Will raising revenue really cost Republicans their souls? (video)

Nov 17, 2011

Brad Hirschfield discussed the ethical and moral questions raised by the week's biggest news stories in a video Q&A.

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Hello and welcome. Today's three topics:


- Will raising revenue really cost Republicans their souls, as some seem to believe? 


What are the ethics of evicting Occupy Wall Street protesters? Are local governments handling the protests the right way? 

- Scientists believe there's a chance Europa, an ice-covered moon of Jupiter, could host life. Why do we care? Do you believe that there is life "out there"? 


Linking religious language to public policy makes me think, "here we go again. " I'm of the opinion that taxes should be increased and am very pleased to learn that the supercommittee is indeed moving forward in a positive direction. Neither side of this argument is going to like the final outcome -- both sides must give on something for a resolution to emerge.

Oh please, not another "Read my lips..." We need to get out of this economic crisis. Better to be upfront with tax payers now and acknowledge the necessity for increases, rather than to present a false picture of what they are going to change later. People are tired of empty promises.

Reader ThinkThink2 says on the story's comment thread: "Party allegiance is part of the problem." Do you agree? How do members of both parties break away from demands for such loyalty? 

This is disgraceful. There is no place for this level of violence against the protestors. This is a grass roots movement that clearly touched on a sore point people have been feeling for a long time. Why haven't any of the bankers or financial wizards responsible for the financial mess been carted off. Who are the real criminals here?

It's unseemly to evict Occupy Wall Street protestors --  it seems that they should have a right to protest/express themselves freely in our United States. However, when the protestors take over private property or impinge on the rights of others, the government and police are in the right to step in and enforce the law. While it's a shame that the 84-year-old woman was harmed by the police's action, a more orderly protest probably would not have led to this incident.

I do believe that there is life "out there," and that ignorance is not bliss in this case. Learning more about Europa could very well help us learn more about how to live better or improve things on earth.

Last question: Should we really be spending money on this? With so many problems in our country and world, wouldn't it be better to spend resources on addressing life here?

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