Redskins-Eagles postgame chat with Cindy Boren

Oct 16, 2011

Post blogger Cindy Boren will host a live discussion about the Redskins vs. Eagles game shortly after the game ends on Sunday.

Good afternoon! Well, there's a ton of stuff to discuss for a team that's now 3-2 and 1-2 in its division. First you go with Beck next week? Let's go.

23 minutes into the game and the offense shows me nothing. The Redskins have had a D+/C- offense for more than a decade. Why can't the get any better?

Takes time to get the kind of personnel they need. They made great strides in improving the O line, but it still lacks depth. And the QB: Beck and Grossman are the top options. Really?

Can you please pass this question along to Dan Snyder: Why should I continue to be a fan of the Washington Redskins?

Because you choose the teams you root for with your heart and not with your head? Oh, wait. Your question was for Dan Snyder. Consider it passed along. 

Cindy- You've benched your QB (finally), but how do you remove playcalling duties from your own son? You know it needs to happen.... -AE and the World

Hey, it's the Eckert Axiom checking in! How DO you do that? It's easy to say that you treat him the way you'd treat Haslett or any coordinator who wasn't effective. But it's your kid. Back when Sally Jenkins wrote about Mike, she interviewed Peggy, who said she had concerns about the two working together. I'm pretty sure she didn't foresee this ... well, maybe she did. 

BTW, Shanahan won't announce today who will start Sunday at QB or any other position. Says Cooley will have to have surgery on his busted finger. Lichtensteiger, they're not sure whether he has an MCL or ACL.

Have to love Beck's mobility. Can extend plays by getting out of the pocket. He looked decent.

Love? Not sure I saw enough to love, but there was far better movement and he gave the team a spark, so I think it's fair to feel affection.

I'd probably give him the start against Carolina if I saw something other than wobbly passes this week in practice. 

Are we still debating if Rex Grossman is the best QB in the NFC East? I lose track.

I think you've all tossed Rex aside and run toward Beck with arms wide open. Someone pointed out on Twitter that all the QBs in the NFC East were, um, interesting in their own way. What a group.

Do you think the Redskins should start Beck after Grossman's horrible performance? Granted its one game but Grossman hasn't played well all season.

I'd give Beck a shot against Carolina. Grossman is a veteran; if Beck stinks, Rex could come back against Buffalo and SF. (What a schedule.)

Is there anyone who still believes Grossman is a starting Quarterback in the NFL?

Two really important people do. They share the same last name: Shanahan. 

Do you think it would help the Skins to have at least one competent QB on the roster? This was a deflating loss for the fans; how do you think the players will react? Will they blame the QB play?

I think they're more likely to place a lot of the blame on injuries and they have a compelling case. The O line took massive hits with the loss of Trent Williams and Kory Lichtensteiger (likely for the season) and Cooley (who's headed for finger surgery). I was telling someone during the bye week that there would come a point at which there'd be injuries -- look across the NFL -- and that point arrived today.

It's the NFL and we love it but how can the SKINS go another week with Grossman, bring along a young John Beck w/ a 3-2 record and not bring in a veteran QB ?

Who do you bring in? David Garrard? JaMarcus Russell? I'm kidding, obviously, but there really are no options "out there." Trade deadline is Tuesday, by the way...

So who starts next week, after Rex's truly appalling performance today?

I'd go with Beck, but I don't think that's a Shanahanian move. The feeling from people I talk to is that they'd rather see what Beck gives 'em next week. If he falters, Grossman can come in.

After seeing what we got out of Rex and Beck in this game do you think we should have addressed the qb position in the last draft?

Um, yes -- although I'm extremely partial to Kerrigan and Jarvis. It'd be nice to have a fast, mobile, unheralded rookie QB, but I think it's probably a fantasy that that guy was available later in the draft.

So... has the Beckoning arrived?

You mean, what the heck, why not Beck? Beck to the future? Go to the John? You don't want to panic at 3-2 (1-2 in the div), but the question is which guy gives you the better chance to beat the Panthers. At this moment, it may well be Beck.

Isn't this Shanahan's MO? No patience with QBs, running backs, etc. How can Grossman succeed when he knows how short his leash is?

Grossman's MO outweighs Shanahan's here: the four INTs, the lack of consistency. Grossman has had five games in which to prove that he's not that guy.

Shanahan mixes his players up all the time and goes with the guys with the hot hand at TE, RB, WR -- why not QB, unless you've got John Elway.

Did Grossman just have bad luck, make poor decisions, or was against some defensive backs that made great plays? And will Beck get the start next week?

Well, Philly was clearly a cornered team, a dangerous team fighting for its life. Grossman made poor decisions, there were key injuries and the Eagles played the way they haven't all season (if you follow the Philly writers on Twitter, you saw that). Those were the key factors as far as I'm concerned.

Neither of our QBs were particularly spectacular (though Beck probably starts next week), but the receivers have to take some of the blame for this loss. Lots of passes hit hands and then hit the ground. You've gotta make tough catches.

True that. I'm looking, in particular, at Donte Stallworth here. He's been such a good addition and has done so many things right here, but he dropped a ball he had to catch. Neither Grossman not Beck was helped by the receivers. You're right.

I just switched to DirecTV for this! In order to see the 'skins not be able to meet a fairly challenge?! If Shanahan is so good, how come he didn't recognize that he needed a competent QB before the season began???? And where was the defense today?

Shanahan I and II definitely came into the season with the QBs they wanted. They thought their schemes were sophisticated enough to overcome their QBs' limitations. Plenty of people thought otherwise. They still have 11 games left and we'll see how this plays out.

Is Grossman finally moved down the depth chart, or would Shanahan dare to start him in Carolina next week?

I've been trying to channel both Shanahans since the game ended and I keep getting a busy signal. Boy, is it busy. This is somewhat uncharted territory, but sure, I think there's a chance Shanahan (Mike) starts Grossman next week. But I don't think it's a very big one. (Beck is wearing a light blue shirt with "John" in script over the pocket, fyi...)

I know we all complain about the offense, but the defense also comes short in critical times. My question is when is this going to be good?

The defense was on the field for a loooooooong time, against a hard-hitting offense that was motivated. I need to watch the game again, specifically I want to watch the secondary.  

And as badly as the defense played in several series, they still only gave up two touchdowns. I consider Orapko's play the equivalent of a turnover, so that would make five times they either gave the Eagles the ball or kept them alive. I'm more concerned about he inability to run the ball than who is at qb, since neither of them is really what you would prefer

They lost Cooley, Trent Williams and Lichtensteiger early to injuries and I think that made a big difference. I love the running back rotation, but I thought the idea was to go with the hot hand, mix it up. Not sure they did enough of that with Torain not having a great day.

Just not allowing the Eagles to score in the 2nd half...and at least Beck scoring...better than killing yourself w/ mistakes. This team can't win with Grossman and his mistakes. I don't think Beck is a Rodgers or Brady...but even a step up the ladder would be better than being what we had. I know we have injuries...but hope at least we see Beck next week.

See? What the heck, why not Beck? It makes me break out in hives to ponder a QB switch five games into the season, but the deal with Beck and Grossman all along was that Grossman as the starter wasn't set in stone. And Grossman has his habits.

He picked the worse time to have his worse game of the season. The defense pitched a shutout in the second half and we still could not produce any points. Losing two o-lineman didn't help either, but I think its time to give some other players a chance and not just Beck. When will the coaching still realize that Fred Davis/Paulsen is a better TE tandem than Cooley Davis. It's time to make Davis the primary catching TE. I think Beck should get the nod, he didn't play great but he did some excellent, not throw an interception. Not as mad as I thought I'd be because I'm excited to see what Beck can do.

Not sure how long Cooley will be out, but I think you're a few weeks away from seeing really deep roster experimentation...unless there are more injuries. I'm not sure that's warranted yet. First, let's see better playcalling and game planning.

Just threw a pick on the opening drive. Your thoughts?

That's Romo! QBs are flinging it more often than ever, which means there are gonna be interceptions. The NFC East QBs are quite the adventure, aren't they?

Cindy - Do we need to go out and sign David Garrard? Beck and Gross-man are definitely not the answer

I'm not a huge fan of David Garrard. The time for alternatives to Beck/Grossman is over.

For the QB geniuses that the Shanahans are supposed to be, how in the world could they be so far off on talent evaluation that in back-to-back seasons, they entered the year with Donovan McNabb and Rex Grossman under center? It's only the most important personnel decision on the team.

You have to be smart enough to know what you don't know. Or to have someone on staff who will tell you what you don't know. And then, once you know what you don't know, you put your ego aside and do something about it. Plenty of people questioned the McNabb deal before the Easter eggs were all gone that day in 2010 and plenty questioned going with Rex Grossman. I would love to know exactly how this decision came to pass.

Hi Cindy What would be so wrong with making the switch at QB after halftime? Had they not waited, things could have ended up a bit differently? Now do you think Shanahan will go BACK to Rex? How could they? What else do they have to lose? With Grossman, you know he's going to be bad enough for a couple of picks a game. You can't keep putting the Defense in that position. Now I have to put up with idiot Eagles fans talking smack until the next time they play the skins.......At least the beaches here are gorgeous!!!

I would have made the switch at halftime, but that's me. At least you're in many Eagles fans are gonna pass through there this year???

So, the silver lining from this loss is that we won't have to see any more of Grossman, right? Oh and the D was pretty freaking good. 0 points in the 2nd half, held the Eagles high-powered offense to only 2 TD's and 2 field goals. And that was with GROSSman tossing those 4 picks.

Thanks for pointing that out; the defense did play much better the second half. You might not see Grossman next week, but don't get the idea that you're done with him. You might see him again at any moment. Can't believe the team played this way off the bye, btw.

I know all of Washington is smarting after this loss, but the most important thing is the team's long-term transition into a functional franchise. The wins will come if savvy football people are calling the shots. What are two behind-the-scenes signs that the Skins have turned that corner? Please throw us a bone, Cindy!

Two, huh? All righty. You have to love what they did in the draft. They ended up with, what, 12 picks? [That's three Rex Grossman games. Too soon? Sorry.] And they used them very smartly. I don't think anyone thought that one draft like that was going to be enough to fix everything that was wrong. It'll take another and maybe two. At some point, they'll end up with a young QB to groom. They are much closer to where a good, smart, competent team needs to be. So that's one thing. The other is that, criticisms of Mike Shanahan aside, he's a smart football guy. Whether he gets the team over the hump is something we'll have to wait and see, but he's building it smartly and evaluating people coolly and dispassionately. There's your bone.

I know he is the coaches son, but Kyle Shannahan is not much of a coach. Isn't there anybody who can assume responsibility for the offense?

It's going to be interesting to watch this to play out. I'm guessing Sherm isn't going to be leaving his bingo parlor anytime soon, though.

Hey Cyn City! I came to the game when it was 17-0 and the Iggles were that far away from a touchdown. I was thinking then about a 40+ - 0 blowout. Without 4 intercepts (sheez!) they could have won this game. It's not all hopeless. Thank goodness for this D.

Yo, hamster! (Not sure which hamster you are, but I can tell by your form of address to me that you've done time on the wheel in the cage.) Yep, it's tough to overtime four INTs. Ask Jay Cutler. Or Tom Brady.

If the Skins beat the Iggles today, they're probably done for the year at 1-5. Instead they got pushed around for the first 30 minutes (coming out of a bye week!) and the Iggles might even have an inside track to win a very mediocre division now. I probably shouldn't be so upset. I figured the Skins for 6-8 wins. I'm probably still right -- they're just not a playoff team yet.

I felt all along that they'd come out strong and win a few early, then falter in the stretch. I thought they'd get through today and the Panthers game, tho.

You simply can not do that against a desperate NFC East opponent. What is Mike Shanahan going to do differently to stop the poor starts against the Eagles? FWIW, Dan Snyder ought to refund half the ticket price to the beleaguered fans that put up with such lackluster play! A win today and the Eagles are toast...we just let them right back into the mix. Shame on the Skins having such little pop coming off 2 weeks of prep time!

That was the biggest shock for me. I thought they'd come out better after a week off. You can't come off your bye that way.

Try that one on for size!

Hmmmm...there are 48 hours in which to get that done.

Shouldn't you note that the Eagles did not score in the second half, and that the defense played tough--most of the time. Unfortunately, at the 2:34 mark they didn't, but McCoy is one heck of a running back.

I did note that, I swear. I did say that the D came around in the second half. And, yeah, McCoy is outstanding.

It's said the backup quarterback is the most popular man in town. How long before Rex is king?

Maybe the second half of the Carolina game.

Can we stop calling Beck young? He's 30. Inexperienced is probably more accurate.

Low mileage?

Why didn't the Skins run the ball more? Philly is 30th in the league against the run.

Good question. They also have three really good running backs; why not pound the rock, even with injuries flattening the O line.

Hamlet in a Helmet

Yes. That is exactly what this team needs: Hamlet in a Helmet, aka Brett Favre. Oy.

Go mow your lawn, Brett.

Niners beating the Lions, but it ain't over yet. Will this game end before the Ravens get to halftime?

I'm not sure, but I know at least one write who was bemoaning it. (That would be Judy Battista of the NY Times.)

Cindy Boren : You mean, what the heck, why not Beck? Beck to the future? Go to the John? ________ Or, Get Your Sexy Beck. Sexy Rexy, Sexy Beck. About one and the same.

It's so great the way a crisis brings out the fans' creativity.

At least the 'Skins are competitive this year. Could it be that teams are "on" to the 'Skins offense, and now neither Rex or Beck will be effective. In other words, teams have the Redskins down.

I thought that would happen about week 8. 

"All hands on Beck!"



high ankle sprain is the immediate diagnosis. we'll see what the week brings, but those things can be problematic. (note i'm offsetting your comment by posting in lower case.)

Whew. I have to sign off now. Thanks so much for joining me. See you on Twitter and over at The Early Lead

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