Redskins-Giants postgame chat with Cindy Boren

Dec 18, 2011

Post blogger Cindy Boren will host a live discussion about the Redskins vs. Giants game shortly after it ends Sunday.

Good afternoon! It's been quite a while, but we finally have a victory to discuss. Allow me to make a few points before we start: the Giants can be bafflingly horrible; the Redskins played well; Rex Grossman is not the long-range answer at quarterback. So, let's go.

We're at 23-3 and the 4th quarter has just begun. Will the fix be in, and the Giants, rolling behind 4th-quarter antics by Eli Manning, beat the hapless Redskins 24-23?

Hahahaha...he can't out-Eli Eli. Nice Giants. They looked good last week and then today they appeared to not give a rat's tail. It's just ridiculous.

I don't mean to detract from the Redskins, tho. Nice defensive showing. Nice showing, in fact, from a lot of guys playing for jobs.

Can anyone explain the NFC East this year? No? I didn't think so.

This team is learning to play together. I said last week to give Mike and Co some praise. This team has played hard all year. They have nothing to play for today except pride and respect something that has been missing for years. Nice game plan by Mike and Kyle and Jim. This team never quits and thats a good sign. Don't you agree Cindy.

What's not to like about today's game? You learned a lot about quite a few players. The game could have turned on a couple of interceptions by Grossman early, but it didn't. I'm not even going to play to your fears by suggesting that they've ruined their spot in the draft. Again, I will point out that the Giants are a mess, but the Redskins put together a nice all-around effort. Except for Sav Rocca. What did THAT guy do today?

It's still the the beginning of the 4th quarter, but I'll say that for the first time in a LONG time, I feel proud as a fan. Hate to ask, but their draft status ... Never mind ...

You get megapoints for the Larry Sanders reference. Draft status, shmaft status*. A win was nice.

*No more wins, though, m'kay?

What's the point of trying to win NOW?! Rex Grossman isn't our QB of the future. In fact, we should start looking for a replacement for BOTH him and Beck as soon as this season is over. All this win will do is cost us a chance to draft Matt Barkley or Robert Griffen III! This is maddening!

Because you can't just give up! (To quote Sen. Blutarsky: "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor???") 

I'm not horribly concerned about the draft -- unless the Redskins win the next two. I think a good QB will still be there when they pick. 

Let me start, Cindy, by thanking you for Orakpo. Now then, what is most surprising: (a) The Redskins win despite two turnovers. (b) The Redskins do not cough up a fourth quarter lead. (c) The Redskins win the battle of possession. (d) The Cheeves beat the Packers.

You're welcome, Football America and Redskins fans everywhere! [For those who don't know, I was "responsible" for the Redskins drafting him in that I "urged" them to be "prudent" and not do something "wacky." These were the days of Vinny and somehow they listened.]

D is the most surprising. I know the Cheeves have a new coach, but they're just dreadful. That's  tough loss for the Packers, even tho it's probably better to have one loss -- it's just awfully late in the year for the first loss. I'd hate that if I were a coach. I'd much rather lose one in mid-November. But the Rodgers fellow is pretty good; they'll probably be fine until they play the Saints again.

I'm sure the Skins are happy to have a win, but that bomb with 4 minutes left was classless. I don't know if Kyle called it (that's what I suspect) or it was Rex, but it seemed like they were trying to pad underwhelming passing stats.

It was silly. And you're probably about the urge to pad. 

Skins are 2-0 against the G-men! Playoffs baby!

Um, okay, sure. (Pssst, security! Get this guy out of here!)

I cannot see anything positive long term out of a win today? your thoughts?

Well, for the first time they won the turnover battle. That's a nice step, now they have to do it again. Is this a one-and-done or the start of a trend of playing smarter? The secondary played far better -- particularly Atogwe. That's a long-term plus. The O-line played better. Those were the things I was looking at long-term.

If we end up too low to guarantee say RG3 or Barkley, do the skins move up to select one of them or settle for what's left?

If they can make the move to get one of them, make it. I only pray that new management listens. I like RGIII better, but Barkley would be fine as well. 

I LOVED watching us win! It was so much fun trash talking with a Giants-fan friend, seeing us pull off awesome defensive stops including exciting interceptions (wow)...but i worry that Rex's performance will lull the Redskins into not drafting a QB. How likely is that possibility? Please reassure me that it is not one.

You should be careful with that trash-talking can bite you in the backside. And you're right to worry. I cannot fathom the head coach/talent evaluator/chief grocery shopper not wanting a great young quarterback to raise. That would be the very definition of arrogance, to think that Grossman can be the guy going forward. He's fine as a back-up, but they really can't possibly pass up one of these college qbs.

Have you SEEN the Vikings play? A very, very bad Rex would have to show up for the Vikings to win. So it's possible, but unlikely.

I've had the Vikings as a winnable game for the Redskins since the day the schedule came out. It still is. So ... 6 wins and maybe 7? Pass the antacid for draft day.

Should he be worried by how well his replacement is playing? TWilliams has been slow to develop, imo. Will a little serious competition/ depth help his game improve?

It hasn't been all sunshine and roses, puppies and kitties, but Trent Williams has struggled. He is a big offseason issue: someone must convince that young man that he's going down the wrong road. 

was because the Skins played well or because the Giants played horribly?

I'm going to say 60 percent Giants, 40 percent Redskins. The Giants are just confounding. So is Eli Manning.

Does losing to the Redskins both times this year put hTom's job in jepardy like it is from year to year.

They're 7-7 now; let' see where they end up. I will, however, remind you that the owner of the Giants is extremely patient and hands-off. I know that this can be a wacky concept, but it works and gives them overall stability in the face of the weekly ups and downs. 

Even Grossman's interceptions this week were better than our best punts. Maybe we could bring back Rex next year to throw a 45 yard interception whenever we need a long punt.

I love the idea that his interceptions were like punts because of the improved field position. Who punts on first down?

What finally made Shanahan run the ball more? They didn't even run it that well today, but they ran it alot and controlled the clock and it worked out well. Is this a shift, or just a single game adjustment? Has he finally given up on Rex like the rest of us?

Maybe the trickeration at the beginning -- and the backfiring of the trickeration -- put some mighty, mighty fear into the Shanahans? Let's see what happens next week before we decide whether there's any Rex-nificance to the move.

Wow, after Rex threw a pick on the first play of the game I did not think things would go like that.

You can't be blamed for not counting on the 1) Redskins defense and 2) Giants' tendency to just monkey around out there (dropping passes).

A win is win true enough but to help those ego-maniacs in Dallas is a no-no anyway you look at it. Didn't want the Skins to take a dive (did I say that, heh-heh) today but, just saying ! Oh well, the G-men will bounce back....I hope. cheers

I didn't hear the word dive. Did you say dive? Jerry Jones will be sending Redskins fans a nice holiday fruitcake.

Maybe I'm wrong but it seems Coughlan has outlived his usefulness. Today, it looked like the Giants have tuned him out. I guess it is not surprising that after 8 years of his intensive style.

It's hard to say. The Giants may go on a run's happened before when it's looked at is Coughlin were on thin ice. The mantra of all coaches, though, eventually grows stale in the pros. 

We've been "in" just about every Grossman started game this year. Not that we'd be buying tickets to Indy but I do wish the short Beck era hadn't occurred. We may be apart of this playoff race (one which no team seems to want to win).

I'm not sure how many of those games would have been winnable for Grossman, frankly, and he had pneumonia, so it was probably a moot point for a couple of them. But the move to Beck was an awful decision, and one of the key decisions of the season. 

Aiman & co were waxing lyrical about the D front 7 and you have so much to like about the way that is shaping up for next year too. What do you think we need to move up a notch and be a top class D in '12? PS Finally someone sees Orakpo being held!!!!

I'm concerned about a possible London Fletcher injury. Who doesn't love the way he plays, but he is aging and I'd seek backup there. I'd like to see greater depth in the secondary, too. 

Secondary seemed to be OK without him. If we could just manage to unload D-Hall, we might have a lot more interceptions and a lot less preening next year. Unfortunately, I think we're stuck with Hall.

Nobody is picking up that contract. Noooooooobody.

One of your colleagues in The Post said Grossman would be and deserved to be the Skin's qb for 2012--maybe with an understudy from the draft. What think you?

Yes, I am aware of this. And I humbly suggest that he has the order reversed. While I'd keep Grossman as a backup, I'd draft big and start the rookie as quickly as I could. 

The thing that I noticed about this game is that NOTHING went right for the Giants offense. Bad timing on the penalties, dropped balls, calls/reviews going against them, etc. This is the first time in, I can't remember when, the opposition didn't bring their A game against the Skins.

The Giants' have a baffling propensity for failing to put together two consecutive solid performances. This leads to outbreaks of Coughlin face and Eli face.

If you look at the stats alone you'd think the Skins had lost this one. Rex has his obligatory 2 ints. Helu only gets 53 yards, and they get fewer yards than the Giants. BUT they ran the ball 40 times and threw just 24, the complete opposite of what they normally do. As a result ,they had the ball 10 minutes longer - almost an entire quarter. Teams can't score if they don't have the ball. Just run baby, run!

'Bout time he listened to you. 

What's up with this? On the road against a team that needs a win to keep pace with Dallas in the division, and we dominate? On the heels of last week's close loss to the Pats, you have to be happy with what you're seeing. Still need a new QB and O-linemen, but it looks like we are developing some depth on the O-line. I guess I'm finally seeing some progress, and that's all I was really looking for this year. Of course, the downside of the game is it's now likely that Dallas wins the NFC East.

Oh, but you know the Cowboys. They won't be around long in the NFC playoffs. (Boy, I hope that reverse jinx thing didn't just put them in Indianapolis in February.)

That brings us to the end of our session and I must tell you that we won't chat next Saturday because it's Christmas Eve. I hope you have a great holiday and I'll look forward to seeing you back here on New Year's Day. Until then, find me on Twitter and at The Early Lead. Have a great week! 

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