Redskins and Ravens battle for the greater Washington market

Aug 25, 2011

Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog answereded reader questions and discussed the Redskins-Ravens rivalry, on field and off.

Hello and welcome. Today's topics will include:

- The Ravens' push into the D.C. market 

- Tonight's Ravens-Redskins preseason game and the Redskins in general

- Matt Bradley's comments about the Capitals' locker room

And I'm curious who you think should start for the Redskins at QB once the season starts: Rex Grossman or John Beck?

Let's go.

Ravens fans don't care about the Redskins - and Skins fans don't care about us. Stop trying to make something out of nothing.

WUSA 9 always shows a Ravens road game opposite a Redskins home game, but WBFF 45 never does the opposite. Why is that? Is the Baltimore Fox station circumventing  secondary market rules?

I live exactly halfway between the two teams: the Skins' stadium is at Exit 16, the Ravens' Exit 52, and I live between 33 and 35. Unfortunately, my PG County cable system doesn't carry Baltimore broadcast stations. Do you know how many Ravens games will be broadcast on Washington TV this season?

Why doesn't Comcast Sports Net put one PosGame Live on CSN and the other on CSN+??

In light of this discussion, would you consider exploring the very similar efforts by the Baltimore Orioles over the Washington Nationals in recent years (e.g., the Orioles owning 90% of MASN and Peter Angelos getting the lion's share of the Nationals' TV rights)?

Reader bfshelton wrote in the comments on your story: 

"From the 50s and 60s, the Skins didn't have black players. I was a Baltimore Colt fan, they were out front in allowing black players, and now I like the Ravens."

Have you seen or heard any evidence that a segment of blacks in the D.C. area might not root for the Redskins?

Just a reminder -- if you're watching live, I'd love to hear who you think should start at QB for the Redskins -- John Beck or Rex Grossman. 

How is it that players like LaRon Landry and Brandon Banks are still injured nine months after the last season ended, but they are supposed to heal magically in the four weeks of training camp?

Dan, who would *you* pick between Grossman and Beck? Why?

What did you think of the Matt Bradley comments on Alex Semin and the lack of discipline in the Caps' locker room? How much blame should Alex Ovechkin take?

Does Evan Royster make the team? and who's going to be the starter? Torain or Hightower?

1) The Beck of Mormon is the only option to start in week 1!


2) If the Skins even come close to regaining their old glory...won't they steal back fans from the Ravens? 

It's been a week ... but what is your lasting impression of the Georgetow brawl in China?

On Twitter, @cagedLIONforest asks if Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center being  selected as the new "Official Home Hotel of The Washington Redskins" means the team will stay there before home games.

How do you explain the American U gear spotted among Libyan rebels? 

That's all for today. Thanks for particiapting. 

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