Real Housewives of D.C.: Stacie Scott Turner on the finale

Oct 08, 2010

Join Real Housewife Stacie Scott Turner online Friday, Oct. 8, at 11:30 a.m.. ET to talk about the series finale.

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Stacie, you are my favorite D.C. housewife. What has been the biggest surprise effect of the show? -Andrea in Virginia (By the way, living in Virginia is not that bad)

This most surprising great thing that has happened is taht I've gotten so much positive awareness and support for my charity, Extra-Ordinary Life.  Check it out at  We hoped to change the lives of foster girls in Washington, D.C. 

In the episode's closing, it stated you had spoken to your biological father on the phone. Congratulations!! When will you be traveling to Nigeria to meet him and your other relatives? How did your biological mother react?

I'm planning to go to Nigeria within the next two to three months to meet my entire family which includes 10 siblings. My biological mother does not know I found him.   As you can imagine it is such a wonderful thing and I can't wait to be united with them. 

Do you have or plan to have a relationship with your biological brother?

As of now I don't plan to have a relationship with my half brother because my birth mother wants to keep me a and our story a secret.  I am going to respect her wishes. 

Are you glad you are doing this show? Is there anything you wish you could have was shown in a different fashion? If so, what would you have changed?

Overall I'm really happy with the outcome of the show.  There is one episode that I wish could have been changed a bit which was the episode that dealt with gay marriage equality.  The episode did not include the real ending of that storyline which showed Jason and I supporting and celebrating the passage of the gay marriage equality bill in D.C. 

I felt badly that viewers were not a part of our evolution in thinking and did not see the full depth and breadth and context of our conversation about such an important and sensitive topic. 

How close were you with your castmates before the show and has this experience developed any of those friendships/acquaintances?

 I really did not know any of the ladies prior to the show except Mary, who I met a few times through a mutual friend Erika who appeared on the show.  Since that time I've started to develop genuine friendships with each cast member and believe it or not, Cat is one of my favorites. 

Is Cat really as pesimistic as she portrays herself to be? Is she really as unhappy as she appears?

Cat tends to call things like she sees it, which is often negative.  I don't think she is an unhappy person but she's dealing with a number of unhappy circumstances in her life right now. 

Are you still friends with the Salahis after they ran out of your back door? If so, have they discussed the White House event with you.

No, I have not talked to the Salahis since the episode was filmed and saw them for the first time during publicity interviews for the season premiere of the show and most recently during the taping of the reunion show which is going to be bananas. 

Stacie, you seemed really close to Michaele and her hubby at the beginning of the season...yet in last night's episode, you were almost basking in her embarrassment with the media. What made you change your outlook on her?

We did not know the Salahis prior to taping and genuinely enjoyed hanging out with them in the two episodes at the vineyard and in Paris.  They are very likeable, friendly people.  However, Jason and I started to learn that they have a history and reputation that is inconsistent with how they portray themselves and we don't like fakes. 

So the White House incident (crash) took us by complete surprise like the rest of the world and caused us to evaluate if we want to be associated with people who would do such a thing and who we clearly did not know.  Rather than talk about them behind their backs like everyone else we decided to confront them face to face at our house.  And in true form, they ran out the back door and tried to act as though we were crazy for bringing up the white elephant in the room. 

Stacie. You & Jason are my favorites and I literally got goose bumps when I read the statement (at the end of lastnight's show) that you were able to make contact with your birth father. Congratulations! What was his reaction of learning that he had a daughter? Also, has your family - your "real" family who raised you - understood your desire to seek out your birth parents?

When I first spoke to my birth father he was overjoyed, crying and so thankful that I found him and was completely open and desiring to have a relationship and welcome me to the family. My real parents -- the ones that raised me -- are both deceased.  My mother died when I was 13 and my father died 10 years ago.  I would not have pursued the search if they were alive. 

I must say you are the most down to earth of the Wives. You don't have any "drama" in your life. You and your husband look like you live a very nice upper middle class lifestyle. What made you decide to join the cast? If they have a season 2, would you return?

I decided to do the show in the hopes that I could bring a different face and lifestyle to a reality show, one that was positive yet still interesting and fun.  I would love to do a season two. 

As a marketing person I also saw the show as a tremendous platform to generate awareness about my charity, Extra-Ordinary Life -- and recognition of my real estate business. 

Is this it?

No, this is not it.  The reunion show is airing for two weeks, starting next Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern on Bravo.  You have got to tune in. 

Given the experience, how did your kids manage though all this and would you do it again, given all that has happened and the exposure it brought to your family

My kids enjoyed it.  In fact, my son, who is nine, was disappointed that he was not included in very many episodes but because my kids are young we made a decision to give them limited exposure just to protect them and keep that aspect of our lives fairly private. 

So, any success in selling a house to the Salahi's? Dd you get a look at their financials as you requested? Congratulations with getting out of the series with some dignity still intact.

The Salahis would not provide any financial information.  Are you surprised?  Their defunct winery does not produce any grapes or cash flow so once again they are deluding themselves thinking they could buy a  hundred dollar house let alone an eight million dollar house.

It became crystal clear that they were joy riding with me vs. really wanting to buy real estate.  I did not appreciate them wasting my time.

Why didn't anyone ask the Sahali's point-blank if they received an invitation from the White House? The crazy couple has changed the debate to "we didn't lie to get in."

We did ask about the invitation specifically but they talk in circles and just refused to answer that question.  You will see in the reunion show that no matter how crystal clear the question is they dance around it and never answer it straight. 

Your show does not have as much of the drama of fights between the major characters that some of the other housewives series has. Do you agree with this assessment and, if so, do you think this improves your show over the others, or do you think there needs to be much more conflict?

You are right.  In D.C. we are not flipping tables, pulling weaves or fighting like children.  However, we do have conflict;  we just handle it differently.  That's what makes the Housewives series so fun and entertaining because it's real women who all act differently and different is good. 

Stacie: Love the show and the spotlight it shines on the D.C. area. Gotta love the vibe. I am contemplating a move to Bethesda for work. What's the best thing about living where you do?

Living in the city is great because everything is no more than 10 or 15 minutes away.  You can get to great restaurants, theater, monuments and really cool neighborhoods quickly.  Bethesda is close so you have the option of living there or in the city.  I want to be your realtor so call me to help figure out where to buy your home. 

Would you do a season two if the Salahis were brought back as well.

Yes.  However, I think the storyline would be limited because I and the other cast members don't really interact with them any longer and they have isolated themselves since the incident. 

What they do has no impact on me and what I choose to do. 

Your husband seems like a cool person. What does he do for a living? Is he a comedian? LOL.

My husband is hilarious.  His humor is one of the many things I love and that makes him sexy.  He is the owner of a logistics and project management firm called the TPM Group based in Washington, D.C. 

What advice do you have for a fellow black young women who aspires to gain all the attributes and successes in life that you have obtained. BTW Im also Nigerian, from Owerri to be exact.

OMG,  my sista!  So you're Igbo too.  I believe that to be successful in life you must dream big, not be afraid to take risks and surround yourself with positive energy from people who love and support you.  I also believe that we are all on earth to make a difference so be the change that you want to see in the world.  Best of luck to you. 

everybody.  Thanks so much for your kind words for tuning in and don't forget the reunion show next Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern on Bravo.  It's going to be hot!

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