Redskins-Jets postgame chat with Cindy Boren

Dec 04, 2011

Post blogger Cindy Boren will host a live discussion about the Redskins vs. Jets game shortly after it ends Sunday.

Good afternoon! Well, no sooner did a certain Washington Post staffer mention a wild card than Mark Sanchez woke up and the Jets put the game away. There was indeed plenty of room to maneuver in the NFC and NFC East, but the Redskins aren't doing doing it. And there's a report, by Jim Trotter of SI, that Trent Williams and Fred Davis could be suspended the next four games. Tough, tough day. What's on your minds?

I'm posting this with 11:00 to go in the game, so this really isn't a second guess. The Redskins are throwing the ball way too much, way too much. It's going to cost them the game. See if I'm wrong. (And down goes Grossman on a huge sack!)

Let's see if he posts again ...

I'm the guy who wrote to you with 11 minutes to go. So, the Skins get the ball back, needing a TD, with just under five minutes to go, which means plenty of time to go down the field with a mix of running and pass plays. So, what do we get? Three passing plays and Rex gets sacked and fumbles on the last one. Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible (have I made my point?) play calling. To me, this one's on Kyle Shanahan.

And he does! 

Well, it doesn't help that Grossman fumbled the ball away and Mark Sanchez threw a touchdown pass and  the offside kick thing went badly...

ButI will say this: what happened to the running game? And again with the red zone zzzzzzzz's and playcalling that leads to FGs and not TDs.

25 incomplete passes at the 2:00 mark. Lets get the ball back so he has a shot at a few more misses!

Call me crazy, but perhaps there could have been a few more running plays. 

Who was waiting for the rex turnover to seal the deal? Vegas should take odds on his turnovers! Gano's short kick was awful.

Grossman is going to commit turnovers, there's no question about it. Vegas wouldn't take action on that! Vegas isn't crazy.


Why not just let Snyder move to Hollywood to produce Tom Cruise movies and more bad football? Then the league can give us an expansion team a la Cleveland...

The Los Angeles Redskins? Doesn't quite work for me and I don't think you really mean it, either. I know too many Redskins fans who'd be broken-hearted.

Whew...we almost won that game and that would have put us too far down the draft order. I think Shanahan realized too late that they might win this game so made sure the team folded late in the 4th.

But ... but ... what about the wild card? 

Did he really expect to win a game in which Rex Grossman threw the ball 46 times? Did Roy Helu say something about Mrs. Shanahan during the second quarter?

Now, now...This is one time I might have mixed up the RBs. Nothing against Helu, who is terrific. 

roy helu scores a td and is running well. then they go 5 wide and throw not just 3 times on the 1 but 9 straight times? Bmitch just said the same thing. Where is CP when you need him to call the coach a "genius"

How long do you think that kind of drama would last with Mike Shanahan? Five seconds? 10?

Cleveland got to keep the name...we could too...

Good point. It'd take forever to get a team, though. I don't see the NFL expanding any time soon. So unless you get a relocating team, you'd be out of luck or looking to Baltimore...

We are lulling the Patriots into something.

So THAT'S what is going on. Thanks for explaining that. So the whole season was pointing to next week?

Is Shanahan able to prepare this team each week for who they are going to play.? They look and play the same way every week regardless of who the opposition is. And forget about half time adjustments. That is only done by the opponents. A good coach deals with adversity. Shannahan seems to just accept it.

A good coach also adapts. The NFL is all about changing to whatever injuries do to your personnel. I don't see a lot of creativity. Granted, there isn't a lot of depth, either.

What can Allen/Synder do? The Redskins are the most poorly coached team in the league. The play calling is horrendous. The decision making is head scratching. The preparation is nonexistent. Kyle is the worst coordinator in football. Even if, through trades, a miracle, we were to acquire Luck, this coaching staff would destroy his career before it ever started. Will Mike do the right thing and retire? dismal as this is, you have to give Shanahan more time and at least another draft. The decision was made to go in this direction with the coach/GM hire and you have to stick with it. 

The people wanted Mr. Snyder to stay out of the game; that's what he's doing. The people wanted a "pro" and they go it it in Mr. Shanahan who is everything from head coach to vice President of the team. They wanted the "pro", as they wanted and got with Joe Gibbs, to be in charge of everything, and Mr. Shanahan has done or been able to do more (in the management sense) than Mr. Gibbs did, So why blame Mr. Snyder? I'll modify that: They blame Mr. Snyder when he is involved; they blame him when he's staying out of the decision making; and they blame him for not being more involved when the "pros" haven't produced as expected. Regardless of what I may think of him, he can't win. In more ways than one.

The only place I'll fault Snyder here is with the decision to bring in a star coach and let him have all the personnel decisions (you know, shop for the groceries and cook the meal). 

A better way to go might have been to get a young talented GM, someone who's not a household name to stay here for the long haul. And to hire a young, up-and-coming coach who isn't a household name, either. Then let them do their thing. (See: Ravens) 

But the decision was to bring in a two-time Super Bowl winner as a head coach/football mind. It may still work, but there's a different vibe than with a young duo leading the way. 

Thanks for taking questions Do you think that anyone on the coaching staff reads the posts from facebook on play by plays? Maybe, if they did they would realize how the fans are feeling about this team (not good, I might add) and really try to step it up? With that said, our offense showed up for this first drive and went home. Gano and Grossman are awful but Gano wouldn't be that bad if the offense had of stayed at the field to play. Maybe I am just another one of the million of REALLY upset fans?

Great to talk to you guys here in our little postgame party. I would wager that Mike Shanahan spends absolutely zero time on My Face and Tweeter and I would also wager that he's pretty thick-skinned about all of this. 

If it's any consolation, you have a lot of company.

If you are going to be horrible at least you should get the top pick as your reward! Do you foresee Mike Shannahan having a Jim Mora meltdown before this season is over??

Too late now. You're stuck with the four. I don't see Shanahan melting down, I think he's more likely to just silently shoot lasers out of his eyeballs. Which would be interesting.

Did Jim Zorn call that onside kick in from Kansas City? That was the dumbest trick play I've seen since Zorn's fake FG vs. the Giants. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

It was Zornesque, wasn't it? And not in a good way.

Your reply to the earlier comment about CP and "genius" shows where the problem lies. Kyle is in way over his head but because he is shanny's son he has a lifelong free pass to call the worst games known to man. If your on the 1 you run at least once thats pop warner football. I thought he would have a run in that madden 92 playbook of his. But if these guys actually though these qb's should be doing anything other than bagging groceries what else should we expect.

The O line isn't very good, and the Jets' D is tough, but I might like my chances at running against them there than throwing against them. 

We are out of patience

I get that. Honestly, I can't say that I blame you. I grew up a Chiefs fan, so I know about loss of patience and, eventually, just paying attention to other teams (since I don't live in KC).

Tracee Hamilton suggests making pine cone crafts as an alternative to watching the game, what do you have on tap? I'm betting your an 'adjust your ignition timing' gal.

"On tap" actually covers it. A nice microbrew, please...and the Red Zone channel.

What's it like working for Dan?


Other than straight up nepotism, what is Mike Shanahan's continued reasoning for employing his son?

He wants him to be the coach when he retires here after winning a boatload of games? 

" dismal as this is, you have to give Shanahan more time and at least another draft." I mean yes, of course. After all, the Redskins almost let Jim Zorn pick his own coaching staff and nearly let him get involved in the draft, and....well, I'm not sure how to throw in taking away his play calling, but if you can do all that for a head coach that's only been a quarterbacks coach in the pros, never an offensive coordinator or assistant offensive coordinator before you plucked him to be the head coach, the least you can do is give the Shanahans another year. After all, it's only fair.

Yeah, it is. Still, you can understand the frustration given the amount of money fans are expected to spend to support their team.

Because he has created a poisonous organization. He believes that "stars" win -- for years the "stars" were players, and now the "star" is the big name coach. Truth is, hard work and patience win. Stars who made their name somewhere else -- whether coaches or players -- usually have their best years behind them.

You're right, the only star left is Shanahan. As I said, I'd have hired differently, but this is where the team is and Shanahan has a terrific resume. Can he turn around what has been a poor organization? Clearly, it certainly was that and he's tasked with changing that as well as with winning. If he can't, then just imagine where things will be.

How many times in the past 18 years have I watched the Skins and asked "Are they on drugs?" Now I know--the answer was yes they were. Glad that mystery is solved

It's only two guys! Allegedly. You know, if the report pans out.

How come, months (if not a year or so) after WaPo changed their sports blogs formats there are still waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many hiccups for a major newspapers website?

Define "hiccups." I know they're slow to load and that that should be changing soon -- this month, even. Thanks for bearing with us. It should get better soon.

Since he has some free time (what with no bowl game and all) can Shanny bring in Randy Edsall to instill some team rules?

Hoo boy, that's EXACTLY what this team needs.

But reading about how quickly and emphatically the door was shut on the Redskins after leading by 3 made me mad. And it probably would have made me madder watching it live. It sucks to change my mindset from "I'm expecting a fun game between the Skins and the Patriots" to "I'm hoping the Patriots don't piledrive the Skins."

Indy rang up 24 points and lost 31-24 to the Pats, so maybe the Skins can beat them. The NE defense is dreadful. Of course, that wouldn't help with the draft, would it?

Because since Snyder has had the team we have consistently been at the bottom of the barrel for wins. What has it been - 11-12 years now? Sorry - ain't gonna happen as long as Snyder owns this team. Think Angelos.

Oh, absolutely. He was a dreadful owner. But the move to bring in Shanahan was smart -- there was another smart direction he could have chosen (my way!), but he didn't. This is year 2 of that way; it may work beautifully or it may end horribly. Nobody knows yet.

Played tough, had some heart, still in line for Matt Barkley or another hotshot QB. Shanahan would not be so arrogant as to go with Grossman another year to prove a vague point. Oh, wait . . . .

No one inside Redskins HQ can think that, can they? No way ... that would be beyond arrogant, it would be delusional.

Bad bad coaching(playcalling), weak talent(great clutch catches at the end, er not!), great character guys(Williams and Davis), Gano and we have.......4-8!

And ... heading for 4-12, no?

In all seriousness, how difficult is it to come up with questions at this point in the season for you guys? Are press conferences pretty much a "go through the motions" affair at this point? If so, I suppose they'd match up well with the games, at least...

There are always questions about strategy and game-changing plays. Shanahan's presser was about the briefest I've ever seen. It isn't really going through the motions because guys are playing for jobs and you can always ask about that. 

Dan Snyder apparently prepping a line of 1992 Super Bowl 20th anniversary merchandise. Dan Snyder-iest move ever?

It'd be right up there. He's really fighting the clock, too. Twenty years is a generation. There's a whole new population of young adults who are money-spenders and aren't plugged into any of that great tradition because they have no memory of it. I know season ticket-holders whose kids won't go to games with them. Or, don't shoot me, like the Ravens. That's another problem this franchise is facing and will continue to's an issue for the owner.

Well, Gano didn't miss any kicks, Grossman wasn't intercepted (the one brought back by a penalty, um, um, um,............ help me here!!!!! Boy, was Rex as mediocre as they come (before the fumble.)

I salute you for attempting to maintain your optimism. It can't be easy.

On that note, I'll let you go prepare for your workweek. See you here next week and, until then, on Twitter and The Early Lead.

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