't pick one, can you? Why not use 'em all? That way, come December, they're all fresh. Hopefully.

Brings up images of Orakpo and Kerrigan hog-tying Vick, Romo and Manning. Like it.

It's growing on me.

Sure it's frustrating to see the Skins almost lost to a bad team, but the difference is that they won. In previous years they might very well have lost this one. This year they win these, just like the one against Arizona. The next step, ideally, is dominating other teams. At least it seems the team is heading in the right direction.

Precisely. They've proved a lot of people wrong in four weeks. Sure, there's room for improvement. You knew there would be with this team, but it's in a good place on Oct. 2.

On that note, I'm signing off now. Thanks for joining me! Catch you on The Early Lead and on Twitter. There's still a ton of stuff to discuss.

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