Jul 16, 2010

Olivia Walch is a college student whose single-panel comic, "Imogen Quest," won the America's Next Great Cartoonist contest.

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I loved your comic strip! Why do you think you won?

How long have you been cartooning, and does this win inspire you to pursue it full-time after school?

You're a math and biophysics double major, so clearly that translates to "professional cartoonist," right?

Did you take any art classes growing up or have any sort of training, or did you just always like to draw?

What is your artistic process? How do you come up with an idea? What inspires you?

The Flat Hat is a smaller (twice-weekly) newspaper. Do you think that that this made it easier for you to get in and break out, more so than at a bigger school or with a more intense newspaper?

Say something nice about TJHSST! And how marching band changed your life!

How have your parents influenced your work?

Any thoughts on networking with other DC comic creators? I recommend the DC Conspiracy....  We'd love to have you join our ranks! ;)

How often do you write math cartoons?

So how will you celebrate your 21st?

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Olivia Walch
Olivia Walch is a rising senior at the College of William and Mary. Her single-panel comic, "Imogen Quest," received the most votes in both the first and second rounds of reader voting for America's Next Great Cartoonist.
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