What voters like about Rick Perry (video)

Sep 27, 2011

Join Brad Hirschfield as he talks about the ethical and moral issues raised by the week's biggest stories.

Hello and welcome. Today, we'll discuss:

- What voters like about Rick Perry -- he leads Mitt Romney despite questions about his electability and a couple not-so-conservative stances on issues.

- The latest Senate budget deal

- A heckler President Obama faced in Los Angeles.

Let's go.


Topic 1: Polling says Mitt Romney has a better shot to defeat President Obama in the general election than Rick Perry does. And Perry is facing criticism from the right, too. Yet he still leads Romney in the race for the nomination. Why?

While Mitt Romney exhibits a polished presentation and is relatively facile with issue-oriented questions, he clearly pales by comparison to Rick Perry on a "man of the people" likability scale. Perry simply appeals to people better. While on the surface this may seem shallow, the voters are choosing a leader, and isn't a part of being a good leader relating well to your electors?

Do you think there something seriously wrong with our politics when debate audiences gave their loudest applause for a record number of executions in Texas, a couple of people cheered when talking about a hypothetical case where a patient without insurance is left to die, and a chorus of boos for a gay solider? In a related question, how does a political party with such strong oppistion to abortion because of their belief in the sanctity of life belive it's okay to execute somone. Are only some lives worth saving?

Perry has referred to the "theory" of global warming. Do you see a moral or ethical problem with casting so much doubt on global warming? 

Topic 2: How is the Senate budget deal a "win" for everyone? It's been so compromised by politicking. Congress might feel good about itself, but what about the American people?

Last topic and last question: Why is President Obama's heckler news? With everything else going on, why does this get so much coverage?

One late-arriving question: The cheers and boos you describe were made by a very small (under 5) minority of the crowd. Do not paint all with the extremism of a very few!

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