Redskins-Cowboys postgame chat with Cindy Boren

Nov 20, 2011

Post blogger Cindy Boren will host a live discussion about the Redskins vs. Cowboys game shortly after it ends Sunday.

Good afternoon. Thanks for joining me for this week's therapy session. At least this week there are positives and a near-win to discuss. Doesn't change the face they've lost six games in a row, though. So let's get going.

Writing in before overtime or lose, it was good to see the Redskins stop regressing, get fired up, and fight back. It's nice to watch a game where the Redskins aren't out of it before they go in for halftime. It's actually been an exciting game...which is a lot more than I can say for the past month and a half of Redskins football.

They shook off the funk and that's a pleasant thing to see, given that there are six games left. You want to see who's got talent, who's got heart, who's going to have a shot at a job next year. It has been a dismal stretch. Just lethargic and listless and awful.

Moose just said that another reason for the switch back to Grossman was his mobility. Seriously. I watch the games, and I'm not getting paid.

He is more mobile -- or less inert, if you please -- than Beck. 

Could having a brief lead in this game be a building block to future greatness?? P.S. are we in the suck for Luck sweepstakes yet? Even though Barkley at USC and the guy at Baylor looked awesome yesterday.

1) Take your list. 2) Go to the top. 3) Cross off Luck. 

That's not happening. So think about Barkley. Or whomever is going to be available around the sixth or seventh pick.

What a great story Dante Stallworth is this week. Released last week, makes three catches for 33 yards and catches a touchdown in the most critical moment in the game. Go skins!

I liked the original signing of Donte Stallworth, was sorry to see him cut, happy to see him re-signed and not surprised to see him contribute today. He brings a pedigree, the Steelers' way, to this team and that experience is very valuable. Very classy guy...if you don't follow him on Twitter, go fix that now. 

Pretty sure I just heard Moose say they switched back to Rex because of turnovers. I can't really blame them for not wanting to watch Skins games, but don't they have some kind of professional responsibility to do so?

I didn't hear it, so I can't say. I moved to Shanahan's presser. And, yes, they should pay attention!

Trent Williams update: Shanahan says it's "an MCL and it doesn't look very good." We'll see what means over the next day or two.

As soon as Rex scored our 7 points. This Redskin team just seems different today. I don't know what it his but it seems like this team might be making a turn for the better. I feel a win today and its only the first qt.

Um, I would suggest that you not go with your gut feelings.

Maybe we should at least make them entertaining. Just play people at any position. I would start Adam Carriker at quarterback, Brandon Banks at Nose Tackle, Chris Nield at wide receiver, Trent Williams as punter etc, etc, etc!! This would fill Fed Ex field with fans who need a great laugh and entertaining. The sad thing is that we may actually get better statistics on offense is this happens! Thanks Cindy, I feel much better now.

Can you imagine what kind of expressions on Shanahan's face this would produce? While it's a funny idea, there's still a bunch of the season left. You expect to see poise, professionalism and passion the rest of the way. May not equal wins, but fans are paying a lot of money and deserve that. Besides, it's how you know how you build for 2012.

Sucks. Absolutely cannot make a stop when it counts. Can't. Get. Teams. Off. The. Field. Can't. Get. Pressure. On. The. QB.

That game was, bottom line, right there on Gano's toe at the end.

I'll buy him his plane ticket back to Florida. First class even!

You might consider Southwest. 

I said it in your chat a couple months ago, I'll say it again: DRAFT. A. KICKER. Don't rely on castoffs, don't groom someone, go in the 6th or 7th round and find the best kicker in the draft and take him. I've watched going on fifteen years of awful, AWFUL Redskins special teams play, starting and nearly always ending with bad FG kickers. Our kickers lose as many games for us as they win, and that's unsatisfactory in professional football. For all the needs the Redskins have, the story is ALWAYS the same with the kicking game: Awful. Every. Year. Fix it already, Bruce Allen.

You mean Mike Shanahan, but if there's a kicker to be had with a sixth-rounder, sure. But get a ton of picks first, then go ahead and use one of 'em. 

Well, we are at least creative in the way we lose...

You can forgive a team for not being very good and losing when they show heart and pride. You can't forgive a team for not being very good and losing and showing no soul. Which has been the case, with poor playcalling and coaching added to the mix, the last few weeks.

Glad to see Banks FINALLY getting to his prior form, but otherwise, TOO MANY offensive struggles... Tashard Choice should have stayed in Dallas for the good he did us today...

Agree. More Roy Helu, please. 

highly competitive, highly entertaining, maintained position to draft Barkley or Landry (preferably Barkley). Loved the contributions fm the young guys. Perry Riley is very promising, Helu ran well, Kerrigan had another good game, Armstrong showed up to play, etc. Chin up! We need to stink only another 6 games before help is on the way! And if today or prologue, it may be an entertainng (if losing) 6 weeks.

If the Redskins play the way they did today, they can beat Minnesota, no? There is some talent on this team -- although the last month it was in hibernation with part of the blame for that going to the coaches). 

Should 'skins have gone for 2 on their last TD? Doc walker suggested it

I raised the question on Twitter; I'd say the results were about 60-40 in favor of the PAT. With my team at 3-6, I think I'd have gone for it there. (This is probably why I'll never have a NFL coaching career, although I am available for the right price. Win it there and you've got some momentum, some confidence to build on.

If the Skins played the Terps on a neutral field, who would win, or should I ask, who would lose more?

The Redskins would lose less. (I don't even know what that means.)

What in heaven's name made Shannahan think that Ganno could make that field goal. He gave up half the field by not punting. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, without John Ellway, Mike Shannahan is a very ordinary coach.

You may well be correct. You're going to have a couple of years in which to find out.

I think Lee Corso would have appropriate words for his reliability

Indeed. And then he would have apologized.

I thought the offensive line played well, especially picking up blitzes, although the right side of the line was crumbling near the end. Of course, this all goes out the window since it looks like Williams got hurt again. Still, a positive overall.

The O line played far better, yes. Trent Williams, via Rick Maese, says he doesn't think anything is torn in his knee, but he'll have an MRI. We shall see.

I know this is all hypothetical but if Shanahan sees that Dallas isn't ready to get the kick off and doesn't call time out there, they back Dallas up 5 yards. And that kick just squeaked through. It would not have been good from 5 yards back. Did he cost them the game?

Not entirely, but a contributing factor.

why not go for two? the odds of the redskins offense getting into scoring position in overtime given their history this season and even to that point in the game so far had to be less than the odds of converting the 2 point conversion. granted the offense was playing way better than it had been in months but why not take your chances with the ball on the 2 yard line compared to risking the cowboys winning the toss or getting a turnover in the redskins half of the field or like we saw a missed long field goal that gave the cowboys excellent starting field position. just doesn't make sense to me...

That was my thinking. Go for the win when you can. I'd rethink that stragegy if my team were playing for the division title.

heartbreaker.. but at least we competed today.. what's happened to our ability to create/capture turnovers??? sure could have used a couple today... plus the refs were a bit too flag happy against us.. at the end of the day a loss is a loss, and we are 0-6 and counting..

The defense did a nice job of getting to Romo, you have to give them that. They didn't create the turnovers, but they pressed him.

Just wanted to scream in aggravation! Thanks for listening.

This one seems more like a "grrrrrr" result to me, but why quibble? Just let it out.

A tough loss, but the Skins looked like a different team. In recent weeks they've seemed uninterested and unprepared. Today, after Rob Ryan shot off his mouth about pressuring Rex, the line was mostly strong. The offense obviously had a game plan, and had lots of open receivers. It was a GREAT game.

I'd call it great only in the context of the last few weeks. The team did indeed look better. I know these plays have pride and they showed it today. Perhaps they're realizing that they're playing for 2012 jobs now?

The spirit they showed today was nice and all, but the important Skins games were played yesterday, when Landry Jones, Matt Barkley and Robert Griffin III were on display. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2012 Skins QB possibilities. I'm partial to the latter two. No kid named after Tom Landry should play for DC. My worst fear was a that decent win by Rex would get the Shanaclan thinking that no new QB was needed. No possibility of that, right, Cindy?

I cannot imagine that the Shanaclan (I like that, even if there are only two Shannies) thinks that way. I cannot fathom them not taking a QB. Landry in DC? Okay, I'll give you that. I was watching Barkley last night and the only thing I can say is that USC QBs make me nervous in the pros, just because of the recent past. So it looks like the best choice is Griffin. Anybody got a marketing slogan yet?

On that 3rd and 15 in OT, it seemed the Redskins had a safety run out to double-cover Dez Bryant at the last minute. I guess the idea was to disguise the coverage, but I thought the result was that the Skins defenders assigned to Bryant were not set when the ball was snapped. In short, I think Haslett's play call takes a lot of the blame for that big play. Agree? (Incidentally, Haslett's call to single cover Bryant on 3rd and forever in the first Skins-Cowboys game also cost the Skins).

I was going to say the same thing about Bryant in the first I think we are in agreement. 

Dallas is about to get hit with a delay of game penalty on the game winning field goal, putting them out of range... yet Shanny calls a time out to save them..... have you seen worse clock management skills on any coach above Pop Warner??? Shanny's 2 rings were won by Elway... Shanny's record away from Mile High (and the rare air) is sub .500- his record is worse than Zorn's and it's not a coincidence. Comment?

I am eager to hear him explain why he did that. 

You may well be right about Shanahan, but the bottom line is that this era is only 1 1/2 seasons old. Given the dough he's making, he isn't going anywhere. Nor should there not be a commitment to seeing how this develops. For better or worse -- and none of knows whether the Shanahan era will ultimately be a success or failure -- this is the coach/system that's in place. There's no going back or restarting.

And Moose said they went back to Rex because he knows the offense better and because Beck wouldn't take shots down the field.

My bad. Wanted to type Saints (where he had some good years) -- then got distracted by interviews. Apologies. Duh.

Going to Beck rocked the team; it wasn't a popular locker-room choice.

If I remember correctly, St. Louis fans were ready to run Dick Vermeil out of town after 2 or 3 seasons of loosing. Then all of a sudden the rams became the greatest show on turf and won a super bowl. Any chance the Redskins write a similar story with Shanahan??

Yeah, the only difference is that there wasn't the love for the Rams that there is for the Redskins. The Rams were transplants and, sure, they were popular, but it wasn't the same. The passion for them wasn't there until Warner caught fire and then they won the Super Bowl.

Should have kept him - how is he any worse than either Beck or Grossman?

He's got nuthin' left. Nuthin'. And apparently his heart isn't in the game, given what they were saying in Minnesota. I can't make a passionate argument for Beck/Grossman over him, but it was time for him to leave. I would have preferred that the Shanahans have sough a better replacement for McNabb.

On the play the led Dallas to win the game. He misread the play, tripped, and this happens EVERY WEEK! His coverage is weak sause.

I believe you're saying that he so often either makes a key pick or gets burned and that, this season, it feels like a lot of the latter and none of the former. 

Hall seems to get beaten on a routine basis, even by lesser-known receivers. It even seemed like Romo was throwing away from Westbrook (of all people), and targeting Hall. I'm beginning to wonder if Hall should be around next season.

He's in the third year of his big contract, isn't he? That makes it tough to make a change. He's always been known as high risk/high reward, but this year there's been far fewer rewards. If I were GM and could make a move, I would.

Sigh. At LEAST it wasn't a blow out. The first time that the Skins score 24 points is the only time that the defense allows the other team over 22 points. The only good thing about these losses are your post-games chats!

Thanks; it's fun talking to you guys. Hope one of these days you get to strut. And there's Pizza Monday -- don't forget that you get toppings for the first time in a while, not just crust.


Where's Jeff Guilooly (sp?) when you need him?

On parole, I believe. The only response to getting a question like this is: "Why meeeeeeeeeeee?"

Everyone is ready for kicker tryouts.

Better today except the queasy feeling of two reverses in a row and Choice running the ball in the red zone. Will Rex ever go a game w/o an INT?

Horrible call with Choice. Blecch. And I'll say that Grossman will have one game the rest of the way without an interception.

Skins finish the season with a record of 5-9 or 6-10?

You're saying they can win two or three more games? Not sure I see it. Seattle? Well, they have to go to Seattle. I don't have to remind you how that goes for them. I see that one, Minnesota and, possibly, Philly as winnable. But I think they win only one more game.

Was it just me...or did Byron Westbrook look better in pass coverage than Deanglo Hall...come to think of it...MY 72YR OLD MOTHER LOOKED BETTER THAN DEANGELO HALL!!!!

Not a good game for Hall. Perhaps the Redskins could take a look at your mom.

Now I no longer care. A win is a win.

When your team has only three, yes, that's how you should feel. 

Do you think that the biggest difference with Grossman's passing was that he was throwing more to receivers in the middle of the field? Seemed like that to me. In the past it's always felt like he works the sidelines.

I think he had more time, because the O line played better. It always worries me when he throws to the middle of the field. Actually, it always worries me when he throws, period.

mark it down.

I will say it right now: no.

We cant even be the biggest loser to get Luck? What is Shanahan doing if we are going to stink, stink the best so the colts arent stuck with 2 franchise quartebacks.

I tweeted a couple of weeks ago that I could see Peyton Manning signing with the Redskins...I don't really mean it and, if I do, it'll be a bust because, well, you know how these things go. Too late to think about Luck now. Just erase it. I don't see the Colts winning three or four games. And you don't really mean it: 0-16 is just a wretched experience.

Really!!!...are kickers not susposed to be so reliable...wellll...seems to be awfully a bad way that is

Sorry to sign off on Gano note...thanks for joining me again. Hope you all have a dandy Thanksgiving! (There are some pretty sweet matchups this year.) See you on Twitter and at The Early Lead until next week.

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