Redskins-49ers postgame chat with Cindy Boren

Nov 06, 2011

Post blogger Cindy Boren will host a live discussion about the Redskins vs. 49ers game shortly after it ends Sunday.

Good afternoon. Well, the Redskins did score, so there's that. There were some positives (some more positive than others): A nice long FG by Graham Gano, a decent game by the defense, Roy Helu breaks Art Monk's record for receptions in a one fan put it on Twitter, "a little part of me died." So maybe that wasn't so great.

Anyway, what's on your minds, with eight games to go? 


Will redskins score another point this season?

Don't you wish you'd asked that in the second quarter? No sooner did you send that than they scored a TD. Oh, sure, the 49ers were thinking about other things, but it still counts for six.

Are the deadskins entering the suck for Luck derby a little late? If Kyle's last name was Smith he'll be toast!

I think you need to start moving on from Luck, although I can understand why you might want to think about him, what with all the wide receivers open downfield and waving until their arms fell off.

It's the end of the 3rd quarter as I write this and I don't know how many points will be scored against the Skins but how can the defense be at any fault if they can't stay off the field for more than a minute at a time. Yes, the pressure isn't great but c'mon give them some rest.

Yeah, they have to have some help. They can't stay out there all day, although time of possession was closer than it seemed (just around a five-minute differential).

I was a Beck supporter because we saw in preseason that he would go down the field, use his legs, and wouldn't make the huge mistakes. Now, since taking over, he doesn't leave the pocket when he should, takes unneeded sacks, and won't throw it more than 5 yards. SO.....who's next? Kellen?

Angela Rypien? Do you go back to Grossman once he's over his pneumonia? Can't believe I'm suggesting that, but I am.

i'm submitting this question in the 4th quarter and will go out on a limb that we don't end up pulling this one out. Doesn't it become an impossible task to even evaluate the offense when every position looks so dreadful- this seems to be in the only definitive conclusion that can be made

It's just a dreadful mess, but it can be done. It will be done. You can't get rid of all the offensive players after this season -- there are a number of them who are worth keeping. 

...excuses, excuses, and more excuses. As far as I am concerned, the last thing I want to hear is the press conferences of Mike Shanahan and John Beck. I really have no expectations whatsoever from this team anymore. It's not that I'm angry. It's not that I'm depressed. Based on what I've seen these 8 games, and what I hear from the team, I could just care less anymore about the Redskins.

Your reaction is typical of what I'm hearing. Last week, everyone was angry and it was so apparent that that loss was on the Shanahans. But now it's just blah. Meh. And there are still eight games to go. We're going to be exchanging holiday cookie recipes up here.

BTW: Shanahan says, "We're going to stick with John."

The Redskins (with 7 minutes left in the SF game) have scored a paltry 119 points this season. That's less than 15 PPG (and only 3 pts. in two games). How pathetic! When SF went up 13-0, I figured the game was over because the Redskins can't generate any signifucant point production. Question: Can you see any scenario (where Beck is QB) where the logjam that is point production gets unclogged this season?

If the offensive line/Hightower/Cooley/Moss miraculously heal...

I think by the end of the year we will have the 5 yard passing plays down to perfection! I just hope the rest of the league doesn't catch on to our mysterious play selection!

Shhhh! What are they supposed to do now that you have let the proverbial cat out of the bag??? (Or is it the cat out of the proverbial bag?) 

Beck was able to complete several passes within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage, and at one point during the game the Skins went on a 3-0 scoring run. Any other bright spots?

Helu broke Monk's record ... although I'm told that that is not a bright spot and a couple of guys I know are petitioning the league right now about that. The toe of Graham Gano is a bright spot. 

Just want to see it once, especially when every player on the defense is playing in the box!

Um, yeah. Perhaps Beck has some undiagnosed nearsighted condition. If it's a matter of not being able to pass that far, well, then he wouldn't be the guy I'd have staked my reputation on.

I know it seems like a long time ago, but can you really differentiate between the offenses of the Jim Zorn years and this current masterpiece?

Well, no. With this team, there's just no personnel -- despite all the changes. Maese wrote a story today about how there's no one that other teams gameplan for (among other issues). I'm not saying that Zorn is a better coach -- but this team is limited by the players and by the coaches' inability/refusal to gameplan for the players they have.

It's obvious that the offensive performance isn't entirely Kyle's fault, but the most egregious aspect is that after watching tapes and viewing practices, the Shanahan's actually believed and said they would stake their reputation on these two horrible qb's being successful. Is this a case of arrogance or just a demonstration that they have no idea what they are doing?

I am mystified by that. Not so much by Grossman. Everyone knows who he is. But Beck? What have you seen so far? I was to do my best McEnroe with the coaches: You CANNOT be serious.

What is the first thing you do on your first day on the job?

I probably spend the whole day posing for pix with the Lombardi trophies. Just because I can. Otherwise, I look everywhere for a QB. Not that they're just sitting around, waiting for the phone to ring. And I visit the offensive lineman grove and try to harvest a few guys. But that's after the photo session.

is it really the QB ? i think the receivers aren't helping this offense. just not enough talent

They are hindered by rules that prevent them wearing bright blinking lights. They aren't the greatest, but they often aren't being spotted when they're open. (And, yes, then they often drop the ball.)

Eccckk! The waning seconds of the first half had me reliving the at-the-time squirm-producing moment of Gibbs II when the back-to-back ice-the-kicker timeouts were called, illegally. In today's game, it was uncomfortable to consider that the clock might run out without a chance to even attempt a field goal at all. The situations were not the same, but that fan experience of extreme embarrassment over the "what were they thinking?" feeling was similar. And, in some small way, I feel Gibbs II was slightly vindicated today (since the accusation then was that the game had passed him by). Not gloating for Joe Gibbs here, but the game cannot have passed Kyle Shanahan by nor John Beck by, but it's sure possible neither has ever had the game on the uptake at a respectable NFL level. Sheesh. It looked like Beck was going for a first down instead of field goal position.

Interesting take. Thanks.

This is getting to a point where these chats will need to be more of a counseling/grieving/venting session.

I feel like Lucy in the old "Peanuts" strip -- Lucy "the doctor is in," not Lucy who pulls the football out from Charlie Brown -- and I'm good with that. 

So will the after-game interviews be the same today as for all of the 'skins previous losses? I can't even type any of the nonsense for fear that my keyboard will melt - but I guess it is too much to hope that at least one player would admit that the season is over, and they are a bunch of loser bozos.

I'm listening now and there's less anger, less angst. Beck said they thought they could win this game today. Wish I could agree with him. I was talking to a friend who's a fan the other day and I said that this was the kind of game they'd have won in the past against a 6-1 team like San Fran. I didn't feel it this year, though. There seems to be a lack of energy and urgency.

We don't really need to have these right? It's not in your contract? It's sure in the heck isn't in mine. Imagine how this will be in about 5 weeks. Is Jack Kevorkian still around? His son?

Paging Kyle Kevorkian.

Let's talk about the winning team for once. The 49ers are now 7-1. Their closest competition in the division is, what, 2-6? 1) It is not inconceivable the 49ers (which still have most of their sorry division schedule ahead) could be 15-1, or 14-2 and 2) they could start resting their starters right now.

They could have started four quarters ago. That would have been nice.

Should he make the Hall of Fame?

Pretty sure Monk had more than that record going for him. Helu needs to do a few more things.

Does Beck not look more comfortable in the final drives of the Skins' games? I know the prevent defense comes into play, but he looks calm and composed when a 'win' is out of reach.

When the defense is chillin' and thinking about the flight home? Yeah, he looks pretty good then. 

Why can't Beck throw the ball more than 10 yds down the field all day and the last two weeks it has been the same.Can't win games that way.

It's mystifying. It's like he's afraid of all the bad things that can happen (see: Grossman, Rex). Beck is not a gunslinger.

I am 73 and saw my first Redskin game at Griffith Stadium in 1958.. Got season tickets in 59. In all that time, I have never seen it this bad. All Shannahan and his incompetent son are sccomplishing is to secure their financiial futures. There should be some way to protect fans from this kind of shoddy performances

Thanks for your comment.

cindy what a mistake that we did not go after dalton instead we have 2 stiff's there bad

I've been waiting for someone to say this. You wouldn't give up Kerrigan, though, right?

Kudos to Roy Helu for setting the franchise record for receptions...but...when your running back is setting that record, isn't this exactly the outcome you expect?

Never underestimate the element of surprise.

I am an optimist, always have been and I always will be. I, along with every other Redskins fan is frustrated. However, this is what I saw today. POINTS. We finally scored today. PLAYCALLING. We finally ran the ball and overall the playcalling was much more conducive to Beck's skills. 2 FRANCHISE RECORDS. Graham Gano 59 yard FG and Helu with 14 receptions. BECK TD PASS. John Beck finally threw a TD today, albeit with 2 minutes left in the game and a prevent defense. ROY HELU. Yes, he did have a fumble but he had a very nice day, much more of an all around player than Torain. DEFENSE. We only gave up 19 points today and most came off TO's from the offense. I take my hat off to them. Overall, we are clearly not a good team right now but after last week's debacle I'll take any sign of progress and I saw that today. Beck is still missing receivers down the field and he must hit them but he will grow. As frustrating as it is on offense, we are slowly growing and I clearly see it. Your thoughts?

I take your point that they were better than they were a week ago. Not sure I agree that Beck will grow.

Is Banks a goner?

Seems to have lost his mojo, doesn't he? He needs to find it, the sooner the better.

It's time, isn't it? Do you think he's learned that, um, INTs are bad, m'kay?

I could see them going back to Grossman...but, and I want to say this as gently as possible, he's still going to be Rex Grossman, m'kay? There WILL be interceptions and you will pull out the hair that has regrown in his absence.

Is it just me, or do his teammates look less than confident in ol' Becks?

Maybe it's just because they're not in sync, but something certainly looks off. Perhaps it's as simple as that. He isn't an inspiring QB, is he? (Watching Andy Dalton TD pass on the Red Zone as I type this...)

First, the defense was NOT great today. They give up too many long demoralizing drives, give up too many third down conversions. Still, they again played well enough to win, and got nothing from the offense until it was way too late. At what point (if ever) does there start being real tension between the two sides of the ball when one side is playing at least adequate football and the other is completely ineffective?

Because they have to stick with him after benching Grossman. You can't treat QBs like yo-yos. 

You can't go back to Rex that will not help we just have to stay the course now and get a QB next year.

But it would not surprise me to see it happen if Beck is ineffective next week.

Why can't the fire in the Redskins play in the 4th quarter be stoked in the 1st quarter and burn hot for four quarters to a win?

Wish I knew. Seems like that's something a coach would be good at firing up, no? I mean, look at silly things like Ray Lewis's pregame stuff and coaches' pregame speeches. This stuff works. 

Mike and company will stick with Beck all year. I really believe that Mike S knows he needs players to play and will watch Beck either learn or burn. Only way to do that is through the draft. Don't you agree that losing is great for the draft and to b etter our team but bad for the team playing now. The future is still in the future.

I do think Mike S knows that. ... So the motto is sort of "get back to us in three years." Unquestionably it was going to take 2-3 drafts to get this team built, so hopes were unrealistic after the 3-1 story. 

When will the Redskins address O-Line talent?

I'd be shocked if they didn't continue to do so in the draft and with offseason moves.

This is the first time in 15 years that I can honestly say... I will not watch another game as long as John Beck is the starting quarterback. I am at a loss and can't figure out for the life of me what Mike Shanahan is thinking, or better yet what he is seeing in this guy. I honestly believe that if Grossman started that game we would have won

Thanks -- comments welcome. 

Shanahan in the post-game presser keeps blaming having to rotate people on the O-line due to injuries, etc, and that mistakes "should be expected." Doesn't every nfl team deal with this through a 17 week season, and isn't it the coaches job -- if they really are geniuses -- to make sure the 2nd stringers are prepared and can step up. easy to win with blue chip talent, a good coach can win with more pedestrian players

Yep. Every single team in the NFL has injuries. And every single team in the NFL adapts as the season progresses. 

David Garrard doesn't have a job yet, does he? I'm just sayin'.

He is indeed still available.

And with that I must sign off. See you this week on Twitter and on The Early Lead.

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