Redskins-Dallas: Why do you hate the Cowboys? (video)

Sep 26, 2011

Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog discussed the Redskins-Cowboys game before they faced off on Monday Night Football.

Hi and welcome. With the Redskins playing the Cowboys tonight, I want to know why you hate the Dallas Cowboys. We've gotten some good responses already, but there's still time if you want to submit yours. At the end, I'll tell why I think it's right and good to dislike the Cowboys ... 

1. They are (usually) a formidable division rival who (usually) stands in the way (successfully or unsuccessfully) of our quest for the playoffs, a division title or Super Bowl. 2. DC-area Dallas fans who aren't even from Dallas and only like the Cowboys because they want attention. 3. Joe Gibbs told me to.

Because they [stink].

[Paraphased from a long submission]


For those of us who grew up in the 1960s, Dallas is the town where John F. Kennedy -- a young, vibrant president who followed many presidents who looked like our grandfathers -- was killed.  I'm grown now and can see it with some perspective but I've never been to Dallas, and I'll never go and to this day.

From a Dallas fan: Let's count the ways. Because we whooped that behind for years and years and years. We have more rings than y'all. And for the old heads - you should remember the 'Boys coming back on you constantly, breaking hearts: Remember Roger the Dodger's 1979 comeback? I do.

Q. Why do you hate the Cowboys? A. Same as Dexter Manley - I am from Houston. (Born & Raised) Mike Maher Annapolis, MD

From VTRichmond in the Sports Bog comment thread:


Because their fans don't ride in a bandwagon - they ride in semi-truck trailers for the New York Philharmonic

Also from VTRichmond in the comments:

Because they reside in a state that wants to secede from the U.S. yet refer to themselves as "America's Team"

Nothing trumps my love of the Redskins, but my hatred of the Cowboys comes close. I hate everything they stand for. They are the ultimate bandwagon team (especially with a whole subset in the DC/MD/VA population). I've actually LIVED in Dallas for a year and I respect the fans of the Cowboys who are actually FROM Texas. But I have no respect for people who cheer a team on because they win a lot or have "cool looking uniforms."

From your producer: The philharmonic would be a giant band, and the semi truck-trailer is a big wagon ... get it?

Also from your producer: 

Which non-NFL teams do you think are analagous to the Cowboys? The Yankees? The Celtics/Lakers? Manchester United? Others? 


Why Dan Steinberg says it's okay to hate the Cowboys.

So when you find a Redskins fan that's not from DC, VA and MD do you despise them as much you despise the Cowboys fans? This who stupidity about how you hate a fan because they're not from a state. But Dan you say it's easy to root for the Cowboys, but they haven't WON in 15 years? Stop contradicting yourself.

That's all, folks.

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