Redskins-Patriots postgame chat with Cindy Boren

Dec 11, 2011

Post blogger Cindy Boren will host a live discussion about the Redskins vs. Patriots game shortly after it ends Sunday.

Greetings! What's on your mind this week? The near-miss? The Peyton Manning possibilities? Talk to me about it...

From watching on TV, it seemed almost like a road game for the Skins. Not only could you see a ton of New England fans, you could hear them, too.

The lowest level looked very blue...including the guy in the Red Sox jacket who opted not to catch Gaffney on his Flambeau Leap. The Redskins fans did a good job of drowning 'em out, though. Perhaps the Patriots fans were just stunned at how porous their defense is. Sievelike, even.

London Fletcher tackle on Brady was perfect. A forearm to the head was not even correct. Just shows that refs do call what they don't see, something you never do as a referee. Bad call. Even when you play by the rules you get bad calls. He will not be fined.

Turrible horrible awful wretched call. I'm not a fan of the Triplette officiating team -- I watch a lot of fubball and I see a lot of poor calls from that group. Even Mike Pereira, the NFL's former VP of officials and now a Fox guy -- thought it was a poor call. Haven't watched the replay on the Moss PI...was that a poor call? (Notice how I'm so politely using "poor" to describe these calls?)

He has really showed some talent on the defense the last few weeks. I think he has alot of upside. He played really well at LSU. Maybe he got a little behind because of the lockout. Thoughts?

I think that's possible. He also was hobbled around, what, Week 6 by a foot injury. This is where guys are determining whether they'll be playing here next season. I've liked what I've seen of Riley of late. 

We give Mike Shanahan alot of mess all year but do you believe that he hit the ball out of the park on these two. These guys can play and look hungry.

I wouldn't say that this was necessarily Kerrigan's best game (or Orakpo's), but yeah both of those guys can play and all props to Shanahan for picking them.

Writing this in the 2nd Quarter, with Skins up 17-14. Who'd a thunk it? I can't watch the game here in Brooklyn, but "wow!" Assuming the Skins find a way to lose this game, as expected, can the Skins live with Rexy next year, & focus on the O line? Can we agree that, right now, the O line is the team's weakest link?

The O line is the team's weakest link. And, please, don't suggest that they can go with Grossman next year. Nonononono. Just don't see it. Do you think Peyton would really want to back him up? [Kidding, but the sideline fights might make Brady-O'Brien look like a luvfest.]

Stopped and watched Gronkowski shed two teammates. Nice. Holding penalty to keep key drive alive early in 2nd half. OK. Unsportsmanlike penalty on same play? Classic. I'm sure he'll have great things to say postgame. He always does. How much do they pay this guy? Anyone out there dumb enough to take him in a trade?

Answers: 1) a boatload, a big boatload. 2) no one is going to take him. He's delivering fewer and fewer of the big moments and more and more of the boneheaded ones. That needs to change.

The Redskins just tied it up in the third-quarter as I write. I don't know how this game will end (although given the past two decades...I have some idea), but I cannot remember the last time the Redskins played in a watchable, entertaining game. Even though they play a lot of close contests, they are usually the sort of sloppy, turnover, mistake-laden affairs that make my head hurt. This has actually to watch so far. In a related story, this Patriots defense is just....awful.

This actually was entertaining -- for one thing, the Redskins were scoring TDs. And the Patriots defense is, well, that's who Brady should be fightin' with. 

He gets beat at the worst times alot in games. Watching today he looks like he just has not hustled alot in this game. Is Hall starting to lose a step or does he just lag at times. He can be a drive killer at times. And the penalty earlier was just not what a team captain does.

He's playing like a guy who wants to be elsewhere, but, as I said before, that isn't likely. History has shown moments where he wears out his welcome. I don't think that's happening here yet, but I get comments like this every week and on Twitter.

Should Trent Williams and Fred Davis feel horrible thinking that the Redskins could have scored even more points with them in the lineup, or should they be worried that they are expendable?? When is the last time the Redskins scored this many points?? I am writing this in the 3rd quarter not knowing how this game will end, but so far the offense looks really good.

They should feel AWFUL. You have to think Fred Davis could have gotten some yardage and points against that awful defense. The Redskins did a nice job controlling the ball and both those guys would have helped there, too. Dumb move by them.

Have you ever seen a team over the years find more ways to lose? I mean what was that? It looked like Moss was lateraling the ball!

I need to see the play again, but this team sure does find ways to some point, they have to exhaust them all, right? And when they do, only glorious moments will ensue and they'll never lose again. Unicorns and rainbows.

Fumble in the End Zone! Of all the boneheaded mistakes a QB can make. A 9-year veteran! This guy has got some deep problem in his psyche that causes him to commit these self-destructing mistakes. He's done it throughout his career. Maybe his mother didn't love him enough, or his father ruined his self-confidence. Whatever. He needs a checkup from the neck up. Does the Post have an on-call shrink?

Um, haven't you had enough interaction with us to know that the Post does not employ a shrink? As for Rex, sports psychologist couldn't hurt, right?

By the way, I foresaw a pick 6 from the end zone unfolding on that play, not a fumble for a TD. That's kind of a new one for him. 

I think its time to put a little more faith in Mike Shanahan. This team is overmatched every week and they seem to play together and never give up. Thats how it all begins. They are still just a few pieces from becoming a pretty good team. You have to learn how to win but being in this game today was a big step forward for the Redskins and the Shanhans.Losing today hurts but that draft pick position will help alot more at this time. But a win would had been nice, I see improvement every week and they always play hard. Way to coach Mike.

I would argue that they're more than a few pieces from being pretty good...otherwise, thanks for your comment!

Hi Cindy. I had to follow the game on Gamecast, which doesn't provide any "color" to the match. Therefore, I don't know if Grossman's game-ending interception was a boneheaded play (my assumption) or a valiant attempt to get the win. Which one was it?

It actually wasn't on him, which, as someone on Twitter pointed out, is something we often say about him. But that one wasn't on him. You can watch the replay here.

Will Rex be with the SKins next year?

I'm going to say yes...if only as a backup.

Has there been any game this year where QB Grossman played that he has NOT turned over the ball to the other team? Does QB Grossman have a problem hanging on to the ball? Here we are 4-9, with a very good likelihood of 4-12 - with Grossman giving the ball away repeatedly week after week after week.

This is something like the 27th game in which they've had at least one turnover. And a lot of those are poorly timed turnovers. Grossman is a gunslinger -- you know that. He moves the team...and he throws interceptions, too.

Anybody else see it? No replay? Looks like a goddell call in to me

Anybody? Bueller?


Hello, CAPS FAN. (Not to be confused with Caps fan.) They have a knack for that, I admit it. Part of it is injuries, part of it is personnel, part of it is bad luck. Get better players, better depth and things should turn around. 

Played hard, played way over their heads, played with heart, still have RG3 or Matt Barkley in our sights. We should be genuinely concerned every time this team wins while its offense surpasses mediocrity because Shanahan would take it as a sign that "the system" is still foolproof. Count me as one sincerely worried that he plans another season with Grossman and Beck if they finish well.

I don't think he believes that. Boy, I hope he doesn't believe that. He can't believe that. No one believes that. Sure, I share your concern, but I just don't believe he'll do that. He can't pass up a good QB with a nice draft pick. He just can't.

whines and moans at his teammate and coaches as much as the most overindulged diva. THe announcers kept talking about his leadership as he loses his poise and yells at everybody in sight but you wonder if that act will wear really thin. By the way, tha late hit penatly on FLetcher for tackling Brady should be Exhibit A for why the protect the QB rules are out of control. If they do not want the QB to get hit ever, let them put on a nice skirt and be done with it. I don't blame Fletcher for losing his marbles. Just because the refs evened it up later with an equalyl silly personal foul penatly on Wilfork does not make it right.

I don't think the late-hit rule is horrible -- the league knows that QBs bring the ratings -- but the Fletcher call was a very, very bad one. I hear what you're saying about Brady, but remember that half-dozen or so games in which the Redskins showed no emotion, no fire at all? I'd take some of that yelling on the sideline.

From the laugh-out-loud fun of DeAngelo Hall picking up Wes Welker and dusting him off to Santa Moss shoveling the ball off to a defender ... what a game! You can't make this up ... or can you?

Or is it tragicomedy? Or comedrama? No, you really can't make this up. Just stop and think of all the wackiness over the last four or so years...maybe starting with the two timeouts.


One would hope the Redskins fans could drown out the Pats fans. Our defense is horrible. Nothing new. But we have Brady. See you in the playoffs. Oh wait.

Hey, who let you in here? (Your defense is horrible, but, yeah, the Brady guy is awfully good. Best of luck down the line.)

When are we going to start holding Santana (aka - Santa) Moss accountable for all his dropped passes? Same holds true for MeAngelo Hall's matador defense?

I'm not Moss's biggest booster -- I don't think he's a legit No. 1 WR -- but he's given them a real boost since he returned, despite today's game. We've discussed Hall, who can be exhilarating and exasperating...sometimes on the same play.

Hi Cindy! Your postgame chat is a must read for me every week. I love it. First time commenting though. I must say I am not disappointed in the outcome. On paper, this game could have been a blowout and after Grossman's fumble in the endzone I thought it would be. This team fought hard, and without key starters Williams and Davis played one heck of a game. That's all I really wanted at this point in a now officially losing season. I think with another strong draft and hopefully a franchise type quarterback, we will be winning more games next year.

Welcome -- and thanks. This is a fun place to hang out. You do raise a fair point that the first TD could have just been a real killer. There is some fight in the team as the players play for jobs next year. Realistically, it'll probably take two drafts, but there should be some improvement next year, even if the organization could benefit from better scouting and more delegation by Shanahan. (See Maese's story today.)

Andre's revenge? He was wild in the first half. What adjustments did they make against him in the second?

Well, for openers, after escorting Andre Carter to Rex Grossman in the endzone, Willie Smith settled down and had a very nice game protecting Grossman. I have to rewind to see how much help he got, but that was certainly a factor. And Grossman started completing passes and the team was moving the ball. Carter couldn't be as aggressive.

Do you ever read the Open Threads during the game? Those are often more entertaining than the game itself with the fans bickering with each other.

Before blogging on The Early Lead, I was Redskins editor and I spent all of my life on that blog. I made a lot of friends in frequent posters over there (there's still a lingo, in fact). Those guys are great fun and you can pick up great microbrew, child-care and relationship advice. 

Do the Redskins really need an aging,, injured Manning for next season. Could he be a bridge until they draft a young QB with a long range future.

Oy. This whole thing is sort of a weird cyber brush fire, but, with a 5-8 team and the conversation cropping up everywhere, we might as well address it. 1) Can Manning play? No one knows yet. He's just beginning rehab. 2) Would this be a good place for him? (Not with this offensive line.) 3) Is this where he would want to play and where Archie would want him to play? (It might be entertaining to watch the Shanahans vs. the Mannings.) 4) Is it even feasible, contract-wise? This story is on step 1 of about 50 steps that will keep him in Indy or elsewhere or retired. It's going to be the story of the offseason.

Healthy, yeah, he could be a bridge, but I'm not sure he'd want to be a "bridge." If he and Luck couldn't co-exist in Indy, why would he and RG3 or Barkley be able to do so here?

I really thought the line gave Rex alot of room to breath all day somethng that rarely happens around here. They looked young and mobile. The OL get a B- today.

That seems about right. C+ or B-....given the way the game began.

Just a comment - after two consecutive games on CBS, it's going to be awfully difficult to go back to FOX. Better broadcast crews, better camera angles, better live stats....... maybe we can go back to the 1980s when the CBS had rights to the NFC?

The announcers were better, but I wasn't too crazy about the camera work. I know they had to move long, but I'd like to have seen a better wrap-up at the end.

I actually think this was a perfect game for the skins. They played well and competitively AND they still keep a good draft standing. Not a bad deal.

Forget "protect this house." They should go with "protect this pick." 

Even if that is a true statement...the point is...what? I bet the Redskins would have no problem with the "diva" Brady if it meant winning the SB. I agree the Fletcher call was bad, though.

I don't actually think Brady is a diva -- why would any fan in his or her right mind now want him for their QB (unless they're Saints or Packers fans ...)? I think he's one of those guys who really, truly hates losing more than he likes winning. Why would you not want that on your team?

Went to the dvr still didn't seet it! Ref got a page from new york.


There is no doubt this team needs a QB also some O-line help and some d-backs that can tackle and a pair of safety's that can stay healthy; watching Packers running roughshod over da Raiders.

Can't decide which game to check out next. Red Zone for a while....I actually typed Rex Zone, which means it's time to shut it down! I'm taking the jibjab over to Twitter, so join me there. And see you on The Early Lead this week -- it should be a newsy one. Hope you have a great week!

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