2011 Online Oscar Party

Feb 27, 2011

Don't watch the Academy Awards alone. Spend Oscar night on washingtonpost.com.

Join Celebritology blogger Liz Kelly and Washington Post movie critic Ann Hornaday for a live chat beginning when the first feet hit the red carpet -- Sunday at 6 p.m. ET -- and running until the last award is given. We'll talk fashion highs and lows, red carpet snafus, the ceremony's best (and most cringe-worthy) moments, winners and losers and, of course, the films that make up this year's slate of nominees. We'll also be evaluating this year's unconventional hosting duo, James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

The red carpet discussion will kick off at 6 p.m. ET with Liz. Ann will join in at 8 p.m. ET when the official ceremony kicks off. Style writer Dan Zak may also be dropping in, live from Hollywood."

So pop the popcorn, don your gown and settle in for this year's online Oscar party.


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Here we go. Time to kick off the 2011 online Oscar party. I'll be kicking off the chat as the stars hit the red carpet. I'll also keep my eyes peeled for my Celebritology blogging partner Jen Chaney who is somewhere in the scrum of reporters lining the carpet.

Ann Hornaday will be joining us -- probably closer to 8 p.m. -- and Dan Zak, who is also on the scene in L.A., will be popping in and out to add his perspective at some point. So stay tuned.

And, this is a bittersweet night for me. It will be my last chat as a Celebritologist. Tomorrow is my last day with The Post. I will miss you guys, but I have a feeling we'll cross paths -- at least virtual paths -- again someday very soon.

Okay, here we go! I'm hoping the Ryan Seacrest Drinkers are along for the ride, but if not -- well - I'm sure they're with us in spirit.

Just a quick tip from this producer: Our live chats appear with the latest chatter at the bottom (scroll down if you want to see the latest). There is no need to refresh - the latest question and answers appears automatically. Finally, while it says "Submit Your Question," don't feel like you need to submit a question -- comments are welcome!

Enjoy the live chat.

Over/under 7 minutes before the first Charlie Sheen joke?

During the broadcast -- I don't know. I'm not seeing that as something that James Franco or Anne Hathaway would want to touch with a 10-foot pole. But there is apparently a "surprise" host who will do a monologue at some point through the show. If one of the presenters hasn't already hit Sheen, maybe the mystery guest will.

Speaking of which, Sheen just gave GQ an interview in which he said he believes in doing everything 100 percent -- whether sober or loaded. If I wasn't here chatting with you fine people, I'd probably be posting on it. But, hell, Ryan Seacrest is talking to Jennifer Lawrence from "Winter's Bone" -- who looks fab in red -- so Charlie can take a seat in his home theater with his porn family and watch professionals at work.

Yeah you are right. It won't be good to watch it alone. Well I will be watching it with my girl friend at my place. Got my self hooked with one of the sites to watch Oscars live. Enjoy.

Well, very cool. I wonder if that's officially sanctioned by ABC.

Sniff, sniff. Last chat with you Liz. We shall miss you. Good luck at Zapwhatever.

Hey now! Zap2It.com. I'm sure The Post wants me to mention it as many times as possible during tonight's chat, so thanks for providing another opportunity.

I haven't seen The Fighter so I don't know how good Melissa Leo's performance was but I saw True Grit today and thought Hailee Steinfeld was amazing. Could she score an upset over Leo since some Academy members may have been annoyed by her "vote for me" campaign? I would love to see Hailee win, especially since she really should have been nominated for Best Actress.

Well, anything can happen. But I defer to the experts -- Jen and Ann who made their Oscar predictions last week.

Poor Jennifer Lawrence, first down the carpet means no escape from Seabiscuit.

Hey, as someone releatively new to the game, she should be glad that Seabiscuit gave her the time of day.

Kelly Osbourne is really turning into a fixture of E! coverage. Whoever would've thought?

I'd like to nominate Juliana for worst dressed

Oh, I dunno. I think Giuliana looks fine. The dress is a little busy, but the girls are at attention and that spray tan is impeccable.

I just caught a glimpse of Melissa Leo and her gown -- at least the neckline -- was reminiscent of late-era Elvis. Not liking it.

liz, i'm going 2 miss u! jennie never answers my questions! are u going to hang out with linsey out in LA? u guys should meet up all the time, and then also with dina, my 2nd mom! wouldnt that be cool? will u have a new chat at yr new job so we can ask u how u and linsey are doing?

I plan to haunt the Chateau Marmont just waiting for Lindsay to show up. She'll be a little sad, a little lost, then she'll see me across the darkened bar and we will be instant soulmates. I will become Lindsay's guru -- taking over control of her life, her career, her fashion choices, even her hair extensions.

You'll see. It'll happen.

This is my first time watching the pre show on E. Are they always babbling fools like this? I want to poke pencils in my ears to rupture my eardrums to avoid hearing them.

Oh yes. That's half the fun -- snarking at the idiotic crap that comes out of their mouths. Trust me, both Ryan and Giuliana have inserted their feet firmly in their mouths.

Ooh, here's Melissa Leo in her Elvis dress. It's a Mark Bauer dress, she says, "built" especially for her.

Just got a shot of Mila Kunis, who looks absolutely stunning -- and kind of obscene -- in lavender.

Is he now part of Celebritology? Liz, to mark your farewell I will be shaping a topiary into an Oscar statuette...

Nope. Dan transcends terrestrial labeling. He's just out there on the scene and thought we'd all enjoy a little insight from the West Coast.

I think Jen's Twitter feed is also now displaying on this page. If not, you can follow her at @celebritology. She's accepting questions that she will attempt to ask the bold namers as they sweep past on the red carpet. So send them to @celebritology with the hashtag #oscarspotting.

So I ran into Brad Wollach from Chelsea Lately while at Starbucks. Well, ran into not really - just stood near and felt nerves like he was Brad Pitt or something. What part of LA are you moving to? I'm sure to get celeb-sighting nerves if I stand behind you in line at Whole Foods or something. Not to worry, I know what you look like and you have no clue who I am and I won't creep you out by saying hi.

I'm headed out on Tuesdsay to look for a place. So not 100 percent certain yet. But we're hoping to settle in the Miracle Mile area -- somewhere near the Farmer's Market. It just seems like a nice walkable neighborhood and it will be a quick commute to my new office.

But I am open to suggestions from any L.A.-based folks who have recommendations for good neighborhoods.

First of all, bon voyage as you set off on your next adventure, Liz. I'll miss you but promise to check in on the new site. Thanks for getting me hooked on Celebritology as an avocation, thereby no doubt delaying my dissertation completion! Now, to my question: what in the world do attendees arriving now DO from now until the show starts in 2.5 hours?? I mean, those tiny clutches aren't big enough to hold a paperback or a Kindle!

Good question. Remember, this is not just a stop with Ryan Seacrest and then head into the theater thing. The red carpet is loooooooong and it can take a mildly sought after celeb an hour to make it from one end to the other -- there are probably five reporters there for every single celebrity. Not to mention the fans. My hope would be that once they make it through that gauntlet, there's a nice tray of cocktails waiting for them.

And thank you for the send off!

I guess "The King's Speech" is the favorite tonight, but do you think some voters will hold it against the film that it isn't historically accurate?

I'm not going to wade into the weeds on this one. So I'll keep my answer short: No. The Academy members are evaluating the films as works of art. They aren't going to penalize anyone for taking liberties to up the drama or supress some unfortunate alliances/sympathies.

What do the poor attendees under 21 do for fun at the Oscars (not to mention the after parties)?

Umm, Shirley Temples? Salvia?

Here's one now -- Seacrest is talking to Hailee Steinfeld, who looks adorable in pale pink.

Liz--I'd suggest Culver City, a suburb right near L.A. near LAX and home of Sony or Paramount , can't remember which. A good friend of mine lives there in a nice stucco home, tree lined street, friendly little downtown, plus is close to L.A. downtown. And near the beaches.

Thank you. Friends of mine in L.A. have mentioned Culver City, so we've got it on our radar. Love Santa Monica, too, but it would be too much of a commute to the new office.

Rumor hath it that ABC is irked beyond belief that the MPAA won't let it run promos of the GMA interview with Charlie Sheen.

Well, that is irksome. I see where they're coming from.

Mila Kunis just told Ryan Seacrest that she first auditioned for "Black Swan" via iChat. And she is, in fact, shorter than Ryan.

Tough to judge Mila Kunis' dress when the shot is her cleavage from above.

Well, he's got to work with what's put in front of him. And, well, she is kind of putting herself out there. Like I said, I think she looks fab and trashy all at once. Which is the look to which I always aspire, but usually fall short. 

I just mistook Amy Adams for Avril Levine. I'm sorry.

I only caught a glimpse, but I'm not wild about Amy Adams's cap-sleeved gown.

After being out of work for over a year I finally got a job last summer with a company that has the worst net nanny ever. I can see Celebritology but I can't join in any more. I can't imagine I will be able to view zap2it.com during regular business hours. My days will not be the same without you Liz Kelly. I've felt like Celebritology is my safe haven for snark.

I think it's time to get a smartphone or an iPad with a 3G connection and circumvent the net nanny.

But, if that's not an option, bookmark both Celebritology and Zap2It.com and catch up with us at night.

Here's Russell Brand who has brought his mother with him to the red carpet. Where, pray tell, is wife Katy Perry? People will talk. She's apparently on tour, by the way.

Anyone feel sorry for all the ladies walking by Seabiscuit in off the rack Oscar gowns?

Well, dude, we can't all have Rachel Zoe in our closets.

I can't wait to set my eyes on Colin Firth. I hope the camera is on him a lot tonight and I think it will be.

I'm hoping he says "Harley-Davidson" again. Or, even better, "Miss Elizabeth Bennet." That would pretty much make my evening.

Ann Hathaway looking beautiful in red.

And I'd like to amend my Giuliana Rancic observation. She does look hideous. She reminds me of a big orange spider.

On TV guide channel Russell Brand is telling some dude he's seen lots of foreign films. Being from the United Kingdom wouldn't Hollywood films be foreign to him?


Is it just me or are her shoulders so boney they're practically Gaga-esque?

Totally. And they're pointing forward in a somewhat threatening manner.

She just said boobs on global tv.

Yes, and checked herself for it, too. She may be glammed up, but at the end of the day, this is Ozzy and Sharon's daughter. And I'm sure "boobs" is pretty tame talk around the Osbourne houseold.

Liz, can you ask Jen or Lisa DeMoraes if they heard anything about the Nikki Finke credential kerfuffle?

I can ask Jen, sure. Stay tuned.

Who is Sunrise and wtf is she wearing??

That's Mark Ruffalo's wife and mother of his three children. Not a big fan of her dress, either. She looks like she has one huge pumped up arm.

But, speaking of hideous dresses, just saw Cate Blanchett who -- although she's usually amazingly styled -- is wearing a total fail. Lavendar and yellow?

What on earth is Cate Blanchett wearing. It's purple and yellow with a big circle on her chest.

Agreed. I think she may walk away with Worst Dressed honors. Well, wait a minute, we haven't seen Helena Bonham Carter yet.

Oh my! what was she thinking?

Well, she's very fashion forward. We're just not high-brow enough to appreciate it.

Do you think Jennifer Hudson's had a boob lift? As a big boobed gal, I'd like to know if she has a non surgical secret to keeping them up.

I'm going to guess there was some fashion tape involved in that whole situation.

See -- Kelly and Giuliana are loving Cate's dress. We are clearly not smart and creative enough to understand.

I know these "stars" are taught how to do this, but just watching them have to walk the red carpet, with a million cameras and stupid questions pointed their way cannot be easy. So I wouldn't want the job, but sure would like the money.

Well, it comes with the territory. This isn't the only thing they do. These people don't actually just walk red carpets and count money. As Jennifer Aniston so ably proves, not everyone is capable of acting. It ain't as easy as it looks.

(Ducking now.)

It must be drugs. How can Giuliana and Kelly say Cate's dress is gorgeous? Of course they liked Jennifer Lawrence with no jewelry.

Seriously, where is Kathy Grifin or Joan Rivers when you need her?

The cats moving west? Good luck. Thanks for all the fun and snark and information. Thursday afternoons won't be the same.

Thanks -- yep, the cats and the dog are headed to Cali with us. We wouldn't go without the whole family.

Marissa Tomei looks great from the hips up. From the hips down, she's a flamenco dancer.

She doesn't always get it right, but this year it works. Very lovely.

Like I said, I liked the bodice, but not the skirt. And I usually am a big fan of her style picks.

Giuliana and Kelly are now evaluating whether or no ScarJo's dress is too see-through. This is important work we're doing here, people.

Helen, if at first glance I think you're Tilda Swinton, your fashion has gone too far forward.

Oh, I missed Helen. Is it really Tilda bad?

Who's arm is she on? OMG , poor Ryan Reynolds.

I'm sure Ryan Reynolds is finding comfort somehow.

ABC has started their red carpet coverage. Gotta say I think Robin R looks great in her ivory sparkly gown.

Thanks -- I'll have to switch back and forth. But I take your word for it.

She has lost some weight but she has kept her curves. Shazaam!

Yes, Jennifer looks fab. A true "Idol" success story.

Not loving her dress, but at least she's less Frankensteiny than the Globes.

Agreed. Her hair looks much more soft and natural than it did at the Globes. Still no sign of Helena Bonham Carter. Maybe she's skipping the red carpet?

I didn't mean Helen Mirren, I meant Cate Blanchett! I haven't even started drinking yet!

I thought that might be the case. Sharon Stone has arrived -- Giuliana and Kelly think she looks stunning. Me, I'm thinking she looks a little busted. But even Sharon Stone busted is still Sharon Stone.

So Jesse Eisenburg essentially played himself? He talks just like he did in the movie. Or is he still playing Zuckerberg, a la Bale?

I think he's an intense young man, much like Mark Zuckerberg. So, the role was a good fit, yes.

What's the deal with Guiliana's hair? Looks like it's been sucked up into a vacuum cleaner.

I think Giuliana and Sharon Stone used the same stylist.

Justin Timberlake showed up with his mom. Maybe he and Russell Brand can link up after the show to take their moms out for a drink.

I may or may not have thought that Sharon Stone was HBC. I think she should go ahead and take that as a compliment, though...

I think she looks like a blonde Elvira.

on CBS Sunday Morning they had an Oscar do and don'ts segment. One was to pick up your Oscar yourself -- unless your Tilda Swinton and then you could have David Bowie do it (flash to side by side photos of both) as they are essentially the same person. Too funny --she does look a lot like him.

Nice. I'm sure Tilda would take that as a compliment.

He brought his mother to the Oscars instead of Jessica Biel? They are dunzo. The only other reason for her not being there is that she's dead.

Well, come on now. I can think of a few reasons. She could have rotavirus, for instance.

To continue the boob discussion, JT's mom needs a bra, stat.

Oh, come on now -- surely moms -- and their girls -- are off limits.

Why isn't Guiliana actually on the red carpet interviewing celebrities? Has she been banished to the sky box for some reason, leaving Seabiscuit to do all the actual interviewing? Has that happened before?

Maybe because she makes a fool out of herself yelling after people like George Clooney in Italian? Though it does seem like a bit of a demotion for her to be confined to the balcony coverage with Kelly Osbourne.

Ooh, here's HBC and she doesn't look. Awful. I mean, It looks like a panther got a hold of her dress, but it's not *horrible.* Waiting for them to flash to her shoes.

I don't even think it's all that flattering.

Agreed -- so far she and Cate Blanchett are tied for worst dress.

No way. My mom would never go out with such saggy boobs. And I'd never let her. I guess it's harder for guys to tell their moms that their boobs are too low.

Wow. Maybe you should start some kind of awareness campaign. The Foundation for Celebrity Mom Foundation Garments?

told Helen Bodham Carter her dress is "slimming"?? Guess that's the last he will see of her.

Well she did ask if it made her bum look big.

And there's an aerial shot of Colin Firth. Looking dashing. Of course.

Jennifer Hudson should host a formal wear bra seminar this week

For JT's mom?

is this the good resource to watch Oscars 2011 Live online http://goo.gl/7pWtX Please Suggest

Our producer Ryan assures me the official stream is here: http://oscar.go.com/

So what are the odds that they are going to end on time?

With James Franco hosting? It's anyone's guess. We could be watching at 6 a.m.

I don't get E! can you let me know if Guiliana does the 7 Sweetie thing so I can mark off the square???

Unfortunately, Giuliana has been relegated to a balcony above the red carpet, so no opportunity to "sweetie" anyone. She must be on some kind of probation.

BTW, we just got a shot of Helen Mirren, who looks absolutely stunning.

Has Charlie Sheen made an appearance or is he still in rehab!?

I'm guessing he's still in rehab -- meaning his house.

Hilary Swank's dress looks like the peach one Diane Lane wore. And that Penelope Cruz wore. Strapless with feathers at the bottom - we got it.

Agreed. I wasn't overwhelmed by Hilary's gown. She's done better.

Is that a nod to the jobless recovery? Oh, Cate Blanchett -- you're usually so good. Eeehhhh. Just saw Penelope Cruz -- lovely and a killer bod not long at all after having a baby.

Maybe Lindsay Lohan has jewelers playing it conservative this year.

Who would have thought the girl from "That 70's Show" and the voice of Meg Griffin would be in an Oscar-nominated picture?

Who would've thought Justin Timberlake -- the guy from n sync -- would be in an Oscar-hominated movie.

Rut roh -- Nicole Kidman's dress is so not working.

Since G and Kelly are on Fashion Police and good and harsh there, is it wrong that I expect them to say something other than "I'm not sure..."?

I think we should consider "I'm not sure..." their worst approbation.

A hot mess. Not sure what is going on with that.

Yeah. Any dress that's capable of making Nicole Kidman look wide through the hips is not a good choice.

But, you know, it may be stunning in person and just not translate well on camera.

She's been everywhere this year and Chris Martin is nowhere to be found. Is he being a house husband or should I have hopes that her Yokoing of Coldplay is over?

They are never seen together. It's their thing. By the way, I liked her dress. Anyone?

Gwyneth is rocking the gold/white gown! Rowr!

Right on.

Oh & Helen Mirren did look fabulous.

Oh my, it is getting pretty big. It's starting to look downright Victorian. Lets hope he's grooming it for a role. I can't wait to hear Jen's take on it. She's got a bit of a crush.

I almost mistook her for the actual Oscar.


Whoa! Here's Sandra Bullock with no bangs. She was sporting a heavy fringe at the Globes. Either she's got them pasted up or she was wearing one of those little clip-in bangs.

The Balebeard is back! And the accent!

Shine your boots, guv'nah?

Someone should have sent Halle Berry the memo because that color does nothing for her. But silver is coming up fast on the power of Gwyneth Paltrow alone.

I tink Halle looks lovely. She looks soft and girlie. But, yes, Gwyneth is at the top of my best-dressed list.

Somebody please explain to me why Donald Trump is at the Oscars.

Check out Jen's Twitpics live from the red carpet here. She just got a great shot of Gwyneth. And by "great," I mean kind of scary.

because he is rich and can go wherever he wants

I guess so.

Annette Benning and Warren Beatty are on ... she is stunning. But the interview was awkward ... Robin R. basically telling her she won't win. (I hope she does.) BTW, does anyone else miss Joan Rivers? She didn't always get it perfect, but she was more fun.

I do. The red carpet is just way too tame without the Joan factor. At least we'll get her post-show Fashion Police take.

No. Just plain NO.

Well said.

Did she spend all the pop star money & now she'll do anything for the twins college fund? First Idol and now I've seen her in 2 commercials this evening, one for Loreal and another for Venus razors!

Well, I've seen Natalie Portman in a perfume ad tonight, too, but no one is accusing her of desperation.

I can't believe I'm defending J.Lo, but I've actually been enjoying "Idol" so much this season that she's growing on me. Dammit.

Is Marky Mark's wife wearing? Good lord.

My grandmother's circa 1966 couch.

just saw an ad on abc for the sheen special

Hmm, maybe they will withhold during the actual Oscar broadcast.

Really. The actresses put so much thought and effort into their gowns, shoes and jewelry. Then their hair looks like they just did whatever to it in 5 minutes. WHY? The overall look is ruined by bad hair.

That isn't true of oall of them. I mean, I think Gwyneth looked well put together from head to toe. But I can see your point when I look at ScarJo. Cameron Diaz is usually a big offender in this department, too.

But I think given the chance, I'd probably go with as natural looking a 'do as possible. I'm just not into big helmet coifs.

ABC watcher here again--think Tim Gunn's doing a good job w his red carpet spots, just interviewed Anne Hathaway and Valentino, and liked his Mila Kunis talk too. He looks well groomed and conservatively dressed as usual.

Tim Gunn can do no wrong.

Being the face of Chanel (I think) perfume is a little different than being the face/legs/hair of disposable razors and shampoo

Okay, you may have a point there. But my point is that they all have a price. J.Lo's just isn't quite as high as Natalie's.

We're five minutes out from the broadcast. Ann Hornaday will be joining us momentarily. So get your movie-centric questions ready.

Does she own a brush?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say yes. What do I win?

Has a real mid-60's vibe going on top. I like it -- but you need to be pretty flat-chested to carry it off.


Seabiscuit has Portman in his clutches. She looks tired. I feel for her. I know how it feels to be super pregnant and have to stand for an extended period of time. Not to mention needing to pee constantly.

Hi everybody! Ann Hornaday here, hope everybody's Oscar-ific and ready to chat!

Did she not walk the red carpet? Or did I miss her?

I think she showed up at the very end to avoid having to be on her feet for more than necessary. And, again, she looked lovely.

Just watching Natalie makes me smile.

Me too. I have a massive girl crush on Natalie.

What shade of orange is he? George Hamilton orange or Burnt Umber orange?

We nee to put him next to Giuliana for comparison.

Sorry, I liked them both. Nice to see some different silhouettes and choices of color. Hope we continue to see more variety.

Hey, there's something for everyone. Kelly Osbourne loves Cate's dress, too. So you are not alone.

Is it just me, or is her voice really annoying? Struck me as nasal and flat and just...off.

I think it's just you.

She's now talking to Robin Roberts on ABC, btw.

Any sightings of Jack Nicholson?

I think Jack was AWOL last year and, no, I haven't seen him yet this time around.

Folks -- Ann is here, so please hit her with your movie questions. Gown snark can only take us so far.

Remember when she used to look like a blonde, voluptuous movie star? You know, like Jennifer Lawrence.

Oh, come on. She doesn't look that bad.

ABC just crashed thank you Time Warner Cable Northeast oh dear god why are ALL MY OTHER CHANNELS WORKING AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

It's clearly sabotage.

Watching the promos for Red Riding Hood. The Villagers want to give Amanda Siefried to the wolf. All I can think is those villagers saw Mamma Mia.

Agreed. I love that she quit "Big Love" to be a movie star and THIS is what she comes up with?

For once I've seen all of these, except for 127 Hours because I couldn't stand to watch him cut off his arm (even though I knew it wasn't really happening). I didn't like The Social Network, tho' I agree it was a good movie. My only real problem is with Black Swan, as I thought both it and Natalie Portman's performance were so overwrought as to be laughable --the thing you see on weekend midnights along w/Creature Feature and the like. But I also hated Crash, which won over Brokeback Mountain and other excellent nominees. It's always interesting to see how far I differ from mainstream opinion, assuming Oscar winners can be considered "mainstream opinion."

Well said -- but may I please urge you to *please* for the love of all things cinematic see 127 HOURS? It's a truly wonderful movie -- and the sequence of which you speak lasts literally less than a minute. Turn away if you have to, cover your eye s-- but it's not worth missing this amazing experience (and seeing an incredible performance from James Franco) just because of that. Also -- there's far fewer disturbing images in 127 HOURS than, say, BLACK SWAN -- or even SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, which I found much more disturbing in terms of violence and torture and children. End of rant. Enjoy the Oscars!

Me again ........... I take back what I just wrote about Natalie's gown. I was watching her on E & now she's on ABC & looking like one of best dressed of the night. Who knew a change in channels could make such a difference!

Agreed. Natalie's dress read much better on ABC's cameras.

There's something weird about her face. Am I the only one thinking this?

Can you elaborate?

Best dressed of the night! She looks fabulous--perfect color, fit, not overdoing anything; nothing falling out...just glamorous and beautiful! Gwyneth runs a close second, tho...

I think she looks great, too, but I think Helen Mirren and Gwyneth Paltrow both topped J. Hud.

Do you have a favorite film from any of the Best Actor nominees? Doesn't have to be one of the nominated flicks this year...

Hello! Hmm, that's a toughie. It's not a movie but I'm a huge FREAKS AND GEEKS fan, which is where I first saw James Franco -- and I thought he was adorable and hilarious in PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. As for Jeff Bridges, that's almost impossible to choose...I'll go for FEARLESS. Great movie.

Bizarre! Not sure why G and Kelly think it so fabulous.

Because they are fashionistas and we are mall shoppers.

Just saw the red dress, it so gorgous except for the tumor lump on the back. What is up with that? And how many changes do you think she will have during the show?

I missed the tumor lump. Was it worse than HBC's bustle?

It was a slightly interesting story, told is a very professional way, but it just wasn't special. Is there something I'm missing in not seeing it as Oscar worthy?

I totally understand if people aren't grabbed by THE SOCIAL NETWORK, and in fact I was not expecting to be as compelled as I was...But honestly I just found it completely absorbing, and the filmmaking is/was so subtle in the way it drew the audience into being invested in these otherwise off-putting characters. The way I put it is, Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher, plus the actors, made us lean forward into a story that otherwise might have left us utterly cold and un-caring. Plus I thought it was very provocative in terms of how this emerging technology is affecting our culture and relationships. So it had the zeitgeist-thing going on, at least for me.

Looks like Sandra B's stylist sprayed down her bangs without mercy. She seems a little wan, but then, she's had a hard year.

Indeed. And she has a baby at home. And I know what that means. No regular sleep.

Tim Gunn now talking to Gwyneth. She says she wants to duet with Jay-Z.

Does anyone else think her dress is absolutely terrible??

See above. Yes.

Ann - I really don't like that there are 10 Best Pic nominees because a movie could win with something like 11% of the vote. Since Inception wasn't nominated for many other categories besides technical categories, might it win to throw it a bone for not having been nominated in other areas?

Short answer: No. Not a chance INCEPTION will take Best Pic -- although if you'd asked me when it came out, I would have said it was a front-runner. What a difference a few months make, right?! As for the ten nominees -- it doesn't bug me that much, probably because this ysear they had such a strong list. We'll see if every year produces a strong ten-film crop.

Is it really that good? I have a hard time believing a pic about the founder of Facebook could be as riveting as they say it is. Your take?

Short answer: Yes. It really is that good (see my previous post for the full sermon).

It's those little balls stuck on it and when I look at them that big sweaty guy in the rubber suit and those pusballs all over his face from Dune pops into my head.

Okay, good to know.

I liked social network, but kings speech was so much better. I hope they don't try to split awards and give best picture to social

I haven't checked the Vegas odds but I think it's still THE KING'S SPEECH's to lose for Best Pic...Another theory has KINGS and SOCIAL NETWORK splitting the vote so that TOY STORY 3 or THE FIGHTER might sneak in...Ya never know!

They're totally different on ABC than E. I thought Scar Jo's dress was magenta but on ABC it's purple. Amy Adams's dress got a lot bluer too.

And they may look completely different in real life. We'll have to get Jen's opinion when she gets a second to breathe.

Do you think she has a chance? She's just so cute, and was great in True Grit

I know, totally adorbs. Love the transformation from her character to this graceful swan who's been wowing the awards shows...Just fabulous. You know, she *might* have a chance, especially if Melissa Leo's trade ads alienated her peers...But I'd be shocked. This won't be her first dance, though -- and she's made a very poised and auspicious debut!

I must admit I've only seen Toy Story 3, but is Colin Firth's performance that much better than James Franco's in a movie where most of the screen time is just him and a rock?

Very good question. Although you're absolutely right about James Franco and the sheer endurance it took to carry that movie, you could argue that Colin Firth had a tough job too, in playing a kind of chilly, recessive character and, pretty much within the first few minutes, getting the audience to care *a lot* about whether he succeeds or not. That's a tough job. I loved 127 HOURS and Franco's performance but I must admit I'm rooting for Mr. Firth tonight.

I will never get tired of Christian Bale. I even found him hot in The Machinist. It's a sickness, I know.

Oh you have a Christian Bale problem! I have a Mark Ruffalo problem! Totally get it. Don't apologize. Fly your flag proudly, my friend. You have flawless taste! (Go NEWSIES!)

The King's Speech is the overwhelming betting favorite. You need to bet $10 to win $1 if you choose the King's Speech. Social Network is the distant 2nd choice. Colin Firth as best actor is more overwhelming. You need to bet $20 to win $1.

I. Love. Our. Chatters.

She just looks kind of...distorted? I think that the nicest way I can say it is that she looks a little more horse-faced than usual. Sorry. I do love her.

I received this text from my dad: "Anne Hathaway reminds me of Mrs. Potatohead: Her eyes and nose don't fit her face." Also, hello everybody. I'm chatting from my bed at the Standard on Sunset Blvd. Slipping into a zen state before Vanity Fair party duty later tonite.

Ann, Does she have a chance? I thought her performance was layered and interesting. Best of the year. Or am I the only person in the world who thought Natalie was fine, but not statuette-worthy?

There was a little bit of chatter that it was turning Annette's way, but I still think Natalie's as lock. (Don't you love how I use their first names like they're my peeps? Ugh.) Anyway -- I actually feel exactly the opposite about those performances. I thought Natalie Portman was just phenomenal in BLACK SWAN, whereas I felt like I'd seen Bening's character before -- most recently in MOTHER AND CHILD -- that sort of bitter, sardonic edgy woman. I'd like to see her do a softer character soon.

And here we go.... show time!

For. Real.

On behalf of whoever it is you're addressing, I thank you and would like to say the feeling is mutual.

Where's Billy Crystal? I'm waiting.

Morgan Freeman and Alec Baldwin need to work together.

Brill. Loved the Ambien juice pack.

I think the reason I can't see Benning winning Best Actress is because the role wasn't THAT much of a stretch for her. She's a mom, albeit not a lesbian mom, and she's passionate. On the other hand, Natalie Portman did an amazing job in Black Swan that she really worked hard at. I don't like the idea that the Academy would just give it to Benning as a sentimental favorite. Your take?

I agree. I like NP for the award, too. Well put!

But a Back to the Future clip?

What's your beef? Best film trilogy ever.

I know he was the best!

Well, I dunno that I'd go that far. But I was waiting for him to turn up in the movie montage.

Ann, can you use your influence in Hollywood to have them put out a sanitized version on DVD without that one minute? A redacted version rather than an extended version?

Heaven forfend! It's as crucial point albeit not the huge deal everyone's making it. Aw, just suck it up and go see the movie! You'll thank me!

go youthful. Not a bad thing.

Well James seems high as a kite. And Anne seems like she's running for class president. So, youthful. Yeah.

Bring back Billy Crystal!

TK. Tough room. Almost as tought as McManus.

Anne's mom's boobs look great.

I'm glad to hear they pass muster. How about James Franco's grandmother?

And Ann's already wearing a new dress. If Nikki Finke's leaked show sked is right, she's due for five costume changes tonight.

Hathaway, that is. I'm pretty sure Ann Hornaday is still wearing the same dress.

So I never realized this, but Tom Hanks's acceptance where he says "the streets of Heaven are too crowded with angels" was later used in "The West Wing" for a speech President Bartlet gave, which was of course written by Aaron Sorkin.

Aha! I think we have a scoop!

I loved the opening sketch. Dance of the Brown Duck - hee hee! And Anne Hathaway's first on-stage dress (the white one) is what Nichole Kidman's could have been.

Montages always go smoother than the live stuff. Especially when your hosts aren't film talent, not stand-up or theatre talent.

Just wanted to show Winter's Bone a little love. We watched it last night and I thought it was terrific. Certainly as engrossing as The Kings Speech, IMO.

Glad you liked it -- I had some problems with the characterizations and the gothic horror, but...Oops they're starting, hold on!

this show has the flow of frozen molasses.

Well, look on the bright side -- we've only got like three hours to go.

What's with the Gone with the Wind reference?

The Academy loves to harken back and honor its legacy at the expense of good television. A "Titanic" homage? Geez. And we also have Celine Dion coming later, singing "Smile" under the In Memoriam tribute.

James Franco and Anne Hathaway are awfully nice young people. Why they are hosting the Oscars is beyond me (and probably them)....

Maybe it's just jitters, come on kids keep it together...

Dan -- "BTTF" was the best film trilogy ever?

I'm going to buy you the original "Star Wars" trilogy. And the "Lord of the Rings" while I'm at it.

LOTR? Ew. I will never again watch a movie with a hobbit in it. Also, terrible first speech from the first winners!

Phoning it in much?

Does anyone else remember when Tom Hanks was like this really funny, down to earth guy? I want that Tom Hanks back. He went wrong somewhere after Forrest Gump.

Ann, what did you think of Blue Valentine and Ryan G. not being nominated?

I was bummed but that was an awfully competitive category. He'll get there. No question an Oscar is in his future.

Worst.Oscars.Ever. I hope it gets better, but Anne Hathaway is amazingly unfunny and James Franco evidently has glaucoma.

It's certainly looking bleak thusfar. But at least King's Speech didn't win cinematography. I was concerned about a Britsweep.

If you're cutting an Oscar in half (art direction winner reference), do you want the top or bottom half? Or do you think they can slice it right down the middle?

I'm going to guess Tim Burton would figure out a way to make the most grotesque, yet beautiful, cut of all.

Why are they starting with the most boring awards? This is not helping me stay up. Thankfully you all are.

It's cool that INCEPTION is getting early love, but man I'm sorry for Roger Deakins. Never won an Oscar and he deserves to!

When was the last time he was in a good live-action film?


Why was I passed over for Best Director?

Ask Danny Boyle, maybe he knows.

He might get a consolation prize in the form of the original screenplay Oscar. But yeah, what gives? Nolan has never made a bad movie. Batting 1.000.

First political shout out, to the union crew on Inception. What other causes do you think we'll hear about?

I'm thinking we won't hear much in the way of support for Libyan dictators.

Um, so what movie did Anne go nude in?

Love and Other Drugs, right? Didn't see it.

How many awards is Harry Potter nominated for this year? After all these years it'd be nice to see them honored in some way. Maybe next year?

Two, art direction and visual effects. I bet we do see a slew next year, just to mark the passing of a great franchise.

Is James Franco high?

I believe this will be the ongoing question throughout the night.

worst opening montage ever. I yearn for Michael j Fox to host...

I can't say I'm overwhelmed at this point by their hosting prowess. They haven't reached even Hugh Jackman levels of hosting goodness yet.

Why does Tom Hanks have to remind us of the Titanic?

So far, this whole broadcast is reminding me of the Titanic.

Any idea what announcement she has that has everyone talking? Did I miss it or is the tense of that statement off?

Does it have everyone talking or just the people who write the GMA promos?

James Franco referenced his turn(s) on General Hospital. Think that's the first time someone's referred to themselves as a soap star on the Oscar telecast?

Might could be. I love James, so I'm holding out for him to step up his game.

But at this point, I'm thinking Kirk Douglas would make a better host.

And playing the old lady, Kirk Douglas.

Ahahaha. I mean, Kirk Douglas: Great. Keep on kicking, guy. But wow. Poor production choice. ALSO, A CONTROVERSIAL PREDICTION: Amy Adams wins this.

Wonderful to see Kirk Douglas at the awards - still full of spunk.

Kirk Douglas could kick all our asses.

I couldn't care less about Britney, but compared to this Oscars, yeah, I'm curious? It better not be something lame like "I'm announcing a comeback tour!"

You were hoping for something more along the lines of "I'm getting ready to go crazy again, y'all."

This is a Dick Clark moment. So sad to do this to an icon!

Oh lord those poor women....

"thhis whole broadcast is reminding me of the Titanic." You owe me a new keyboard Ms. Liz.

Done. We'll charge it to The Post.


Well done!

And Melissa Leo wins. Get up on that stage in your Elvis dress, girl!

For host next year.

That would be a 15-hour show.

And Melissa drops the F-bomb! Bam!


Melissa's lovely -- had lunch with her for an interview last year -- but she's a little screwball. And she may be the first person ever to utter the "F" word in an Oscar acceptance speech!

It's not an Elvis dress. It's a doily dress. I made something like that in craft class when I was a kid.

Ziiing! My prediction of is coming true. Acceptance speech from h-e-double-toothpicks....

I just won $50.

Dang it. We should've included a bleep moment on the Oscar Bingo cards. Oh well, there's always next year.

Time to leave the stage, dear. Although Melissa looked like she had fun flirting with him. P.S. I like her dress. It's different, but it works.

Where the frick is Bill Conti?!

But I really wanted a Monty Python "Get on with it!" from the audience.

And now for something completely different.

At least it is picking up the show. Might not be a loss after all.

Okay, so for next year's co-hosts: Melissa Leo and Kirk Douglas!

What was that whole "respecting the work" part of Leo's speech?

Hey Dan aren't you besties with Melissa Leo? Please explain!!!

She seems like kind of a mess...

She is a bizarre lady. Here's my interview with her: http://wapo.st/9QiMHX

Aaargh! Melissa Leo has played so many tougher-than-nails characters that I guess I expected her to sound like one of them. She didn't even sound .like a grown-up. Am so disappointed.

It's weird, right? So much poise and concentration onscreen, but totally lacking it in person, when she's herself. I guess the mark of a true actress?

get these awful presenters off the stage.

Truly this is quite painful...

If you ever watch clips of actors collecting Oscars 50-60 years ago, they managed to collect the award, say something reasonably intelligent and not turn it into a impromptu soliloquy. For God's sake, get on, get the award and get off, people!

Exactly! This just does not bode well...

Explanation please?

Banksy is nominated in the documentary film category tonight. Banksy being the elusive British graffiti artist who no one has ever seen. So, really, he could be JT.

He's the anonymous street artist slash director of "Exit through the Gift Shop," a doc nominee. No one knows his true identity. It's kinda tiresome.

It got bleeped for some of us. Bummer. The hosts suck.

Was bleeped here in L.A. Was it not bleeped for some?

I'm starting to enjoy it.

Sure it's fun until someone loses an eye....

Justin is a complete entertainer, not unlike NPH. Maybe he could host for once

I'm liking that idea.

Is the lesson here that James Franco is no good without a script? Wait. He does have a script.

At least they look a little more lively.

They look livelier, but they're not really acting livelier. Someone get Meryl onstage.

the swirly details are not part of the dress, they're tattoos. Right? Young and Hip Oscars continue?

Someone else posited that they might be pasties. I'm thinking they are in fact part of the dress or a really matchy-matchy bra.

"Also known as Little and Large" -- my girlfriend, who went on to comment that one of them already won an Oscar, as a hobbit.

Man. Rough crowd.

probably put the show about 15 minutes behind schedule all by themselves. And BTW, I'm in favor of Mila Kunis' breast display, so there!

Some positivity!

So those cartoon guys who were stuck sitting in the rafters got hustled with a get off the stage song and Leo got to spout off for an hour? Unfair.

You wanted more of the cartoon guys?

Her cleavage is the best thing about this show so far. JT & NPH that would be a great show.

I second the JT/NPH idea, FWIW.

Hathaway is too perky. Franco is too laconic. The producers just got this wrong, both as a pairing and a concept.

When is she going to sing?! When Hugh Jackman hosted he gave her the microphone and boy can she belt! I still have an open mind...

Broken Hip.

Rim shot!

Does the ABC Censor, the one with finger on the button get an Oscar next year for fastest use of bleeping an F-bomb and saving ABC and affiliates millions in FCC fines?

Give the guy or gal a raise. I still don't understand how that type of thing can be bleeped in a matter of 7 seconds, or whatever it is.

Why all the negative comments?

Well, to be fair, the show is a mess so far. Messier than usual. And the Oscarcast exists for people to squabble about it. That's why we're all here. That's why you're here, right?

Yes, she is an actress. She can memorize words and be directed. Plus she gets many takes to get it right on film. Give her a break.

I'm with you vis-a-vis her acting chops, it's just that by now (after her Globes win, etc.), you'd hope she could keep it together up there.

goes to Pixar, strangely enough. Is there anybody in the business better than those people?

No, actually. I still think their masterpiece is "Monster's Inc."

I demand an apology from Hathaway and Franco. We're better than this, I promise.

I'm a year younger than Hathaway, I think, so as a fellow young person, I have to say: I'm not sure I could do a better job. Could you?

I was invited to an Oscar party, but I decided I'd rather watch it in bed with ya'll. Does that make me kinda sad or kinda genius?

Scoot over.

If they were trying to sell the Oscars as hip, they would have put it in 3D

Smell-o-vision too?

Seriously. The only montage should be the in Memoriam part. The show would come in well under 3 hours if they cut the 2.5 hours of clips.

I call it the Welfare for Workman program (Chuck Workman, the genius editor who does all those montages).

No disrespect, but doesn't the winner of Best Supporting Actor from the previous year usually present Best Supporting Actress and vice versa?

Not always. Last year, that didn't happen. As I recall, the Europeans don't always show up the next year after winning, so maybe Christoph Waltz was hewing to that tradition.

Ridiculous matchy matchy with no explanation? This is a surreal show.

Somewhere in Iowa a wedding cake is missing its ornament...

I did not see the movie, but the scenes they are showing from The Fighter pop off the TV screen with vivid color. not nominated, but visually stunning.

I agree. But art direction always goes to historical/fantasy pieces and cinematography goes to epics or very very artful movies.

He also knows how to ignore a musical cue.

That musical cue is pretty ignorable though. It's like a gentle nudging -- something you'd hear while laying in one of those vibrating chairs in Brookstone.

Why is "The King's Speech" not in the Foreign Film category? What makes a film eligible for the "Foreign Film" category? This show has forced me into serious questions.

It's 'foreign language film,' although there are some Scottish burrs that I need subtitles to understand...

He's not going that long. Stop it Orchestra.

The orchestra is going to be very trigger happy bc Kirk Douglas and Melissa Leo singlehandedly put the show back a good 8 minutes I bet.

I did hope such a gifted writer with rapid banter would have beat the clock (composer) and not spent time with the laundrey list of names. But he saved the best for last with the guinea pig.

For it to have been a true Sorkin speech, he should've given it while walking briskly down a corridor.

Too bad he doesn't have a stutter...

Too bad Kirk Douglas didn't present the award.

a longer time to speak. Do you think so?

Based on Seidler's speech just now, and Sorkin's attempted play-off notwithstanding, I think you're correct...

Where in LA are you hanging? Are you going to party with the stars later tonight?

I'm staying on Sunset Boulevard and I'm off to the Vanity Fair party after the telecast. Now, the real question: To shave or not to shave? Is scruff still in?

Now THAT is improv.

Yeah, but it didn't really make any sense, right?

Sorry, I hadn't spotted you in my rapid skimming of the chat feed. Love the writing of all three of you and will miss LIz a lot!

Aw thankee! As I said to Liz earlier, I'm definitely punching above my weight tonight, so thanks for making me feel welcome!

does anyone really care that much if it goes over? what people are just dying to see their local news or something. It never ends on time which is okay with me.

I'm with you. It wouldn't be the Oscars if it wasn't REALLY long. I think griping about how long it is is an invalid criticism. Criticize its pacing, its content, its whatever, but you can't really begrudge its running time.

I saw the King's Speech and I saw Inception. I thought if a movie literally made your head explode you were a lock. Dear Mr. Nolan, it took Steven Spielberg a long time for the Academy to notice him, too.

Never thought I'd say "Poor Chris Nolan." But...Oh, here's my Anne Hathaway number! Silence, please!

Matthew McConahey is a yes tonight. Robert Downey Jr. looks like a no

Are you giving me examples of good scruff/bad scruff? I don't recall seeing either of them so far...

I can't believe I'm missing Big Love, Californication, and Shameless for this. But I can't turn it off!

Dude I'm missing my C-Span Book TV! That *really* hurts!

And it took less than an hour for James Franco to appear in drag AND make the first Charlie Sheen joke. Things are looking up.

Nicole Kidman just gave Anne Hathaway the stink-eye!

That's because Kidman is of a higher species than Hathaway, and knows it.

that is all.

We can all go to bed now.

She said Hugh Jackass, not huge.Captions make things funnier. Or at least help me get jokes I miss.

I really do think she has a fabulous voice. That's all, I'll shut up now.

what in this world happened to her face? botox much?

Hmm. I saw her up close in person Thursday nite and she seemed as natural as can be. Not liking the dress though.

What a set of pipes. I hope she does more. And the song was funny.

Put her on Broadway and let's see how she does. I vote for "Once upon a Mattress."

Announcer flub! Is that on the bingo card?


All I can see is Barbie!

All I can see is a startling lack of real talent.

These Dane's sure know how to make great movies none of us will ever see

Snappity snap.

Dan, you are not allowed to criticize Dame Helen. Her dress was lovely and age appropriate.

Also, I didn't like "The Queen." (But I love her.)

The Winter's Bone actor looks so different in real life!

And he was good too. But not as good as Bale.

Whatever horrible, terrible things she's doing to helpless creatures in the dungeon of her mansion to keep herself looking so young, it's worth it..

She does indeed look smashing. And she and Russell Brand would also be a good Oscar hosting pair.

She's gorgeous and witty. She's like our generation's Lucille Ball - sort of.

I think you're on to something!

That woman could host without breaking a sweat. Sign her up!

She's not physiologically able to break a sweat, I bet. Stepford Wife.

Not from Melissa Leo.

Lord hearing his real accent makes all those performances even more amazing. Richly deserved!

Couldn't she get better extensions? Looks like she borrowed barbie's wig.

Oh, I htought she looked cute. And did Christian Bale almost forget his wife's name or was he just choked up?

Has Hollywood stopped making them? Because Anne Hathaway needs to be in one with Hugh Jackman.

This is what I'm saying! Let's get a movement going, people! (She's rumored to be playing Judy Garland in an upcoming biopic, I think that would be great.)

Now my sister has put me behind by 15 minutes. Total Foul.

You didn't have to answer, did you? Or is your sister too intimidating, like one of the sisters in "The Fighter"?

Choking up or did he forget his wife's name?

Choking up. Bruce Wayne would've have lost his cool.

Did he just forget his wife's name?

I think he was just choked up.

I think he really did get emotional up there. Great plug for Dickie's website!

I agree, loved it all. Great example of being spontaneous but keeping it under control, kind of like...acting!

Russell Brand should host

Well he did host the MTV VMAs and wasn't all that amazing, as I recall. But it is a tough job to host one of these things. It isn't just you, it's the writers, the production, the mood. Talk about pressure.

Isn't one of the actresses Conan O'Brien's sister?

Yes indeed.

Why is Christian Bale's beard lighter than his hair? Great comment about the "F" bomb.

I suspect some kind of conspiracy.

So the fact that he was the creative spark behind a multiple Oscar-winning movie make up for the fact he won't be getting one of them?

He's amazing as a producer. Totally respect him (and totally hilarious in THE OTHER GUYS!).

But didn't Hugh Jackman play Peter Allen in A Boy From Oz and wasn't he married to Liza Minneli, who is Judy Garland's daughter?

You're scaring me.

The smoothest nominees of past years that appeal to the younger demographic. Nothing would trip them up. Clever and Unflappable.

I'd watch it. As long as they both performed their early hip-hop.

Who were those people and why do we care that ABC will be broadcasting the Oscars for the next 9 years?

One was the Academy president, the other was someone from Disney (which owns ABC). It was a stupid station-identification thing. No one cares.

I just have to say that I am huge fan of movie music. It can make or break a picture.

I agree and YAYZERS Trent Reznor just won for THE SOCIAL NETWORK. *That* is cool. Well deserved.

Is this going to be the big story from the Oscars? Her F bomb has already been referenced by at least two recipients. I feel bad for her, I think she might be somewhat mortified. Wasn't exactly the classiest moment, but at least it was genuine.

Unfortunately it might be a semi-big story. Does anyone know if anyone has ever dropped the F bomb during an Oscarcast?

Seems like Anne is doing a lot more work tonight. Where's James gone to?

James probably refuses to get out of his dress. The guy likes drag.

I'm always surprised to see him looking all suited and kinda chubby. So not "Closer" material anymore.

Remember, when he wanted to do us like an--


The score for Inception was AMAZING! I demand a recount...

I loved it too, and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, but I thought the music for TSN was so perfect for the subject matter and tone. Thought it was seamlesslly integrated.

Did he get a crazy case of the munchies and had to hit the snack trays backstage?

He had to get out of all that makeup.

Who decides the pairing up of the Presenters? So far they have no chemistry.

I assume the producers do. With studio input (hence Mirren and Brand together, bc they'll co-starring in "Arthur" later this year).

Why does my movie keep losing?

I'm glad it won for sound. Brilliant layering of sound design and worked beautifully with the visuals.

Whoever that is, she's really cute.

And I believe she's the first woman to win a sound mixing Oscar. I quickly scanned the list of past winners and didn't see a woman's name among them...

If that is the highlight of the Oscars than it will cement that this was the worst show ever.

I still think Kirk Douglas was the highlight.

This must be the night of the lesbian

If Annette wins. And if Ellen was hosting again.

Who decides who gets paired up with whom?

Someone who's not very good at the job, apparently.

Missed the Kirk Douglas moments--was it truly more special than the Jack Palance one-armed pushups? (for old guy performance)

It was not more special, no. I don't think any old guy is going to top Palance in that category.

The best ones are comedians. Most actors can't ad lib so they can't roll with it off the cuff. But I vote for Robert Downey Jr. for next year.

I can get behind that.

do the music for Seven?

He was on the soundtrack but the *great* Howard Shore did the score.

Do you know what could save this Oscar broadcast? Colin Firth accepting his award dripping wet.

Is this a Mr. Darcy reference? Does all Firthlove stem from that? Have never understood.

Whoa, what is she wearing? It looks like part of an old sofa...

She's wearing Givenchy. And she is the best. "That's gross" is my favorite line of the night thusfar. Nobody beats her. Cate Blanchett to host!

I <3 Marisa Tomei

Me too. She's never not good. Hosting the technical awards is a bit of a step down for her, though, right? They normally get ingenues or budding starlets to do it.

It's great seeing Cate, and usually she can do no wrong, but that dress is a whoops - great ad lib though "Gross!"

Agreed on all counts. And apologies for being absent a bit, but I'm trying to update the blog while chatting, too.

So glad Dan and Ann are here.

Mr Industrial Goth sure grew up and cleaned up well, din't he?

And the score is boss.

I think somone just hit Dan's soft spot!

I'll say it again: Nobody beats her. The woman can do anything.

That dude had great hair. I assume it wasn't a special effect.

He's won a ton of Oscars for makeup too. He's the Edith Head of the makeup category.

I have to go to bed but before I reluctantly leave I wanted to give a shout out to Ann. I swear I've read movie chats with her before but I don't remember the hilarious snarkiness before. I have an even deeper respect for Ann now. I look forward to reading the rest of the chat tomorrow.

Why goodness! May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest and just wait till I get *really* punchy! Thanks for joining us, we'll miss you!

But has that Oscar precariously dangling ....

I mean, weren't the costumes in "Alice" computer generated? Tim Burton movies confuse me.

Lighten up, Dan. Everyone has an off day, this is her. She looks like a porthole.

Yeah, the dress is a little woo-woo, but she's Cate Blanchett.

Trent Reznor, Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead - we need more rockers working on film scores. And more TV comedy writers writing movie scripts.

Although I gotta say, Alexandre Desplat (The King's Speech) is the best working film composer. Look up his music for Birth, The Painted Veil, etcetera.

You know, if I didn't know that many, many films are made overseas (especially in Canada) to avoid paying union wages, I'd actually think it was nice to hear some of the winners praise their union crews. But I do, so it's a little hypocritical of them to try to wear the union label.

You raise a good point -- although if they really did have union crews, they no doubt deserve the shout-out.

I love this category!

Randy Newman, still churning out these little ditties for Buzz and Woody.

...is starting to look like Randy Quaid!

Don't tell the Star Whackers.

In a just universe wouldn't Randy Newman have won about 7 Oscars?

He would've at least won for his score for "The Natural."

He seems to have fallen off from his American Beauty peak. Now he's introducing Randy Newman like an emcee at an airport Holiday Inn. Wow, Randy is such a hack! Why do people keep hiring him.

Spacey's been doing the theatre thing at the Old Vic in the UK. He exec-produced "The Social Network," though, so he's kinda in the game still. And the guy's already got two Oscars, so he can coast or disappear and still have a legacy.

Darn you Toy Story - for making me cry at each of those 3 films like a little girl!

When I'm feeling really down, I listen to "When She Loved Me" to feel even downer.

I should be the Oscars Host next year.

Good point, Snooki. You and Deena. Both meatballs.

Ann Horn is not snarky!! she quotes Will Shakespeare, Hamlet. she's phunny. and smart.

Snark? Smart? Smark? I'll take 'em all!

Is that the same guy from Star Trek? If so, when did he get unhot?

Are you thinking of Zachary Quinto?

She looks amazing!

If only she sounded amazing.

Really, Mr President? I'd go with the Boss's "Streets of Philadelphia"

Good choice. In terms of Oscar-winning songs, I like "Windmills of Your Mind," cuz why not?

This is some Dylan-esque schlock. Is he losing it?

That's not his strongest song. I'm kind of rooting for Gwyneth and her COUNTRY STRONG song. Is that a cry for help?

Is it too much to ask that Gwyneth sings her lousy song during the commercial break?

A Twitterer I respect recently tweeted to ask Gwyneth to stop treating America like her own personal karaoke booth.

How often do they actually sing all the original scores? I feel like I've missed these in past years...

They always perform the original songs. It's the only reason the category exists: So the telecast has an aspect of live performance, to draw in some music lovers. Of course there's no Sting this year. Or U2. Or Bruce. Or Beyonce. Or whatever. But Celine is coming up to serenade the dead people!

Honestly, did we know he had pipes? (Last time I heard that song was sung by Rudolf Nureyev on "the Muppet Show," awfully recently thanks to 1st grader/Xmas/DVD).

Played Bobby Darin in BEYOND THE SEA, did a good job there.

Yes! So who's Zach Levi?

The guy from "Chuck"? Haven't seen it. But one of my good friends is in love with him.

And we're just allowed to be here. Just ask the Gleeks...

And the GOOP-heads.

This writing is terrible. Liz should write for the Oscars.

Just what the Oscars need: More jokes about my cats.

Yes, Ann. Yes, it is.

What can I say, my trail mix is running low. I'm hypoglycemic! Get me raisins and peanuts, stat!

Your cats would make better hosts.

Now now. James Franco is every bit as talented as Andy.

Anyone know anything about this new Dana Delany show "Body of Proof"?

I feel like I know EVERYTHING about it, after enduring the commercial like a thousand times. She plays a surgeon whose poor eyesight relegates her to the position of a coroner because you can't further injure dead people. At least, that's my takeaway from the commercial.

Why oh why the Oscars is so often a disappointing show? There are classic moments, and classic hosts, but overall the event comes up short. (Nice catch on Darcy by the way.)

It's an industry convention. One with particularly attractive members, but in the end - really that's all it is. So, yes, most of it is akin to watching paint dry. Would you be interested in a condensed show in which only the big awards were presented live in primetime?

What everyone else was thinking, too.

His movie is very cute, though. Very hipster, but self-aware hipster. Find it on iTunes. Worth it.

Best Real Moment so far...right up there with Denmark

Totes agree. Lovely. Apparently he was an NYU student when he made it -- the craft service line was priceless.

And another costume change for Ann -- I'm actually digging this silvery fringe dress.

We are now witnessing the Antoine Dodson effect on the Academy Awards. Wow.

Can we please get Aaron Sorkin on this job next year? Quick and witty -- two things the Oscars desperately need.

I think the show would have to be set in the Oval Office or a courtroom in order for him to really feel comfortable.

Is watching this and smirking with wild abandon as he quaffs an adult beverage.

Probably yes.

Liz, I believe that we were promised pictures of Andy and Opie and Paige on Thursday. (ahem)

I know. You were cat-blocked by my sick kiddo. I will post pix tomorrow in my final post.

I will FLEE MY HOME before Gywnning.

I missed something. What is Gwynning? Is it like Lizzing? (a la Liz Lemon)

Funny, sweet, and to the point - why can't they all be like this?

It was note perfect. He's going to get a lot of jobs, just from that speech.

Oh please end this crappy trend ... someone

Run and tell that.

Like Helen Mirren knows what autotune is.

Autotune jokes...so 2008. This telecast cannot find its rhythm.

Now that's what was missing, autotune. This broadcast is 100% better now.

I assume you're joking.

Technically, we all breathe the same air as her.

What if I don't want to breathe recycled Oprah air?

Politics coming?

Why yes! Great film though. See it but also please see WASTE LAND, EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP  and GASLAND. (No Banksy sighting, darn!)

The 2011 Oscars

I salute you, sir. Or madame.

They are allowed to give political commentary aren't they? More so than someone who just read fictional lines written by others?

Of course, and I thought his comment was pithy, meaningful and on point. Well done, nicely played.

OMG. One of Oprah's favorite things? Apparently a bra MADE OF DIRIGIBLES.

You get points just for using the word "dirigibles."

Sad she didn't announce the winner in her big Oprah voice. Liz Lemon would have.

And YOU get and Oscar and YOU get an Oscar....

finally a political comment

Yeah, thank god.

And here's our surprise guest: Billy Crystal.

Your thoughts: Who could get/has gotten the big shaft tonight? We're talking Titanic crushes L.A. Confidential, Russell Crowe gets no love for "Beautiful Mind" despite being the only reason to watch -- that level of OUCH.

Aside from Chris Nolan and Danny Boyle getting skunked, I'll be pretty mortified if Tom Hooper gets the directing award over David Fincher -- or David O. Russell or Darren Aronofsky, or the Coens, for that matter.

Anne Hathaway is great so far (at least compared to the rest of the show). Are we sure James Franco is awake? He seems to have a hard time even reading the teleprompter.

He does seem to have kind of given up. I read once that the guy doesn't sleep much. Maybe he's chronically fatigued.

Yeah, host for next year.

I'd watch him and Jude. Or him and Blanchett.

Did they not send him the young & fresh memo?

No. And the animatronic Bob Hope also missed that memo.

Really young: Jaden and Willow Smith Quirky: John Malkovich and Helena Bonham Carter Old: Betty White and Ernest Borgnine (backed up by Helen Mirren and Eli Wallach)

Ernest Borgnine is as much of a live-telecast liability as Melissa Leo. Google "Ernest Borgnine" and "secret to old age."

Jude and Robert. Should host next year

We are really not digging James and Anne. I agree re: RDJ. Jude isn't necessarily funny. He's just basking in RDJ's reflected charm and wit.

"Gwynning" = sharing same virtual airspace as GYwinnie Paltrow, no matter what she's doing. When she sings I'll go sort the recycling, which is very important.

Ahhh, good to know.

Maybe it is all that commuting from NYU that has him exhausted.

He does seem to be a bit overcommitted.

Was he actually arrested with a girl dressed as Wonder Woman?

Indeed he was.

From a Tme article about his checkered past:

In 2000 he got caught in a hotel room with cocaine and a Wonder Woman costume. After another arrest a few months later, Downey was written out of Ally McBeal.

How does one vote on such an award? I mean really. Unless you are in the room with the editor, how do you know what he or she did?

Well, the result is right there on screen. I think it's interesting those guys won, and bodes well for Fincher...My suspicion is that the Academy members understood what a challenge it was to make such a talky, potentially sluggish story really move, and in such dense layers. Good call. Makes me happy.

should be the host.

Why don't we just go ahead and say what we really feel: Anyone would be a step up from Franco/Hathaway.

Is there a place around town to see all the short films together? Or is iTunes the only alternative?

They *should* still be at Landmark E Street.

for Billy Crystal to save the show.

True. This show has been all about reminding the audience how good the Old Days were, and how deficient things are now. Gone With the Wind. Kirk Douglas. Bob Hope. It's like they picked Franco and Hathaway just to embarrass them.

He was so in on the joke at the Globes.

I dunno. I'm not convinced. But I think tonight's super-specific joke was made possible by the Gervais quip.

Anne can't seem to figure out what to do with her new hands.

She should use her hands to constantly cup each of James Franco's buttocks.

On TVLand. Just saying.

This is rock bottom, right? Are we there?

Just sayin'.

Loose Lorax on Florence Welch's head.

give me a break

America has been Gwynnied hard and repeatedly. This is baaad.

Yeah, anybody could bask in his reflected glow. How about him and Hugh? Or would that be too much charming?

The combined energy would probably cause some kind of black hole to open on the stage.

Can't all Oscar songs be performed by Flight of the Conchords? Can they host next year?

Oh man. That would be amazing.

Somehow I not only like Anne Hathaway's dress changes (she's up to about 5 now right with this red one?) but makes me wonder why I like her carousel of costumes while I really didn't like it when Whoopi Goldberg did the same. Is it me, or is anyone else liking this too?

Didn't Whoopi change COSTUMES, not GOWNS? She was dressing up in the costumes from nominated movies, right?

Just a quick reminder that Jen is still taking all your Oscar tweets using #oscarspotting. We also now have a gallery of red carpet fashion for you to check out too. Miss any of the winner so far? We're tallying up a whole list of Oscar winners.

Maybe somebody should have told Melissa Leo she wasn't playing Bono at the Grammy's.

Oh come on -- it isn't as if Bono has sole rights to the F word.

Speaking of Melissa, I wrote this blog post about it and there's a discussion about it sprouting there.

is funny

Yes. Cranky men and microphones mix well. When he first won 10 years ago after like a bazillion nomination, his first line was "I don't want your pity."

Anne is doing OK, but how about RDJ and Tina Fey? That would be snarkastic!

How about just RDJ?

I will be having Randy Newman chicken.

We will all be having Randy Newman chicken.

Why aren't Oscar commercials as important as Super Bowl commercials? I would think that the concept would translate just as well.

An excellent question. Can we see the Dana Delany one again, please?

Have all the vocalists tonight (except Ms. H) been badly miked? Because the sound seems generally OK, except for the singers. Or maybe it's that I've aged so during the broadcast...

I think they've been badly voiced, not badly mic'd.

Thank God for a bit of humor...

Agreed. He and the NYU guy take top honors so far....

C-Lo Green in a peacock suit and muppets couldn't save this disaster.

Yeah, we seriously needed some muppets to distract us from that performance. This dress, however, was also nice. Not as cool as her red carpet gown, but---

ACK! Celine Dion!

Just saying.

Whatever it is, it's odd. QUICK: Who gets the final spot in the dead people montage? Winner gets Randy Newman Chicken.

I can't understand why they didn't run the obit montage behind Gwyneth's song.

was a snoozefest

I agree that the music numbers seem to have been poorly produced. I *know* my Gwyneth can sing better than that! And with that I'll really shut up now. Really.

How many awards do we have left??

By my count just the big four and In Memoriam...

You may not be a fan, but her vocals are spot on and she's doing a wonderfully understated, non-Dion version of the song.

I gotta say, you're right.

More jokes in the 20 sec ad than this crazy show!

Yes. That was an awesome promo spot. I hope that's actually footage from Wednesday's show.

nice they cut out the sound from the audience so we can't hear how much more we loved Tony Curtis over David Wolper.

That's my biggest Oscar pet peeve. So they actually cut the sound from the audience?

During In Memoriam the camera goes on the screen PERIOD. Don't use a singer, just orchestra.

The worst was when they did the roving camera a couple years ago with Queen Latifah singing. Couldn't even read some of the names.

He might be brilliant...but no one that awkward should host a show like this. I'm daydreaming that it's Anne Hathaway and Robert Downey, Jr. hosting tonight's show...

He is brilliant. I'm just thinking this isn't his medium.

I left the blog and saw all the tweets and columns and polls y'all have posted. Brava.

Aww, thanks.

It's won a number of awards, and all the winners have thanked their boss and visionary Chris Nolan...but still, not much major love from the Academy...

Inception is 4 for 6 so far, by my count. Not bad. It's leading the pack. Three for Social Network. Two for The Fighter, two for Toy Story 2, two for Alice in Wonderland. Only one for The King's Speech. Keep tally of Oscar winners.

So, how'd they get the crowd not to play the "Applause-O-Meter" game? And I'm sorry to be un-PC, but Lena Horne was not the most notable Hollywood type to die this year. I realize her career was hampered by racism and in a just world she would have been a major movie star, given her looks and talent. But she wasn't that big a star. Am I being mean or shortsighted?

It is true that Lena Horne didn't have a lot of screen credits. As for applause-o-meter, a chatter posited that they simply cut the sound. Not sure if that was the reason.

Do you think Franco and Hathaway know how badly this is going? Not all their fault, but still ...

I'm guessing they have some idea -- but Hathaway isn't doing a horrible job. She's not doing a great job. She's fine. It's really James who is bombing. Let's hope his grandmother has the guts to tell him.

If Anne Hathaway "woo"s one more time...

Was thinking the same thing. Again: Running for class president.

Um, make it two....

I am surprised by this.

Is anyone else annoyed by Anne's shrieks after every introduction or announcement?

There's at least two of us who are.

Best representation of the color blue! But what did Halle do to deserve special praise?

I think Anne was just trying to be nice.

Interesting... director before the acting Oscars. But did we need Swank to introduce the "sidekick"?

They've done director early in years past, too. I would like to see Swank and Bigelow in a celebrity boxing match.

Directors are up...should Nolan have made the cut?

Of course. This is the one win that actually makes me mad. I just don't think Hooper's direction was that distinguished on TKS. Bleh.

What has been thought of can not be unseen. ;)

The "King's Speech" Triangle of Man Love was also mentioned at the Globes.

Wow, totally digging Annette Bening's dress.

For host. And presenter. For all awards. And orchestra director.

She's a funny lady, so I'd vote for that. Watch her BAFTA speech.

How's everyone doing on Oscar bingo? And also, last chance to write your Oscar acceptance speech to compare to actual best actor/actress winners.

Good to know the Academy still hates Chris Nolan. Move along, no "Mind-bending biggest movie of the year" here folks.

Well his movie's won the most awards so far tonite...

She really wants to win this thing, doesn't she?

Well everyone really wants to win. But is she being obvious about it?

Hopper - excellent tribute to his mom. Awesome. Still think Nolan got robbed...

Everyone in that category got robbed.

So when does Justin Bieber make a surprise appearance to promote his movie/new haircut?

It's after 11 p.m. Too late for Bieber fans.

Are they doing things out of order?

The only established order at the Oscars is that best picture comes last.

I know you got pilloried for the HUGE necklace you wore a couple year ago. However, that does not mean go without. That neckline requires a necklace to complete the outfit. Do these people not have stylists who actually know style?

Plus, her name is missing an "L"!

"Hey, let's get ABC to pony up for a lot more years before they see how horrendous this show can really be. "Yeah, hurry up and sign the contract and cash the check."

Let's reserve judgment until the viewership numbers are out. All they care about are those numbers, not how well the show is put together.

I love Firth but I'm predicting an upset in the tradition of Marissa Tomei. He'd be the youngest best actor winner ever.

And he really deserves the award after tonight's performance.

Lots of canes tonight, for the "youth" Oscars

Where's Michael Caine?

I had time to give my cat her hairball medicine during the announcement of the Governor's Awards, perfect timing.

I put a batch of bread dough in the fridge during the ads! Thanks ABC!

You're Out of Order.... You're all out of order ... this telecast is out of order!!!


Does the Director nod for TKS presage wins in Best Actor and Film? Rough night for Social Network...and Black Swan and True Grit, no?

Yes. Yes it does.

My first reaction to Hooper's win: Oh, Ann's going to be angry.

Hah! My grumpy reputation precedes me...

How great was it that Anne H's mom called Wahlberg "Marky Mark"?

Wasn't it James Franco's grandmother who did that? America likes feisty grandmothers.

Did Hooper deserve to win? Or was ever director nominee (and the the two missing, Nolan and Boyle) just that outstanding this year?

Amazing field -- and that's without Boyle and Nolan. Let's just say Hooper's a lucky guy.

inane speaking to the best actress nominees? Dumb. Dumb. Have I mentioned dumb?

It's a bit schmaltzy, yeah. Let the clips speak for themselves.

yeah, Inception has awards, but they're all tech so far. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good tech show, but these are the same awards that Transformers won.

Well, still.

Apologies if someone's posted this already (I'm having a hard time keeping up with this awesome chat!), but James F is posting the videos from his phone on his Facebook page. Interesting perspective...makes it all seem less glamorous!

Thanks for the reminder. Jen posted this one of them to the blog a while back.

Is Natalie Portman a good actress? I don't know how to evaluate actors/actresses.

To me that scene in the bathroom stall says it all. Brings me to tears every time. Good on her.

Natalie's gone into labor!!! It would make it more interesting.

She ain't due for several months, though.

I love him calling everyone's name like they're being naughty in class.

Only he can get away with it.

If no Conchords, Jeff Bridges and Helena B-c.

How about Natalie Portman and her baby? For hosts next year, that is.

For helping Natalie onto the stage.

Did you see how perfect his arm extension was as she wafted up the steps? Le Sigh!

No knocked up by the choreographer jokes.

And no manic laughter.

Hold me like you did on Naboo.

Feel better now?

Seems she's having a little trouble hiding her disappointment.

Well, she can act circles around Natalie, so I'm sure it stings a little.

So Ashton Kutcher has been in a film with an Oscar-winning actress?

Not his first. He's co-starred with Charlize and Helen Hunt in other movies...

Only pregnant B.A. winners?

Annette ain't never won.

Not um too um good um without um a um script.

Oh, come on. Give her a break. She's super-pregnant and super-emotional.

Why didn't Marion Coutillard get nominated for Best supporting Actress for Inception...her nuanced performance, with all the vulnerability and terror, MADE this film work on not just the visual level, but the emotional as well.

I agree with you about her performance in INCEPTION -- she was the beating heart of that movie (she was the same in NINE). But supporting actress was an incredibly strong field this year. Hard to know whom to cut from that list...

Expected, but I appreciate her calling Bridges Dude. The Dude abides.

Indeed. And if anyone can pull off calling him dude, it's Sandra. Our hometown girl.

Where'd you get that from Ann? Reddit? 4chan? Digg? 4ch

Ninth grade French. Hmph.

SandraB last year, NatalieP this year -- this this the best we have??

Next year: Meg Ryan!

I love Javier, but I just can't bring myself to watch Biutiful. Looks so bleak. Your thoughts?

Hated it. Can't stand Innaritu. Think he's pretentious and sophomoric. I could go on but...You get the idea.


I do not understand Firth fascination. It's Darcy, right? Someone articulate it.

Sorry, but you are going home. And you. And you. And you.

But it's young and hip.

RDJ and Sandy B. We're done now.

I could get behind that plan.

She is really wonderful with these introductions. Almost as wonderful as the hosts and hostess of this chat. Thank you all for doing this.

Thank you for enduring it with us. Sorry the winners weren't more surprising.

Is it me or are her intros less schmaltzy? It is almost like she saw the orignal script said, "nope, not gonna say that." This sounds like her, not writers.

I think she's fabulous in these situations. Class act all through awards season last year and the same tonight -- funny, alert, warm, spot-on.

Is millions of women fainting.

I thought it was one of those L.A. tremors.


Anne Hathaway, how are you finding the time to follow this chat while hosting the Oscars?

My mom DVRs General Hospital every day and HATES James Franco

Entered into the record.

High hopes here he'll save the night on the speech department!

He's holding up his end of the bargain, I'd say.

You all have made this Oscars more fun than the actual telecast. It has been a blast being catty and silly with you all.

We ain't done yet! And we've got like three more Oscar chats tomorrow.

Yes, it's Darcy. And the broad shoulders.

Okay, fine. I thought he was so much better in "A Single Man."

That was just perfect!

I have no idea which comment you're referring to or if you're even being serious, but since this is my last chat here ever I'm going to take it.

Coming soon, Speed 3.

It takes place on a dog sled.

I am very close to forgiving him for (shudder) Mama Mia.

Then he'd really be a winner.

I rarely go to the movies (I prefer watching them at home) so every year at the Oscar's I usually haven't seen any of the films nominated for best film. Since you see so many, do you think the ones nominated for best picture are usually the best films of the year in your opinion? How close do they get to nominating the ones you think are the best?

Wow that's such a tricky question. I will say this: The ten nominees this year did reflect many of my personal favorites from last year (THE SOCIAL NETWORK, 127 HOURS, TOY STORY 3), but it's really important to remember that the Academy is a movie-insiders organization. They're not critics, nor are they terribly interested in rewarding pure 'art.' They're really about films that exist in their world, which means mainstream, for the most part. They'll rarely include nonfiction films in that category, for example, or foreign language, or pure avant garde/experimental films that I may think are more artistically/formally important. That said, understood in their context, this year's list I think reflects the best of the mainstream and specialty sector of Hollywood that the Oscars reward and represent.

How's that for gassing on before the orchestra gets me off the stage?

Dan, It's the eyes!!

The eyes, the shoulders, the accent, the charm. Okay.

It's his regal, yet understated elegance. Get with it Dan.

Are you telling Dan to get with Colin Firth? Well, maybe he'll make an appearance at the Vanity Fair party.

I shall seek him out at Vanity Fair and report back tomorrow.

The thing started at 8:30 et. It just now hit 11:30 and only best picture to go. I would say this came in pretty darn close to ontime.

Don't count your chickens before they finish their acceptance speeches.

How many times has he presented the best picture Oscar now?

I recall him presenting it to the LOTR: TROTK. Were there others?

How do you decide who is a good director? If a director is repeatedly associated w/ good moves, then, yes, he or she is likely a good director. But how do you compare the performance of directors in different movies? Liz said she wasn't impressed w/ Hooper's direction in TKS. How did she decide that?

Sorry, that was me, Ann H. What I was getting at was that I'm not sure THE KING'S SPEECH would have been that much different in a different director's hands. Whereas something like THE SOCIAL NETWORK, without Fincher's finely calibrated visual sense and gift with pacing and performance, could have been just an inert, talking mess. But you're right -- without a controlled experiment, we never really know.

No mention of anything post-70's?

Didn't you get the memo? Old Hollywood good. New Hollywood stoned and prone to reckless woo-wooing.

great montage for the 10 picture nominees...but what is the song? I have heard it!

Isn't that the Beethoven from THE KING'S SPEECH?

As Frank Costanza would refer to her: that girl from the bus.

HAHAHA. Best chat comment of the night.

Just love him!

James Franco's nana, everyone.

The triangle of man love wins!

7th Symphony.

Thanks for identifying.

If you're sneaking off the chat because the Oscars are "over," then we don't blame you.

Deep breath. Sleep on it because tomorrow (it's Monday, sigh) we have an Oscar recap at 10 a.m. ET with Ann Hornaday. Then Oscar red carpet fashions chat at noon ET. Have a look at the red carpet photos as your homework for that chat. And finally, check in on the Oscar after parties at 2 p.m.

Finally, let us know about your favorite moments of the Oscars (Melissa Leo's f-bomb?) by tweeting us. We'll still be monitoring #oscarspotting.

Mainstream movies aside (or included based on your opinion) - what do you think were the top films of the year?

Oh geeze -- off the top of my head I'd include I AM LOVE, PLEASE GIVE, THE TILLMAN STORY, EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP, WASTE LAND...I'm sure I'm forgetting some!

We'll keep going here for a bit... so stick around.

Not liking the prsesentation of best picture. Much as I love Colin Firth, it is rather rude to give an extneded preview of TKS over all the other movies.

I thought it was an appropriate montage. Overcoming adversity as a uniting theme.

Good thing it's only 8:30 in L.A. Otherwise I'd say these kids were up way too late.

Dan, if you do meet Mr. Firth and he isn't as wonderful in real life as we all think he is, pretty please don't ruin it for us. Just pretend that you didn't meet him.

Deal. I will leave you to your illusion.

No,it's Bridgette Jones Diary part!

Which was basically Mr. Darcy.

for how late the Oscars will run just got busted by a children's choir.

I think Melissa Leo needs to drop another F-Bomb right about now.

That was a pretty good splay of wins, which means 2010 was a darned fine year at the movies!

That is a charitable outlook!

This kid schlock is way too much for us East Coasters. I'm so tired.

And shouldn't those kids be in bed?

Are you happy with this?

I'm at peace with it. THE KING'S SPEECH was not my absolute favorite movie of the year, but I understand why people love it -- that award isn't just about aesthetics. It's about emotional involvement, and that movie had it.

Also, I need to add that the documentary shorts are playing at the West End Cinema in Washington, in case you want to catch up with the short films!

Did they ever use the "Grease" number that Franco Tweeted clips of?

No. I bet they jettisoned several bits because of runtime. It happens.



The other AH (pictured atop this page) represents blue pretty well too.

Wooo! (Thank you.)

The show ended with Anne WOOH-ing.

Vote for Anne Hathaway for class president!

On behalf of the whole team here and the choir at PS-22 from Staten Island, I want to thank you for joining us for tonight's online Oscar party. It's been a blast. I would totally drop the F-bomb, but I'll save that for my Oscar acceptance speech.

Thank you to Ann and Dan for joining in. It would've been a Franco kind of night around here without you guys.

I'll be blogging tomorrow. Sleep well.

Thought that was an aged Jared Leto when I saw him on the red carpet!

The guy's only 31, too.

Early wager that Meryl Streep wins 2011 for The Iron Lady!

Seconded. That is an inevitability. A speech to look forward to.

Ann Hornaday signing off -- with thanks to Dan Zak and Liz Kelly -- Liz, we'll miss you, safe travels and best of luck in your new endeavors! Thanks for letting me join the party, everyone!

Did not understand that?

Take two and call me in the morning. Okay kids, you've been great. Check back tomorrow for a dispatch from Vanity Fair, and chats about the winners, the fashion and the after-parties.

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