Redskins-Panthers postgame chat with Cindy Boren

Oct 23, 2011

Post blogger Cindy Boren will host a live discussion about the Redskins vs. Panthers game shortly after the game ends on Sunday.

Good afternoon. Well, that's a disappointing way to had into two tough games. What's your take? I asked on Twitter what grade Beck deserved and the consensus is B- ... which is what I would have said. Let's talk.

I am not watching the game, but just keeping up with the play by play down here in Tampa....but skin's were hanging in there in the first half. Now the 2nd half comes along and no defense at all...three long drives given up. What's the deal....thought the defense was the strength of this team. This team looks like it's headed totally downhill now.

The defense seemed tired; there wasn't much pressure. There were key injuries, including one to London Fletcher. The secondary was dinged as well, with Reed Doughty going out. The Skins offense got untracked in the second half, but Cam Newton and Steve Smith caught fire. Worst of all, let's see what the injury situation is with Tim Hightower.

This is the second game in a row in which the defense has been weak, in my opinion. In that first long run by NC in the first quarter, I saw 4 Redskins miss the runner. Four! Is this a coaching thing? Is it players being lazy? Do you sports writers have an opinion about it?

Uh, that first-quarter scamper by Cam Newton was ridiculous. I stopped counting failed tackles at three. I don't think it's either coaching or laziness, though. I think injuries are a factor. Pressure up the middle wasn't as solid has it has been and the Panthers were able to counter what there was of it and look for mismatches with receivers.

Can someone get Champ Bailey's phone number?

Don't call him right now. Wouldn't want him to get fined.

Post Headline: Redskins vs. Panthers: Washington aims to force turnovers against Cam Newton. Final statistics? Turnovers Redskins 3 Panthers 0 (two fumbles and 1 INT). That said it really does not seem a fair comparison for Beck seeing how he is down two starting OL and now Moss (for how long) is now down.

Beck is also down Cooley and, now, Hightower along with injuries on the line.

Injury updates: Santana Moss has a broken bone in his hand, Mike Shanahan says. He says Grossman has pneumonia. Hightower's knee will be evaluated.

OK, what's the next step? Other than me tuning into my AFC team after that last interception. Starting to really, really appreciate all the Steelers games we've been getting on TV this year.

I would remind you that, back in April, everyone liked the draft and other moves the team made, but that no one was under the illusion that one draft would do it. There's still a lot to be done with this team -- no way rebuilding it was going to be done in a year. In other words, they have a long way to go until they're like the Steelers, consistently good every single year. 


The Shanahan Watch has officially began. How do you not beat a team that commits 13 penalties for ovor 100 yards (dropped passes not withstanding).

Ordinarily, sure, I'd say all those penalties should equal a loss. The Redskins' problems were miscommunication, dropped passes. There's plenty of blame to be shared by coaches and players, no? I don't start the Doomsday clock, though. You've got to give Shanahan more than a season and almost a half. 

That sound you just heard was the Redskins season being flushed down the toilet

I wondered what that was.

Is there any progress being made with offense? waited until game decided before passing game did anything, defense slow and continually can't get off field. Season looking like 5 and 11 at this point.

I thought Beck was an upgrade -- but now the team has to think about the offensive line and not having Moss and Hightower for a while (in addition to Cooley). Can't disagree about the projection, though I thought it might be 7-9 before the season began.

Uh, so is Dan Snyder selling the team any time soon? Because that's the only way this franchise gets turned around. Who do you thinks a worse owner, Dan Snyder or Peter Angelos?

Of course he isn't. There will be no selling of this team. And I'm going to take Angelos as the worse of the two, if you insist I choose.

Why do we continue to give Haslett so much credit? defense shows no progress since last season another 5 and 11 season.

It did for the first three games. The secondary and middle coverage have fallen off. Orakpo and Kerrigan still apply pressure, but it takes more than just that. 

So we have another 5-11 prediction. I'm sensing a trend.

I really believe a cloud hovers over the team. It's been this way since Gibbs II. It can be turned around, but don't expect it before 2014. Wish it was sooner!

It's kind of early to start thinking about 2012...and really premature to start thinking about 2014.

Why wasn't John Beck allowed to roll out more in the 1st half to try and get more yardage and why is Haslett always seem to be outcoached as a defensive Coodinator?

Good question on Haslett, especially. You have to ask about both coordinators and assess them pretty critically, I think.

Pneumonia? In October?

I know! But Shanahan was asked if he really meant pneumonia and he said yes. 

The Skins have 8 receivers on their roster, but it seems like Moss is the only one who actually belongs in the NFL right now. The o-line is decimated, and the safeties are just awful. Enough of the QB "controversy" -- this team just isn't all that good yet. So deep breath: Let's take a season, see if Beck can play, and fill out the roster in the next couple of drafts.

I agree on all points, but I'd also look for a QB next April.

If they still think either Beck or Grossman is their term solution to their QB problem. I'ma Skihs fan living i GA and it's always difficult to show up at the office following a game like this one.

Call the boss and tell him that you have pneumonia. Evidently, it's going around. (Even in Georgia.)

Hw many clutch catches have these two overhyped losers had as Skin's players? Huh. Moss would be a #3 receiver on any team with good receivers and Cooley could even make the roster for a elite team as a TE. Skins just dont have the personnel to compete even against the Panthers its sad very sad since it doesnt look like things will ever gt better with current ownership.

Cooley is a very good blocker and has had a bunch of clutch catches over the years, but now the injuries keep hitting him and the emergence of Fred Davis makes him more expendable. I've always felt that Moss would be better used as a No. 2 receiver. 

I'm sure that the CBA would not allow it but after watching todays game for all of those offenders with dropped passes and missed tackles would be running laps for me either after the game of on Wednesday.

At least no ice cream on the flight home.

Given the flow of the game at the time, and the personnel, I wanted them to take a knew with 30 seconds left in the first half, since plays at that time tend to be ragged, and we saw Gafney drop a pass and fumble, perhaps trying to do too much with short time. And, for the same reasons I would not have gone for it on fourth down early in the second half. Also, it didn't cost anything but the officials did not seem to keen on the ol' rules.

Marty Schottenheimer, is that you??? It was a terrible game, poor officiating, poor telecast ... maybe it's midseason blahs across the NFL today.

Losers always have excuses. Winners always find a way to win.

And, you have to play 'em one game at a time.

It doesn't look good... we can only have a low-scoring offense if the defense plays like the steelers but we have no depth and our secondary is terrible with the exception of our two starting safeties.... If we get a high pick in the draft which it looks like we will, should we draft a QB or focus on building depth and the o-line? Beck didn't look too bad but I don't think carolina's defense poses a significant challenge.

I'm thinking I'd draft a QB right now, but I might change my mind by April.

Mike Shanhan has shown that he can perform wonders with good running backs, making them look great in a good system. The same doesn't seem to be true of quarterbacks, but he doesn't seem to know it. He seems bent on proving that he can take an over-the-hill quarterback or a journeyman quarterback, and make him look like John Elway. And results so far aren't very encouraging.

He hasn't had anything near a John Elway here. I'm not sure what he was thinking with McNabb but he got taken on that one.

is being a bit overly optimistic if you ask me.

Two games? You don't think they can win two more games?

We had a rookie coach outcoach the veteran superbowl coach and a rookie, a rookie quarterback beat us again. What is up with that and do you think this team is any better than last years?

The team has better personnel at many positions than it did a year ago. It may not win any more games, but overall the personnel is better. There are still some gaps, though. And injuries expose those gaps. 

If your team is floundering and see the Skins on your schedule most would offer a sigh of relief.

Which is exactly when you'd lose to them. 

has burst. It took the league 3-4 weeks to figure out the Redskins. As a fine American once said, "they are who we thought they were." A young rebuilding team with a very spotty talent base. Now the injuries are piling up and the scheule toughens significantly. Oof. THe worst part? The good start pretty much takes them out fo the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

Luck is going to go to a one-win team. (It's really hard to go 0-16.) I thought the Redskins would start well, then teams would adjust, injuries would hit and they'd struggle. All of which happened two weeks before I though it owuld.

Not really a question. The thing that I notice is that whenever teams play the Skins, I rarely, rarely see the opposing team make big errors. They rarely drop open passes, blow easy open field tackles, missed assignments with a wide receiver in the open field, etc. that I see so many times in other games. (I'm watching other games in a bar at the same time.) It just seems that each opponent seems to bring their A game when playing the Skins.

Good point. Also, one of the baffling things about the Redskins year in and year out is the way they play to the level of their competition. Now, a lot of NFL teams do that, but it's especially true of the Skins. They're really, really consistent about that.

Give me something positive to look forward to, some sign of hope. This team just looks so mediocre right now.

John Beck was a B-minus. How's that?

1) We saw today the difference between an adequate team with a very talented (if still young) QB and an adequate team with an adequate QB. If you're going to go with an adequate QB, you have to be better than adequate elsewhere to win. 2) The Skins defenders don't really know how to create turnovers. Example: the blindside sack by Orakpo on Newton. I realize Newton's as big as a house but that's a play where Orakpo should try to knock out the ball since Newton didn't see him coming. I remember Ed Reed did that on a Monday Night against Mark Brunell: strip the ball, pick it up and take it to the house. Orakpo missed a chance there and it cost them.

You're first point is true, but it makes my hair hurt to think about it. As for the second, that's been a problem with the defense over several seasons...they've got to take the ball away. 

On that note, I'm going to run. Thanks for bringing your A game and joining me today. Until next week, see you on Twitter and on The Early Lead.

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