Rick Perry vs. Mitt Romney; Where's Moammar?; Congress' education: Brad Hirschfield's ethical take on the news

Aug 25, 2011

Live with Brad Hirschfield

It's way too early to make predictions. Look at Fred Thompson and Wesley Clark. Why do we hold politics like horse races? The question is, what does Romney now have to do?

Do you find it surprising/revealing/sickening.. that 1/2 the country would consider someone for president who is ignorant or lazy on: global heating; evolution; atmospheric & groundwater pollution; species decimation; poverty & societal victimization; rapacious greed from financial institutions & their bosses;..? If not, you must find lots to like from the Republican presidential field this time around. Thanks much. HLB, Mt. Lebanon, PA

Perry's early popularity just means that he's passed the initial nut job tests of the lunatic Republican base by bragging that he doesn't know anything about science and that anyone who disagrees with him is "treasonous". But he'll have to sustain this to keep their support by claiming that Obama is an illegal alien and the anti-Christ, by promising to lock up all homosexuals and Mexicans, and by threatening to prevent anyone from getting medical care. If he's not crazy enough to say those things, Republicans will abandon him.

Why would you call Rick Perry a populist? He supports corporate interests over people every time. He's not very popular here is Texas. He won his previous election because of a 4 way race, and the last election because Texas will not elect a Democrat. Even my Republican friends dislike the man. His "principles" are for convenience. I recall when he tried to make it mandatory for all Texas school girls to be vaccinated against HPV with Gardisil, made by Merck, a campaign contributor. Get the government out of people's lives unless it benefits a campaign contributor.

Rick Perry has become the frontrunner because, unfortunately, his outrageous rhetoric and extreme positions on a host of issues fits in perfectly with the average GOP voter. Bachmann is an ideological match, but even the Tea Party crowd understands she is not electable and has a shaky grasp on her mental faculties. Romney never had a chance. Perry is Tea Party's shining star, another George W. Bush cowboy President with a large dash of Tea Party sizzle. Most Republicans these days deny global warming, believe evolution is a lie, detest the idea of collective government, appreciate the wisdom of the leaders of secession in the 1860's, and desire the more hateful and racist rhetoric to be used against Barack Obama. Rick Perry fits the bill...

..only 2 points down in recent poll against Barack Obama. So, the president has real problems connecting with Americans who will decide the outcome of the presidential race next year? Thanks.

it does seem that they should have more of this background, though surely members of Congress have a wealth of advisers and consultants on these issues. Real leadership should not require knowing every subject area, but the ability to work together and make good decisions. Isn't the problem more political? it seems there are different agendas at work, and that is more the heart of the problem.

He's hiding in Dick Cheney's basement in McLean, VA. The fugitive in the next room is Donald Rumsfeld. Thought you'd want to know.

Gaddafi has to be brought to justice. It's not just a matter of the gas or missiles, which are of course critically important. But finding him is important. They are not mutually exclusive issues. How could you just ignore him?

Some Jews and Christians reject the science of evolution (or limit it severely) based on literal reading of Hebrew scripture. However, most Jews and Christians today do not interpret the bible literally, and are open to modern contradictory knowledge of science. Since most Muslims believe the Quran was literally dictated by Allah through Muhammad, does this constrain their societies to be forever behind the rest of the world in science and hence commerce and liberty?

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